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YLO-IODIDE OF SILVER, exclusively used at all the Pho

. knowledged. Testimonials from the best Photographers and principal scientific men of the day, warrant the assertion, that hitherto no preparation has been discovered which produces uniformly such perfect pictures, combined with the greatest rapidity of action. In all cases where a quantity is required, the two solutions may be had at Wholesale price in separate Bottles, in which state it may be kept for years, and Exported to any Climate. Full instructions for use.

CAUTION.- Each Bottle is Stamped with a Red Label bearing my name, RICHARD W. THOMAS, Chemist, 10. Pall Mall, to counterfeit which is felony.

CYANOGEN SOAP: for removing all kinds of Photographic Stains. The Genuine is made only by the Inventor, and is secured with a Red Label bearing this Signature and Address, RICHARD W. THOMAS, CHEMIST, 10. PALL MALL, Manufacturer of Pure Photographic Chemicals : and may be procured of all respectable Chemists, in Pots at 1s., 2s., and 39. 6d. each, through MESSRS. EDWARDS, 67. St. Paul's Churchyard ; and MESSRS. BARCLAY & CO., 95. Farringdon Street, Wholesale Agents.


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H. E. Bicknell, Esq. T. Grissell, Esq.
T. S. Cocks, Jun. Esq. J. Hunt, Esq.

J. A. Lethbridge, Esg.
G. H. Drew, Esq. E. Lucas, Esq.
W. Evans, Esq.

J. Lys Seager, Esq. W. Freeman, Esq. J. B. White, Esq. F. Fuller, Esq.

J. Carter Wood, Esq. J.H. Goodhart, Esq.

Trustees. W.Whateley, Esq., Q.C.; George Drew, Esq.;

T. "Grissell, Esq. Physician. - William Rich. Basham, M.D. Bankers. - Messrs. Cocks, Biddulph, and Co.,

Charing Cross. VALUABLE PRIVILEGE. POLICIES effected in this Office do not become void through temporary difficulty in paying a Premium, as permission is given upon application to suspend the payment at interest, according to the conditions detailed in the Prospectus.

Specimens of Rates of Premium for Assuring 1001., with a Share in three-fourths of the Profits:Age £ 8. d. | Age

£ 8. d. 17 -1 14 4 32

- 2 10 8 22 . 1 18 8 37

- 2 18 6 27 - 2 4 5 42


Actuary. Now ready, price 108. 6d., Second Edition, with material additions, INDUSTRIAL INVESTMENT and EMIGRATION: being a TREATISE on BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETIES, and on the General Principles of Land Investment, exemplified in the Cases of Freehold Land Societies, Building Companies, &c. With a Mathematical Appendix on Compound Interest and Life Assurance. By ARTHUR SCRATCHLEY, M.A., Actuary to the Western Life Assurance Society, 3. Parliament Street, London.

HORNE & CO.'S Iodized Collodion, for obtaining Instantaneous Views, and Portraits in from three to thirty seconds, according to light.

Portraits obtained by the above, for delicacy of detail rival the choicest Daguerreotypes, specimens of which may be seen at their Establishment.

Also every description of Apparatus, Chemicals, &c. &c. used in this beautiful Art.123. and 121. Newgate Street.

and Description of upwards of 100 articles, consisting of PORTMANTEAUS, TRAVELLING-BAGS,

Ladies' Portmanteaus, DESPATCH-BOXES, WRITING-DESKS, DRESSING-CASES, and other travelling requisites, Gratis on application, or sent free by Post on receipt of Two Stamps.

MESSRS. ALLEN'S registered Despatchbox and Writing-desk, their Travelling-bag with the opening as large as the bag, and the new Portmanteau containing four compartments, are undoubtedly the best articles of the kind ever produced. J. W.&T. ALLEN, 18. & 22. West Strand.


RAS.-OTTEWILL'S REGISTERED DOUBLE-BODIED FOLDING CAMERA, is superior to every other form of Camera, for the Photographic Tourist, from its capability of Elongation or Contraction to any Focal Adjustment, its Portability, and its adaptation for taking either Views or Portraits.-The Trade supplied.

Every Description of Camera, or Slides, Tripod Stands, Printing Frames, &c., may be obtained at his MANUFACTORY, Charlotte Terrace, Barnsbury Road, Islington.

New Inventions, Models, &c., made to order or from Drawings.

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PRKETCHBOX. Containing colours,


DION.-J. B. HOCKIN & CO., Chemists, 289. Strand, have, by an improved mode of Iodizing, succeeded in producing a Collodion equal, they may say superior, in sensitiveness and

density of Negative, to any other hitherto published without diminishing the keeping properties and appreciation of half tint for which their manufacture has been esteemed.

Apparatus. pure Chemicals, and all the requirements for the practice of Photography. Instruction in the Art.


Pencils, &c., with printed directions, as now used by the Royal Family, Price 58. MILLER'S, Artist's Colour Manufacturer, 56. Long Acre, London ; and at her Majesty's Steam Colour and Pencil Works, Pimlico.

COMPANIES, and intending Assurers generally, are invited to examine the Rates, Principles, and Progress of the SCOTTISH PROVIDENT INSTITUTION, the only Society in which the Advantages of Mutual Assurance can be secured by moderate Premiums. Established 1837. Number of Policies issued 6,400, assuring upwards of Two and a Half Millions.

Full Reports and every Information had (Free) on Application.

*** Policies are now issued Free of Stamp Duty ; and attention is invited to the circumstance that Premiums payable for Life Assurance are now allowed as a Deduction from Income in the Returns for Income Tax.

GEORGE GRANT, Resident Sec. London Branch, 12. Moorgate Street.

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PARATUS for 41. 48., containing an Expanding Camera, with warranted Double Achromatic Adjusting Lenses, a Portable Stand, Pressure Frame, Levelling Stand, and Baths, complete.

PORTRAIT LENSES of double Achromatic combination, from 11. 128. 6d.

LANDSCAPE LENSES, with Rack Adjustment, from 258.

A GUIDE to the Practice of this interesting Art, Is., by post free, Is. 6d.

French Polished MAHOGANY STEREOSCOPES, from 108. 6d. A large assortment of STEREOSCOPIC PICTURES for the same in Daguerreotype, Calotype, or Albumen, at equally low prices.


BRUISE YOUR OATS YET? New Oat Crushers, 27. 158. 6d., ditto al. 58. 6d.; Chaff Cutters, 11.78.6d., ditto 21. 198. 6d. ; Mangles, 21. 108.6d.; Flour Mills, Al. 10s. 6d. MARY WEDLAKE & CO., 118. Fenchurch



Every Description of SPECTACLES and EYEGLASSES for the Assistance of Vision, adapted by means of Smee's Optometer : that being the only correct method of determining the exact focus of the Lenses required, and of preventing injury to the sight by the use of improper Glasses. BLAND & LONG, Opticians, 153. Fleet

Beautifully finished ACHROMATIC MI-
CROSCOPE, with all the latest improvements
and apparatus, complete from 31. 158., at
C. BAKER'S, Optical and Mathematical In-

strument Warehouse, 244. High Holborn (op-
posite Day & Martin's).

WATCH, as shown at the GREAT EXHIBITION. No. 1. Class X., in Gold and Silver Cases, in five qualities, and adapted to rll Climates, may now be had at the MANUFACTORY, 65. CHEAPSIDE. Superior Gold London-made Patent Levers, 17, 15, and 12 guineas. Ditto, in Silver Cases, 8, 6, and 4 guineas. First-rate Geneva Levers, in Gold Cases, 12, 10, and 8 guineas. Ditto,' in Silver Cases, 8, 6, and 5 guineas. Superior Lever, with Chronometer Balance, Gold, 27, 23, and 19 guineas. Bennett's Pocket Chronometer, Gold, 50 guineas ; Silver, 40 guineas. Every Watch skilfully examined, timed, and its performance guaranteed. Barometers, 21., 31., and 11. Thermometers from 18. each.

BENNETT, Watch, Clock, and Instrument Maker to the Royal Observatory, the Board of Ordnance, the Admiralty, and the Queen,


Street, London.

The Camden Society,


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Just published, Gratis and Post Free, Part I.

(New Series) of AC



CHARD JAMES BELL, 17. Bedford Street,
Covent Garden, London. Part II. will con-

tain a Collection of Rare Tracts, Books, MSS., THE CAMDEN SOCIETY is instituted to 56. THE VERNEY PAPERS.

&c., relating to the stirring times of Charles I. perpetuate, and render accessible, whatever is A Selection from the Correspondence of the

and II. valuable, but at present little known, amongst the materials for the Civil, Ecclesiastical, or

Verney Family during the reign of Charles I.

to the year 1639. From the Originals in the Literary History of the United Kingdom ; and

possession of Sir Harry Verney, Bart. To be it accomplishes that object by the publication of

ZINE FOR JANUARY (being the First edited by JOHN BRUCE, ESQ., Trea. S.A. Historical Documents, Letters, Ancient Poems,

Part of a new Volume) contains the following and whatever else lies within the compass of

articles : -1. The Princess (afterwards Queen) its designs, in the most convenient form, and 57. REGULÆ INCLUSARUM:

Elizabeth a Prisoner at Woodstock. 2. On at the least possible expense consistent with THE ANCREN REWLE. A Treatise on the

supposed Apparitions of the Virgin Mary ; and the production of useful volumes. Rules and Duties of Monastic Life, in the An

particularly at La Salette. 3. Sir Walter RaThe Subscription to the Society is ll. per glo-Saxon Dialect of the Thirteenth Century, leigh at Sherborne. 4. Manners and Morals of annum, which becomes due in advance on the

addressed to a Society of Anchorites, being a the University of Cambridge during the last first day of May

in every year, and is received translation from the Latin Work of Simon de Century. 8. English Sketches by Foreign Arby MEŠSRS. NICHOLS, 25. PARLIAMENT

Ghent, Bishop

of Salisbury. To be edited from tists - Max Schlesinger's Saunterings in and STREET, or by the several LOCAL SECRE MSS. in the Cottonian Library, British Mu about London. 6. Richard Baxter's Palpit at TARIES. Members may compound for their seum, with an Introduction, Glossarial Notes,

Kidderminster (with a Plate). 7. Cambridge future Annual Subscriptions, by the pay &c., by the REV. JAMES MORTON, B.D.,

Improvements, 1853. 8. The Toxaris of Lucian. ment of 101. over and above the Subscription Prebendary of Lincoln. (Now ready.)

Correspondence of Sylvanus Urban : English for the current year. The compositions re

Physicians in Russia - Knights Banneret ceived have been funded in the Three per Cent.

Sir Constantine Phipps and Sir William Phips Consols to an amount exceeding 9001. No

- Diaries of Dr. Stukeley, &c. With Notes of The following Works are at Press, and will be Books are delivered to a Member until his

the Month ; Historical and Miscellaneous Re

issued from time to time, as soon as ready : Subscription for the current year has been

views; Reports of Antiquarian and Literary paid. New Members are admitted at the

Societies; Historical Chronicle; and OBITUARY, Meetings of the Council held on the First


including Memoirs of the Queen of Portugal, Wednesday in every month.

ENCE OF LADY BRILLIANA HARLEY, the Duke of Beaufort, the Countess of New during the Civil Wars. To be edited by the burgh, Lord Cloncurry, Rear-Adm. Pasco,

REV. T. T. LEWIS, M.A. (Will be ready Bickham Escntt. Esq., Wm. Gardiner. Esq. The Publications for the year 1851-2 were : immediately.)

Mrs. Opie, Mr. Jas. Trubshaw, C.E., Mr. Sa

mael Williams, &c. &c. Price 2s. 6d. 52. PRIVY PURSE EX

ROLL of the HOUSEHOLD NICHOLS & SONS, 25. Parliament Street.
Edited by J. Y. AKERMAN, Esq., Sec. S.A.

Bishop of Hereford, in the years 1289, 1290, with

THARLES I. – A Curious Col. 53. THE CHRONICLE OF Illustrations from other and coeval Documents. To be edited by the REV. JOHN

lection of upwards of 300 various PorTHE GREY FRIARS OF LONDON. Edited WEBB, M.A., F.S.A.

traits of this King, to be had at No. 1. Osnafrom a MS. in the Cottonian Library by

burgh Place, New Road. Regent's Park. Also J. GOUGH NICHOLS, Esq., F.S.A.



be had on application, or on the receipt of

Six Postage Stamps, a list of Books, Drawings. 54. PROMPTORIUM: An

PAUL'S: a Description of the Manors belong and Prints, illustrating the City of London. English and Latin Dictionary of Words in ing to the Church of St. Paul's in London in Books on History, Biography, and Topography, Use during the Fifteenth Century, compiled the year 1222. By the VEN. ARCHDEACON illustrated, inlaid, and mounted. chiefly from the Promptorium Parvulorum. HALE. By ALBERT WAY, Esq., M.A., F.S.A.

Curious Books and MSS. Four Days' Sale. Vol. II. (M to R.) (Now ready.)

Books for 1852-3.

BLONDE OF OXFORD, by Philippe de
Reims, an Anglo-Norman Poet of the latter

Auctioneers of Literary Property, will 55. THE SECOND VOLUME

end of the Twelfth Century. Edited, from the SELL by AUCTION, at their Great Room, OF THE CAMDEN MISCELLANY, con unique MS. in the Royal Library at Paris, by 191. Piccadilly, on WEDNESDAY, January taining, I. Expenses of John of Brabant, M. LE ROUX DE LINCY, Editor of the 18, and two following days, a large Collection 1292-3; 2. Household Accounts of Princess Roman de Brut.

of RARE, CURIOUS, and INTERESTING Elizabeth, 1551-2 ; 3. Requeste and Suite of a

BOOKS, on Astrology, Witchcraft, Magic; True-hearted Englishman, by W. Cholmeley,

Communications from Gentlemen desirous the History of America, the East and West 1553 ; 4. Discovery of the Jesuits' College at of becoming Members may be addressed to the Indies, and of England, Ireland, and France : Clerkenwell, 1627-8 ; 5. Trelawny Papers ; Secretary, or to Messrs. Nichols.

Curious Works on Quakerism, Controversial 6. Autobiography of Dr. William Taswell.

Theology, and in General Literature; History,

WILLIAM J. THOMS, Secretary. Now ready for delivery to all Members not in

Philology, Bibliography, Voyages, and Traarrear of their Subscription.

25. Parliament Street, Westminster.

vels, &c.; also a few Manuscripts, including Bywater's Account of the Cutlers' Company,

containing many curious entries; the OriWORKS OF THE CAMDEN SOCIETY,

ginal Drawings of Carter's Ancient Architec

Sure; a complete and early copy of Chalon's AND ORDER OF THEIR PUBLICATION.

Etchings from Rembrandt, &c. 1. Restoration of King Ed 19. Diary of Dr. John Dee. 36. Polydore Vergil's History,

Catalogues may be had. ward IV. 20. Apology for the Lollards.

Vol. I. 2. Kyng Johan, by Bishop 21. Rutland Papers.

37. Italian Relation of EngBale. 22. Diary of Bishop Cartwright. land.

Library and MSS. of the late EARL of

MACARTNEY. 3. Deposition of Richard II. 23. Letters of Eminent Lite- 38. Church of Middleham. 4. Plumpton Correspondence.

rary Men.

39. The Camden Miscellany,
5. Anecdotes and Traditions. 24. Proceedings against Dame Vol. I.
6. Political Songs.

Alice Kyteler.
40. Life of Ld. Grey of Wilton.

Auctioneers of Literary Prop-rty, will 7. Hayward's Annals of Eli 25. Promptorium Parvulorum : 41. Diary of Walter Yonge,

SELL by AUCTION, at their Great Room, zabeth. Tom. I.


191. Piccadilly, on TUESDAY, January 24, 8. Ecclesiastical Documents. 26. Suppression of the Monas- 42. Diary of Henry Machyn.

1854, and following Days, the Important 9. Norden's Description of teries.

43. Visitation of Huntingdon

LIBRARY and MSS. of the late GEORGE, Essex. 27. Leycester Correspondence. shire.

EARL of MACARTNEY, Ambassador to 10. Warkworth's Chronicle. 28. French Chronicle of Lon- 44. Obituary of Rich. Smyth.

China in 1792, &c. The M'ss, comprise HeJl. Kemp's Nine Daies Won

45. Twysden on the Govern-

raldic Visitations for many English Counties ; der. 29. Polydore Vergil.

ment of England.

the MS. of Hobbes's Leviathan, presented by 12. The Egerton Paners. 30. The Thornton Romances. 46. Letters of Elizabeth and

the Author to Charles II. ; Volumes of Superb 13. Chronica Jocelini de Brake- 31. Verney's Notes of the Long James VI.

Oriental and other Drawings ; Original MSS. londa.

47. Chronicon Petroburgense.

of Bishop Atterbury; State Papers of Sir 14. Irish Narratives, 1641 and 32. Autobiography of Sir John 48. Queen Jane and Queen

George Downing, &c.

Catalogues may now be had of MESSRS. 15. Rishanger's Chronicle. 33. Correspondence of James 49. Bury Wills and Inventories. PARKER, Oxford ; DEIGH CON, Cam16. Poems of Walter Mapes.

Duke of Perth.

50. Mapes de Nugis Curialium. bridge : LANGBRIDGE, Birmingham ; 17. Travels of Nicander Nu- 34. Liber de Antiquis Legibus. 51. Pilgrimage of Sir R. Guyl HODGES & SMITH, Dublin : HYNDcius. 35. The Chronicle of Calais.

MAN, Belfast; BLACKWOOD, Edinburgh : 18. Three Metrical Romances.

and of the Auctioneers.




Printed hy TAOMAS CLARK SHAW, of No. 10. Stonefield Street, in the Parish of St. Mary, Islington, at No. 5. New Street Square, in the Parish of

St. Bride, in the City of London ; and published by GEORGE BELL, ot No. 186. Fleet Street, in the Parish of St. Dunstan in the West, in the City of London, Publisher, at No. 186. Fleet Street aforesaid.- Saturday, January 11. 1854.




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Just published, to Þe continued Monthly,

No. I., price 28. 6d., of

LANY. A Collection of Interesting Letters of Eminent and Distinguished Characters; with curious Public and Historical Documents, English and Foreign, executed in Lithograph Fac-simile. Selected from the British Museum, and from other sources Public and Private. London : F. NETHERCLIFT & DURLACHER, Lithographers and General Printers, 18. Brewer Street, Golden Square.

34 55



THE EXHIBITION OF PHOTOGRAPHS AND DAGUERREOTYPES is now open at the Gallery of the Society of British Artists, Suffolk Street, Pall Mall, in the Morning from 10 A.M. to half-past 4 P.m., and in the Evening from 7 to 10 P.m. Admission ls. Catalogue 6d.


MINOR QUERIES :- Berkhampstead Records - "The secunde personne of the Trinetee" - St. John's, Oxford, and Emmanuel, Cambridge — Malbrough s'en va-t-en guerre"-Prelate quoted in Procopius – The Alibenistic Order of Freemasons-Saying respecting Ancient History - An Apology for not speaking the Truth - Sir John Morant

Portrait of Plowden - Temperature
of Cathedrals - Dr. Eleazar Duncon -
The Duke of Buckingham - Charles
Watson - Early (German) coloured


ANSWERS: History of M. Oufle – Lysons MSS. “ Luke's Iron Crown

" Horam coram Dago

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SYNTAX OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE Explained and Illustrated. By the REV. A. CROMBIE, LL.D., F.R.S., M.R.S.L., and F.Z.S. Seventh Edition, 8vo., 78.6d. cloth, lettered.

By the same Author, GYMNASIUM; sive Symbola Critica, Abridged. Intended to assist the Classical Student in his endeavours to attain correct Latin Prose Style. By the REV. ALEXANDER CROMBIE, LL.D., F.R.S., &c. Fifth Edition 12mo., 68. cloth.

THE GYMNASIUM, complete. Sixth Edition, corrected and enlarged. 2 vols. 8vo., il. 18. cloth.

CLAVIS GYMNASII. Sixth Edition. 8vo., 63. cloth. London : SIMPKIN, MARSHALL, & CO.



Hoby Family, by Lord Braybrooke
Poetical Tavern Signs
Translation from Sheridan, &c.
Florins and the Royal Arms
Chronograms, by the Rev. W. Sparrow

Oaths, by James F. Ferguson

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EVENINGS, by means of STATHAM'S Chemical Cabinets and Portable Laboratories, 58. 6d., 78. 6d., 108. 6d., 218., 318. 6d., 428., 638., and upwards. Book of Experiments, 6d. "ILlustrated Descriptive Catalogue" forwarded Free for Stamp. WILLIAM E. STATHAM, Operative Che

London, and of Chemists and Opticians everywhere.


REPLIES TO MINOR QUERIES :- Wooden Tombs and Effi_ies – Epitaph on Politian - Defoe's Quotation from Baxter on Apparitions - Barrels Regiment Sneezing - Does " Wurm," in modern German, ever mean Serpent ?- Longfellow's Reaper and the Flowers Charge of Plagiarism against PaleyTin - John Waugh - Rev. Joshua Brooks - Hour-glass Stand - Teeth Superstition - Dog-whipping Day in Hull - Mousehunt - St. Paul's School Library - German Tree - Derivation of the Word “Cash"

with Copious Illustrations and Examples, drawn from the Best Writers. To which is added, an Index to the Words. By GEORGE CRABB, A.M. Ninth Edition, greatly improved. 8vo. 15s. cloth. London : SIMPKIN, MARSHALL, & CO.

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CATALOGUE, containing Size, Price, and Description of upwards of 100 articles, consisting of PORTMANTEAUS, TRAVELLING-BAGS,

Ladies' Portmanteaus, DESPATCH-BOXES, WRITING-DESKS, DRESSING-CASES, and other travelling requisites, Gratis on application, or sent free by Post on receipt of Two Stamps.

MESSRS. ALLEN'S registered Despatchbox and Writing-desk, their

Travelling-bag with the opening as large as the bag, and the new Portmanteau containing four compartments, are undoubtedly the best articles of the kind ever produced. J. W. & T. ALLEN, 18. & 22, West Strand.



Notes on Books, &c.
Books and Odd Volumes wanted
Notices to Correspondents


1 LYN'S DIARY AND CORRESPONDENCE, is just published. To be completed in one more volume, price 6s. bound.

The subscribers to the former edition of EVELYN'S DIARY, who have not completed their sets, have now the opportunity of being supplied with the concluding volumes (III. and IV.) at the same price as the present edition, namely, 6s. per volume. Published for HENRY COLBURN, by his

successors, HURST & BLACKETT, 13. Great Marlborough Street.

VOL. IX.-No. 221.




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Just published, Nos. I. to III., each One Penny, BUTLER'S SCHOOL ATLASES AND The Second Edition, in square crown 870., with and Part I., price Fivepence, of


11 Etchings by the Author, and 88 Woodcuts, THE MUSEUM OF SCIENCE

price 28. New and thoroughly revised Editions, enlarged AND ART. A Miscellany of instructive and corrected to the Present Time, and edited and amusing Tracts on the Physical Sciences, by the Author's Son, the REV. THOMAS

ORDERS, as represented in the Fine and on their application to the uses of Life. BUTLER, Rector of Langar.

Arts. Forming the Second Series of " Sacred Edited by DR. LARDNER. This work will be published at One Penny,

and Legendary Art." By MRS. JAMESON.

JUNIOR ATLAS OF in weekly numbers of sixteen pages, large

In the same Series, price 28s. each,

MODERN GEOGRAPHY : comprising 12mo.. printed on good paper, in a clear type, 12 full-coloured Maps, selected from Bishop LEGENDS of the MADONNA; and illustrated, when necessary, by engravings Butler's " Modern Atlas." Roy 8vo., price on wood; also in Monthly Parts, price 3d. in a

and 48. 6d. half-bound, wrapper and in Quarterly Volumes, neatly

LEGENDS of the SAINTS bound, price 1s. 6d.


and MARTYRS. The following Subjects will form Early CIENT GEOGRAPHY : comprising 10 fullNumbers of the Work : coloured Maps, selected from Bishop Butler's


& LONGMANS. The Planets ; are they Inhabited Globes ? Ancient Atlas." Royal 8vo., price 48. 6d. Weather Prognostics.

half-bound, Popular Fallacies. The Sun and Moon.

BUTLER'S ATLAS OF Just published, in One Volume, medium sro., Latitudes and Longitudes.

price 148. The Tides. MODERN GEOGRAPHY. Enlarged to

THESAURUS OF ENGLISH Locomotion by Land and Water in the United 28 full-coloured Maps: with a Complete Index. States. Royal 8vo., price 120. half-bound.

WORDS AND PHRASES, classified and The Electric Telegraph.

arranged so as to facilitate the Expression of Lunar Influences.

BUTLER'S ATLAS OF AN- Ideas, and assist in Literary Composition. By Cometary Influences. CIENT GEOGRAPHY. Enlarged to 28 full

P.M. ROGET, M.D.F.R.S. Second Edition. Eclipses. Meteoric Stones and Shooting Stars.

coloured Mups with 4 Complete Index. *** Several thousand Words and Phrases. Royal 8vo., price 128. half-bound.

not contained in the First Edition, have now Steam Power. The Eye and Sight.

been added ; many improvements have been The Ear and Hearing.


made in the arrangement of the expressions ;

and the whole Work has undergone careful Thunder and Lightning.

CAL COPY-BOOKS, or MAP PROJEC- revision with the view of increasing its general Light. The Obsolete Elements, - Air, Earth, Fire,

TIONS, Ancient and Modern. Oblong ito., utility.

price As, each Set; or 7s. 6d. together. and Water.

London : LONGMAN, BROWN, GREEN, Anecdotes of the Arts.- No. I. The Potter's



LAS of ANCIENT and MODERN GEOGower Street, and Ivy Lane, Paternoster

GRAPHY. Enlarged to 51 full-coloured Maps

with Indexes. Row.

Royal 4to., price 248. half


in forms his friends and the public that he has Just published, No. VI., 8v0., price 18., 5 plates,


REMOVED his BUSINESS from 192. to 163.

Piccadilly, opposite Bond Street.
\UARTERLY JOURNAL OF revised and corrected in both Parts from the
MICROSCOPICAL SCIENCE : includ- best Authorities. 8vo., price 9s. cloth.

The Bishop of Lincoln's LENT LECTURES. ing the Transactions of the Microscopical

Seventh Edition, small 8vo., 38. 6d., by post, Society of London: edited by E.LANKESTER, London : LONGMAN, BROWN, GREEN 48. M.D., F.R.S., F.L.S., &c., and G. BUSK,

& LONGMANS. F.R.C.S.E., F.R.S., F.L.S., &e. Contains : PROFESSOR QUEKETT'S important Paper


Lord Bishop of Lincoln.
The Fifth Edition, in fcap. 8vo., price 68.

By the same Author,

REPENTANCE: its Necessity, 32. Fleet Street.

Nature, and Aids. Third Edition, 38. 6d., bs lation to Health and Morals. By GEORGE

post, 48. MOORE, M.D., Member of the Royal College CHILCOT ON EVIL Just published, No. IV. (New Series), svo. of Physicians.

THOUGHTS: with Rules for their Restraint Woodcuts. ls.

By the same Author,

and Suppression. Edited by the Rev. Richard

Hooper. M.A., Curate of St. Stephen's, WestTHE USE OF THE BODY minster, and Assistant Hospitaller of St. ThoJournal of Chemical and Physical Science.

mas's. Southwark. This day, new edition, Edited by JOHN & CHARLES WATT, IN RELATION TO THE MIND. The

18mo., 2s. 6d., by post, 3s. Assisted in Analytical Chemistry by Wm. He- Third Edition, fenp. 8vo.,

price 68. repath, F.C.S., and T.J. Herepath; Industrial

"A very admirable work." - Guardian. Chemistry, by Lewis Thomson, F.C.S. Mine

MAN AND HIS MOTIVES. London : WILLIAM SKEFFINGTON, ralogy, by Samuel Highley, F. G. S. 1 Pharmacy, by Denham Smith, F.C.S., Photogra- Third Edition. Fcap. 8vo., 68.

163. Piccadilly. phy, by T. A. Malone, F. C. S. : Electro-metallurgy, by Alexander Watt; Physics, by HEALTH, DISEASE, AND Charles Heisch, F.C.S.: Public Health, by J. Neville Warren, C.E. REMEDY. Post 8vo., 78. 6d.

ZINE FOR JANUARY (being the First London : SAMUEL HIGHLEY, London : LONGMAN, BROWN, GREEN, Part of a new Volume) contains the following 32. Fleet Street.


articles: - I. The Princess (afterwards Queen Elizabeth a Prisoner at Woodstock. 2. On supposed Apparitions of the Virgin Mary;

and Just published, No. II., 8v0., price 6d.

particularly at La Salette. 3. Sir Walter Raleigh at Sherborne. 4. Manners and Morals of

the University of Cambridge during the last Published by Authority of the Associa

the Statutes and Legal Decisions to Hilary tion of Medical Officers of Asylums and losTerm, 16 & 17 Victoria ; in fcap. 8vo., price

Century. 5. English Sketches by F reign Ar108. 6d.

tists - Max Schlesinger's Saunterings in and pitals for the Insane. Edited by DR. BUCK

about London. 6. Richard Baxter's Pulpit at NILL, Devon County Asylum. Published

Kiddermiaster (with a Plate). 7. Cambridge every Six Weeks.

Improvements, 1853. 8. The Toxarisof Lucian. London: SAMUEL HIGHLEY,

A Popular Digest of the Laws of Eng- Correspondence of Sylvanus Urban : English

land. The SUPPLEMENT, comprising the Physicians in Russia - Knights Banneret 32. Fleet Street. Public Acts of the Session 1863, separately,

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- Diaries of Dr. Stukeley, &c. With Notes of

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Mr. Opie, Mr. Jas. Trubshaw, C.E., Mr. SaOccasional Parts, small quarto. London : LONGMAN, BROWN, GREEN,

muel Williams, &c. &c. Price 28. 60. S. HIGHLEY, 32. Fleet Street.


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P AXIT. A Series of Photographic

LONDON, SATURDAY, JANUARY 21, 1854. out of the muniment closet was produced a tin

box; we thought of Reading biscuits, but we were Notes.

undeceived shortly. Taken out carefully and

gently, was produced a human head! No mere A PLEA FOR THE CITY CHURCHES.

skull, but a perfect human head! Alas! its When a bachelor is found wandering about, he wearer had lost it in an untimely hour. Start cares not whither, your fair readers (for doubtless not, fair reader! we often lose our heads and such a

“dealer in curiosities” as you are has hearts too, but not, we hope, in the mode our poor many of that sex who, however unjustly, have the friend did. It was clear a choice had been given credit of the “curious” bump) will naturally, ex to him, but it was a Hobson's choice. He had claim “ he must be in love," or "something hor- been axed whether he would or no! He had been rible has happened to him." Let us, however, decapitated ! We were told that now ghastly disappoint them by assuring them we shall keep head had once been filled with many an anxious, our own counsel. If the former be the cause, and perhaps happy, thought. It had had right green lanes and meandering streams would suit royal ideas. It was said to be the head of Henry his case better than Gracechurch Street, London, Grey, Duke of Suffolk, the father of the sweet with the thermometer five or six degrees below Lady Jane Grey. We could muse and moralise ; freezing point, and the snow (!) the colour and but Captain Cuttle cuts us short, “When found, consistency of chocolate. Such a situation, how make a Note of it.” We found it then there, Sir; ever, was ours, when our friend the Incumbent of will you make the Note? The good captain does Holy Trinity, Minories, accosted us.

He was

not like to be prolix. Has his esteemed old regoing to his church; would we accompany him ? lative, Sylvanus Urban (many happy new years to We would have gone to New Zealand with him, if him

!), made the note before? he bad asked us, at that moment. The locale of We came away, shall we say better in mind ? the Minories was nearly as unknown to us as the Yes, said we, a walk in the City may be as inaforesaid flourishing colony. On entering the structive, and as good a cure for melancholy, as church (which will not repay an architectural the charming country. An old city church can zealot), while our friend was extracting a burial tell its tale, and a good one too. We thought of register, our eye fell on an old monument or two. those quaint old monuments, handed down from There was a goodly Sir John Pelham, who had older churches 'tis true, but still over the slumbeen cruelly cut down by the hand of death in bering ashes of our forefathers; and when the 1580, looking gravely at his sweet spouse, a dame thought of the destroying hand that hung over of the noble house of Bletsoe. Behind him is them arose amid many associations, the Bard of kneeling his little son and heir Oliver, whom, as Avon's fearful monumental denunciation came to the inscription informs us, “ Death enforced to

our aid : follow fast” his papa, as he died in 1584.

“ Blest be the man that spares these stones, And there was a stately monument of the first

And curst be he that moves these bones. Lord Dartmouth, a magnanimous hero, and Master

RICHARD HOOPER. of the Ordnance to Charles II. and his renegade

St. Stephen's, Westminster. brother. We were informed that a gentleman in the vestry had come for the certificate of the burial of Viscount Lewisham, who died some thirty years ago; that the Legge family were all buried here; that after having dignified the aristocratic parish of St. George, Hanover Square,

A Dialogue between a Glutton and Echo. and the salons of May Fair, during life, they were GI. My belly I do deifie. content to lie quietly in the Minories! Does not

Echo. Fie. the high blood of the “city merchant of the Gl. Who curbs his appetite's a fool. present day, of the “gentleman of the Stock

Echo. Ah fool ! Exchange, curdle at the thought? Yes, there lie

GI. I do not like this abstinence.

Echo. Hence. many a noble heart, many a once beautiful face; but we must now-a-days, forsooth, forget the

Gl. My joy 's a feast, my wish is wine.

Echo. Swine ! City as soon as we have made our money in its

Gl. We epicures are happie truly. dirty alleys. To lie there after death! pooh, the

Echo. You lie. thought is absurd. (Thanks to Lord Palmerston,

Gl. Who's that which giveth me the lie? we have no option now.)

Echo. I.
Well, we were then asked by the worthy In-

Gl. What ? Echo, thou that mock'st a voice ?
cumbent, “ Would you not like to see my head ? Echo. A voice.
Did he take us for a Lavater or a Spurzheim ? Gl. May I not, Echo, eat my fill ?
However, we were not left in suspense long, for Echo. Ill.


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