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SWAINSON, (W.) The Natural History and Classification of Birds. 2 vols. fcp. 8vo, 300 woodcuts, 128.

London, 1836–37
CONTENTS.- Part 1. On the Structure and Natural History of Birds in general.- Part
2. On the Bibliography, Nomenclature, and Preservation of Birds. - Part 3. On the
Natural History and Relations of the different Orders, Tribes, and Families of Birds.

-Part 4. Synopsis of a Natural Arrangement of Birds.
GRAY, (G. R.) The Genera of Birds ; comprising their Generic Charac-

ters, a Notice of the Habits of each Genus, and an extensive list of Spe-
cies. Illustrated with about 350 plates by D. W. Mitchell. First Order,
Accipitres. Imp. 4to, £2. 88.

London, 1846 WILSON, (J.) An Introduction to the Natural History of Birds. With 135 Figures. 4to, 12s.

Edinburgh, 1839 BEWICK, (Tho.) A History of British Birds. 2 vols. 8vo, with numerous woodeats, £1. 168.

Newcastle, 1832 EYTON, (T. C.) A History of the Rarer British Birds : intended as a Supplement to

Bewick; with a complete List of Synonyms. 8vo, with numerous woodcuts, 10s. 6d royal 8vo, £1. 18.

London, 1636 GOULD, (Jxo.) The Birds of Europe, comprising beautifully coloured figures, with descriptive letterpress. 5 vols. folio, £76. 8s.

London, 1822 TEMMINCK. Les Oiseaux d'Europe, avec leur description systématique dessinés


J. C. Werner. 4 vols. 8vo, et atlas, color., f.242.

Paris. WILSON, (A.) American Ornithology, or the Natural History of the Birds of the United States, etc. 3 vols. 8vo, col. plates, £4. 4s.

London, 1832 AUDUBON, (J. J.) American Ornithological Biography. 5 vols. roy. 8vo.

Philadelphia & London, 1831-9 Synopsis of the Birds of America. 8vo.

Edinburgh, 1829 Birds of America, from Drawings made in the United States and their territories. 7 8vo, plates.

New-York, 1845 TEMMINCK, () Manuel d'Ornithologie, ou Tableau systematiques des oiseaux qui se trouvent en Europe, précédé du système general d'ornithologie. 4 vols. 8vo, f.30.

Paris, 1840 THIENEMANN, (F. A. L.) Fortpflanzungsgeschichte der gesammten Vögel. Part 1-10, 100 col. plates. 168.

Leipzig, 1845-41 RHEA. Zeitschrift für die gesammte Ornithologie. Her. v. F. A. L. Thienemann. Heft 1, roy. 8vo, 58.

Leipzig, 1847 MEYER, (H. L.) Coloured Ilustrations of British Birds and their Eggs. Vols. 1-3, ero, 60 coloured plates, each £2. 128. 6d.

London, 1846 HEWITSON, (W. C.) Coloured Illustrations of the Eggs of British Birds, accompanied

with Descriptions of the Eggs, Nests, &c. 2 vols. 8vo, 131 plates, £4. 108. London, 1846 WALTER, (J. E. C.) Nordische ornithologie, oder getreue nach der Natur eigenhändig

gezeichnete gestoch. und color. Abbild, der dänischen, grönländ. und isländ. Vögel, nebst einigen Säugthieren. folio.

Copenh., 1828

vols, roy.


RANKE, (L. von.) History of the Ottoman and Spanish Empires in the
XVIth and XVIIth Centuries. Transl. by W. B. Kelly. 8vo, 38.

London, 1842
ANNALS of the Turkish Empire from 1591 to 1659 of the Christian Era.
Transl. from the Turkish of Nayma, by Chas. Fraser. 2 vols. 4to, 638.
(Oriental Translation Fund.)

London, 1832-36
THE HISTORY of the Maritime Wars of the Turks. Transl. from the
Turkish of Hadji Khalifeh, by James Mitchell. Part I. 4to, 78.
(Oriental Translation Fund.)

London, 1831 FRASER, (C.) History of the War in Bosnia, during the years 173738–39. Transl. from the Turkish. 8vo, 4s.

London, 1830 (Oriental Translation Fund.) HAMMER PURGSTALL, (J. v.) Geschichte des Osmanischen Reiches. 2d edn.! vols. 8vo.

Pestk, 1836 ZINKEISEN, (J. W.) Gesch, des. Osman. Reiches in Europa. 8vo, Hamb., 1840 PLÉE, (L.) Commentaire sur l'Atlas de l'Empire Ottoman, on Résumé général de l'his

toire et de la geographie physiqae politique, statisque et topographique de l'empire Ottoman et des provinces turques. Svo.


OTTOMAN EMPIRE.—(Continued.)

HELLERT, (J. J.) Nouvel Atlas physique, politique et historique de l'Empire Ottoman, et des états limitrophes en Europe, en Asie et en Afrique, en quarante feuilles. 1 vol. folio, f.36.

Paris, 1844 ALIX, (A. F. L.) Précis de l'histoire de l'empire Ottoman, depuis son origine jusqu'à nos jours. 3 vols. évo.

Paris, 1822–25 BOUÉ, (AMI) La Turquie d'Europe, ou observations sur la géographie, l'histoire naturelle, la statisque les meurs, les coutumes, etc. 4 vols. 8vo.

Paris, 1840 ROBERT, (C.) Les Slaves de Turquie, Serbes, Monténégrins, Bosniaques, Albanais et Bulgares ; leurs resources, leurs tendances et leurs progrès politiques. 2 vols. 8vo.

Paris, 1844 OX.

LOW, (D.) The Breeds of British Domesticated Animals. The Ox. 1 vol. folio, 22 col. plates, £6. 168. 6d.

London, 1840 CATTLE. Their Breeds, Management, and Diseases. 8vo, cuts, 108. 6d. (Reprinted Philad.)

London, 1838 See Low's Domesticated Animals. 8vo. London, 1845. KNIGHT's Farmer's Li


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DA VINCI, (LEON.) Treatise on Painting. Transl. by Rigaud, with Life by Brown. 8vo.

London, 1835 BURNET, (Jno.) Practical Hints on Painting. 1. Light and Shade. 2. Colour. 3. Composition. 4to, plates, 658.

London, 1834 Essay on the Education of the Eye, with Reference to Painting. 4to, plates, 258.

London, 1837
HAYDON, (B. R.) Lectures on Painting and Design.
Vol. 1. Origin of the Art-Anatomy the basis of Drawing The Skeleton--the Muscles

of Man and Quadrupeds-Standard Figure-Composition-Colour-Ancients
and Moderns-Invention. With designs drawn by himself on wood. 8vo, 12s.

London, 1844 Vol. 2. Fuzeli-Wilkie-Effect of the Societies on Taste-A Competent TribunalOn Fresco-Elgin Marbles—Beauty. 8vo, portrait, 12s.

London, 1846 HAYTER, (C.). An Introduction to Perspective, Practical Geometry, Drawing, and Paint

ing; a new and perfect Explanation of the Mixture of Colours, with Directions for Miniature, Crayon, and Oil Painting; with wood engravings and coloured plates. 6th edn. Evo, 158.

London, 1844 FIELDING, (T. H.) On the Theory and Practice of Painting in Oil and Water Colours,

for Landscapes and Portraits. Illustrated with plain and coloured plates. 4th edn., much enlarged. roy. 8vo, 318. 6d.

London, 1846 HANDBOOK of Young Artists and Amateurs in Oil Painting; being chiefly a condensed

Compilation from the celebrated Manual of Bouvier : with additional matter from the labours of Merimée, De Montabert, and other distinguished Continental Writers in the Art, &c., &c. By an American Artist. 8vo.

New-York, 1846 MERIMÉE, (M. J. F. L.) Art of Painting in Oil and Fresco. Transl. by W. B. Taylor. sm. 8vo.

London, 1839 THEOPHILUS. An Essay upon various Arts, in three Books, by Theophilus, called also

Rugerus, Priest and Monk; forming an Encyclopædia of Christian Art of the Eleventh

Century. Translated, with Notes, by Robert Hendrie. 8vo, 218. London, 1847 REYNOLDS, (Sir Josuva.) Literary Works. Comprising his Discourses, delivered at

the Royal Academy, on the Theory and Practice of Painting, also his Journey to Flanders and Holland, with Criticisms on Pictures--Du Fresnoy's Art of Painting, in English Verse, with the original Latin Text subjoined, and Notes-A Tabular View of Painters, from the revival of the Art to the beginning of the last Century-To which is prefixed, a Memoir of the Author, with Remarks on his Professional Character, illustrative of his Principles and Practice, by H. W. Beechey. New edn. 2 vols. 12mo, with portrait, 108.

London, 1846 - Discourses on Painting. Illustrated by Explanatory Notes and Plates. By John Burnet, F. R. S. 4to, 12 plates, 428.

London, 1842

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I. ELEMENTARY, &c.—(Continued.)

CENNINI. Treatise on Painting, written by Cennino Cennini in the year 1437. Contain

ing practical Directions for Painting in Fresco, Secco, Oil, and Distemper, with the Art of Gilding and Illuminating Manuscripts adopted by the Old Italian Masters. Translated by Mrs. Merrifield, with an Introductory Preface, copious Notes, and Illustrations in Outline from celebrated pictures. roy. 8vo, 12s.

London, 1844

WHEELER, (J. A.) Handbook of Anatomy for Students of the Fine Arts : with illostrations on wood. 12mo, 11 plates, 28. 6d.

London, 1846 BELL, (Sir Chas.) The Anatomy of Expression in Painting. roy. 8vo, 218.

London, 1847 FLAXMAN'S Anatomical Studies, for the Use of Artists. folio, 18 plates, 218. PÉQUÉGNOT. Anatomie, on description des formes de l'homme, exclusivement destinée

London, 1835 aux peintres, sculpteurs et graveurs. 8vo, plates, f.4.

Paris, 1846 FAU, (J.) Anatomie des formes extérieurs du corps humain, à l'usage des peintres et des sculpteurs. 8vo, et atlas in-folio, de 24 pl., f.15.

Paris, 1846

GOETHE'S Theory of Colours. Translated from the German, and edited, with Notes, by
C. L. Eastlake. 8vo, plates, 128.

London, 1840
FIELD, (G.) Chromatography, or Treatise on Colours. 8vo, 148.

1841 PORTAL, (F. DE.) Essay on Symbolic Colours, in Antiquity, the Middle Ages, and

Modern Times. Transl. from the French, with Notes, by W. 8. Inman. 410, plates, 108, 6d.

London, 1845

FRESCO. (See also p. 160.)

MERRIFIELD, (Mrs.) The Art of Fresco Painting, as practised by the old Italian and
Spanish Masters, etc. 8vo, 78. 6d.

London, 1846
LATILLA, (E.) Treatise on Fresco, Encaustic, and Tempera Painting. 8vo, 58.

London, 1849 MERIMÉE'S Art of Painting in Oil and Fresco. Transl. by W. B. Taylor. 8vo, 12s.

London, 1839

EASTLAKE, (C. L.) Materials for a History of Oil Painting. 8vo, 16s.

London, 1847 MODERN PAINTERS, by a Graduate of the University of Oxford. Parts 1-2-. 8vo. (Reprinted New-York, W. & P.)

London, 1846 JAMESON, (Mrs.) Lives of the Early Italian Painters. 2 vols. 18mo, woodcuts, 38.

London, 1845 Handbook to the Public Galleries of Art, in and near London, 2d edn. sm. 8vo, 10s.

London, 1842 Handbook to the Private Galleries. sm. 8vo, 158.

1844 KUGLER, (DR.) Handbook of Painting.--1. Italy. Transl., with Notes, by C. L. Eastlake. sm. 8vo, 128.

London, 1849 2. German, Datch, and Flemish Schools. With Notes by Sir E. Head. sm. Svo, 12s.

London, 1846
3. Spanish, French, and English Schools. (In Press.)
DE BURTIN, (F. X.) Treatise on the Knowledge Necessary to Amateurs in Pictures.
Translated and abridged from the French by Robert White. 8vo, plates, 12s.

London, 1845 BOUVIER, (P. L.) Manuel des jeunes artistes et amateurs en peinture. 3e édition.' Sro, planches, f. 10..

Paris, 1846 GAULT, (DE ST. GERMAIN.) Guide des amateurs des tableanx, pour les écoles allemande, flamande, et hollandaise. 2 vols. 8vo, f.14.

Paris, 1841 - Ecole Italienne. Svo, f.7.

1835 SMITH, (J.) Catalogue raisonné of the works of the most eminent Dutch, Flemish, and

French painters, with biographical notices of the artists, a copious description of their principal pictures, a statement of the prices at which they have been sold, and the galleries or collections in which they are at present. 8 vols. 8vo.

London, 1820-37 BRYAN, (M.) Dictionary of Painters. 2 vols. 4to, £5. 58.

London. HOGARTH, (W.) Hogarth Moralized ; a complete edition of all the most capital and ad

mired works of William Hogarth, accompanied by concise and comprehensive explanations of their moral tendency, by the late Rev. Jno. Trusler, with an Introduction and Notes. 8vo.

London, 1831 FLAXMAN'S WORKS, Engraved by Réveil. oblong 8vo, 256 plates, f.30, Paris. Iliad, 39 plates. Odyssey, 34 do. Æschylus, 31 do. Dante, 112 do. Hesiod, 37 do

Statutes and Bas-Reliefs, 14 do.


MUSEUM OF PAINTING AND SCULPTURE. A Collection of the Principal

Pictures, Statues, and Bas-Reliefs in the Public and Private Galleries of Europe. Drawn
and Engraved by Réveil. With Critical and Historical Notices. 17 vols. 12mo, 1700
plates. £6. 6s.

Paris, London,


Encyclo. Metropolitana-Art. PAINTING, by Bishop James and Rev. J. LINDSAY. PALÆOGRAPHY.

NAMUR, (P.) Bibliographie paléographico-diplomatico-bibliographique général, etc. ? vols. 8vo.

Liege, 1838 WAILLY, (N. DE.) Éléments de paléographie. 2 vols. 4to. Paris, 1838 SILVESTRE. Paléographie universelle, avec des explications par MM. Champollion. folio.

Paris, 1839
WESTWOOD, (J. O.) Palæographia Sacra Pictoria : being a Series of Illustrations of the

Ancient Versions of the Bible, copied from Illuminated MSS., executed between the
Fourth and Sixteenth Centuries. 4to, £4. 108.

London, 1845
HUMPHREYS, (H. N.) Iluminated Books of the Middle Ages. A History of Illami-

nated Books, from the 4th to the 17th Century. Illustrated by a Series of Specimens, consisting of an entire page of the exact size of the original, from the most celebrated and splendid MSS. Printed in Gold, Silver, and Colours. Parts 1. and II, 40, each 128.; folio, 218.

London, 1844 CHAMPOLLION-FIGEAC. Paléographie des classiques latines, d'après les plus beaux

manuscrits de la Bibliotheque royale de Paris, recueil de fac-simile accompagnés de notices historiques et descriptives. 4to.

Paris, 1837 LANGLOIS, (E. H.). Essai sur le calligraphie du moyen-âge et sur les ornements des premiers livres d'heures imprimes. 8vo, 16 pl.

Rouen, 1842 QUENTIN. Dictionnaire raisonné de diplomatique chrétienne, contenant les notions néces

saires pour l'intelligence des anciens monuments manuscrits, avec un grand nombre de facsimile. 8vo, f.8.

Paris, 1846

PALÆONTOLOGY-(See Fossils, BOTANY, P. 78.)

MANTELL, (G. A.) The Medals of Creation, or First Lessons in Geology, and in the Study of Organic Remains. 2 vols. 12mo, Plates, 218.

London, 1844 OWEN, (R.) History of British Fossil Mammals and Birds. 8vo, 237 woodcuts, £l. 118. 6d. ; royal 8vo, £3. 38.

London, 1846 CATALOGUE, Descriptive and Illustrative, of the Fossil Organic Remains of Mammalia

and Aves contained in the Museum of the Royal College of Surgeons of England. 4to, 10 plates. 218.

London. PARKINSON, (J.) Introduction to the Study of Fossil Organic Remains. 8vo, 6s. 6d.

London, 1822 BUCKLAND, (W.) Reliquiæ Diluvianæ : or Observations on the Organic Remains contained in Caves, Fissures, and Diluvial Gravel, &c. 4to.

London, 1823 Geology and Mineralogy. (Bridgewater Treatise). 2 vols. 8vo, 358. . London, 1837 MORRIS, (J.). A Catalogue of British Fossils ; comprising all the Genera and Species

hitherto described, with references to their Geological Distribution, and to the Localities in which they have been found. 8vo, 108.

London, 1843 BRODIE, (P. B.) A History of the Fossil Insects in the Secondary Rocks of England, ac

companied by a particular Account of the Strata in which they occar, and of the circumstances connected with their Preservation. Svo, 11 plates, 9s.

London, 1845 ARTIS, (E. T.). Antediluvian Phytology, illustrated by a Collection of the Fossil Remains of Plants peculiar to the Coal Formations of Great Britain. 4to, 25 plates, 158.

London, 1838 PIDGEON, (E.) Fossil Remains of the Animal Kingdom. 2d edn. 8vo, 50 plates, 188.

London, 1844 MURCHISON, (R. J.) The Silurian System. 2 vols. 4to, maps, &c., £6.68. 1839 MEYER, (H. v.) a. DRUNKER. Paläontographica. Beitrage zur Petrefactenkunde. Part 1. Imp. 410, with 6 plates, plain, 8s.; col. 168.

Cassel, 1846 ORBIGNY, (A. D'.; Paléontologie universelle des coquilles et des mollusques. 8 vols. 8vo,

avec un atlas in-8vo, d'environ 1500 planches, représentant toutes les espèces de coquilles fossiles connus.

Paris, 1847L'Ouvrage sera publié par livraisons de 20 planches avec le texte correspondant. Prix de

chaque livraison. f.6.


MARCEL DE SERRES. Nouveau Manuel complet de paléontologie, ou des lois de

l'organisation des étres vivants comparées a celles qu'ont suivies les espèces fossiles et hematiles dans leur apparition successive. 2 vols. 18mo, avec un atlas de 2 tableau, F.10 50.

Paris, 1846 PICTET. Traité élémentaire de paléontologie. 4 vols. 8vo, pl. f.38.

Paris, 1845 CUVIER, (G.) Recherches sur les ossements fossiles des quadrupèdes ; 4e édn. revue par M. Laurillard. 10 vols. 8vo, et 2 vols. 4to. de planches. 5.80.

Paris, 1834 BLAINVILLE, (D. DE.) Ostéographie, ou Description iconographique comparée du sqne

lette et du système dentaire des cinq classes d'animaux vertébrés recents et fossiles, pour servir de base à la zoologie et a la géologie.

Paris 1839-43 Prix des livraisons 1-15, contenant 189 planches. f.492. AGASSIZ, (L.) Recherches sur les poissons fossiles, comprenant la description de 500 especes qui n'existent plus, l'exposition des loix de la succession et de developpement or ganique des poissons durant toutes les métamorphoses da globe terrestre, une nouvelle classification de ces animaux ..... enfin des considerations géologiques générales tirées de l'étude des fossiles. 3 vols. 4to, et atlas de 250 planches

.. Neufchatd, 1833-43 Reports of the British Association, 1842-43-44. Geological Transactions. Maga

zine of Natural History. Zoological Journal, &c.


PIETTE, ( .) Traité de la fabrication du papier, contenant les procédés généralement en usage pour preparer ce produit. 8vo, planches, f.10.

Paris, 1831 MANUEL du fabricant de papiers, carton et Art du formaire. 2 vols. 18mo, avec Atlas, f.10 50.

Paris. (Manuels Roret.) See Ure's Dictionary of Arts. Library of Useful Knowledge-Vegetable Substances.

BECKMANN's History of Inventions, &c


GIRAULT DE SAINT FARGEAU. Bibliographie topographique et de la France, on

Catalogne de tous les ouvrages imprimés en France depuis le XVe siècle jusqu'au mois d'avril 1845, contenant les titres d'environ 12,000 ouvrages, etc. 8vo, f.12. Paris, 1845

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GALIGNANI'S Guide to Paris. 18mo, Maps, &c.
PARIS and its Historical Scenes. 2 vols. 12mo, Plates, 48. 6d.
(Library of Entertaining Knowledge.)

London, 1833 PARIS and its Environs, in a series of Picturesque Views from Drawings taken under the direction of A. Pugin. 2 vols. 4to.

London, 1998-31 DULAURE, (J. A.) Histoire de Paris. 8 vols. 8vo, et Atlas.

Paris, 1838 DE GAULLE, (J.) Nouvelle histoire de Paris et de ses environs, avec des notes et une inintroduction par C. Nodier. 4 vols. 8vo.

Paris, 1839-40


DANSON AND DEMPSEY. The Inventor's Manual, a familiar and practical Treatise on the Law of Patents for Inventions. 8vo, 58.

London, 1843 PRITCHARD, (A.) A List of all the Patents for Inventions granted in

England during the Present Century. 12mo, 188. London, 1847 SPENCE, (W.). Treatise on the Principles relating to the Specification of a Patent for In

vention; showing the Standard by which the Sufficiency of that Instrument is to be tried. 8vo, 7s.6d.

London, 1842 CARPMAEL, (W.) The Law of Patents for Inventions familiarly explained : for the use of Inventors and Patentees. 4th ed. 8vo, 58.

London, 1846 URLING. The Law of Patents in Foreign Countries. Translated, with Notes, &c. for the information of laventors and Patentees. 8vo, es.

London, 1845 DESCRIPTION des machines et procédés spécifiés dans les brevets d'in

vention, de perfectionnement et d'importation. Publiée par MM. Molard et Christian. 8vo.

Paris, 1844-46

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