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bergen, 87 Section K (Botany)-Opening Address by Lieut.-Colonel Brunton (Sir Lauder), on the Poison of Venomous Snakes

David Prain, C.I.E., LL.D., F.R.S., President of the and the Methods of Preventing Death from their Bite,
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Lyons, 194



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London, S.W., 4

tion of Bismuth lodide, René Dubrisay, 330; Extraction
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MM. Bourion and Maillard, 120: Rapid Method for
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extracted from Rye containing Ergot, Ergothioneine, C.
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Organic Materia Medica, J. Barclay, Prof. Henry G.


and, 231

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Death of Prof. Emil Christian Hansen, 294; Obituary 496
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ault, 311; Action of Todo-eosin as a Test for Free Infra-Red Spectra, 82
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Apparatus for Determining the Calorific Power of

shire, 495
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the Service of the State, Sir Edward Thorpe, 340 ; Curious Cockerell (Prof. T. D. A.), Skull of a Ground-sloth from
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in the Ceramic Industry, Dr. E. Weber, 375; the Mag- Coleman (Prof. A. P.), Extent of the Ice Sheets in the
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of Cider Apples with an Oxidising Calcium Salt leading

Cotton Cake, 168
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Komatsu, 528 ; see also British Association

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Child Employment and Evening Continuation Schools, Cyril 1909b, Dr. Max Wolf, 376; Prof. Millosevich, 528;
Jackson, 50

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Wang Shoh Lian, 461

Re-discovery of Perrine's Comet, Herr Kopff, 229; Herr


shire, 495

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Commutative Law of Addition and Infinity, the, Philip senne's Number, 194
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Comparison Prism, a New Form of, Prof. Louis Bell,

Notice of, 15

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Conchology : Discovery of Large Quantities of Shells of Cushny (Prof. A. R.), Report of the Committee

the Pearl-mussel (Unio margarilifer) in Gravel of Appar- Anästhetics, 507
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able Pink Glow, 352
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Continuation Schools, Report of the Consultative Com- Constants, 360

mittee of the Board of Education on Attendance, Com- Daire (M.), Sterilisation by the Ultra-violet Rays, Applica-
pulsory or Otherwise, at, 172

tion to the Butter Industry, 210
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tember 25, 524

tution of Mechanical Engineers, 533
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Coolidge (Prof. J. L.), Problems Connected with Games of

Chance, 496

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stalten auf Schulerübungen gegrundet, 66
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Darwin (Sir George), Determination of the Lunar Earth-
struction, 377

Tides, 427; Earth Tides, 472
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