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return of those present at Ciudad Rodrigo. When in his Handbook of London, or Dr. RIMBAULT, Her Majesty gracefully extended the honorary dis. would mislead any one, I am afraid my copy, tinctions to all the survivors of the great war, Lord being a second edition, may be incomplete; and as Beresford received the Peninsular medal, with two

I certainly did not get the volume for nothing, clasps, for Egypt and Ciudad Rodrigo."

will either of these gentlemen, or any other of the The expression should have been “the silver readers of “ N. & Q.," who have seen other editions, medal," not “Peninsular ;" as, among the names let me know this ? of battles engraved on the clasps attached to the There is question asked by MELANION resilver war-medals, granted in 1849, will be found garding the entire quotation, which I have not yet the words "Martinique,” “Fort Détroit," " Cha seen answered, which is, – teauguay," " Chrystler's Farm," and " Egypt."

« For he that fights and runs away, JUVERNA.

May live to fight another day;

But he that is in battle slain, D. 0. M. (Vol. iii., p. 173.).- I am surprised

Can never hope to fight again." that there should be the least doubt that the

Are these last two lines in the Musarum Delicia? above are the initials of Datur omnibus mori."

or are these four lines to be found anywhere in R. W. D.

conjunction ? If this could be found, it would in Dr. John Taylor (Vol. vii., p. 299.). - There my opinion settle the question. S. WMson. are several errors in the communication of S. R. He states that “ Dr. John Taylor was buried at

Corporations have no Souls," &c. (Vol. viii., Kirkstead, Lancashire, where his tomb is distin- p. 587.). In Poynder's Literary Extracts, under guished by the following simple inscription."

the title “Corporations,” there occurs the follow1. Kirkstead is in Lincolnshire.

ing passage: 2. Dr. John Taylor lies interred in the burial “ Lord Chancellor Thurlow said that corporations ground attached to the Presbyterian Chapel at

have neither bodies to be punished, nor souls to be Chowbent, near Bolton, in Lancashire.

condemned; they therefore do as they like." 3. The inscription on the tombstone is as

There are also two long extracts, one from Cowe follows:

per's Task, book iv., and the other from the Life “ Here is interred the Rev. John Taylor, D.D., of of Wilberforce, vol. ii., Appendix, bearing on the Warrington, formerly of Norwich, who died March 5, same subject.

ARCH. WEIR. 1761, aged 66."

Lord Mayor of London a Privy Councillor 4. The inscription given by S. R. is on a slab in (Vol. iv. passim). – Mr. Serjeant Merewether, the chapel at Chowbent. I may add tbat this

Town Clerk to the Corporation of London, in his inscription was drawn up by Dr. Énfield.

examination before the City Corporation Com

Tuomas BAKER. mission, said that it had been the practice from Manchester.

time immemorial, to summon the Lord Mayor of Lines attributed to Hudibras (Vol. i., p. 211.). - London to the first Privy Council held after the

demise of the crown. (The Standard, Jan. 13, « For he that fights and runs away,

1854, p. i. col. 5.)

L. HARTLY. May live to fight another day.” In so far as I can understand from the various Booty's Case (Vol. iii., p. 170.). — A story rearticles in “N. & Q.” regarding the above quo- sembling that of “Old Booty is to be found in tation, it is to be found in the Musarum Deliciæ, St. Gregory the Great's Dialogues, iii. 30., where 12mo., 1656. There is a copy of this volume now

it is related that a hermit saw Theodoric thrown lying before me, the title-page of which runs thus : into the crater of Lipari by two of his victims,

Pope John and Symmachus.

J.C. R. “ Musarum Deliciæ, or the Muses' Recreation; containing severall pieces of Poetique Wit. The second edition, by S- J. M. and Ja. S. London: Printed by Jerome (Ep. Ixvi. $ 9., ed. Vallars) quotes this as

Sat cito, si sat bene" (Vol. vii., p. 594.). - St. J. G. for Henry Herringman, and are to be sold at his

a maxim of Cato's.

J. C. R. Shop, at the Signe of the Anchor in the New Exchange, 1656."

Celtic and Latin Languages (Vol. ix., p. 14.). This copy seems to have at one time belonged Allow me to suggest to T. H. T. that ihe word to Longmans, as it is described in the Bib. An. Gallus, a Gaul, is not, of course, the same as the Poeticu, having the signatures of “ Orator Henly," Irish Gal, a stranger. Is it not rather the Latin

Ritson,” and “J. Park.” I have read this vo form of Gaoithil (pronounced Gael or Gaul), the lume over carefully twice, and I must confess my generic appellation of our Erse population ? In inability to find any such two lines as the above Welsh it is Gwydyl, to this day their term for an noted, there. As I do not think Mr. Cunningham, Irishman.

Gaoll, stranger, is used in Erie to denote a great industry and research, and by which he hopes to foreign settler, e.g. the Earl of Caithness is Mor- clear away the mists of error which have overshadowed phear (pronounced Morar) Gaoll, the stranger the story of the Canynges family during the Middle great man; being lord of a corner of the land in- Ages, and to show their connexion with the erection habited by a foreign race.

or restoration of Westbury College and Redcliff Galloway, on the other hand, takes its name

Church. As Mr. Pryce has some few inedited memofrom the Gael, being possessed by a colony of that randa relating to Chatterton, he has done well to inpeople from Kintyre, &c., who long retained the corporate them in a volume dedicated in some measure

to the history of Bristol's “ Merchant Prince." name of the wild Scots * of Galloway, to distinguish

Poetical Works of Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey, them from the Brets or British inhabitants of the

Minor Contemporaneous Poets, and Thomas Sackville, rest of the border. FRANCIS John Scott, M.A. Lord Buckhurst, edited by Robert Bell, forms the Holy Trinity, Tewkesbury.

second volume of Parker's Annotated Edition of the

British Poets. Availing himself, very properly, of the Brydone the Tourist's Birth-place (Vol. vii., labours of his predecessors, Mr. Bell has given us very p. 108.).--According to Chambers's Lives of Scots- agreeable and valuable memoirs of Surrey and Buckmen, vol. i. p. 384., 1832, Brydone was the son of hurst; and we have no doubt that this cheap edition a clergyman in the neighbourhood of Dumbarton, of their works will be the means of putting them into where he was born in the year 1741. When he the hands of many readers to whom they were before came to England, he was engaged as travelling almost entirely unknown. preceptor by Mr. Beckford, to whom his Tour The Library Committee of the Society of Antithrough Sicily and Malta is addressed. In a

quaries, having had under their consideration the state

copy of this work, now before me, I find the following ciety, consulted one of the Fellows, Mr. W. Smith, as

of the engraved portraits in the possession of the Soremarks written in pencil :

to the best mode of arrangement. That gentleman, “ These travels are written in a very plausible style, having gone through the collection, advised that in but little dependence is to be placed upon their veracity. future the Society should chiefly direct its attention to Brydone never was on the summit of Ætna, although the formation of a series of engraved Portraits of the he describes the prospect from it in such glowing Fellows, and with great liberality presented about colours.”

one hundred and fifty such portraits as his contribu

tion towards such collection, Mr. Smith's notion is It is right to add, that the writer of these remarks was long a resident in Italy, and in constant certainly a very happy one: and we mention that and habits of intercourse with the most distinguished dering as good service to the Society's Collection of

his very handsome donation, in hopes of thereby renscholars of that country.

J. Mackay. Portraits, as we are glad to learn has been rendered Oxford.

to their matchless Series of Proclamations by our

occasional notices of them.

The second volume of Murray's British Classics,
which is also the second of Mr. Cunningham's edition

TORRENS ON WAGES AND COMBINATIONS. Longmans. 1834. of The Works of Oliver Goldsmith, fully justifies all we

Letters, stating particulars and lowest price, carriage free, said in commendation of its predecessor. It contains

to be sent to MR. BELL, Publisher of “NOTES AND Goldsmith's Enquiry into the State of Polite Literature QUERIES." 186. Fleet Street. in Europe, and his admirable series of letters, entitled Particulars of Price, &c. of the following Books to be sent The Citizen of the World. Mr. Cunningham tells us direct to the gentlemen by whom they are required, and whose

names and addresses are given for that purpose : that “ he has been careful to mark all Goldsmith's own notes with his name;" his predecessors having in

The British Preserve, etched by S. Howitt. Prints, 2. The

Badger, and 6. The Stag. some instances adopted them as their own, and in

Wanted by Mr. James Pascoe, Solicitor, Penzance. others omitted them altogether, although they are at times curiously illustrative of the text. We are glad

AN ACCOUNT OF THE MINISTERS, &c., who were Ejected or to see that Mr. Murray announces a new edition, re

Silenced after the Restoration in 1660, by or before the Act for vised and greatly enlarged, of Mr. Foster's valuable Uniformity. Second Edition. Vol. I. By Edmund Calamy, Life of Goldsmith, uniform with the present collection of Goldsmith's writings.

Wanted by John Nurse Chadwick, Solicitor, King's Lynn, Memorials of the Canynges Family and their Times ;

Westbury College, Redcliffe Church, and Chatterton, by
George Pryce, is the somewhat abbreviated title of a

SANDERS' HISTORY OF SHENSTONE, IN STAFFORDSHIRB. goodly octavo volume, on which Mr. Pryce has bestowed

Wanted by C. J. D., Post Office, Stourbridge, Worcestershire.


DD. 1713.

* Scot or Scott is applied only to the men of Gaelic extraction in our old records,

Tus Hive, having the First Edition of Vol. I.

Wanted by Fred. Dinsdale, Esq., Leamington.


1835, 1836, 1844, and 1845. SHERIDAN'S ('Thos.) LECTURES ON THE ART OF READING. 8vo.


TISH ARMY IN INDIA DURING TAB MAHRATTA WAR OF 1817, 1818, and 1819. 4to. Lond. 1821. Also, by the same, a Map of

Hindostan, from his own survey. Parker's (Capt. Robert) MEMOIRS OF THE MOST REMARKABLE

MILITARY TRANSACTIONS from 1683 to 1718. 8vo. Lond. 1747. Wanted by Rev. B. H. Blacker, 11. Pembroke Road, Dublin.

Phillip's LIFE OF SMITH (the Geologist).

J. H. Parker. 1852.
WINDSOR CASTLE, by Ainsworth. The original edition, 8vo.
with Plates.

Wanted by Mr. Hayward, Bookseller, Bath.


Vol. I. Morocco. (The missing volume was lent to a student at Cambridge by C. B. W. in 1844.). Roscoe's ITALIAN NOVELIST. Second Edition. 4 Vols. 12mo.

Vol. III. First or Early Edition of The CHRISTIAN WORLD UNMASKED,

by John Berridge. John BERRIDGE'S WORKS. 8vo. Simpkin & Co. Geo. SANDYS' PARAPHRASE OF THE PSALMS. Small Edition. POEMS BY GEORGE WITHERS. Separate or Collected. DRAYTON'S POEMs. 12mo. Edition. Walton's Lives. Tonson or Dodsley. 1. Vol. Edition. PAXTON'S MAGAZINE OF BOTANY. Nos. 169. and 179. Orr & Co.

Wanted by Mr. Hiscoke, Bookseller, Richmond, Surrey.

THE ACTS AND MONUMENTS of John Foxb. Vol. 1. Edited

by Rev. S. Cattley. Seeley and Burnside. VOLTAIRE's Works. Vol. I. Translated by Smollett. Francklin,

London, 1761. ECCLESIOLOGIST. Vol. V. In Numbers or unbound. Wanted by E. Hailstone, Horton Hall, Bradford, Yorkshire.

MANACK, 8vo. London, 1824.
Wanted by J. G., care of Messrs. Ponsonby, Booksellers,

Grafton Street, Dublin.






CIENT BRITISH CHURCH, previous to the Arrival of St. Augustine, A. D. 596. Second Edition. Post 8vo. Price 58. cloth.

“A work of great utility to general readers." - Morning Post.

« The author has collected with much industry and care all the information which can throw light on his subject." - Guardian.

“ Not unworthy the attention of our clerical friends." - Notes and Queries, ii. 453. London : WERTHEIM & MACINTOSH, 24. Paternoster Row, and of all Booksellers.

and Description of upwards of 100 articles, consisting of PORTMANTEAUS, TRAVELLING-BAGS,

Ladies' Portmanteaus, DESPATCH-BOXES, WRITING-DESKS, DRESSING-CASES, and other travelling requisites, Gratis on application, or sent free by Post on receipt of Two Stamps.

MESSRS. ALLEN'S registered Despatchbox and Writing-desk, their Travelling-bag with the opening as large as the bag, and the new Portmanteau containing four compartments, are undoubtedly the best articles of the kind ever produced. J. W. & T. ALLEN, 18. & 22. West Strand.

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Broad Sanctuary, opposite Westminster Abbey. - This Hospital was instituted in the year 1719, and is the oldest hospital in England supported by voluntary contributions. The high prices of provisions and coals have materially increased the current expenditure, and a sum of not less than 800l. is required to meet the payment of the tradesmen's bills to Christmas last. 16.000 persons are relieved annually, and the doors of the Hospital are open night and day for the reception of cases of accident and urgent disease. The Committee earnestly entreat the aid of the benevolent at the present time.

Donations and subscriptions will be thankfully received by MESSRS. BOUVERIE & co., 11. Haymarket; MESSRS. HOARE & CO., Fleet Street: by the HON. P. PLEYDELL BOUVERIE, and P. R. HOARE, ESQ., the joint Treasurers ; or by the Secretary at the Hospital.

F. G. WILSON, Secretary,



AGENT and LEGAL ANTIQUARIÁN (who is in the possession of Indices to many of the early Public Records whereby his Inquiries are greatly facilitated) begs to inform Authors and Gentlemen engaged in Antiquarian or Literary Pursuits, that he is prepared to undertake searches among the Public Records, MSS. in the British Museum, Ancient Wills, or other Depositories of a similar Nature, in any Branch of Literature, History, Topography, Genealogy, or the like, and in which he has had considerable experience. 1. ALBERT TERRACE, NEW CROSS,


Notices to Correspondents.

J. D. (Cheltenham). The work you allude to is Wace's Roman de Brut, which was published under the editorship of M. Le Roux de Lincy in 1836.

B. O. The paginal references are omitted to the extracts from Mr. Buckley's translation of Æschylus ; but probably the original text would solve the Query.

R. The print of a bishop burnt in Smithfield cannot be identified withoui a sight of the engraving.

G. D. For the origin of Plough Monday, see Brady's Claris Calendaria, vol. i. pp. 160-162.; and Brand's Popular Antiqui. ties, vol. i. pp. 505 — 508. (Bohn's edition).

A Communication from Dr. DIAMOND on the manufacture of collodion, and also a very interesting one from MR. J. MAXWELL Lyte, in our next Number.

ANOMYMOUS PHOTOGRAPHIC CORRESPONDENT. We have given in former Numbers admirable formulæ for printing positives. MR. POLLOCK's mode on alb umenised paper produces beautiful results, as dues also the more simple one recommended by Dr. DIAMOND. In one of our carliest Photographic communications an iodized form was given which may be used by feeble or artificial light, and which is highly useful.

A. R. (Bombay). Iodide of silver should not be dried for photographic purposes after it is formed; therefore you must'rest contented to approach the nearest you can to the requisite quantity by careful manipulation. A note appended to our photographic article in this Vumber sufficiently indicates how ofien we must depend upon our own judgment, and how difficult it is to reduce Photography to exact laws when the substances used are so constantly varying.

T. M. The sample sent of Whatman's writing paper iodizes most beautifully. It has always been the case that paper made for ordinary purposes is often much better than that made for Photography alone.

Our Eighth VOLUME is now bound and ready for delivery, price 10s. 6d., cloth, boards. A few sets of the whole Eight Volumes are being made up, price 41. 45.– For these early application is desirable.

" NOTES AND Queries" is published at noon on Friday, so that the Country Booksellers may receive Copies in that night's parcels, and deliver them to their Subscribers on the Saturday.



8. d. History of England. 2 vols. 12mo., 4th edition, cloth

14 0 The Volumes are sold separately, 78. each. History of Greece. 12mo., 6th edition, cloth

6 6 History of Rome. 12mo., 6th edition, cloth

6 6 Questions on the Histories. 12mo. each 10 History of India. 8vo., cloth

8 0 History of the Roman Empire. 12mo., 3rd edition, cloth

6 6 Mythology of Ancient Greece and Italy.

Svo., 3rd edition, cloth (nearly ready) 12 6 The Mythology Abridged. 18mo. 7th edition, bound

4 0 Ovid's Fasti. With Notes and Introduction. 2nd edition, 8vo., cloth

6 6 The Catilina and Jugurtha of Sallust,

with Notes and Excursus, post 8vo.

6 6
Tales and Popular Fictions. Wood-
cuts, fcap. 8vo., cloth

6 6 Elementary History of England. 12mo., 3rd edition, bound

50 Elementary History of Greece. 18mo., 2nd edit., bound

3 6 Elementary History of Rome.

180o., 3rd edition, bound

3 6 These works are used at the chief public schools, and by the tutors at the Uni

ities self-instruction.

WHITTAKER & CO., Ave Maria Lane.




By the REV. J. L. PETIT.
With Numerous Illustrations from Drawings by P. H. DELAMOTTE, and by the AUTHOR.

Imperial 8vo.


Published Monthly, price 6d. ; or 7d. stamped.



Founded A.D. 1842.

EDUCATION. Especially designed for Upper Schools : containing Papers on Educational Subjects, and Impartial Criticisms and Notices of New Books, contributed by distinguished Scholars.

CONTENTS ОР JANUARY NUMBER : - On making Grammar Schools more available as Middle Schools: On Teaching Modern Languages; On the Introduction of Practical Science into Higher Schools; Review of Paley's Propertius, &c.

CONTENTS OF FEBRUARY NUMBER :- Cathedral Schools ; On Accent and Quantity, with Remarks on Professor Blackie, Principles of Astronomy : Review of Pillans's Classical Geography, &c.

A Specimen Number will be sent Gratis, on direct Application.

GEORGE BELL, 186. Fleet Street.

H. E. Bicknell, Esq. T. Grissell, Esq.
T. 8. Cocks, Jun. Esq. J. Hunt, Esq.

J. A. Lethbridge, Esq.
G. H. Drew, Esq. E. Lucas, Esq.
W. Evans, Esq.

J. Lys Seager, Esq. W. Freeman, Esq. J. B. White, Esq. F. Fuller, Esq.

J. Carter Wood, Esq. J. H. Goodhart, Esq.

Trustees. W.Whateley, Esq., Q.C.; George Drew, Esq.;

T. Grissell, Esq. Physician. .-William Rich. Basham, M.D. Bankers. -Messrs. Cocks, Biddulph, and Co.,

Charing Cross. VALUABLE PRIVILEGE. POLICIES effected in this Office do not become void through temporary difficulty in paying a Premium, as permission is given upon application to suspend the payment at interest, according to the conditions detailed in the Prospectus.

Specimens of Rates of Premium for Assuring 1001., with & Share in three-fourths of the Profits :Age £ 8. d. | Age

£ 8. d. 17 -1 14 4 32

- 2 10 8 22. .1 18 8 37

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COTICE. — The New Issue of

“THE KAFIR, THE CAPE, and THE FRONTIER FARMER," being Sel-ctions from the Journals of ARCHDEACON MERRIMAN, will be ready next Week. Price 38. 6d.

GEORGE BELL, 186. Fleet Street.


This Day is published, price 38. 6d.

ON THE EPISCOPATE OF THE ANTE-NICENE CHURCH, (with Especial Reference to the Early Position of the Roman See). By the REVEREND GEORGE M. GORHAM, B.A., Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, and Crosse University Scholar.

Cambridge : J. DEIGHTON. London: GEORGE BELL, Fleet Street.


Actuary. Now ready, price 108. 6d., Second Edition, with material additions, INDUSTRIAL IN VESTMENT and EMIGRATION: being a TREATISE on BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETIES, and on the General Principles of Land Investment, exemplified in the Cases of Freehold Land Societies, Building Companies, &c. With a Mathematical Appendix on Compound Interest and Life Assurance. By ARTHUR SCRATCHLEY, M.A., Actuary to the Western Life Assurance Society, 3. Parliament Street, London,

Just published, price 78. 6d.


BAL'S PASSAGE OF THE ALP3, in which his Route is trace 1 over the LITTLE MONT CENIS. By ROBERT ELLIS, B.D., Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge.

Cambridge : J. DEIGHTON. London : JOHN W. PARKER & SON.



COMPANIES, and intending Assurers generally, are invited to examine the Rates, Principles, and Progress of the SCOTTISH PROVIDENT INSTITUTION, the only Society in which the Advantages of Mutual Assurance can be secured by moderate Premiums. Established 1837. Number of Policies issued 6,400, assuring upwards of Two and a Half Millions.




AND VIEWS obtained with the greatest ease and certainty by using BLAND & LONG'S preparation of Soluble Cotton : certainty and uniformity of action over a lengthened period, combined with the most faithful rendering of the half-tones, constitute this a most valuable agent in the hands of the photographer. Albumenised paper, for printing from glass or paper negatives, giving a minuteness of detail unattained by any other method, 58. per Quire. Waxed

and Iodized Papers of tried quality. Instruction in the Processes. BLAND & LONG, Opticians and Photogra.

phical Instrument Makers, and Operative Chemists, 153. Fleet Street, London.

*** Catalogues sent on application.


-OTTEWILL & MORGAN'S Manufactory, 24 & 25. Charlotte Terrace, Caledonian Road, Islington. OTTE WILL'S Registered Double Body Folding Camera, adapted for Landscapes or Portraits, may be had of A. ROSS, Featherstone Buildings, Holborn ; the Photographic Institution, Bond Street: and at the Manufactory as above, where every description of Cameras, Slides, and Tripods may be had. The Trade supplied.


[MPROVEMENT IN COLLO. 289. Strand, have, by an improved mode of Iodizing, succeeded in producing a Collodion equal, they may say superior, in sensitiveness and density of Negative, to any other hitherto published; without diminishing the keeping properties and appreciation of half tint for which their manufacture has been esteemed.

Apparatus. pure Chemicals, and all the requirements for the practice of Photography. Instruction in the Art.



HORNE & CO.'S Iodized Collodion, for obtaining Instantaneous Views, and Portraits in from three to thirty seconds, according to light.

Portraits obtained by the above, for delicacy of detail rival the choicest Daguerreotypes, specimens of which may be seen at their Establishment.

Also every description of Apparatus, Chemicals, &c. &c. used in this beautiful Art.123. and 121. Newgate Street.

PIANOFORTES, 25. Guineas

each. -D'ALMAINE & CO., 20. Soho Square (established A.D. 1785), sole manufacturers of the ROYAL PIANOFORTES, at 25 Guineas each. Every instrument warranted.

The peculiar advantages of these pianofortes are best described in the following professional testimonial, signed by the majority of the leading musicians of the age :-"We, the undersigned members of the musical profession, having carefully examined the Royal Pianofortes manufactured by MESSRS. D'AL MAINE & CO., have great pleasure in hearing testimony to their merits and capabilities. It appears to us impossible to produce instruments of the same size possessing a r cher and finer tone, more elastic touch, or more equal temperament, while the elegance of their construction renders them a handsome ornament for the library, 2oudoir, or drawing-room. (Signed) J. L. Ahel, F. Benedict, H. R. Bishop, J. Blewitt, J. Brizzi, T, P. Chipp, P. Delavanti, C.H. Dolby, E. F. Fitzwilliam, w. Forde, Stephen Glover, Henri Herz. E. Harrison, H.F. Hassé, J.L. Hatton, Catherine Hayes, W. H. Holmes, W. Kuhe, G.F. Kiallmark, E. Land, G. Lanza, Alexander Lee, A. Leffler,

E.J. Loder, W. H. Montgomery, S. Nelson, G. A. Osborne, John Parry, H. Panofka, Henry Phillips, F. Praegar, E.F. Rimbault, Frank Romer, G. H. Rodwell, E. Rockel, Sims Reeves, J. Templeton, F. We. ber, H. Westrop, T. H. Wright," &c. D'ALMAINE & CO., 20. Soho Square. Lists

and Designs Gratis.

Full Reports and every Information had (Free) on Application,

*** Policies are now issued Frec of Stamp
Duty ; and attention is invited to the circum-
stance that Premiums payable for Life Assur-
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Income in the Returns for Income Tax.

GEORGE GRANT, Resident Sec.
London Branch, 12. Moorgate Street.

ZINE for FEBRUARY contains a Review of the conduct of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge in the production of their edition of the Septuagint printed at Athens.

“We have the canon of Scripture distinctly laid down in our Articles, and exhibited in an authorised English Bible. It is not an open question, whether we may follow that prescribed by our Reformers, or select those of the Eastern or Western Church. As members of the Church of England, we are bound to conform to the canon of Scripture laid down in the Sixth Article." NICHOLS & SONS, 25. Parliament Street.

Printed by THOMAS CLARK SRaw, of No. 10. Stonefield Street, in the Parish of St. Mary, Islington, at No. 5. New Street Square, in the Parish of St. Bride, in the City of London ; and published by GEORGE BELL, of No. 186. Fleet Street, in the Parish

of St. Dunstan in the West, in the City of London, Publisher, at No. 186. Fleet Street aforesaid.

Saturday, February 11, 1854.




when found, make a note os.".


No. 225.]


Price Fourpence. Stamped Edition, 5d.



THE EXHIBITION OF PHOTOGRAPHS AND DAGUERREOTYPES is now open at the Gallery of the Society of British Artists, Suffolk Street, Pall Mall, in the Morning from 10 A.M. to half-past 4 P.M., admission s. and in the Evening from 7 to 10 P.M., admission 3d. Catalogue 6d.



illustrated by numerous Coloured Diagrams, will be given upon the above subject by AUSTEN H. LAYARD, ESQ., D.C.L., M.P., At the Beaumont Institution, Beaumont Square, Mile End Road, on WEDNESDAY EVENING, Feb. 22nd, at a Quarter before Eight.

The Proceeds will be applied for the benefit of the Schools and other Parochial Charities, of St. Thomas, Stepney, a district containing 11,000 people, who are mostly poor.

TICKETS may be procured at Messrs. Hatchard's, 187. Piccadilly; Messrs. Seeley's, 2. Hanover Square, and 51. Fleet Street; Messrs. Rivingtons, Waterloo Place : Mann & Co.,

39. Cornhill ; and the Rev. W. Valentine, St. Thomas', Stepney.

PRICES.-East of Hall, 18.; Balcony, 2s.6d. Centre of Hall, S8.; Reserved Seats, 5s.

TION.- An EXHIBITION of PICTURES, by the most celebrated French, Italian, and English Photographers, embracing Views of the principal Countries and Cities of Europe, is now OPEN. Adriasion 6d. A Portrait taken by MR. TALBOTS Patent Process, One Guinea ; Two extra Copies for 108. PHOTOGRAPHIC INSTITUTION,


[blocks in formation]

every variety of Vision by means of SMEE'S OPTOMETER, which effectually prevents Injury to the Eyes from the Selection of Improper Glasses, and is extens.vely employed by BLAND & LONG, Opticians, 153. Fleet

Street, London.

By WARINGTON SMYTH, M.A. With a Map, by J. W. LUWRY. London : JOHN W. PARKER & SON,

West Strand.


Page Remarkable Imprints

143 Legends of the Co. Clare, by Francis kobert Davies

145 Canting Arms

116 MINOR Notes : - Selleridge Tombs of Bishops - Lines on visiting the Portico of Beau Nash's Palace, BathAcrostic in Ash Church, Keat - A Hint to Publishers - Uhland, the German Poet - Virgilian Inscription for an Infant School

146 QUERIES :The Shippen Family - John White, by

147 Books issued in Parts and not completed 147 Minor Queries: - "Hovd Maet of Laet" - Hand in Church - Egger Moths - The Yorkshire Dales - Ciss, Cissle, &c. - Inn Signs, &c. - Smiths and Robinsons - Coin of Carausius Verelst the Painter - Latin Treatise on whipping School-boys - Whitewashing in Churches - Surname " Kynoch ” -Dates of published Works - Saw-dust Recipe


Branks, or Gossips' Bridles - Not
caring a Fig for anything - B.C. Y.

Earl Nugent's Poems - Huntbach
DISS. - Holy Loaf Money - St.
Philip's, Bristol - Foreign Univer-

149 REPLIES :Death-warnings in Ancient Families, by C. Mansfield Ingleby

150 Starvation, by N. L. Melville, &c. 151 Osmotherley in Yorkshire, by T. Gill - 152 Echo Poetry, by Jas. J. Scott

153 Blackguard

153 " Wurm," in Modern German - Pas

gage in Schiller's " Wallenstein" 154 Was Shakspeare descended from a

Landed Proprietor ? by R. Gole, &c. - 154 Lord Fairfax


Lyte on Collodion - Dr. Diamond on
Sensitive Collodion

156 REPLIES TO MINOR QUERIES :-Portrait of Alva - Lord Mayor of London not a Privy Councillor - New Zealander and Westminster Bridge Cui Bono - Barrels Regiment -Sir Matthew Hale - Scotch Grievance

* Merciful Judgments of High Church," &c. - Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester - Fleet Prison - The Commons of Ireland previous to the Union - "Les Lettres Juives" - Sir Philip Wentworth - General Fraser -Namby-Pamby - The Word "Miser"- The Forlorn Hope - Thornton Abbey-"Quid facies," &c. - Christ Cross-Row-Sir Walter Scott, and his Quotations from himself, &c.

159 MISCELLANEOUS :Notes on Books, &c.

162 Books and Odd 'Volumes wanted

- 163 Notices to Correspondents

. 163




CATALOGUE, containing Size, Price, and Description of upwards of 100 articles, consisting of PORTMANTEAUS,TRAVELLING-BAGS,

Ladies' Portmanteaus, DESPATCH-BOXES, WRITING-DESKS, DRESSING-CASES, and other travelling requisites, Gratis on application, or sent free by Post on receipt of Two Stamps.

MESSRS. ALLEN'S registered Despatchbox and Writing-desk, their Travelling-bag with the opening as large as the bag, and the new Portmanteau containing four compartments, are undoubtedly the best articles of the kind ever produced. J. W. & T. ALLEN, 18. & 22. West Strand.


WORKS. - Jacob Grimm's Deutsche Grammatik, 4 vols. 8vo., 1822-37 (published at 31.), sewed, 2 Guineas. Grimm's Geschichte der Deutschen Sprache, 2 vols. 8vo., 1853, sewed, 108. Sold by QUARITCH, 16. Castle Street,

Leicester Square. *** QUARITCH'S CATALOGUES of Valuable, Rare, and Curious Works, many on Philology, Oriental Literature, and the Fine Arts, &c., are published Monthly, and sent Gratis for a Year on prepayment of Twelve Postage Stamps.

SPANISA Dictionaries

, Grama





mars, and all the Principal Works of
Spanish Literature, sold by
QUARITCH, 16. Castle Street, Leicester

*** Catalogues Gratis.

MODEL WATCH, as shown at the GREAT EXHIBITION, No. 1. Class X., in Gold and Silver Cases, in five qualities, and adapted to all Climates, may now be had at the MANU. FACTORY. 65. CHEAPSIDE. Superior Gold London-made Patent Levers, 17, 15, and 12 guineas. Ditto, in Silver Cases, 8, 6, and 4 guineas. First-rate Geneva Levers, in Gold Cases, 12, 10, and 8guinens. Ditto, in Silver Cases, 8, 6, and 5 guineas. Superior Lever, with Chronometer Balance, Gold, 27, 23, and 19 guineas. Bennett's Pocket Chronometer, Gold, 50 guineas ; Silver, 40 guineas. Every Watch skilfully examined, timed, and its performance mometers from 18. each.

BENNETT, Watch, Clock, and Instrument Maker to the Royal

Observatory, the Board of Ordnance, the Admiralty, and the Queen,


IBLES in One Hundred various

Oriental and European Languages con-
stantly on Sale by
B. QUARITCH, Second-hand Oriental and
Foreign Bookseller, 16. Castle Street, Lei-
cester Square.

*** QUARITCHI'S MONTHLY CATALOGUES Gratis, on prepayment of Twelve Stamps.


Sold by QUARITCH, 16. Castle Street,

Leicester Square.
Extensive Second-hand Stock of French
Works, Gratis.

VOL. IX.-No. 225.

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