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Lucien (Hen. Montanell) Hints on Illuminating, with an Essay on the Art of Ornamenting in Gold or Metals. 3rd edition, revised and enlarged. 12mo, sd. Barnard 1/


8/6 A Selection of the Holy Scripture, New edition,

Pardon Geo. Fred.) Handbook of Whist. On the Text of Hoyle. (Routledge's Sixpenny Handbook.) 18mo, bds. Routledge...... Raphael. Expositions of the Cartoons of Raphael. By Rich. Hen. Smith, jun. Illustrated by Photographs. Sq. 8vo. Nisbet. Shelmerdine (Wm.) Chant Book. Psalms and other Portions of arranged and marked for Chanting. revised and corrected by the Author. Fcap. 8vo, cl. sd. A. Hall 1/ Spayth (Hen.) American Draught Player; or, the Theory and Practice of the Scientific Game of Checkers, simplified and illustrated with Practical Diagrams, containing upwards of 1700 Games and Positions. 12mo. Buffalo......

Turnbull (Jno.) Easy and Progressive Exercises in Singing and in Reading Music, commencing with the written Symbols, and the Key of C Major, and proceeding by modulation through all the ordinary Major and Minor Keys, in Pieces for 1, 2, 3, and 4 Voices, original and selected. 8vo, sd. Hamilton (Glasgow)-Simpkin........

1/6 Wornum (Ralph N.) Analysis of Ornament. The Characteristics of Styles. An Introduction to the Study of the History of Ornamental Art. 2nd edit.,

roy. Svo. Chapman and Hall.................................. 8/


Cook (G. and D.) Illustrated Catalogue of Carriages and Special Business Advertiser. Oblong 8vo. New Haven 10/6 French (The) Maritime-Commercial Directory, containing the Conventions, Treaties, and Agreements of Commerce and Navigation subsisting between the United Kingdom of Great Britain and the United States of America respectively, and France; also, the Customs Laws, Tonnage Duties, &c., &c. Translated and compiled from Official Documents, by Charles Parker Rhodes. Post 8vo, sd. Letts... 4/6 Humphreys (Thos. Darwin) Complete Treatise on Trousers Cutting, illustrated with Figures and Mathematical Diagrams. Simpkin

Anatomical 4to, hf. bd. 10/6

Ruse (Geo.) Imposition Simplified. The most Useful Schemes Pictorially represented; with Diagrams for the Measurement of Margin, Table of Bookwork Furnitures, &c. 32mo, cl. sd. Ruse...... 6d.




Bohn Henry G., F. R. G.S., F.L.S.) Pictorial Handbook of Modern Geography, on a Popular Plan. Compiled from the best Authorities, English and Foreign, and completed to the Present Time, with numerous Tables and a General Index. Illustrated by Wood Engravings and 51 Maps. Post 8vo. Bohn. Maps plain, 6/; col. Brooke (V. B.) Out with Garibaldi; or, from Melazzo to Capua. Feap. 8vo, bds. Ward & Lock Brookes (R., M.D.) General Gazetteer; or, Compendious Geographical Dictionary: containing Descriptions of every Country in the known World. With their Towns, People, Natural Productions, &c. The whole revised and corrected to the Present Period, by A. G. Findlay, F.R. G.S. New edit., with an Appendix. 8vo. Tegg.. 10/6 Brown (Jno., F.R.G.S.) A Sequel to the North-West Passage, and the Plans for the Search for Sir John Franklin. A Review. 8vo. Stanford 2/6 Cooke (Geo. Wingrove) China and Lower Bengal. Being the Times' Correspondence from China in the Years 1857-58. Reprinted by Permission. With Corrections and Additions by the Author. 5th edition. Sm. post 8vo. Routledge

Fergusson (Jas., F.R.I., B.A.) Notes on the Site of the Holy Sepulchre at Jerusalem. Being an Answer to the "Edinburgh Review," of October, 1860. 8vo, sd. Murray 26 Forbes (Chas. S.) Iceland, its Volcanoes, Geysers, and Glaciers. With Illustrations. Post 8vo. Murray 14/ The Campaign of Garibaldi in the Two Sicilies. A Personal Narrative. Post 8vo. ... Blackwoods 12! Gibson (W. Sidney, M.A., F.S.A.) Memoir of Northumberland, descriptive of the Scenery, Monuments, and History of the County. 8vo. Dodsworth (Newcastle-on-Tyne)-Longman 2/ House (Erwin, A.M.) Missionary in Many Lands. A Series of Interesting Sketches of Missionary Life. Illustrated. 12mo. New York... 5/ Ingraham. The Sunny South; or, the Southerner at Home, embracing Five Years' Experience of a Northern Governess in the Land of the Sugar and the Cotton. Edited by Professor J. H. Ingraham. 8vo. Philadelphia 7/6 Kane (Elisha Kent, M.D., U.S.N.) Arctic Explorations. The Second Grinnell Expedition in Search of Sir John Franklin, 1853, '54, '55. With Illustrations. Cr. 8vo. Nelson 7/6 Rodenberg (Julius) The Island of the Saints; a Pilgrimage through Ireland. Copyright Edition. Post 8vo. Chapman and Hall Sullivan (Robt., LL.D., T.C.D.) Geography Generalized; or, an Introduction to the Study of Geography on the Principles of Classification and Comparison. With Maps and Illustrations, and Introductions to Astronomy, History, and Geology. 27th edition, revised, enlarged, and improved. Fcap. 8vo. livan (Dublin)-Longman




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Cox (H., M.A.) Orders, Statutes, and Regulations affecting the Practice of the Courts of Chancery. With Notes. 8vo. Sweet....... 20/



Francillon (Jas.) Lectures, Elementary and Familiar, on English Law. Second Series. 8vo. Butterworths 8/

Cornwallis (Kinahan) Royalty in the New World; or,
The Prince of Wales in America. Cr. 8vo.


Maine (Hen. Sumner) Ancient Law; its Connection
with the Early History of Society and its Relation
to Modern Ideas. 8vo. Murray

Penfold (Chas.) Practical Remarks upon the Principle

of Rating Railways, Gas, Water, and other Com-

panies; Land, Tithe, Buildings, Manufactories, and

other Properties liable to be Assessed towards the

Relief of the Poor. Being a 4th edition, entirely

re-written. 8vo. E. Law


Petersdorff. A Concise, Practical Abridgment of the

Common and Statute Law, as at Present Adminis-

tered in the Common Law, Probate, Divorce, and

Admiralty Courts, excluding all that is obsolete,

overruled, or superseded, Comprising a Series of

Condensed Treatises on the different Branches of the

Law, with detailed Directions, Forms, and Prece-

dents. An Alphabetical Dictionary of Technical

Law Terms and Maxims, and a Collection of Words

that have received a Special Judicial Construction.

The whole Illustra'ed by references to the Principal

Cases in Equity, and in the Scotch, American, and

Irish Reports, and the most eminent Text Writers.

2nd edition, re-modelled, and nearly re-written. By

Charles Petersdorff. Assisted by C. W. Wood, Esq.,

and Walker Marshall, Esq. Vol, 1. Part 1, Roy.

8vo, sd. Simpkin


Robertson (Jno. Hutchinson, M.D.) Medical Jurispru-
dence in Singapore. A Review of the Medical Evi-
dence in a Recent Trial for Alleged Poisoning by
Opium in that Settlement. 8vo, sd. Sutherland and
Knox (Edinburgh)—Simpkin..........

Robinson (Juo.) Dictionary of Law and other Terms,

commonly employed in the Courts of Bengal; in-

cluding many Commercial Words and Idiomatic

Phrases, in English and Bengalese. 8vo. Cal-

Holden (Luther, F.R.C.S.) Human Osteology; com-

prising a Description of the Bones, with Delineations

of the Attachments of the Muscles, the General and

Microscopic Structure of Bone, and its Development;

to which is added, a Brief Notice of the Unity of

Type in the Construction of the Vertebrate Skeleton.

3rd edit. Illustrated. Roy. 8vo. Churchill ... 16/

Holmes. A System of Surgery, Theoretical and Prac-

tical, in Treatises by various Authors. Edited by

T. Holmes, M.A. (In 4 Vols.) Vol. 1, General

Pathology. 8vo. Parker and Son.


Hunt (Jas. Ph.D., F.S. A.) Stammering and Stuttering,
their Nature and Treatment. Cr. 8vo. Longman 3/6
Inman (T., M.D.) Foundation for a New Theory and
Practice of Medicine. 2nd edit. Cr. 8vo. Churchill 10/

Macleod (Wm., M.D., F.R.C. P.) Bronchitic and Peptic

Asthma; their successful Treatment. Svo, sd.

Sutherland and Knox (Edinburgh)- Simpkin...... 6d.

Plain Words about Sickness. Addressed to the Mo-
thers and Wives of Working Men. By a Doctor's
Wife. 3rd thousand. Feap. 8vo. cl. sd. Seeleys. 1/6

Ranking (W. H., M.D.), and Radcliffe (C. B., M.D.)

Half-Yearly Abstract of the Medical Sciences; being

a Practical and Analytical Digest of the Contents of

the Principal British and Continental Medical Works

published in the preceding Six Months; together

with a Series of Critical Reports on the Progress of

Medicine and the Collateral Sciences during the

same Period. Vol. 32, July-December, 1860. Post

8vo. Churchill


Ross (David) Atmopathy and Hydropathy; or, How

to Prevent and Cure Diseases by the Application of

Steam and Water. Fcap. 8vo. to 1/

Ruddock (Edward) Pocket-Manual of Homœopathic

Veterinary Medicine. Sq. 32mo, cl. sd.




Barwell (Rich., F. R. C.S.) Treatise on Diseases of the

Joints. Illustrated. 8vo. Churchill ..... 12/

Bedford (Gunning S., M.D.) Clinical Lectures on the

Diseases of Women and Children. 6th edit., revised

and enlarged. 8vo. New York..


Birch (S. B., M.D.) Constipated Bowels. The various
Causes, and the rational means of Cure. Churchill. 2/6
Brodhurst (Bernard E., F.R.C.S.) Practical Observa-
tions on the Diseases of the Joints involving Anchy.
losis, and on the Treatment for the Restoration of
Motion. 3rd edition, 8vo. Churchill
Brown-Sequard (Dr. C. E.) Course of Lectures on
the Physiology and Pathology of the Central Ner
ous System, delivered at the Royal College of Sur-

geons of England, in May, 1858. Plates, 8vo, cl.

bds. Williams & Norgate

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Oldham. The Humorous Speaker: being a Choice
Collection of Amusing Pieces both in Prose and
Verse, original and selected; consisting of Dialogues,
Soliloquics, Parodies, &c. Svo. New York ......... 6/

Rogers (Jas. E. Thorold, M. A.) Education in Oxford;

its Method, its Aids, and its Rewards. Post Svo.

Smith and Elder


Stepping-Stone (The) to General Knowledge. 2nd
Series. Containing upwards of 800 Questions and
Answers on Miscellaneous Subjects adapted to the
Capacity of Children. 18mo, sd. Longman...... 1/

Parkinson (S., B.D.) Elementary Treatise on Me-

chanics, for the use of the Junior Classes at the

University and the Higher Classes in Schools; with

a Collection of Examples. 2nd edition revised. Cr.

8vo. Macmillan


Todd (Jno., D.D.) Index Rerum; or Index of Subjects;
intended as a Manual to aid the Student and the
Professional Man in preparing himself for usefulness;
with an Introduction, illustrating its utility and
method of use. 32nd edition. 4to. Northampton 12/
Swinton (Win.) Rambles among Words: their Poetry,
History, and Wisdom. Feap. Svo. Griffin...... 3/6

Todhunter (J., M.A.) Plane Trigonometry for the use

of Colleges and Schools. With numerous Examples.

2nd edition, revised. Cr. Svo. Macmillan 5/



Frisi (Paul) Treatise on Rivers and Torrents; with
the Method of Regulating their Course and Channels.
To which is added an Essay on Navigable Canals.
Translated by Major-Gen. John Garston. New edit.,
corrected. (Weale's Rudimentary Series. Vols. 121
and 122.) 12mo, el. sd. Weale....
Summerfeldt (Hakon A.) Elementary and Practical
Principles of the Construction of Ships for Ocean
and River Service. With an Appendix of further
Investigations, and a Large Atlas of Engravings,
drawn to a Scale for Service, which is sold separate
or together with the Text. (Weale's Rudimentary
Series.) Vol. 53*. 12mo, el. sd. Weale...



POLITICS AND QUESTIONS OF THE DAY. Baptist Chapel, St. Mary's, Norwich. The Suit Attorney General v. Gould. Edited by William Norton. Svo, cl. lp. Houlston.... Brahmins and Pariahs: an Appeal by the Indigo Manufacturers of Bengal to the British Government, Parliament, and People, for Protection against the Lieutenant-Governor of Bengal. Ridgway Braithwaite (W., M.D.) On the University of St. Andrew's, with Remarks on the Degree of M.D. obtained there. Post 8vo, sd. Simpkin ........ 2d. Dalgleish (W. Scott) University Certificate Examinations; with Suggestions for a Scheme in Scotland similar to the English Middle Class Examinations." Svo, sd. Gordon (Edinburgh)-Hamilton 1/ Duns (Rev. Jno.) Christianity and Science. The Introductory, Nov. 13, 1860, Class of Natural History, New College, Edinburgh. Svo, sd. Kennedy (Edinburgh)-Hamilton 1/

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Fendall (Jas., M.A.) Exemption from the Payment of Church-Rates on Personal Grounds, considered in a Letter to J. G. Hubbard, Esq., M.P. Together with some suggestions for the Amendment of the Laws on this subject. Svo, sd. Macmillan 6d. Giles (Rev. Dr.) Invasions of England from the Earliest Times; a Lecture delivered before the 30th Victoria Middlesex Rifle Company, &c., &c. 8vo, cl. sd. Stanford...... 2/ Hobart (Lord) On Capital Punishment for Murder: an Essay. 8vo, sd. Parker, Son, & Bourn 1/ Locke (Major) Volunteer Review Manual. 18mo, cl. lp. Blake (Salisbury.) -Whittaker.. National Rifle Association, History and Proceedings of, 1860. With a Plan. 8vo, sd. Murray Rifleman's (The) Concise Pocket Register of Target Practice. (On Indelible Metallic Paper.) Arranged by a Member of the 7th Surrey Rifles. Obg. bd. Mead 1/ Scarth (Jno.) Italy for the italians, and China for the Chinese. A Letter to the Right Hon. Lord John Russell, M.P.; with Supplementary Notes and Appendix. 8vo, sd. Smith & Elder 1/ Stedman (Edmund C.) The Princes' Ball: a Brochure from Vanity Fair. With Illustrations. Cr. 8vo. New York 3/6




Admiralty Administration: its Faults and its Defaults.


AGRICULTURE, HORTICULTURE, &c. Burn (Rob. Scott) Hints for Farmers, and Useful Information for Agricultural Students (Routledge's Books for the Country.) Feap. Svo, cl. sd. Routledge Harrison (W. C.) Becs and Bee-Keeping: a plain practical work, resulting from years of experience and close observation in extensive Apiaries both in Pennsylvania and California; with Directions how to make Bee-Keeping a desirable and lucrative business. Cr. 8vo. New York 6/6 Hooker (Sir Wm. Jackson) Garden Ferns; or, Coloured Figures and Descriptions, with the needful analysis of the fructification and venation of the Ferns best adapted for Cultivation in the Garden, Hothouse, and Conservatory. No. 1. Roy. Svo, sd. L. Reeve 2/6 British Ferns; or, Coloured Figures and Descriptions, with the needful analysis of the fructification and venation of the Ferns of Great Britain and Ireland, systematically arranged. (In 16 Nos.) No. 1. Roy. 8vo, sd. L. Reeve 2/6 M'Adam (Robt.) Cheese-making made Easy; or the Principles of the improved Cheddar method of Cheese-making practically explained; with remarks on various other Methods of Cheese-making. 8vo, sd. Maclehose (Ayr.)-Hamilton..... Morton (John Chalmers) Handbook of Farm Labour. 12mo, sd. Longman 1/6 Morton (W. J. T.) Veterinary Toxicological Chart, containing those Agents which are known to Cause Death in the Horse and other Domesticated Animals; with the Symptoms, Antidotes, Action on the Tissues, and Tests. 2nd edition, enlarged. Folded in cloth case. Sq. Svo. Longman



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SCIENCE, NATURAL HISTORY, ETC. Daubeny (Chas. M.D., F.R.S.) Remarks on the Final Causes of the Sexuality of Plants, with particular reference to Mr. Darwin's Work on "The Origin of Species." 8vo, sd. J. H. and J. Parker....... 1/ English Cyclopædia (The). A New Dictionary of Universal Knowledge. Conducted by Chas. Knight. Arts and Sciences. Vol. 6. 4to. Bradbury...... 12/ Faraday (Michael, D. C. L., F.R.S.) Course of Six Lectures on the Various Forces of Matter, and their Relations to each other. Edited by Wm. Crookes, F.C.S. Illust. 3rd edit. Feap. 8vo. Griffin 3/6 Freke (H., A.B., M.B) On the Origin of Species by Means of Organic Affinity. Svo. Fannin (Dublin) -Longman


Gosse (Philip Hen., F.R.S.) Romance of Natural History. 2nd edit. With Illustrations. Post 8vo. Nisbet 7/6 Guy (Juo.) Familiar Lessons; or, Simple Catechism of Astronomy. Adapted to the Capacities of Young Children. 2nd edit., revised and improved, by Wm. Hardcastle. 18mo, sd. Relfe 1/ Hartwig. The Sea, and its Living Wonders. Transl. from the 4th German edition, and partly re-written by the Author, Dr. G. Hartwig. With numerous Woodcuts and 12 Plates, by H. N. Humphreys. 2nd edit. 8vo. Longman..


Hull (Edward, B.A.) The Coal-Fields of Great Britain: their History, Structure, and Duration. With Notices of the Coal-Fields of other Parts of the World. With Illustrations. Cr. 8vo. Stanford 6/6 Martin's Natural History. Translated from the 35th German edition, by Sarah A. Myers. With Coloured Illustrations. 1st and 2nd Series. 8vo. New York 18/ Owen (Richard) Memoir on the Megatherium, or Giant Ground-Sloth of America (Megatherium Americanum, Cuvier). 113 pp. 4to, 27 plates, 4to and fol. Williams & Norgate

42/ Schlagintweit.-Results of a Scientific Mission to India and High Asia, undertaken between the Years 1854 and 1858. By Order of the Court of Directors of the Hon. East India Company. By Hermann, Adolphe, and Robert de Schlagintweit. Vol. 1. 4to. With Atlas of Plates and Maps. Pt. 1

80/ Reeve (Lovell, F. L.S., F.G.S.) Elements of Conchology; an Introduction to the Natural History of Shells, and of the Animals which Form Them. With Coloured Illustrations. 2 v. Roy. 8vo. L. Reeve 56/ Slater (J. W.) Handbook of Chemical Analysis for Practical Men: containing Directions for Examining and Valuing several Hundreds of the most Important Articles of Commerce, Manufacturing Products, Residues, &c. Also, a Brief Systematic Course of Quantitative Analysis, and a Variety of Useful Chemical Tables. Cr. 8vo. Mackenzie 6/ Announcements.


A New Edition of "Footprints" of the Creator. By Hugh Miller. Revised by Mrs. Miller.

Iron its History and Manufacture. By William Fairbairn, F.R.S.


The Treasury of Botany: comprising an Alphabetical Account of the Structure, Peculiarity, and Uses of all the more important Orders, Genera, and Species of Plants; together with an Explanation of the Technical Terms most in use among Botanists; and a Sketch of the Present System of Classification. Edited by John Lindley, M.D.. &c., &c. Uniform with Maunder's Series of





The Publishers beg to inform Subscribers that they intend continuing the Poetical and Miscellaneous Works of Sir Walter Scott in a size uniform with the above. The Issue will commence on the 1st of February, with Vols. 1 and 2 of the Poems, price Ss. each in green cloth.

EDINBURGH, 26 January, 1861,


GEORGICS, translated into Blank Verse by
CHARLES RANN KENNEDY, Esq. Post 8vo, cloth, 6s.
HENRY G. BOHN, York Street, Covent Garden,
London, W.C.


Handsomely printed in demy 8vo, and illustrated
with portraits and plates, at 9s. per volume, com-
mencing with Vol. 1 of


THE HOTTURE WALPOLE, with the Prefaces

of Mr. Croker, Lord Dover, and others, the Notes of all previous Editors, and additional Notes by PETER CUNNINGHAM. Illustrated with numerous fine por


THE HEBREW LANGUAGE: its History and Characteristics, including Improved Renderings of Select Passages in our authorized translation of the Old Testament. By HENRY CRAIK. 3s. 6d.

HINTS and SUGGESTIONS on the Proposed Revision of our ENGLISH BIBLE. By HENRY CRAIK. 6d.


traits engraved on steel. To be completed in 9 vols. CHE

HENRY G. BOHN, York Street, Covent Garden,

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AND FAIRY TALES, for the first time complete; containing many tales not in any other edition. Translated from the original by CAROLINE PEACHEY. Illustrated with 120 wood engravings, chiefly by Foreign Artists. Post 8vo, cloth, 5s.

HENRY G. BOHN, York, Street, Covent Garden,



STALASSICAL GEOGRAPHY, 22 large coloured

Maps, according to the latest authorities, with a complete Index (accentuated) giving the Latitude and Longitude of every place named in the Maps. Imperial 8vo, chiefly engraved by the Messrs. Walker. Cloth, 78. 6d.

Enquiries having frequently been made for Maps illustrative of the historical and geographical authors published in Bohn's Classical Library, the present Atlas is intended to supply that want, and will be found, it is believed, unexceptionable both as to literary and artistic execution. In the Index, which is very complete, the classical quantities are generally marked, whence we have ventured to call it accentuated.

HENEY G. BOHN, York Street, Covent Garden,

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HESS and DRAUGHTS Complete, 6d. ; post free, seven stamps; with INSTRUCTION Book, nine stamps.-Also, PHOTOGRAPHS, INDOOR GAMES, &c.; all postable. Priced Catalogue, one stamp. Liberal discount to the Trade.

S. B. BEAL, 11, Paternoster Row, E.C.

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