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DESCRIPTION des machines et procédés consignés dans les brevets d'in

vention de perfectionnement et d'importation dont la duré est expirée, et

dans ceux dont la déchéance a été pronouncée. Tome 62 (année 1846). KKh 4to, 208.

Paris, 1847 See Repertory of Patent Inventions. Newton's London Journal. Le Brevet d'In

vention, &c.

PATHOLOGY-(See p. 239.)

PEERAGE.—(See HERALDRY, p. 180.)

8m. 8vo.


London, 1841-6
OLD BALLADS of the utmost rarity, now first collected and edited by J. P. Collier. 58.
ROWLEY'S Search for Money, reprinted from the edition of 1609. 28. 6d.
PAIN AND SORROW of Evil Marriage, from an unique copy, printed by Wynkyn de

Worde. 28, 6d.
A SELECTION from the Minor Poems of Dan John Lydgate, edited by Halliwell. 108.
THE KING and the Poor Northern Man, from the edition of 1640. 25.
HISTORICAL SONGS of Ireland, illustrative of the Struggle between James II. and

William III., with Introduction and Notes by T. C. Croker, 5s.
COLLECTION of Songs and Ballads, relative to the London 'Prentices and Trades, and

London generally; edited by C. Mackay. 58.
EARLY Naval Ballads of England, collected and edited by J. O. Halliwell. 58.
ROBIN GOODFELLOW; his Mad Pranks and Merry Jests, full of honest mirth. 38.
STRANGE HISTORIES, consisting of Ballads and other Poems, principally by Thomas

Deloney. 1607, 48.
POLITICAL BALLADS, published in England during the Commonwealth, edited by

Thos. Wright. pp. 300, 6s.
PLEASANT History of the two Angry Women of Abingdon, with the Humorous Mirth
of Dick Coomes and Nicholas Proverbs : a Play by Henry

Porter, 1599, edited by the Rev.
A. Dyce. 48.
THE BOKE of Cartasye, an English Poem of the XVth Centary, edited by J. O. Halli-

well. 28. 6d.
MEETING of Gallants at an Ordinarie, or the Walkes in Powles, edited by Halliwell. 38.
KIND-HEART'S Dream, by Henry Chettle, edited by E. F. Rimbault. 48.
SPECIMENS of old Christmas Carols, edited by Wright. 38,
NURSERY RHYMES of England, collected principally from Oral Tradition, by Halli-

well. 58.
HISTORY of Patient Grisell, with Introduction. 38.
SPECIMENS of Lyric Poetry, of the Reign of Edward I., edited by Wright, 4s. 6d.
MARRIAGE Triumph on the Nuptials of the Prince Palatine and the Princess Elizabeth,

daughter of James I., by Thos. Heywood, edited by Collier. 28. 6d.
A KNIGHT'S Conjuring done in Earnest, discovered in Jest, by Thos. Dekker, edited by

Rimbault. 38. 6d.
A PARAPHRASE on the Seven Penitential Psalms, in English Verse, by Thomas Bramp-

ton, 1414, together with the Psalter of 'St. Bernard, edited by W. H. Black. 48. 6d. CROWN Garland of Roses, consisting of Ballads and Songs, by R. Johnson, 1612, edited

by W. Chappell. 38. DIALOGUE concerning Witches and Witchcrafts, by George Gifford, Vicar of Maldon,

1603, edited by Wright. 48. 6d. FOLLIES' ANATOMIE, or Satyres and Satyricall Epigrams, by Henry Hutton, Duned

mensis, 1619, edited by Rimbault. 38. JACK of Dover, his Quest of Inquirie, or his Privy Search for the veriest Foole in England,

a Collection of Merry Tales. 28. 60.
ANCIENT Poetical Tracts of the XVIth Century, reprinted from anique copies, edited by

Rimbault. 38. 6d.
A SELECTION of Latin Stories from M88. of the XIIIth and XIVth Centuries, edited

by Wright. pp. 280, 6s.


THE HARMONY of the Church, Spiritual Songs and Holy Hymns, by Michael Drayton,

reprinted from the edition of 1591, (and not in his collected works); edited by Dyce. 38. COCK LORRELL'S BOTE, a Satyrical Poem, from an unique copy, printed by Wynkya

de Worde, edited by Rimbault. 28. POEMS by Sir Henry Wotton, edited by Dyce. 18. 6d. THE HARMONY of Birds, a Poem, from the only known copy printed in the middle of

the Sixteenth Century, with Introduction. 28.
A KERRY PASTORAL, in Imitation of the First Eclogue of Virgil, edited with Intro-

duction, by T. C. Croker. woodcuts, 2s.
THE FOUR KNAVES, a Series of Satyrical Tracts, by Samuel Rowlands, 1611-13, edited

with Introduction and Notes, by Rimbault. woodcuts, 48. 6d.
A POEM to the Memory of William Congreve, by James Thomson, edited by P. Cunning-

ham. ls. 6d. PLEASANT Conceits of Old Hobson, the Merry Londoner, full of humorons discourses

and witty merriments, whereat the qnickest wittes may laugh, and the wiser sort take

pleasure, 1607, edited by Halliwell. 28. MAROCCUS EXTATICUS; or Bankes's Bay Horse in a Trance : anatomizing some

abuses and bad tricks of this age (1595), edited by Rimbault. ls. 6d. LORD MAYOR'S Pageants ; being Collections towards a History of these annual celebra

Lions : with specimens of the descriptive pamphlets published by the City Poets, edited by

F. W. Fairholt. Part I, woodcuts, 58. "Part 2. 58.
OWL and the Nightingale, a Poem of the XIIIth Century ; attributed to Nicholas de Gail-

ford ; with some short Poems from the same MS., edited by Wright. 28. 6d. THIRTEEN Psalms, and the First Chapter of Ecclesiastes, translated into English Verse by

John Croke, temp. Henry VIII., with Documents relative to the Croke family, edited by

Bliss. 28. 6d.
HISTORICAL Ex postulations against the beastlye Abusers both of Chyrargerie and Phy-

syke in oure Time, by John Halle, (with portrait,) edited by Pettigrew. 28. 6d.
OLD BALLADS ; illustrating the great Frost of 1683–4, and the Fair on the River Thames,

edited by Rimbanit. 38.
THE HONESTIE of this Age, by Barnaby Rich, 1611, edited by Cunningham. 3s.
HISTORY of Reynard the Fox, from Caxton's edition in 1481, with Notes and Literary

History of the Romance, edited by W. J. Thoms. 98.
THE KEEN (Funeral Lamentations) of the South of Ireland, illustrative of Irish Political

and Domestic History, Manners, Music, and Superstitions, edited by T. C. Croker. 48. POEMS of John Andelay, a specimen of the Shropshire Dialect in the XVth Century, edited

by Halliwell. 38. 6d.
ST. BRANDRAN: a Medieval Legend of the Sea in English Verse and Prose edited by

Wright. 38.
ROMANCE of the Emperor Octavian, now first published from MSS. at Lincoln and Cam-

bridge, edited by Halliwell. 28 6d.
SIX BALLADS with Bardens, from a MS. at Cambridge, edited by Goodwin. ls.6d.
LYRICAL POEMS, selected from Musical Publications, 1589 and 1600, edited by Collier.

38. 60.
FRIAR BAKON'S Prophesie, a Satire on the Degeneracy of the Times, 1604, edited by

Halliwell. 28.
THE SEVEN SAGES, in English Verse, from a MS. at Cambridge, edited by Wright. 48.
POPULAR SONGS illustrative of the French Invasions of Ireland, Part 1, edited by Cro-

ker. 28.
POETICAL Miscellanies from a MS. of the Time of James I., edited by Halliwell. %.
CROWN Garland of Golden Roses, from the edition of 1659, Part 2, edited by Chappel.

38. 6d.
THE Affectionate Shepherd, by Richard Barnfield, 1594, edited by Halliwell. 38.
SCOTTISH Traditional Verses of Ancient Ballads, edited by J. H. Dixon. 4s.6d.
LIFE and Martyrdom of Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, by Robert of Glon-

cester, now first printed, edited by Black. 58.
HAWE'S (Stephen) Pastime of Pleasure, an Allegorical Poem, reprinted from the edition

of 1555. 68. 6d. THE CIVIC GARLAND, a Collection of Songs from London Pageants, edited by Fair

holt. 48. INTRODUCTION to the Seven Sages, by Wright. 38. HEYWOOD'S (John) Dialogue on Wit and Folly, now first printed, with an Account of

that Author and his Dramatic Works, by Fairholt. 48. DENHAM'S Collection of Proverbs and Popular Sayings, on the Seasons, Weather

&c. 38.



FRASER, (J. B.) An Historical and Descriptive Account of Persia, from

the Earliest Ages to the Present Time : with a detailed View of its Resources, Government, Population, Natural History, and the Character of its Inhabitants, particularly of the Wandering Tribes; including a De

scription of Affghanistan and Beloochistan. 12mo, 38. 6d. Edin., 1834 PORTER, (Sir R. K.) Travels in Georgia, Persia, Armenia, Ancient Babylon, &c. 2 vols. 4to.

London, 1821 RICH, (C. J.) Narrative of a Residence in Koordistan, and on the site of ancient Nineveh, etc. 2 vols. 8vo, 30s.

London, 1836 Narrative of a Journey to the Site of Babylon in 1811, etc. 8vo, 218.

1839 FRASER, (J. B.) Travels and Adventures in the Persian Provinces South of the Caspian. 4to.

London, 1826 MORIER, (J.) Journeys through Persia, &c. 2 vols. 4to, £7.

1812-16 DE BODE, (C. A.) Travels in Lauristan and Arabistan. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1844 BRYDGES, (SIR H. J.) Transactions of Mission in Persia, 1807-11, with a brief History of the Wahauby. 2 vols. 8vo.

London, 1834 ATKINSON, (J.) Customs and Manners of the Women of Persia, and their Domestic Superstitions. Transl. from the Persian. 8vo, 58.

London, 1832 (Oriental Translation Fand.) FOWLER, (G.) Three Years in Persia. 2 vols. sm. 8vo.

1841 See BUCKINGHAM's Travels. L'Univers Pittoresque, etc


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MALCOLM, (Sir J.) History of Persia from the most early period to the present time, etc. 2 vols. 4to.

London, 1815 SILVESTRE DE SACY. Mémoires sur diverses antiquités de la Perse, et sur les médailles

des rois de la dynastie des Sassanides, suivis de l'histoire de cette dynastie, trad. da persan de Mirkhond. 4to, pl., f.15.

Paris, 1793 ABOUL' KASIM FIRDOUSI. Le Livre des rois, publie, traduit et commenté par M. Jules Mohl. vols. 1-2, folio, f.16.

Paris, 1838–42 HISTORY OF HYDER NAIK, written by Meer Hussein Ali Khan Kirmani. Transl. by Col. W. Myles. 8vo, 168.

London, 1842 (Oriental Translation Fund.) THE SIGAR-UL-MUTARHERIN; a History of the Mohammedan Power in India, during the last Century, by Mir Gholam Hussein-Khan. Revised and edited by General Briggs. 8vo, vol. 1-, 143. (Oriental Transl. Fund.)

London, 1832 MIRKHOND. History of the Early Kings of Persia, transl. from the Persian by D. Shea. roy. 8vo, 103. (Oriental Transl. Fund.)

London, 1833 RASCHID-ELDIN. Histoire des Mongols de Perse, edit. par M. E. Quatremère. vol. 1, folio.

Paris, 1836. HISTOIRE des Mongols, depuis les temps les plus reculés jusqu'à Tamerlan, traduite du persan de Khondemir. Par M. Grigorieff. 8vo.

St. Petersburgh, 1834

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GROTEFEND, (G. F.) Beiträge zur Erlänt. d. perseopol. Keilschrift. 4to, 48.

Hanov., 1837
Beiträge zur Erläut. d. babylonischen Keilschrift. 4to, 48.

Hanor., 1840 LASSEN, (C.) Die Altpersischen Keilenschriften v. Persepolis. 8vo. Bonn, 1836

0. WESTERGAARD (N. L.) Uber die Keilenscriften der ersten und zweiten Gattung. 8vo.

Bonn, 1845 Zeitschrift für die Kunde des Morgenlandes. vols. 1-2 Gotting. and Bonn, 1837– HOLTZMANN, (A.) Beiträge zur Erklärung der persischen Keilenschriften. Part 1, 8vo, 48.

Carlsr., 1845 BURNOUF, (A.) Commentaire sur le Yaçna, l'un des livres religenx des Parses, etc. vol. 1-, parts 1-2, f.65.

Paris, 1833 CUNNINGHAM on the Coins of Alexander's Successors in the East. Journal Asiatique.

Journal of the Royal Geographical Society, vols. 9, 10. Syro-Egyptian Society of London. Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, vol. 10. Journal of Asiatic Society of Bengal, vol. 9.


W.) Grammar of the Persian Language, with additions. by the Rev. Samuel
Lee. 8vo, 218.

London, 183 IBRAHIM, (MEERZA M.) A Grammar of the Persian Language, etc. 4to.

1843 FORBES & ARNOT. A New Grammar of the Persian Language. 8vo.

1898 ANDREW, (w.) A Comprehensivs Synopsis of the Elements of Persian Grammar, with some remarks on Arabic. 4to.

London, 1830 BALLANTYNE, (J.; Catechism of Persian Grammar. Amo.

1843 VULLERS, (J. A.) Institutiones linguæ Persicæ cum Sanscrita et Zendica lingua comparatæ. 8vo.

Gissa, 1840 POSSART, (P. A. T.) Grammatik der persischen Sprache, nebst vergleichender Berück

sichtigung der mit den Persischen verwandten Sprachen, namentlich des Sanskrit und des Slavischen, and mit einem Anhange zum Uebersetzen, sowohl aus dem Deutschen ins Persische als aus dem Persischen ins Deutsche. 8vo.

Leipzig, 1834

SPIEGEL, (F.) Chrestomathia Persica, cum glossar. 8vo, 135. 6d.



RICHARDSON, (J.) Dictionary, Persian, Arabic, and English, revised and enlarged by
Sir Charles Wilkins and F. Johnson. 4to.

London, 1829 - A Vocabulary, Persian, Arabic, and English, abridged from Richardson's Dictionary, edited by Wilkins & Hopkins. 8vo.

London, 1840 BARETTO, (J.) Dictionary of the Persian and Arabic Languages. 2 vols. Sro.

Calcutta, 1804 ROUSSEAU, (S.) A Vocabulary of the Persian Language in Two Parts, Persian and English, and English and Persian.

London, 1802 A VOCABULARY, English and Persian. For the College at Fort William, in Bengal. 4to.

Calcutta, 1800 THE SEVEN SEAS, a Dictionary and Grammar of the Persian Language, by his Majesty the King of Oude : in Seven Parts. 2 vols. folio.

Lucknou, 1822 BOORHANI QATIU, a Dictionary of the Persian Language explained in Persian, etc., etc., arranged by Thos. Roebuck. 4to.

Calcutta, 1818 QUSELEY,(W.) Persian Miscellanies : an Essay to facilitate the reading of Persian MSS.,

with Engraved Specimens, Philological Observations and Notes, Critical and Historical. 4to.

London, 1795 ROUSSEAU, (8.) The Flowers of Persian Literature, containing extracts from the most

celebrated Authors in Prose and Verse; with a translation into English: being a Companion to Sir Wm. Jones's Persian Grammar. 4to.

London, 1801 SELECTIONS, from the Bostân of Sâdi, for the use of Students, by F. Falconer. 16mo.

London, 1838 LITERATURE.

HAMMER, (J. von.) Geschichte der Schönen Redekünste Persiens. 4to. Wien, 1818
CHODZKO. Specimens of the Popular Poetry of Persia, as found in the Adventares and

Improvisations of Kurroglou, Bandit Minstrel of Northern Persia ; and in the Songs
of the People inhabiting the shores of the Caspian Sea. Orally collected and translated,
with Philological and Historical Notes. 8vo, 158.

London, 1842
(Oriental Translation Fund.)
COSTELLO, (Miss.) The Rose Garden of Persia: a Series of Translations from the
Persian Poets. 8vo, with borders printed in gold and colours, 188.; morocco, 31s. 61.

London, 1845
QUSELY, (81R G.) Biographical Notices of Persian Poets, with Critical and Explanatory
Remarks. Edited, with a Memoir, by the Rev. J. Reynolds.

London, 1646
(Oriental Translation Fund.)
AYEEN AKBERY. Institutes of the Emperor Akber. Transl. from the Persian, by
Gladwin. 2 vols. 8vo.

Londra, 1800 THE SHAH NAMEH of the Persian Poet Firdansi ; translated and abridged in Prose and Verse, with Notes and Illustrations, by James Atkinson. 8vo, 158. London 1832

(Oriental Translation Fund.) THE DABISTAN, or School of Manners. Translated from the Persian by D. Shea and A. Troyer. 3 vols. 8vo. .

London, 1843 (Oriental Translation Fund.) PRACTICAL PHILOSOPHY of the Mohammedan People, exhibited in its professed

connexion with the European, so as to render either an Introduction to the other, being a translation of the Akhlak-i-Jalaly, the most esteemed ethical Work of middle Asia, from the Persian of Fakir Jany Muhammed Assüad, with Notes and References, by W. F. Thompson. 8vo, 158.

London, 1839 (Oriental Translation Fund.)

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III. LANGUAGE.-(Continued.)

THE SHAH NAMEH; an heroic Poem: containing the History of Persia from the

earliest times to the conquest of that empire by the Arabs : illustrated by a copious glossary of obsolete words and obscure idioms; an introduction and life of the author in Per

sian and English, and an Appendix, by Turner Macan. 4 vols. 8vo. Calcutta, 1829 VULLERS, (J. A.) Chrestomathia schahnamiana, in usum scholarum editit, annot. et gloss. locupleti instruxit. 8vo.


FIELDING, (T. H.) Synopsis of Practical Perspective, Lineal and Aerial ;

with Remarks on Sketching from Nature, &c., &c. 3d edition, royal 8vo, 19 plates

London, 1843 ADHÉMAR, (I.) Traité de perspective lineare. 8vo, et atlas de 62 planches. f.20.

Paris. JOPLING, (J.) The Practice of Isometrical Perspective. 3 plates, and 173 diagrams, 58.

London, 1842 PERU.

PRESCOTT, (W. H.) History of the Conquest or Peru. 2 vols. 8vo, portraits.

New-York, 1847 TSCHUDI, (J. J. von.) Travels in Peru during the Years 1838–1842, on

the Coast, in the Sierra, across the Cordilleras and the Andes, into the Primeval Forests. Translated from the German by Thomasina Ross. 8vo, 12s. .

London, 1847 (Reprinted, New-York, W. & P.) SMITH, (A.) Peru as it is, during a Residence of Ten Years. 2 vols. sm. 8vo, 108.

London, 1839 ZARATE. (A. DE.) Histoire de la découverte et de la conquête du Pérou, trad. de l'éspagnol par De Broő. 2 vols. 8vo.

Paris, 1831 GARCILASSO DE LA VEGA. Historia General del Peru. 13 vols. 18mo. Madrid, 1800

ULLOA's Voyage to South America. EDWARDS' Voyage up the Amazon. Jour

nal of the Geographical Society: SAVAGE's Amazonian Republic. STEVENson's Account of South America. McCullocu's Gazetteer. STEVENSON's Residence in Peru, &c.



MALLAT, (J.) Les Philippines. Histoire, Géographie, Mæurs, Agricul

ture, Industrie, et Commerce, des Colonies Espagnols dans l'Oceanie. 2

vols. 8vo, and atlas folio of maps, plates, &c., col., 308. . Paris, 1846 ZUNIGA, (M. DE.) Historical View of the Philippine Islands. Transl. by Maver. 2 vols. 8vo.

London, 1814 COMYN, (TOMAS DE.) Estado de las Islas Filipinas en 1810, brevemente descrito. 4to.

Madrid, 1820 Translation of the above, by Wm. Walton. 8vo.

London, 1821 ESTADO de la Poblation, &c., de las Islas Filipinas correspondente a el Año de 1818.

Manila, 1820 LANGUAGE.

BOPP, (F.) Die Verwandschaft der malayisch-polynesischen Sprachen mit den Indo-Europäischen. 4to, 10s. 6d.

Berlin, 1841 ALTER, (F. C.) Ueber die Tagalische Sprache. 8vo.

Wien, 1803 SAN AUGUSTIN, (G. DE.) Compendio de la arte de la lengua tagala. 4to. Manila, 1751 NOCEDA, (P. J.) Vocabolario de la lingua tagala. folio.

1754 JACQUET, (M. E.) Considérations sur les alphabets des Philippines. 8vo. Paris, 1831

(Extr. du Nouv. Journal Asiatque.) See BERGHAUS's Asien. Moor's Malayan Archipelago. MEYEx's Reise um die



ENGLEMANN, 'W.) Bibliotheca Philologica ; oder Verzeichniss derjenigen Grammati

ken, Wörtenbücher, &c., welche zam Studium der Greichischen, Lateinischen, u. Orientalischen Sprachen gehören, &c. Pe auf. 8vo.

Leipzig, 1840

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