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A COLLECTION of Examples on the Integral Calculus, in which every operation of each example is completely effected. 8vo.

Cambridge, 1835 CARNOT, (L. N. M.) Réflexions sur la Métaphysique du Calcul Infinitésimal. 3me édn. 8vo.

Paris, 1839 See ENCYCLOPEDIA METROPOLITANA. Art. Integral Calculas, by A. LEVY.



BAILY, (J.) AND LUND, (T.) A Treatise on the Differential Calculus. 8vo, 10s. 60.

Cambridge, 1838 BROWNE, (Rev. A.) A Short View of the First Principles of the Differential Calculus. 8vo, 9s.

Cambridge. HYMERS, (J.) Treatise on Differential Equations, and on the Calculus of Finite Differ8vo, plates, 10s.

Cambridge, 1839 O'BRIEN, (M.) Elementary Treatise on the Differential Calculas. 8vo, plates, 108. 6d.

Cambridge. WALTON, (W.) A Treatise on the Differential Calculas. 8vo, 108. 6d.

Cambridge, 1846 HIND. (J.) Digested Series of Examples in the Applications of the Principles of the Differential Calculus. 8vo, 88.

Cambridge, 1832 Principles of the Differential Calculos, with its Application to Curves and Curve Sarfaces. 2d ed. Evo, 16s.

Cambridge, 1831 MILLER, (W. H.) An Elementary Treatise on the Differential Calculus. 3d ed. 8vo, plates, 68.

Cambridge, 1843

ANSELL, (C.) A Treatise on Differential and Integral Calculus.

London, 1841-42 RITCHIE'S Differential and Integral Calculus. 2d ed. By J. A. Spencer. 12mo, with Diagrams, 4s. 6d.

London, 1846
GREGORY, (D. F.) Examples of the Processes of the Differential and

Integral Calculus. Collected by D. F. Gregory. 2d edition, edited by
Wm. Walton. 8vo, 4 plates, 188.

Cambridge, 1846
HALL, (T. G.) An Elementary Treatise on the Differential and Integral
Calculus, and the Calculus of Variations. 4th edn. 8vo, 12s. 6d.

London, 1846 DE MORGAN, (A.) A Treatise on the Calculus of Functions. 4to.

London, 1836 The Differential and Integral Calculus, with Elementary Illustrations. 8vo, 108.

London, 1842 LACROIX, (8. F.) Traité élémentaire de Calcul Différentiel et de Calcul Intégral. 5me

Paris, 1837 MOIGNO, (L'ABBE.) Leçons de calcul différentiel et de calcul intégral. Vol. 1-2, Part 1. 8vo, f.17.

Paris, 1843–46 BOUCHARLAT, (M.) Eléments de Calcul différentiel et de Calcul intégral. 4e édn. 8vo.

Paris, 1838 CAUCHY, (A. F.) Leçons de calcul différentiel et de calcul intégral, rédigée principalement d'apris les méthodes des — et étendues aux travaux les plus récens de géometres ; par M. l'abbe Moigno. - vols. 8vo.

Paris, 1844 See Encyclo. MetroP., Pure Sciences, Vol. i-, Calculus by A. Levy.

edn. 8vo.


WALLACE, (W.) A Geometrical Treatise on the Conic Sections; with an Appendix containing Formulæ for their Quadrature, etc. 8vo.

Edinburgh, 1837 HAMILTON, (H. P.) An Analytical System of Conic Sections, designed for the use of Students. 5th edn. 8vo, 108. 60.

Cambridge, 1843 HYMERS, (J.) Treatise on Conic Sections and the Application of Algebra to Geometry, 3d edn. 8vo, 98.

London, 1815 WHEWELL, (W.) Doctrine of Limits, with its Applications : namely, Conic Sections ; the Three First Sections of Newton, and the Differential Calculus. 8vo, 98.

Cambridge, 1841


HEARN, (G.) Researches on Curves of the Socond Order, also on Cones and Spherical

Conics, treated analytically, in which the Tangencies of Apollonias are investigated, and General Geometrical Constructions deduced from Analysis ; also, several of the Geometrical Conclusions of M. Chasles are analytically resolved. Together with many Properties entirely original. 8vo, 5s.

London, 1846


HYMERS, (J.) Treatise on Differential Equations, &c. 8vo, 108.
OTTLEY. Treatise on the Differential Equations. 8vo, 78. 6d.

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WHEWELL, (W.) Dynamics. Part 1, on the Free Motion of Points,

and on Universal Gravitation, including the Principal Propositions of Books I. and III. of the Principia. 3d edn. 8vo, 108. 6d.

Cambridge, 1836 Dynamics. Part 2, on the Constrained and Resisted Motion of Points, and on the Motion of a Rigid Body. 2d edn. 8vo, 128. 6d.

Cambridge, 1836 EARNSHAW, (S.) Dynamics ; or, a Treatise on Motion: to which is added, a Short Treatise on Attractions. 3d edn. 8vo, 148.

Cambridge, 1844 EQUATIONS.

MURPHY, (R.) The Theory of Equations. 8vo, 48. 6d. Cambridge.
LOCKHART, (J.) Resolution of Equations. 4to, 48. 6d. Oxford, 1837


BROOKE, (C.) A Synopsis of the Principal Formulæ and Results of Pure
Mathematics. 8vo, 158.

Cambridge, 1829

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LARDNER, (DR.) A Treatise on Geometry and its applications to the
Arts. 12mo, 68.

London, 1840 EUCLID ; the Elements of. By R. Simson, M. D. Twenty-fifth Edition, revised and corrected. 8vo, 88. ; 12mo, 5s.

London, 1841 EUCLID; the Elements of. From the Text of Simson. Edited, in the Symbolical form, by R. Blakelock. 12mo, 68.

London, 1840
EUCLID; The Elements of. (The first three books). Translated from the Latin of the

Right Rev. Thomas Elrington, D.D. To which is added a Compendium of Algebra.
Designed for the use of Schools and private instruction. 12mo, 3s. 6d.

EUCLID; a Companion to. With a set of improved figures. 12mo, 4s.
BLAND, (M.) Geometrical Problems, deducible from the first Six Books of Enclid, ar-

ranged and solved, with an Appendix, containing the Elements of Plane Trigonometry.
4th ed. 8vo, 108. 6d.

London, 1842 BRADLEY, (F.) Practical Geomeʻry, Linear Perspective, and Projection; including

Isometrical Perspective, Projection of the Sphere, and the Projection of Shadows : with Descriptions of the Principal Instruments used in Geometrical Drawing, &c. Illastrated by 8 plates. For the use of Artists, Architects, Engineers, Mechanics, &c. 8vo. London, 1834




CARNOT. Reflections on the Metaphysical Principles of Infinitesimal
Analysis. Translated by Browell. 8vo, 58.

Oxford, 1832


WHEWELL, (W.) The Doctrine of Limits, with its Applications, &c. 8vo, 98.

Camb., 1831

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TABLES of Logarithms of Numbers, from One to Ten Thousand. Pub

lished under the superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. 12mo.

London, 1839 TABLES of Six Figure Logarithms, containing the Logarithms of Numbers, from 1 to

10,000, and of Sines and Tangents for every minute of the Quadrant and every Six Seconds of the First Two Degrees : with a Table of Constants, and formulæ for the solution of Plane and Spherical Triangles. Superintended by Richard Farley, of the Nautical Almanac Establishment. sm. 8vo, 48. 6d.

London, 1840 SHORTREDE, (R.) Logarithmic Tables to Seven Places of Decimals, containing Loga

rithms to numbers from 1 to 120,000, numbers to Logarithms from 0 to 1.00000, Logarithmic Sines and Tangents to every Second of the Circle, with Arguments in Space and Time, and New Astronomical and Geodesical Tables. Royal 8vo, £4. 48.

Edinburgh, 1844 LALANDE, (J. J. F. DE.) Tables de logarithmes pour les nombres et pour les sinus ; angmentées de la table de logarithmes de Gauss ; edition revue et augmentées par H. G. Köhler: Ger. and Fr. 8vo.

Leipzig, 1832

SNOWBALL, (J. C.) The Elements of Mechanics. 8vo, 88. 6d.

Camb., 1845
PRATT, (H. J.) The Mathematical Principles of Mechanical Philosophy,

and their Applications to Elementary Mechanics and Architecture, but chiefly to the Theory of Universal Gravitation. 2d ed., revised and improved. 8vo, 218.

Cambridge, 1834 WHEWELL, (DR.) Mechanical Euclid. Containing the Elements of Me

chanics and Hydrostatics, demonstrated after the manner of Geometry.

7th ed., 12mo, 48. 6d.; or with Supplement, 58. Cambridge, 1843 WALTON, (W.) A Collection of Problems in illustration of the Principles of Theoretical Mechanics. 8vo, 168.

Camb. CAMBRIDGE Course of Elementary Natural Philosopby, being the Demonstrations of the

Propositions in Mechanics and Hydrostatics, in which those persons who are not Candi

dates for Honours, are examined for the Degree of B. A. 3d ed., 12mo, 48. POISSON. Treatise of Mechanics. Translated by H. H. Harte, with Notes. 2 vols. 8vo, 288.

Dublin, LAGRANGE. Mecanique Analytique. 2 vols. 4to, f.36.

Paris, 1811-15

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SCOTT, (W.) Plane Trigonometry and Mensuration. 8vo. London, 1845
LUBBOCK, (W.) On Cask Guaging. 8vo.


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EVANS, (J. H.) The First Three Sections of Newton's Principia, with an
Appendix, and the Ninth and Eleventh Sections. 2d edn., 8vo, 68.

Camb., 1837
WRIGHT, (J. M.) The Three First Sections of Newton's Principia.
Translated with Notes, &c. 8vo, 68.

Camb., 1830

CAMBRIDGE Mathematical Journal. Vols. 1-4, each 188., 8vo.

Cambridge, v. y.
MATHEMATICIAN, edited by W. Rutherford, and S. Fenwick. Published every Four
Months, at 3s. 6d. a Number. Nos. I-X.

London, 1843CAMBRIDGE and Dublin Mathematical Journal. 6 Nos. per annum, 2s. 6d. each.

Cambridge, 1846CRELLE, (A. L.) Journal für die reine und angewandte Mathematic. 11 vols., 4to.

Berlin, 1826-35 Bulletin des Sciences mathématiques, Annales de mathématiques.

PROBABILITIES.-(See Assurance, p. 51.)

DE MORGAN, (A.) An Essay on Probabilities, and on their application
to Life Contingencies and Insurance Offices. 12mo, 6s. London, 1838

(Lardner's Cyclopædia.) GALLOWAY, (T.) A Treatise on Probability. sm. 8vo, 6s.“ 1829 QUETELET, (A.) Théorie des probabilites appliquée aux sciences mor

ales et politiques. 8vo, avec tableau statistiques. f.8. Paris, 1846 LAPLACE, (M. DE.) Essai philosophique sur les Probabilités. 6me édn., 8vo.

Paris, 1840 PROBLEMS.

SENATE-HOUSE Problems for 1844. With Solutions, by M. O'Brien, and R. L. Ellis, Moderators. 4to, 4s. 6d.

Cambridge, 1844 MATHEMATICAL Problems and Examples arranged according to subjects from the Senate-House Papers from 1821 to 1827. 8vo, 128.


FRANCEUR, (L. B.) Cours complet de mathematiques pures élémentaires. 2 vols. 8vo.

Paris, 1837 SCHRÆDER, (J. F. L.) Elementa matheseos puræ. 2 vols. 8vo.

Traj. ad-Rhen., 1832-34
I. Prologomena de matheseos ratione partibus atque methodo.

II. Elementa arithmeticæ puræ,
WHEWELL, (DR.) Analytical Statics. 8vo, Plates, 78. 6d.

Cambridge, 1833
EARNSHAW, (Rev. S.) Treatise on Statics. Containing the Theory

of the Equilibrium of Forces; and numerous Examples illustrative of the general Principles of the Science. 3d ed., enlarged. 8vo, Plates, 108.

London, 1845 TABLES.

HUTTON, (C.) Mathematical Tables ; containing the Common, Hyper

bolic, and Logistic Logarithms; also, Sines, Tangents, Secants, and Versed Sines, both Natural and Logarithmic; together with several other Tables useful in Mathematical Calculations; also, the complete Description and Use of the Tables. With Seven additional Tables of Trigonometrical Formulæ, by Olinthus Gregory, LL.D. 10th ed. 8vo, 188.

London, 1842 GALBRAITH, (WM.) Mathematical and Astronomical Tables for the use

of Students, Practical Astronomers, Surveyors, Engineers, and Navigators; with an Introduction, illustrated by Problems and Examples. 8vo.


HYMERS, (J.) A Treatise on Plane and Spherical Trigonometry, and

on Trigonometrical Tables and Logarithms; together with a selection of

Problems, and their Solutions. 2d ed., 8vo, 88. 6d. . Camb., 1841 TRIGONOMETRY. A Syllabus of a Course of Lectures upon, and the Application of Algebra to Geometry. 2d ed., 78. 6d.

Camb. HIND, (J.) The Elements of Plane and Spherical Trigonometry; with

the Nature and Properties of Logarithms, and the Construction and the Use of Mathematical Tables. 4th ed., 12mo, 78. 6d.

Camb. HEWITT, (D.) Problems and Theorems of Plane Trigonometry. 8vo, 6s. Camb., 1840 O'BRIEN, (M.) Treatise on Plane Co-ordinate Geometry; or the Application of the Method

of Co-ordinates to the Solution of Problems in Plane Geometry. Hvo, plates, 9s. WOODHOUSE, (R.) Treatise on Plane and Spherical Trigonometry. 5th ed., &vo, 12s.

Camb., 1827




PRIDHAM, (C.) England's Colonial Empire: an Historical, Political, and

Statistical Account of the Empire, its Colonies and Dependencies. Vol. 1.- The Mauritius and its Dependencies. 8vo, 12s. London, 1846

See Martin's British Colonial Library. McCulloch's Dict. of Geography, etc.

LARDNER AND KATER. Treatise on Mechanics. 12mo, 68.
(Lardner's Cyclopædia.)

London, 1830
ROBISON, (J.) System of Mechanical Philosophy, with Notes by Sir D.
Brewster. 4 vols. 8vo.

Edinburgh, 1822 MOSELEY, (H.) Illustrations of Practical Mechanics. 12mo, woodcuts, 8s.

London, 1839 A Treatise on Mechanics applied to the Arts. 8vo.

1839 See Library of Useful Knowledge. Young's Lectures on Natural Philosophy, &c.

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PHARMACY, TOXICOLOGY, &c. I. BIBLIOGRAPHY AND HISTORY. BIBLIOGRAPHY. FORBES, (J.) Manual of Select Medical Bibliography. roy. 8vo, 158.

London, 1835 ATKINSON, (J.) Medical Bibliography. Vol. 1, (A and B.) roy. 8vo, 168.

London, 1838 ENGELMANN, (W.) Bibliotheca medico-chirurgica et chemica. 2 parts. 8vo, 98.

Leipzig, 1841 ROY, (C. H. a.) Catalogus Bibliotheca Medica. 5 vols. 8vo.

Amsterdam, 1830 BROUISSAIS, (C.) Atlas Historique et Bibliographique de la Médicine, on Histoire de la Medicine, composée de tableaux sur l'histoire de l'anatomie, de la physiologie, de l'hygiène, de la medicine, de la chirurgie, de l'obstetrique, de la matière medicale, de la pharmacie, de la medicine legale, de la police médicale et de bibliographie, etc. folio, 9.8.

Paris, 1834 KUNHOLTZ. Cours d'histoire de la Médicine et de bibliographie médicale. 8vo, f.6.

Montpellier, 1837 History. MOIR, (D. M.) Ancient History of Medicine. 12mo, 6s.

Edinburgh, 1829 BOSTOCK, (J.) History of Medicine, from its Origin to the Commencement of the XIXth Century. 8vo, 78. 6d.

London, 1835 RENOUARD, (V. P.) Histoire de la Medicine depuis son origine jusqu'au XIXe siècle. 2 vols. 8vo, f.13.

Paris, 1846 SPRENGEL, (K.) Versuch einer pragmat. Geschichte der Arzneikunde. 3e Aufl. 5 vols. 8vo.

Halle, 1821-28 Geschichte der Chirurgie. 2 vols. 8vo.

1805-19 Hist. de la Médicine, depuis son origine jusqu'au 19e siècle, trad. de l'allemand par A. J. L. Jourdan, et revue par Bosquillon. 9 vols. 8vo.

Paris, 1815-20 GASTÉ, (L. J.) Abrégé de l'histoire de la médicine, depuis son origine jusqu'au 19e siècle. 8vo.

Paris, 1835 HOUDART, (M. S. Études historiques et critiques sur la vie et la doctrine d'Hippocrate, et sur l'etat de la medicine avaunt lui. 2e éd. 8vo.

Paris, 1840 WALTER. Ueber der Verhältniss der Medicin zur Chirurgie und die Duplicität des aerztlichen Ständes. 8vo.

Frieburg, 1841 ERSCH, (J. S.) Handbuch der deutschen Literatur. Vol. 3, Part 1. Literatur der Medicin. bearb. F. A. Puchelt. 8vo, 8s. 6d.

Leipzig, 1828 See Corolly's Cyclopædia of Practical Medicine. FORBES' Cyclopædia of Practi

cal Medicine. Costello's Cyclopædia of Practical Surgery.' Cuelius's Practical Surgery. Publications of the Sydenham Society, etc.


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