Technical Mycology; the Utilization of Micro-organisms in the Arts and Manufactures: Eumycetic fermentation

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C. Griffin, Limited, 1903 - Brewing

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Page 29 - Cleaning and Painting Machinery.— Reciprocating Pumps, Feed Heaters, and Automatic Feed -Water Regulators. — Evaporators. — Steam Boats. — Electric Light Machinery.— Hydraulic Machinery.— Air-Compressing Pumps.- Refrigerating Machines. —Machinery of Destroyers.— The Management of Water-Tube Boilers.— Regulations for Entry of Assistant Engineers, RN— Questions given in Examinations for Promotion of engineers.
Page 28 - English and Foreign Boilers with their Heat Efficiencies shown in Fifty Tables — Fire Grates of Various Types — Mechanical Stokers — Combustion of Fuel in Boilers — Transmission of Heat through Boiler Plates, and their Temperature — Feed Water Heaters, Superheaters, Feed Pumps, &c. — Smoke and its Prevention — Instruments used in Testing Boilers — Marine and Locomotive Boilers — Fuel Testing Stations — Discussion of the Trials and Conclusions — On the Choice of a Boiler, and...
Page 61 - Ss. 6d. net. A HANDBOOK ON PETROLEUM. FOR INSPECTORS UNDER THE PETROLEUM ACTS, And for those engaged in the Storage, Transport, Distribution, and Industrial Use of Petroleum and its Products, and of Calcium Carbide. With suggestions on the Construction and Use of Mineral Oil Lamps. BY CAPTAIN JH THOMSON, HM Chief Inspector of Explosives, AND SIR BOVERTON REDWOOD, Author of "A Treatise on Petroleum.
Page 49 - Membei of the Institution of Civil Engineers, Member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers, &c General Principles of Switchgear Design.— Constructional Details —Circuit Breakers or Arc Interrupting Devices.— Automatically Operated Circuit- Breakers. — Alternating Reverse Current Devices. — Arrangement of 'Bus Bars, and Apparatus for Parallel Running. — •General Arrangement of Controlling Apparatus for High Tension Systems. — General Arrangement of Controlling Apparatus for Low...
Page 71 - THE CHEMISTRY OF MANUFACTURING PROCESSES. General Contents. — Sulphuric Acid Manufacture— Alkali, &c. —Destructive Distillation Artificial Manure— Petroleum— Lime and Cement— Clay and Glass — Sugar and Starch — Brewing and Distilling — Oils, Resins, and Varnishes— Soap and Candles — Textiles and Bleaching — Colouring Matters, Dyeing, and Printing — Paper and Pasteboard — Pigments and Paints — Leather, Glue, and Size — Explosives and Matches — Minor Manufactures....
Page 50 - THE MEAN DENSITY OF THE EARTH : An Essay to which the Adams Prize was adjudged in 1893 in the University of Cambridge. By JH POYNTING, Sc.D., FRS, Late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge; Professor of Physics, Birmingham University. In Large 8vo, with Bibliography, Illustrations in the Text, and Seven Lithographed Plates. 12s. 6d. " Cannot fail to be of GREAT and GENERAL INTEREST."— Athenteum.
Page 78 - ... Walls. — Powers. — House Drainage. - Land Drainage. — Sewers. — Separate System. — Sewage Pumping. — Sewer Ventilation. — Drainage Areas.— Sewers, Manholes, &c. — Trade Refuse. — Sewage Disposal Works. — Bacterial Treatment. — Sludge Disposal. — Construction and Cleansing of Sewers.— Refuse Disposal.— Chimneys and Foundations. "The volume bristles with information which will be greedily read by those in need of assistance. The book is one that ought to be on the...
Page 33 - BY THE SAME AUTHOR. KITCHEN BOILER EXPLOSIONS: Why they Occur, and How to Prevent their Occurrence. A Practical Handbook based on Actual Experiment. With Diagram and Coloured Plate.
Page 30 - EDITION, Revised. With numerous Plates reduced from Working Drawings and 280 Illustrations in the Text. 21s. A MANUAL OF LOCOMOTIVE ENGINEERING: A Practical Text-Book for the Use of Engine Builders, Designers and Draughtsmen, Railway Engineers, and Students. BY WILLIAM FRANK PETTIGREW, M.lNST.CE With a Section on American and Continental Engines.
Page 67 - EARTH METALS : Magnesium, Lithium, Beryllium, Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Strontium, Barium, the Carbides of the Alkaline Earth Metals. PART II. — THE EARTH METALS : Aluminium, Cerium, Lanthanum, Didymium. PART III. — THE HEAVY METALS : Copper, Silver, Gold, Zinc and Cadmium, Mercury, Tin, Lead, Bismuth, Antimony, Chromium, Molybdenum, Tungsten, Uranium, Manganese, Iron, Nickel, and Cobalt, the Platinum Group. " COMPREHENSIVE and AUTHORITATIVE . . . not only FULL of VALUABLE INFORMATION, but...

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