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out one feeling of regret, and betook myself to owes her greatness, and from which, I trust,
pursuits for which my temper and my tastes, I she is not destined soon to descend.
believe, fitted me better. I would not willingly I shall now, encouraged by your approbation,
believe that in ceasing to be a politician I re- resume, with alacrity, a task, under the mag.
linquish altogether the power of rendering any nitude and importance of which I have some-
service to my country. I hope it may still be times felt my mind ready to sink. I thank you
in my power to teach lessons which may be again, most cordially, for your kindness, I
profitable to those who still remain on the busy value, as it deserves, the honour of being en-
stage which I have left. I hope that it may rolled in your number. I have seen with de-
still be in my power so faithfully, without fear light and with pride, the extent, the grandeur,
or malignity, to represent the merits and faults the beauty, and the opulence of this noble
of hostile sects and factions, as to teach a com-city-a city which I may now call mine. With
mon lesson of charity to all

. I hope it will be every wish for the prosperity, the peace, and in my power to inspire, at least, some of my the honour of our fair and majestic Glasgow, I countrymen with love and reverence for those now bid you, my kind friends and fellow-citifree and noble institutions to which Britain zens, a most respectful farewell.

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