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Hnatek (A.), Tables for the Reduction of “ Standard Co- the Lower Severn : Valley, River, and Estuary from the
ordinates to Right Ascension and Declination, 20

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Relation to Local Public Administration, Dr. Newsholme,
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Health to Industry, Dr. Whitelegge, 141; Veterinary
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Alkalis in Dried Plant Tissues, 312

tion of Water by Storage, Dr. Houston, Prof. R. T.
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F.R.S., 11; Dr. Alfred Brill, 231

at Maturity, Dr. W. Wallace, 492; on the Occurrence
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of Europe, Johs. Schmidt, 191; on the Larval and Post-
Hörold (R.), Revision of the American Group of larval Stages of some Pleuronectidæ (Zeugopterus, Arno
Thibaudieæ, 265

glossus, Solea), C. G. Joh. Petersen, 191; Whelks as
Horticulture : Control of the San José Scale, 79; Improve- Cod-food, R. Elmhirst, 204 ; Catalogue of the Fresh-

ment of Fruit Trees, 107; Fumigation of Fruit Trees water Fishes of Africa in the British Museum (Natural
under Tents with Hydrocyanic Acid, 169; Necessity for History), G. A. Boulenger, 216; the Fishes of Illinois,
“ Shade" Crops in Market Gardens, 197; Note on S. A. Forbes and R. E. Richardson, 216; Andrew
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Obituary Notice of, 400

Luminous Organ of Anomalops katoptron and Photo-
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ble pheron palpebratus, Dr. Otto Steche, 526
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Hougounenq (L.), Hydrolysis of Proteid Materials by

F.R.S., 331
Hydrofluoric Acid, 90

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Martin, 214
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ground, 436; Gas-driven Water Pump, 527

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Observations, 473

Work in India, 111; Mining Administration in India,
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a Stand-by Boiler, 354

Page, H. C. Jones, A. M. Heron, M. Stuart, N. D.
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Evaporated Milk, 226

Agriculture from India and Ceylon, 231; Malaria in
Hupka (Dr. E.), Experiments on the Inertia of the Nega- India, 371 ; a Sketch of the Geography and Geology of

tively Charged Particles of the B Rays from Radium the Himalaya Mountains and Tibet, Col. S. G. Burrard,

Distinctly in Favour of “ Principle of Relativity," 82 F.R.S., and H. H. Hayden, 424 ; the Occurrence in India
Hutchinson (R. W.), Technical Electricity, 244

of the Pappataci Fly (Phlebotomus papatasii), Dr. N.
Hydrogen Layers in the Solar Atmosphere, MM. Deslandres Annandale, 518 ; Anemographic Observations in India,
and d'Azambuja, 498

Hydrography : Prof. Otto Pettersson on Tide-like Move- Innes (R. T. A.), the Relative Atmospheric Efficiency of

ments in Deep Water, Dr. H. R. Mill, 19; Current Telescopes, 199; Reductions applied to the Transvaal
and Temperature Observations in Loch Ness, E. M. Air-temperatures that will in the Mean for the whole
Wedderburn and W. Watson, 148 ; Pettersson's Observa- Country Reproduce the Assumed Temperatures at Sea-
tions on Deep-water Oscillations, E. M. Wedderburn, level, 463
148 ; Mean Temperature of the Sea Surface on the Nor- Inouye (Michio), Untersuchungen über Bau und Entwickel-
wegian Coast, A. S. Steen, 169; Movements of the ung der Niere, 94
Deeper Waters of the Skagerack, Dr. O. Pettersson, 197; Institute of Metals, the, A. McWilliam, 405
Deep-water Oscillations, E. M. Wedderburn, 403 : Hydro- Institute of Metals, Manchester, 540
graphical Investigations in the English Channel for the Institution of Civil Engineers' Awards, 524
Years 1904-5, D. J. Matthews, 492

Institution of Mechanical Engineers, the, 175; Heat Trans-
Hydrology : the National Consumption of Water, W. R. B. mission, Prof. W. E. Dalby at, 533

Wiseman at Royal Statistical Society, Maurice Fitz- Institution of Mining and Metallurgy, 539
maurice, C.M.G. 47: Mathematical Solutions of Under- Integral Equations, an Introduction to the Study of, M.
ground Flow of Water, Dr. Philip Forchheimer, 81;

Böcher. 304



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Vovember 25, 1909

Intelligence, la Naissance de l’, Dr. Georges Bohn, 4 il Principe Luigi Amedeo di Savoia, Duca degli Abruzzi,
Internal-combustion Engine, Recent Improvements in the, 31: Résultats scientifiques des Voyages en Afrique
H. E. Wimperis, 171, 201, 234

a’Edouard Foà, 31; Scenery of the Greater Antilles, 45
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Evolution in Applied Chemistry, Prof. Otto N. Witt at, 51

brates, 274
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International Geodetic Association, the Meeting of the, in

tion, 159
London and Cambridge, 426

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International Meteorological Meetings, Codex of esolu-

Coche, 136
tions adopted at, 1872-1907, H. H. Hildebrandsson and Johnstone (J.), Report for 1908 on the Lancashire Sea-
G. Hellmann, 5

fisheries Laboratory at the University of Liverpool and
International Seismological Association, the, 370

the Sea-fish Hatchery at Piel, 142 ; Quarantining
Invertebrate Blood, the Presence of Hæmoglobin in, Geof.

Mussels, 142
frey Smith, 395

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Ion, the Physics of the, 302

Mars, 498
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Ireland, a Tourist's Flora of the West of, R. L. Praeger, 298

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Iron and Steel Institute, the, 437

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Irrigation : Diminished Yield of Cotton due to Insufficient and Infinity, 69
Drainage, W. Lawrence Balls, 80

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Irving (Rev. Dr. A.), Musical Sands, 99

an Account of the Oasis of Kharga in the Libyan Desert,
Isle of Wight, a Guide to the Natural History of the, 72 with Special Reference to its History, Physical Geo-
Issler (Dr. E.), Vegetation Conditions in the Central Vosges graphy, and Water Supply, H. J. Llewellyn Beadnell,
Mountains, 496

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Jupiter : Mutual Occultation of Jupiter's Second and Fourth

Satellites, M. Pidoux, 110; Zenographical Fragments, ii.,
Jackson (Cyril), Child Employment and Evening Continua. the Motions and Changes of the Markings on Jupiter in
tion Schools, 50

1888, A. Stanley Williams, 125; Observations of Jupiter's
Jackson (C. S.), a First Dynamics, 156; a Kinematical Fifth Satellite, Prof. Barnard, 138; Observations of
Illusion, 220

Jupiter, Prof. Barnard, 170; Jupiter's South Tropical
Jackson (J. W.), Discovery of Large Quantities of Shells Dark Area, Scriven Bolton, 487

of the Pearl-mussel (Unio margaritifer) in Gravel of
Apparently Pleistocene Age in the Thames near Mort-
lake, 495

Kapp (Prof. Gisbert), Einfuhrung in die Electrotechnik,
Jaekel (Prof. O.), New Find of Devonian Vertebrates Dr. C. Heinke, 273 ; Problemi grafici di Trazione Ferro-
between Cassel and Marburg, 196

viaria, P. Oppizzi, 303
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Flowers of England and Wales, 422

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Janet (Prof. Paul), History and Present Position of the 403 ; Terrestrial Refraction in Egypt, 436

Question of the Fundamental Electrical Units, 297 Keller (Prof. Dr. T.), die Stammesgeschichte
Janssonius (H. H.), Mikrographie des Holzes der auf Haustiere, 243
Java vorkommenden Baumarten, 241

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Jarry-Desloges (M.), Observations of Mars, 229, 355, 376, Current Dynamo Electric Machinery, 66

436; Changes on Mars, 314; Mars, 498; Observations Kennard (A. S.), Discovery of Large Quantities of Shells
on the Surface of the Planet Mars from June 4 to of the Pearl-mussel (Unio margaritifer) in Gravel of
October, 1909, 510

Apparently Pleistocene Age in the Thames near Mort-
Java, Mikrographie des Holzes der auf, vorkommenden

Baumarten, Dr. J. W. Moll and H. H. Janssonius, 241 Kennedy' (W. T.), Active Deposits from Actinium in
Javelle (M.), the New Daniel Comet, 29

Uniform Electric Fields, 472
Jefferson (J. C.), the Recent Perseid Shower, 267

Kerkham (J. C.), Inspection of Pearl-banks between Dutch
Jennings (H. W. K.), Effect of Previous Magnetic History Bay Point and Negombo, 461
on Magnetisation, 28

Kernbaum (Miroslaw), Chemical Action of the Penetrating
Jensen (Dr. H. I.), Geology and Petrology of the Canoblas, Rays of Radium on Water, 120; Decomposition of Water
N.S.W., 30

by the Ultra-violet Rays, 209
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Jessop (Prof. C. M.), Elementary Mechanics, 156

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Johannsen (W.), Elemente der Exakten Erblichkeitslehre, Kesteven (H. L.), Studies on Tunicata, 240

Keswick and Long Meg, Sun and Star Observations at
Johansen (A. C.), Contributions to the Biology of the Plaice, the Stone Circles of, Dr. John Morrow, 128

with Special Regard to the Danish Plaice Fishery, iv., Ketchum (Prof. M. S.), the Design of Highway Bridges,
Is the Plaice Indigenous to the True Baltic ? 191

and the Calculation of Stresses in Bridge Trusses, 393
Johns (Rev. C. A.), British Birds in their Haunts, 100 Kharga, an Egyptian Oasis : an Account of the Oasis of,
Johnson (Prof. Alexander), Why has the Moon no Atmo- in the Libyan Desert, with Special Reference to its
sphere? 486

History, Physical Geography, and Water Supply, H. J.
Johnson (Prof. Douglas W.), Physical History of Nantasket Llewellen Beadnell, Prof. John W. Judd, C.B., F.R.S.,
Beach, 506

Johnson (Prof. S. W.), Death of, 194

Kidston (Dr.), Ancestry of the Osmundaceæ, 537
Johnston (Colonel Sir" Duncan, K.C.M.G., C.B., R.E., Kimura (H.), the Motion of the Pole, 199

F.R.G.S., F.G.S.), Opening Address in Section É at the Kinematic Illusion, a, W. B. Croft, 158; C. S. Jackson,

Meeting of the British Association at Winnipeg, 323
Johnston (Sir H. H., G.C.M.G., K.C.B.), Il Ruwenzori : King (the), on Increased Provision for Advanced Scientific

parte scientifica : risultati delle osservazioni di S.A.R. Instruction and Research, 83


lake, 495


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King (the), Opens Royal Edward Tuberculosis Institute at Larmor (Prof.), Early Drawings of Jupiter by Sir W.
Montreal by Electric Current, 524

Huggins, 469
King (Dr. A. S.), Zeeman Efect in the Spectrum of Larmor (Sir j.), Methods of Separation of Radio-active
Titanium, 354

Products, 470; Terminal Velocity of Fall of Small
King (Prof.), Soil Moisture, 536

Spheres in Air, 472 ; Earth Tides, 472; Effect of Tem-
Klein (Dr.), Black Spots on Chilled Beef, 354

perature Variations on the Luminous Discharge in Gases
Klein (Dr. Robert), Climatology of Styria, 81

for Low Pressures, 473 ; Dynamic Isomerism, 475
Kling (André), Influence of the Radium Radiations on the Latham's (M.) Attempt to Cross the Channel, 103

Chlorophyll and Respiratory Functions of Plants, 150 Laveran (A.), Virulence of the Trypanosomes of Mammals
Klossovsky (Prof. A.), General Treatise of Meteorology, Modified after Passage through Cold-blooded Vertebrates,

210; Trypanolytic Power of the Blood of some Cold-
Knight (Francis A.), Cambridge County Geographies : blooded Vertebrates with respect to Trypanosoma evansi,
Somerset, 188

390 ; Aniline Antimonyl Tartrate in the Treatment of
Knott (Dr. c. G.), Seismic Radiations, 59; the Flight of Trypanosomiasis, 450
Nigerian Arrows, 149

Layard (Nina), Flint Implements Discovered at Larne, 18
Knott (Dr. John), Spontaneous Combustion, 268

Lazarus (Eleonore), Influence of the Reaction of the
Knowles (Horace G.), Attempt to Re-introduce the Sturgeon Medium on the Development and Proteolytic Activity of
into the Rivers of the Atlantic Coast, 524

Davaine's Bacteridium, 269
Knowlton (Dr. Frank H.), Birds of the World, 421

Le Chatelier (H.), Ordinary Carbon, 59
Kobold (Prof.), the Comets of 1907 and 1908, 20; Comet Lea (John), the Romance of Bird Life, 99
190gb (Perrine's 1896 VII.), 267

Leake (H. M.), the Experimental Breeding of Indian
Koehler (A.), Formation of Lactones from Acid Alcohols,

Cottons, 434

Lecoche (Jules), New Magnetic Gcaring, 82
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Asteroidea Collected by the R.I.M.S.S. Investigator, 67 Zemlya, 149
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tember Meteors, 498

Captains of Lowestoft Sailing-trawlers, 492
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189; Dr. G. Rudorf, 220

Leeds, the Health Congress at, 140
Kohn-Abrest (E.), Method for the Rapid Estimation of Leick (Erich), die biologischen Schülerübungen, 429
Metallic Aluminium, 239

Leighton (H.), History of the Clayworking Industry in the
Kolbe (Prof. H.), Former Extension of the Antarctic Con- United States, 452
tinent, 167

Lemoult (P.), Apparatus for Determining the Calorific
Komatsu (Mr.), a Series of Isomeric Phenylphthalimides, Power of Gaseous Combustibles, 330; Estimation of

Phosphorus in Combustible Substances by the Calori-
Konkoly (Herr von), Death and Obituary Notice of Eugen metric Bomb, 390
von Gothard, 166

Lepidoptera : Brassolidæ, Dr. H. Stichel, 245; the Scaly-
Kopernikanischen Weltsystems bei den Alten, Entwickelung winged, a Book on Butterflies and Moths for Beginners,
und Untergang des, O. T. Schulz, 365

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Kopff (Herr), Re-discovery of Perrine's Comet, 229

Phalænæ in the British Museum, Vol. viii., Catalogue
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Methods, 464

die geographische Verbreitung der Schmetterlinge, Dr.
Korallen und andere gesteinsbildende Tiere, Dr. Walther Arnold Pagenstecher, 482
May, 243

Lépine (R.), Total Sugar of the Plasma and Globules of
Koreana, Flora, T. Makai, 422

the Blood, 510
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lungsgeschichte der Wirbellosen Thiere, 511

in the Atlantic W. of Europe, Johs. Schmidt, 191
Kövessi (François), Development of Plant Hairs, 90

Levy (Dr. H.), Physical Properties of Water from the
Kozloff (Captain P. K.), the Mongolia-Sze-Chuan Expedi.

Thermodynamical Point of View, 464
tion, 526

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of Oils, Fats, and Waxes, 211
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Kuntze (Dr. F.), Hermann and Robert Grassmann's Elec-

Lian (Wang Shoh), Inaugural Meeting of the China Philo-
tronic Theory, 45

sophical Society,, 461
Lie-Pettersen (0. J.), the Icterine Tree-warbler, 87

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Laboratories : Researches at the National Physical Labora-

Burners, R. G. Harris, 149; Comparative Merits of
tory, 163; the Journal of the Cooper Research Labora-

Photometers of Various Types, L. W. Wild, 169 ; Modern

Methods of Illumination, Leon Gaster at Royal Society
tory, 187

of Arts, 500
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Ladenburg (Prof. A.), Histoire du Développement de la

Ling (Arthur R.), Obituary Notice of Prof. Emil Christian
Chimie depuis Lavoisier jusqu'a nos Jours, 96

Hansen, 310
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Linné's (Carl von) Bedeutung als Naturforscher und Arzt,
Lafay (A.), Measurements of High Pressures Deduced from

the Variations of Resistance of Conductors Submitted to Linnean Society, 89; Adaptation in Fossil Plants, Dr.
the Pressures to be Measured, 480

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Linnean Society, New South Wales, 30, 60, 240, 330, 480
of the Terrestrial Globe, 239; Theoretical Tides of the Linolite Company, the, Metallic Filament Tubolite," 20

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Lancashire Sea-fisheries' Laboratory at the University of Life, 63

Liverpool and the Sea-fish Hatchery at Piel, Report for Ljungberg (E. J.), Production of Iron and Steel by the
1908 on the, Prof. Herdman, F.R.S., Andrew Scott, and Electric Smelting Process, 437
J. Johnstone, 142

Lockyer (Sir Norman, K.C.B., F.R.S.), Origin of Certain
Landolph (F.), the Glucoses of the Urine, 239

Lines in Spectrum of e Orionis, 26; a Discussion of
Lanigan (F. W.). Organisation for the Collection and Australian Meteorology, 40
Transport ct Grain in the Wheat Area, 448

Lockver (Dr. William J. S.), la Planète Mars et ses Condi-
Lankester (Sir E. Ray, K.C.B., F.R.S.), Obituary Notice of tions d'Habitabilité, Camille Flammarion, 33 ;

a Dis-
Anton Dohrn, 429

cussion of Australian Meteorology, 40



Locy (Prof. W. A.), Service of Zoology to Intellectual Pro- empfindungen, Prof. Richard Semon, 302 ; Further Ex-
gress, 525

periments with the Gramophone, 488
Lodge (Sir Oliver, F.R.S.), Occasional Unexplained Ring- Mackenzie (Dr. Duncan), Archæological and Ethnological

ing of House-bells, 98 ; Magnetic Storms and Solar Erup- Researches in Sardinia, 478
tions, 425, 456; Magnetic Storms, 485

McKeon (W.), Remarkable Halo of August 21, 305
Loeb (Jacques), die chemische Entwicklungserregung des Maclaren (J. Malcolm), Gold: its Geological Occurrence
tierischen Eies (Künstliche Parthenogenese), 459

and Geographical Distribution, 34
Loeser (Rudolf), • Ciliated Funnels" of the Leeches, 136 Maclean (Dr. John), the Blackfoot Medical Priesthood, 477
Logarithmic and Other Tables, Five-figure, Frank Casile, McLennan (Prof. J. C.), the Secondary Rays Excited in

Different Metals by a Rays, 470-1
Logarithms, Plane and Spherical Trigonometry and Four- Macnutt (Barry), the Elements of Electricity and Mag-
place Tables of, Dr. Wm. A. Granville, 241

netism, 66
Lohse (Dr.), the South Polar Spot on Mars, 298

McWeeney (Prof. E. J.), Value of Benzidine for the Detec-
Lohse (Prof. O.), Publikationen des Astrophysikalischen tion of Minute Traces of Blood, 89
Observatoriums zu Potsdam, Doppelsterne, 492

McWilliam (A.), the Institute of Metals, 405
Lombroso (Prof. C.), Death and Obituary Notice of, 494 Magic, Semitic, its Origins and Development, R. Camp-
London : the Meeting of the International Geodetic Asso- bell Thompson, 514

ciation in London and Cambridge, 426; the Opening of Magic Squares and Magic Cubes, Easy Methods of Con-
the London Medical Session, 438

structing the Various Types of, with Symmetric Designs
Longstaff (Dr. T. G.), Tarim River connected with the Founded Thereon, Dr. John Willis, 182
Saichar Glacier, 432

Magnetism : Effect of Previous Magnetic History
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Origin, 135

Jennings, 28; Effect of a Magnetic Field on the Electrical
Lorenz (R.), Weltsprache und Wissenschaft, 218

Conductivity of Flame, Prof. H. A. Wilson, 56; Mag-
Loria (Prof. Gino), Il passato ed il presente delle principali netic Transformation of Lead, M. Loutchinsky, 60; the
Theorie geometriche, 361

Elements of Electricity and Magnetism, Prof. W. S.
Louis (Prof. Henry), the Dressing of Minerals, 91; Mineral Franklin and Barry Macnutt, 66; Magnetic Qualities of
Resources of the United States, 174

Steels and their Composition, T. Swinden, 137; Magnetic
Louise (E.), New Method of Analysis by Curves of Mis- Fields of Sun-spots, Dr. Hale, 137; Application of the
cibility ; its Application to Oils used for Food, 209

Magnetic Properties of Metals to Automatic Coin
Loutchinsky (M.), Magnetic Transformation Lead, 60 Machines, Antal Fodor and M. de Büty, 150 ; Magnetic
Love (Prof. A. E. H.), Earth Tides, 472

Survey Yacht Carnegie, 169; the Carnegie, Magnetic
Low (Sidney), Darwinism and Politics, 310

Survey Vessel, Dr. L. A. Bauer, 494 ; First Magnetic
Lowe (C. W.), Number of Bacteria in the Air of Winnipeg, Results obtained on the Carnegie in the North Atlantic,

Dr. L. A. Bauer and W. J. Peters, 529; Magneto- und
Lowell (Dr. P.), Plateau of the San Francisco Peaks with Elektro-optik, Dr. Woldemar Voigt, 185; Results of
Reference to its Effect on Tree Life, 18

Observations made at the Coast and Geodetic Survey
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