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Or, Simple Stories of Country Life. By FRANCIS FREELING BRODERIP.

Illustrated by ANELAY. Post 8vo, 3s. 6d. cloth 4s. gilt edges. “Written with the grace and truthfulness which the daughter of Tom Hood knows so well how to impart."- Art Journal. Mamma's Morning Gossips;

Or, Little Bits for Little Birds. Containing Easy Lessons in Words of One Syllable, and Stories to read. With Fifty Illustrations by

Tom Hood. Foolscap Quarto, ss., cloth, 45. 6d. coloured, gilt edges. Merry Songs for Little Voices;

The words by Mrs. BRODERIP; set to music by THOMAS MURBY,

with 40 illustrations by Tom Hood. Fcap. 4to., price 5s. cloth. Crosspatch, the Cricket, and the Counterpane;

A Patchwork of Story and Song. Illustrated by Tom HOOD. Super royal 16mo. price 3s. 6d. cl., 4s. 6d. coloured, gilt edges. “Hans Andersen has a formidable rival in this gentle lady."-Art Journal. My Grandmother's Budget

of Stories and Verses. Illustrated by Tom Hood. Price 3s. 6d. cloth;

48. 6d. coloured, gilt edges. “Some of the most charming little inventions that ever adorned the department of literature.”- '-Illustrated Times. Tiny Tadpole;

And other Tales. With Illustrations by Tom Hood. Price 3s. 6d.

cloth; 4s. 6d. coloured, gilt edges. “A remarkable book, by the brother and sister of a family in which genius and fun are inherited."- Saturday Review. Funny Fables for Little Folks. Illustrated by Tom Hood. Price 2s. 6d. cl.; 3s. 6d. col., gilt edges.

BY CAPTAIN MARRYAT'S DAUGHTER. With Illustrations by various Artists. Super-royal 16mo, price 28. 6d.

each cloth elegant, 3s. 6d. coloured, gilt edges. The Children's Pic Nic,

And what Came of it.
What became of Tommy;

A Week by Themselves;

By EMILIA MARRYAT NORRIS. “Our younger readers will be charmed with a story of some youthful Crusoes, written by the daughter of Captain Marryat."--Guardian. Harry at School;

By EMILIA MARRYAT. Long Evenings;

Or, Stories for My Little Friends. Second Edition.


A Practical Illustrated Guide to the useful employment of Leisure Hours. By E. LANDELLS. With Two Hundred Cuts. Seventh Edi

tion. Royal 16mo, price 2s. 6d., cloth. “A new and valuable form of endless amusement.”-Nonconformist. “We recommend it to all who have children to be instructed and amused."-Economist. The Girl's Own Toy Maker,

And Book of Recreation. By E. and A. LANDELLS. Fourth Edition.

With 200 Illustrations. Royal 16mo. price 2s. 6d. cloth. “ A perfect magazine of information.”Illustrated News of the World. Home Pastime;

Or, The Child's Own Toy Maker. With practical instructions. By E. LANDELLS. New and Cheaper Edition, price 3s. 6d. complete, with the Cards, and Descriptive Letterpress.

By this novel and ingenious “Pastime,” Twelve beautiful Models can be made by Children from the Cards.

“As a delightful exercise of ingenuity, and a most sensible mode of passing a winter's evening, we commend the Child's own Toy Maker."-Illustrated News.

“Should be in every house blessed with the presence of children."- The Field. The Illustrated Paper Model Maker;

Containing Twelve Pictorial Subjects, with Descriptive Letter-press and Diagrams for the construction of the Models. By E. LANDELLS.

Price 2s. in a neat Envelope. "A most excellent mode of educuting both eye and hand in the knowledge of form."English Churchman.

Fairy Land;

Or, Recreation for the Rising Generation, in Prose and Verse. By
THOMAS and JANE HOOD. Illustrated by T. Hood, Jun. Second
Edition. Super-royal 16mo; price 3s. 6il, cloth; 48. 6d. coloured

gilt edges. “ These tales are charming. Before it goes into the Nursery, we recommend all grown up people should study. Fairy Land.'"_Blackwood. The Headlong Career and Woful Ending of Preco

CIOUS PIGGY. Written for his Children, by the late THOMAS Hoop.
With a Preface by his Daughter; and Illustrated by his Son. Fourth

Edition. Post 4to, fancy boards, price 2s. 6d., coloured. “ The Illustrations are intensely humourous."- The Critic.


Or, the Gipsy Children; a Story founded on fact. With Illustra

tions by John GILBERT. Fcap. 8vo. price 4s. 6d. cloth; 58. gilt edges. The Triumphs of Steam;

Or, Stories from the Lives of Watt, Arkwright, and Stephenson. With
Illustrations by J. GILBERT. Dedicated by permission to Robert
Stephenson, Esq., M.P. Second edition. Royal 16mo, price 3s. 6d.

cloth; 4s. 6d., coloured, gilt edges.
A most delicious volume of examples.”--Art Journal.
Our Eastern Empire;

Or, Stories from the History of British India. Second Edition, with
Continuation to the Proclamation of Queen Victoria. With Four

Illustrations. Royal 16mo. cloth 38. 6d.; 48. 6d. coloured, gilt edges. " These stories are charming, and convey a general view of the progress of our Empire in the East. The tales are told with admirable clearness."-Atheneum. Might not Right;

Or, Stories of the Discovery and Conquest of America. Illustrated

by J. Gilbert. Royal 16mo. 3s. 6d. cloth; 4s. 6d. coloured, gilt edges. “With the fortunes of Columbus, Cortes, and Pizarro, for the staple of these stories, the writer has succeeded in producing a very interesting volume.”-Illustrated News. Tuppy;

Or the Autobiography of a Donkey. Illustrated by WEIR. Price Home Amusements.

28. 6. cloth; 38. 6d. coloured, gilt edges. "A very intelligent donkey, worthy of the distinction conferred upon him by the artist." -Art Journal. Rhymes and Pictures.

By WILLIAM NEWMAN. 12 Illustrations. Price 6d. plain, 18.

coloured. 2s.6d. on linen, and bound in cloth. 1. The History of a Quartern Loaf. 2. The History of a Cup of Tea. 3. The History of a Scuttle of Coals. 4. The History of a Lump of Sugar. 5. The History of a Bale of Cotton. 6. The History of a Golden Sovereign.

*** Nos. 1 to 3 and 4 to 6, may be had bound in Two Volumes. Cloth price 2s. each, plain; 3s. 6d. coloured. Hand Shadows,

To be thrown upon the Wall. By HENRY BURSILL. 1st & 2nd Series each containing Eighteen Original Designs. 4to.2s. each plain; 2s.6d. col. “Uncommonly clever-some wonderful effects are produced.”—The Press. Old Nurse's Book of Rhymes, Jingles, and Ditties.

Illustrated by C. H. BENNETT. With Ninety Engravings. Ne.v Edition. Fcap. 4to., price 3s. 6d. cloth, plain, or 6s. coloured. “The illustrations are all so replete with fun and imagination, that we scarcely know who will be most pleased with the book, the good-natured grandfather who gives it, or the chubby grandchild who gets it, for a Christmas-Box."-Notes and Queries.

A Choice Collection of Riddles, Charades, Conundrums, Parlour
Games, and Forfeits. By PETER PuzzLEWELL, Esq., of Rebus Hall.

New Edition, with Frontispiece by Puz. 16mo, 2s. 6d. cloth.
Clara Hope;

Or, the Blade and the Ear. By Miss MILNER. With Frontispiece by Birket Foster. Fcap. 8vo. price 3s. 6 d. cloth; 4s. 6d. cloth elegant,

gilt edges. A beautiful narrative, showing how bad habits may be eradicated, and evil tempers subdued.”_British Mother's Journal,

Our Soldiers;

Or, Anecdotes of the Campaigns and Gallant Deeds of the Britishi
Army during the reign of Her Majesty Queen Victoria. By W. H. G.
KINGSTON With Frontispiece from a Painting in the Victoria Cross

Gallery. Second Edition. Fcp. 8vo. price 3s. cloth; 3s. 6d. gilt edges. Our Sailors;

Or, Anecdotes of the Engagements and Gallant Deeds of the British
Navy during the reign of Her Majesty Queen Victoria. With Frontis-

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piece. Second Edition, Price 3s. cloih; 3s. 6d. gilt edges. “These volumes abundantly prove that both our officers and men in the Army and Navy, have been found as ready as ever to dare, and to do as was dared and done of yore."


With Illustrations. Fcap. 8vo. price 5s. each, cloth. True Blue;

Or, the Life and Adventures of a British Seaman of the Old School, “There is about all Mr. Kingston's tales a spirit of hopefulness, honesty, and cheery good principle, which makes them most wholesome, as well as most interesting reading.”. Era.

With the exception of Capt. Marryat, we know of no English author who will compare with Mr. Kingston as a writer of books of nautical adventure.”- lllustrated News. Will Weatherhelm;

Or, the Yarn of an Old Sailor about his Early Life and Adventures. Fred Markham in Russia;

Or, the Boy Travellers in the Land of the Czar. Salt Water;

Or Neil D'Arcy's Sea Life and Adventures. Mark Seaworth;

A Tale of the Indian Ocean. Second Edition. Peter the Whaler;

His early Life and Adventures in the Arctic Regions. Third Edition.

Distant Homes;

Or, the Graham Family in New Zealand. By Mrs. I. E. AYLMER.

With Illustrations. Price 3s. Od. cloth; 4s. 6d. coloured, gilt edges. "English children will be delighted with the history of the Graham Family, and be enabled to form pleasant and truthful conceptions of the ‘Distant Homes' inhabited by their kindred."Alhenceum. The Adventures and Experiences of Biddy Dork

ING and of the FAT FROG. Edited by MRS. S. C. HALL. Illustrated

by H. Weir. 2s. 6d. cloth; 3s. 6 d. coloured, gilt edges. "Most amusingly and wittily told.”—Morning Herald. Historical Acting Charades;

Or, Amusements for Winter Evenings, by the author of "Cat and

Dog,” etc. New Edition. Fcap. Svo., price 3s, 6d. cloth gilt edges. “A rare book for Christmas parties, and of practical value."--Illustrated News, The Story of Jack and the Giants:

With thirty-five Illustrations by RICHARD DOYLE. Beautifully printed.
New and Cheaper Edition. Fcap. 4to. price 2s. 6d. cloth; 3s. 6d.

coloured, extra cloth, gilt edges. “In Doyle's drawings we have wonderful conceptions, which will secure the book a place amongst the treasures of collectors, as well as excite the imaginations of children.” -Illustrated Times. Granny's Wonderful Chair;

And its Tales of Fairy Times. By FRANCES BROWNE. Illustrations

by KENNY MEADOWS. 3s. 6d. cloth, 4s. 6.4. coloured. One of the happiest blendings of marvel and moral we havo ever seen."-Literary Gazette. The Early Dawn;

Or, Stories to Think about. Illustrated by H. WEIR. Second

Edition. Price 2s. 6d. cloth; 3s. 6d. coloured, gilt edges. Angelo;

Or, the Pine Forest among the Alps. By GERALDINE E. JEWSBURY, author of “The Adopted Child,” etc. Illustrations by J. ABSOLON.

Second Edition. Price 2s. 6d. cloth; 3s. 6d. coloured, gilt edges. "As pretty a child's story as one might look for on a winter's day."Exuminer. Tales of Magic and Meaning.

Written and Illustrated by ALFRED CROWQUILL. 4to.; price 3s. 6d.

cloth; 4s. 6d. coloured. “Cleverly written, abonnding in frolic and pathos, and inculcates so pure a moral, that we must pronounce him a very fortunate little fellow, who catches these Tales of Magic,' as a windfall from The Christmas Tree'."-Athenæum.

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