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of “Cold


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305; Death of

Fritz Erk, 311;


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also Magnetism); Evaporation in Egypt and the G. F. Herbert Smith, 28; Occurrence of Gyrolite in

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Ireland, F. N. A. Fleischmann, 28; Mineralogical of Cattle against Tuberculosis, M. Rappin, 239; Reports
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und Geologie für schweizerische Mittelschulen, Dr. Hans Successful Curative Treatment of Piroplasmosis, Prof.
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Some Notes on Mineralogy, Prof. E. G. H. F. Nuttall and Dr. S. Hadwen, 114; Extinction
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in North Wales, Herbert H. Thomas, 487; a Supposed Bowes, 141; Chamberland Filter will not Allow the
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Minerals: the Dressing of Minerals, Prof. Henry Louis, 91 ; die Röntgenuntersuchung der Brustorgane und ihre

Mineral Resources of the United States, Prof. Henry Ergebnisse für Physiologie und Pathologie, Dr. Haus
Louis, 174; Influence of the Railroads of the United Arnsperger, 222 ; Ova of a Distoma found in the Skeletal
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Acid, 90
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Industries of Canada, 1907-8, 511; Development of Heavy 518
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Ichinoke, 267; Dr. Nijland, 376

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Obtained when Two Lights of Different colours are
Mnemischen Empfindungen in ehren Beziehungen zu den Compared together by Photometers of the Bunsen and

Originalempfindungen, die, Prof. Richard Semon, Prof. of the Flicker Type Respectively, 313
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Modern Life, Science in, 274

fuscinervis in the West of Ireland, 462
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Motors: “Pantlex Spring Wheel for Motor Vehicles,
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80; Mikrographie des Holzes der auf Java vorkommenden Muller (P. Th.), Tautomeric Changes Elucidated by Means
Baumarten, 241.

of the Magnetic Rotatory Power, 90
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480 ; Mollusca from the Hope Islands, North Queensland, Physics of Building Materials, 62
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Puiseux, 138; Why has the Moon no Atmosphere? Prof. 239
Alexander Johnson, 486

Muntz (Sir Gerard A., Bart.), Relation between Scienc?
Moore (B.), Forest Practice in India and Burma, 80

and Practice, 406
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Dosage, 196

of the Fresh-water Lochs of Scotland, 155
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Polymorphic Genus Senecio, 434; Phanerogamen, 451
Moore (J. H.), the Orbit of X Sagittarii, a Cepheid Vari- Museums: Guide to the Whales, Porpoises, and Dolphins
able, 170

(Order Cetacea) exhibited in the Department of Zoology,
Moore (R. S.), Fuel Economy of Dry Blast, 437

British Museum (Natural History), Cromwell Road,
Morbology: Discovery of a Curative Treatment for Malig- London, S.W., 4; New Buildings of the Victoria and

nant Jaundice in the Dog and for Redwater in Cattle, Albert Museum, 17; British Museum Report, 78; the
with a Demonstration of the Effects of Trypanblau upon Museums Association, 115;

National Folk-Museum,
the Parasites, Prof. George H. F. Nuttall, F.R.S., and Henry Balfour, 115; Catalogue of the Fresh-water Fishes
Dr. Seymour Hadwen, 21; a New Human Trypanosome of Africa in the British Museum (Natural History), G. A.
Parasite (T. Cruzi), Carlos Chagas, 46; Virulence of Boulenger, 216; Catalogue of the Lepidoptera Phalænæ
the Trypanosomes of Mammals Modified after Passage in the British Museum, Vol. viii., Catalogue of the
through Cold-blooded Vertebrates, A. Laveran and A. Noctuidæ, Sir George F. Hampson, Bart., 455
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mina:ion of the Bovine or Human Origin of Tuber- Irving, 99
culosis, A. Calmette and C. Guérin, 135; Tuberculosis, Musical Sands in Chile, M. H. Gray, 126
Dr. Robinson, 142; Growth of the Bacillus Tuber- | Mycology: Black Spots on Chilled Beef, Dr. Klein, 354 ;
«culosis, Dr. Moore and R. S. Williams, 142 ; Vaccination Life of Fungi in Fatty Media, A. Roussy, 360 ; the


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Epiphytic Mycorrhiza that Invests the Roots of Mono- peting Instruments for Marine Propulsion, A. E. Seaton,
tropa Hypopitys, Dr. J. Peklo, 373 : Examination of 213
Parasitic Fungi that Attack Scale Insects, 496; Fungus Navigation : Altitude Tables, computed for Intervals of
Maladies of the Sugar-cane, Dr. N. A. Cobb, 496

Four Minutes between the Parallels of Latitude 24° and
Myers (Prof. C. S.), a Text-book of Experimental 60°, and Parallels of Declination 24° and 60°, designed
Psychology, 123

for the Determination of the Position Lines at all Hour
Myres (Prof. John L., M.A., F.R.S.), the Influence of Angles without Logarithmic Computation, Frederic Ball, 4

Anthropology on the Course of Political Science, Opening Neave (S. A.), Distribution and Habits of the Tsetse-fly,
Address in Section H at the British Association Meeting Glossina palpalis, 114
at Winnipeg, 379

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Naber (Dr. H. A.), das Theorem des Pythagoras, 361

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Transversal Zeeman Effects in Helium Lines, 188

und Röntgenstrahlen, 363.
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Nathan (Sir Frederic L.), Improvements in Production and the Leporidæ of North America, 433

Application of Guncotton and Nitroglycerine, Discourse Neogi (Panchanan), Aurvedie Metallic Preparations, Part i.,
at Royal Institution, 144, 178

National Efficiency, Continuation Schools and, 172 Nernst (Prof. W.), Physical Properties of Water from the
National Physical Laboratory, Researches at the, 163 Thermodynamical Point of View, 464
Natural History: the Balance of Nature, and Modern Neurology : Einführung in die Lehre vom Bau und den

Conditions of Cultivation : a Practical Manual of Animal Verrichtungen des Nervensystems, Prof. Ludwig Edinger,
Foes and Friends, for the Country Gentleman, the 219; the Central Nervous System of Vertebrates, J. B.
Farmer, the Forester, the Gardener, and the Sportsman, Johnston, Prof. John G. McKendrick, F.R.S., 274
George Abbey, 5; Warning Coloration in Some Weasel. Nevill (Mr.), the Natal Government Observatory, 329
like Carnivora, R. I. Pocock, 21; Cecropia peltata und

New South Wales Linnean Society, 30, 60, 240, 330, 480
ihr Verhältnis zu Azteca Alfari, zu Atta sexdens und New South Wales Royal Society, 330
anderen Insekten, Karl Fiebrig, 23; New South Wales New York, Geology of the City of, L. P. Gratacap, 423
Linnean Society, 30, 60, 240, 330, 480 ; Diurnal Varia- New Zealand Naturalist's Calendar, a, Geo. M. Thomson,
tions in the Temperatures of Camels, Dr. J. B. Cleland,
60; a Naturalist in Tasmania, G. Smith, 61; Behind Newall (Prof.), Halley's Comet, 528
the Veil in Bird-land, Oliver G. Pike, 67; a Guide to Newcomb (Prof. Simon), Death of, 78; Obituary Notice oí,
the Natural History of the Isle of Wight, 72 ; Linnean Sir Robert S. Ball, F.R.S., 103
Society, 89; the Romance of Bird-life, John Lea, 99 ; Newman (Dr.), Child Mortality, 141
British Birds and their Eggs, with a New Method of Newsholme (Dr.), Some Conditions of Social Efficiency in
Identification, J. Maclair Boraston, 99; the Young Relation to Local Administration, 141
People's Birds'-nest Chart, Rev. S. N. Sedgwick, 100; Newton (R. B.), Cretaceous Shells from Zululand, 226
Birds and their Nests and Eggs, found in and near Nichols (Prof. E. L.), Effects of Low Temperature on
Great Towns, George H. Vos, 100; British Birds in Fluorescence Spectra, 473
their Haunts, Rev. C. A. Johns, 100; How to Attract Nicolardot (Paul), Examination of Essence of Turpentine,
and Protect Wild Birds, Martin Hiesemann, 100; the 480
Book of Nature-study, 101; Polyphyletic Origin of Mam- | Niere, Untersuchungen über Bau und Entwickelung der,
mals, Dr. G. Steinmann, 106; Success of the Brent Prof. Karl Peter and Michio Inouye, 94
Valley Bird Sanctuary, 100; Inauguration of the Statue Nijland (Dr.), the Maximum of Mira in October, 1908, 376
of Jean de Lamarck, Dr. Edmond Perrier, 106; a Nisbet (Dr. J.), Our Forests and Woodlands, 63
Speckled Otter from Lough Sheelin, Dr. R. F. Scharfl, Nitrogen, the Fixation of, by Soil Bacteria, X. D. Hall,
135; Osteology of Antarctic Seals, Dr. R. B. Thomson, F.R.S., 98

a New Zealand Naturalist's Calendar, Geo. M. Nitrogen, Processes for the Fixation of Atmospheric, 143
Thomson, 162 ; the Nature Book, 162 ; the Book of Nitroglycerine, Improvements in Production and Applica-
Nature-study, 162 ; Collection of American Egrets as tion of Guncotton and, Sir Frederic L. Nathan at Royal

Ospreys, Dr. E. Menegaux, 167; Imitation in Institution, 144, 178
Monkeys, M. E. Haggerty, 195, 434; Feathers of Kalij Noble (Sir Andrew), History of Propellants, 203
Pheasants, Prof. A. Ghigi, 196 ; Reason why Certain Noctuidæ, Catalogue of the, Catalogue of the Lepidoptera
Birds Construct Covered Nests, C. B. Moffat, 225; Re- Phalænæ in the British Museum, Vol. viii., Sir George
markable Photographs of a Water-rail, E. L. Turner, F. Hampson, Bart., 455
226; Cassell's Nature Copies (Wild Flowers), 240 ; Nogier (Th.), Slight Penetration of the Ultra-violet Rays.
Death of Dr. R. E. C. Stearns, 263; Attempt through Liquids containing Colloidal Substances, 210
Acclimatise the American Robin (Merula migratoria) in Nordmann (Charles), Method Permitting the Measurement
England, 264: Naturwissenschaftliches Unterrichtswerk of the Effective Temperature of the Stars, 480
für höhere Mädchenschulen, Dr. K. Smalian and K. North Pole, the Attainment of the, 306
Bernan, 273 ; the Place of Animals in Human Thought, North Sea Fisheries Investigations, 491
Countess Evelyn Martinengo Cesaresco, 276; African Nutrition and Evolution, Hermann Reinheimer, 68
Big Game and Big-game Shooting, Dr. E. Trouessart, Nuttall (Prof. George H. F., F.R.S.), Discovery of a Cura-
311; Death of Thomas Southwell, 311; Obituary Notice tive Treatment for Malignant Jaundice in the Dog and'
of, 351; Ferding-grounds of the Laughing Kingfisher, for Redwater in Cattle, with a Demonstration of the
Cat-bird, and Noisy Pitta in the Coolabunia Pine-scrubs, Effects of Trypanblau upon the Parasites, 21; Successful
311 ; Wild Beasts of the World, Frank Finn, 332 ; Gilbert Curative Treatment of Piroplasmosis, 114
White and Selborne, Henry C. Shelley, 334 : Australian Nutting (P. G.), Variation in Relative Intensity of Helium
Fauna and Flora, Dr. J. B. Cleland, 3=3; Peale's Phila- Lines, 189
delphia Museum, 373 ; Carl von Linné's Bedeutung als Nyström (Mr.), Investigation of the Peat Bogs and Peat
Naturforscher und Arzt, 391 ; Star-fishes of Alaska and Industry of Canada during the Season 1908-9, 490
British Columbia, Prof. A. E. Verrill, 402 ; Report of the
Natural History Section of the Indian Museum for
1908–9, 433 : the Burma Mole Rat, 462 ; Knowledge of Observatories: the Transvaal Observatory, Johannesburg,
Australian Hirudinea, E. J. Goddard, 480; the Pond and 20, 356; Eskdalemuir Observatory, 86; the Yerkes
other Stories, Carl Ewald, 485; Fauna of the Malay Observatory, Prof. E. B. Frost, 111; Reports of Observa-
Peninsula, H. C. Robinson, 495: the Mouse-deer (Chev- tories, Mr. Hough, 200 ; M. Baillaud, 200; Results of
rutains) of the Rhio-Linga Archipelago, G. S. Miller, Observations made at the Coast and Geodetic Survey

Magnetic Observatories, Daniel L. Hazard, Dr. C. Chree.
Natural Selection and Plant Evolution, James B. Johnston, F.R.S., 203; Annuaire astronomique de l'Observatoire
159 ; Dr. D. H. Scott, F.R.S., 188

royal de Belgique, 1909, 219; Exploration of the Air with
Naval Architecture : the Screw Propeller, and other Com- Ballons-sondes at St. Louis and with Kites at Blue Hill,

149 :



H. Helm Clayton and S. P. Fergusson, 223; Observa- der allgemeinen Chemie, 183 ; Weltsprache und Wissen-
tions and Investigations made at the Blue Hill Meteoro- schaft, 218
logical Observatory, Massachusetts, U.S.A., under the Oswald (Dr. Felix), Degeneration of Armour in Animals,
Direction of A. Lawrence Rotch, 223; the Spectrohelio- 167
graph of the Catania Observatory, Prof. Riccò, 376; the Otology : Lehrbuch der Ohrenheilkunde für Arzte und
Royal Observatory and Electric Tramways, 399 ; Pub- Studierende, Dr. Paul Ostmann, 124
likationen des Astrophysikalischen Observatoriums zu Outes (Señor), the Antiquity of Man in South America, 534
Potsdam, Doppelsterne, Prof. O. Lohsc, 492 ; the Natal Overton (Prof. J. B.), Organisation and Reconstruction of
Government Observatory, Mr. Nevill, 529

the Nuclei in the Root-tips of Podophyllum peltatum, 537
Occultism, Hypnotism, including a Study of the Chief Ovum, the Cleavage of the, 511

Points of Psycho-therapeutics and, Dr. Albert Moll, 272 Owen (F. A.), the Dyeing and Cleaning of Textile
O'Dell (G. E.), Effect of Previous Magnetic History on Fabrics, 5
Magnetisation, 28

Owen (J. A.), Birds Useful and Birds Harmful, 421
Oesterle (Dr. O. A.), Grundriss der Pharmakochemie, 184 Owen (Luella A.), Floods in the Great Interior Valley of
Ohm (Dr. P.), das Seelenleben der Tiere, 394

North America, 506
Ohrenheilkunde, Lehrbuch der, für Ärzte und Studierende,

Dr. Paul Ostmann, 124.
Oils, Fats and Waxes, Chemical Technology and Analysis Page (J. J. A.), Mining Administration in India, 219
of, Dr. J. Lewkowitsch, C. Simmonds, 211

Pagenstecher (Dr. Arnold), die geographische Verbreitung
Okada (T.), Analysis of the Underground Temperature at der Schmetterlinge, 482
Osaka, 527

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