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The Book of Cats :

A Chit Chat Chronicle of Feline Facts and Fancies ; Legendary, Lyrical, Medical, Mirthful, and Miscellaneous. By CHARLES H. Ross. With Twenty Illustrations by the Author. Post 8vo, price

4s. 6d. cloth; 5s. gilt edges. A valuable contribution to cat history.”—Court Journul.


The Attractive Picture Book.

A New Gift from the Old Corner, containing numerous Illustrations by eminent Artists. Super-royal 4to. price 3s. 6d. plain; 7s. 6d. coloured; 10s. 6d. on cloth and coloured, bound in an elegant cover, printed in gold and colours.


Cousin Trix,

And her Welcome Tales. By GEORGIANA CRAIK. With Illustrations by F. W. KEYL. Super-royal 16mo, price 3s. 6d. cloth; 4s. 6d.

coloured, gilt edges. “ Bright and lively, with a well concealed moral."-Guardian.

Castles, and their Heroes.

By BARBARA HUTTON. With Illustrations. Post 8vo, price 4s. 6d.

cloth; 58. gilt edges. “A good conception cleverly executed.”-British Quarterly.

Gerald and Harry;

Or, the Boys in the North. By EMILIA MARRYAT Norris. With
Illustrations by J, B. ZWECKER. Post 8vo, price 5s. cloth; 58. 6d.

gilt edges. “ The author can tell a story with much spirit, and on the present occasion she has done her best.”- Athenæum.

The Early Start in Life.

By EMILIA MARRYAT NORRIS. With Illustrations by J. LAWSON.

Post 8vo, price 5s. cloth elegant; 5s. 6d. gilt edges. “Mrs. Norris has established her own fame, and her paternity is clearly proved by the knack in story telling she inherits from her father.'”-Art Journal.


The Bear King:

A Narrative Confided to the Marines by JAMES GREENWOOD. With Illustrations by ERNEST GRISET. Printed on toned paper. Small 4to, price 3s. 6d. cloth; 5s. coloured, gilt edges.

“More than amusing."-Saturday Review.
Ably supported by Griset's drawings.”-Athenæum.

Upside Down:

A Series of Amusing Pictures from Sketches by the late W.
MCCONNELL, with Verses by THOMAS Hood. Coloured Plates 4to,

price 2s. 6d., fancy boards.
“ Ludicrous and amusing."-Illustrated Times.

The Little Child's Fable Book ;

Arranged progressively in words of One, Two, and Three Syllables, With Sixteen Page Illustrations by GEORGINA BOWERS. Small 4to. price 3s. 6d. cloth; 58. coloured, gilt edges.

“Will be a boon to every nursery.”-Court Journal.

The Young Vocalist:

A Collection of Twelve Songs, each with an Accompaniment for the
Pianoforte, selected from Mozart, Weber, Mendelssohn, Sphor, &c., by
Mrs. MOUNSEY BARTHOLOMEW, Associate of the Philharmonic

Society. 4to, price 28. paper cover; or 3s. 6d. cloth extra, gilt edges. “These Lyrics are selected and composed for children who are too young to sing operatic or romantic songs, or too old for those founded on nursery tales. The melodies are all of a suitable compass, so that the voices may not be injured by practice at an early age."Extract from Preface. “ Arranged with the best possible taste and skill.”-Musical World.

The Confessions of a Lost Dog,

Reported by her Mistress, FRANCES POWER COBBE. With a Photograph of the Dog froin Life, by FRANK Haes. Super-royal 16mo, price 2s, clorh, gilt edges.

His Name was Hero.

Frontispiece from a Painting by Sir W. Calcott, R.A. sewed.

Price ls.


The Grateful Sparrow.

A True Story, with Frontispiece. Fifth Edition. Price 6d. sewed. How I Became a Governess.

Third Edition. With Frontispiece. Price 2s. cloth, 2s. 6d. gilt edges. Dicky Birds.

A True Story. Third Edition. With Frontispiece. Price 6d.
My Pretty Puss.

With Frontispiece. Price 6d.
The Adventures of a Butterfly.

From the French of P. J. Stahl. Seven Engravings. Price 8d.
The Hare that Found his Way Home.

From the French of P. J. STAHL. With Frontispiece. Price 6d.


Lightsome and the Little Golden Lady.

Written and Illustrated by C. H. BENNETT. Twenty-four Engravings.

Fcap. 4to., price 3s. 6d. cloth elegant; 48. 6d. coloured, gil: edges. “ The work of a man who is sure to put some touch of a

into whatever he does." - Pall Mall Gazette.

“ There is rare fun for the little ones, and there is genius in the fun.”-Nonconformist.

Lady Bountiful's Legacy

To her Family and Friends: a Book of Practical Instructions and Duties,
Counsels and Experiences, Hints and Recipes in Housekeeping and
Domestic Management. Post 8vo, price 6s. cloth elegant; 78. bevelled

boards, gilt edges. “When it is remembered that the sum total of our worldly happiness rests with the comforts and amenities of home life, the true value of the teaching in this book cannot fail of being fully appreciated.”-Morning Post.

“ There is something to be found in this volume about everything which concerns the household."-Churchman.

Nooks and Corners of English Life.

Past and Present. By JOHN TIMBS. With Illustrations. Pust 8vo,

price 6s. cloth; 6s. 6d. gilt edges. “There is not a chapter in the whole work in which instructive matter is not found.”— London Review.

“A book which ought to find a place in one of the nooks and corners' of every library.”The Reliquary.

Strange Stories of the Animal World;

A Book of Adventures and Anecdotes, and curious Contributions to
Natural History. By John TIMBS. Illustrations by ZWECKER,

Post 8vo., price 6s., cloth, 6s. 6d., gilt edges. “ Among all the books of the season that will be studied with profit and pleasure, there is not one more meritorious in aim, or more successful in execution."-Athenæum.

Casimir, the Little Exile.

By CAROLINE PEACHEY. With Illustrations by C. STANTON. Post

8vo., price 4s. 6d. cloth elegant; 5s. gilt edges. “The tone of 'Casimir'is healthy, and the story will be found no less beneficial than interesting."-Athenæum.

Lucy's Campaign;

A Story of Adventure. By Mary and CATHERINE LEE. With
Illustrations by GEORGE HAY. Fcap. 8vo, price 3s. cloth elegant;

38. 6d. gilt edges. “The adventures ‘Lucy'goes through are detailed in a remarkably agreeable manner." - The Queen.

Gerty and May.

By the Author of “Granny's Story Box,” and “Our White Violet.”
Illustrated by M. L. VINING. · Price 2s. 6d. cloth; 3s. 6d. coloured,

gilt edges. “A charming book for children. Though the story is full of fun, the moral is never lost sight of.- Literary Churchman.

Nursery Times;

Or, Stories about the Little Ones. By an Old Nurse. Illustrated by

J. LAWSON. Price 38. 6d. cloth; 4s. 6d. coloured, gilt edges.
Animals and Birds;

Sketches from Nature by Harrison Weir, for the use of the Young
Artist. Royal 4to., publishing in parts, price ls. each.

** Parts I. and II. now ready.


Helen in Switzerland.

By the Hon. AUGUSTA BETHELL. With Illustrations by E. WHYMPER.

Super-royal 16mo, price 3s. 6d. cloth extra; 4s. 6d. coloured, gilt edges. “A pleasant variety of local legend and history, mingled with the incidents of travel.” - The Spectator.

Echoes of an Old Bell;

And other Tales of Fairy Lore, by the Honble. Augusta BETHELL.
Illustrations by F. W. KEYL. Super royal 16mo., price 3s. 6d. cloth,

4s. 6d. coloured, gilt edges. A delightful book of well-conceived and elegantly-written fairy tales."--Literary


The Surprising Adventures of the Clumsy Boy

CRUSOE. By CHARLES H. Ross. With Twenty-three Coloured

Illustrations. Imperial 8vo, price 28.
Infant Amusernents;

Or, How to Make a Nursery Happy. With Hints to Parents and
Nurses on the Moral and Physical Training of Children. By W.H.G.

KINGSTON. Post 8vo, price 3s. 6d. cloth. “We urge parents most strongly to obtain this book forth with ; we know of no book that can compare with it in practical value. Each chapter is worth the price of the book."-Our Fireside.

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