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BOTTICHER, (W.) Carthage.

BOCCHARDAT, Materia Medica, 235. Natural Norway (I. Travels), Russia, 296.
Philosophy, 250.

BRETT, (F.) India, Diseases of, 233.
BOUCHARLAT, (M.) Calculus, 215.

BREWER, (W.) Military Surgery.
BOUCHER DE LA RICHARDERIE Voyages. BREWSTER, (D.) Electricity, 125. Magic.
BOUCHER (J.) England (III. Language), 140.

Magnetism. Microscope, 248. Optics.
BOUCHETTE, (Col.) America (IV. British). BRLAND, (J.) Forensic Medicine.

Bright and Addison. Medicine, 236
BOUDIN. Climate, 326.

Britton, (J.) BOUGAINVILLE, (DE.) Voyages and Travels.

Architeciure (III. General Treatises). BOUE, (A.) Ottoman Empire, 271.

BROACKES, (W.) Skin, 241.
BOUNAFEDE, (A.) Philosophy (I. History), 281. BROCKEDON, (W.) Italy (I. Geography.)
BOUILLAND, (J.) Heart, 231. Nosography, 238. BROCKETT, (J. T.)

England (III. Language), 141.
BOURIENNE, (F. DE.) France (A. History),

BRODERIP, (W. J.) Natural Histary, 256. BOUTERWEK, (F.) Æsthetics. Literary His- BRODIE, (W.) Nero-Zealand.

tory, 206. Spain (III. Literature), 308. BRODIE, (P. B.) Paleontology. BOURDON, (M.) Algebra, Arithmetic, 214. BRODIE, (B. C.) Joints, 234. Nerves, 238. BOURDONNAIS, (L. C.) Chess, 96.

Urinary Organs, 244, Bourns, (C.) Engineering, 129.


Botany, 77. Fossil dv., 78. Fungi. BOURDALOUE. Euvres Completes. 5 vols. 8vo, f.20. Paris. BROGNIART, (A.) Porcelain Manufacture. 18 vols. 19mo, 8.25.

BROOKE, (Miss C.) Ballads (Irish), 63. BOUSMARD. Fortification.

BROOKE, (C.) Mathematics (Formule), 216. BOUTELL, (C.) Monuments, 252.

BROOKES, (8. A.) Architecture (VII. Civil). BOUVIER, (P. L.) Painting (II. History), 272. Brooks, (W. A.) Rivers. BowdiTCH, (M.) Navigation.

BROSSET, (M.) Georgia (II. Language.)
BOWDITCH, (C. E.) Ashantee.

BROTONNE, (F. de.) Civilization.
Bowes, (Sir Geo.) England (II. History), 136. BROUGHAM, (LORD.)
Bowman, (I.) Architecture (VI. Gothic, &c.) British Constitution. 8vo, 38. 6d.
BOWRING, (J.) Ballads (Spanish, Bohemian, Decisions in Chancery, 1833–35.

roy. Bvo, Servian, Dutch, &c.), 65, 66. Bohemian Lit

248. Russia (III. Literature), 297.

Discourse on Natural Theology.

- on the objects, &c., of Science. BOYD, (C.) Turkish Language.

Lives of Men of Letters, &c., George III. BOYD, (Bir W.) Literary History, 206.

roy. 8vo, 21s. BOWYER, (G.) Constitution, English, 109.

Opinions on Politics, &c. 8vo, 123. BOYLE, (J.) Joints.

Political Philosophy. 3 vols. 8vo, 218.

Sketches of Statesmen of George III. BRADDOCK, (J.) Gunpowder.

Speech on the Laws. 8vo. 48. 6d. BRADFORD, (A. W.)

Speeches and Writings, Selections from. America, N., (Antiquities).

8vo, 78, 6d. BRADLEY, (F.) Geometry, 216.

Speeches at the Bar, and in Parliament. 4

vols. Sro, 488. BRADLEY, (G.) Stenography.

Aristocracy. Constitution. Democracy. BRADI.EY, (J.)

Works and Correspondence, by Rigaud. 638.

Brouissais, (C.)

Medicine (I. Bibliography), 219.
BRADY, (J.) Calendar.

BROUssais, (F. J. V.) Inflammation, 233. BRAGGE, (Fr.) Works, 5 vols. 8vo, 328. Oron. BRAIM. Australia (II. History.)

BROUWER, (P. V. L.) Greece (II. History.) Brand, (J.) England (I. Geography, fc.), 130. Brown, (C. A.) Shakspeare (Poems), 303.

Brown, (R.) Architecture (VI. Gothic), &c. BRANDT, (J. F.) Anatomy, Comp., 222, 223.

BROWN, (T.) Conchology. Taridermy.
Architecture (VÍ. Gothic, &c.).

BROWN, (T.) Ethics. Philosophy (II. Modern

Systems), 281. BRANDE, (W. T.) Materia Medica, 235.

Brown, (W.) Nero-Zealand. BRANTOME. Euvres complètes. 8 vols. 8vo, f.48.

Paris, 1824 BROWNE, (A.) Mathematics (III.), 215. BRANTOME, (P. de.) France (II. History), 152. BROWNE, (D. J.)

America (V. Natural History), 2. BRAYLEY and BRITTON. London, 207.

BROWNE, (J.) Scotland (Highlands), 302. BREE, (S. C.) Engineering, 128.

BROWNE, (J. R.) Whale Fishery. BRAID, (J.) Mesmerism, 237.

BROWNE, (Sir Thos.) BRARD, (C. P.) Mineralogy, 250.

Works, by Wilkins. 4 vols. 8vo, 318. 6d. BRESCHET. Electricity, 125.


BROWNING, (R.) Poems. 12mo and 8vo, Denmark (II. Language).

228. 6d.



BRUCE, (J.) Abyssinia.

BURKE, (J.) Chivalry. Heraldry, 181.
BRUFF, (P.) Engineering, 129.

BURMEISTER, (H.) Entomology, 143.
BRUILLOT, (F.) Arts, Fine (II. History). BURMANN. Anthology, (Latin.)
BRUNET, (M. J.) Artillery (I. History). BURNES, (A.) Bokhara.

BURKE, (T.) Obstetrics, 238.
Bibliography (II. General Treatises).

BURNE, (J.) Constipation, 26.
BRUTO, (G. M.) Florence, 148.

BURN, (Capt.) Military Art, 249.
BRYAN, (M.) Painting (II. History), 272.

BURNET, (Bp.) England (II. History), 137.

BURNET, (J.) Colour. Painting, 271.
Anti-Critic. 8vo. 218.
Autobiography, Times, &c. ? vols. 8vo, 288. BURNEY, (J.) Buccaneers. South Seas.
Bertram: a Poetical Tale. 12mo, 58. BURNEY, (C.) Music (I. History), 253.
Cimelia. Evo, 218.

BURNOUF, (E.) Buddhism. Hindostan, 185.
Imaginative Biography. 2 vols. 12mo, 218. Persia (II. Antiquities), 277.
Letters from the Continent. 8vo, 12s.
- on the Character of Lord Byron. 12mo, Burns, (J.) Obstetrics, 238. Surgery, 243.
10s. 6d.

Moral Axioms for the Young. 18mo, 3s. 6d. Life of, by Lockhart. 12mo, 6s, 6d.
Note on the Suppression of Memoirs. 8vo,

78. 6d.

Life and Works, by Currie. 18mo, 58.
Recollections of Foreign Travel. 2 vols.

Works. 75 plates. 2 vols. 4to, 50s.
12mo, 188.

Virtue, London.
Ruminator, a Series of Essays. 2 vols.

roy. 8vo, 33 plates, 188.
12mo, 188.

roy. Evo, 58 plates, 238.
Theatrum Poetarom Anglicanorum. 8vo, 218. Life, &c, by Cunningham. 8 vols. 12mo,
Tragic Tales. 2 vols. 12mo.

BRYDGES, (H, J.) Persia (I. Travels).

roy. Evo, 10s, 6d.

Works, Life, &c., by Currie, ed. by G. Burns.
Buch, (L. von.) Canary Isles.

5 vols. 8vo, 468. 6d.
BUCHAN, (P.) Ballads (Scotch), 64.

5 vols. 12mo, 258.
BUCHANAN, (D.) Commerce.

3 vols. 12mo, 158. Pickering, London.
BUCHANAN, (J.) American Indians.

BURR, (L, D.) Engineering, 128.
BUCHANAN, (W.) Technology.

Burrows, (G.) Brain, 224.
BUCHANAN, (R.) Mill-Work.

Burton, (E.) Rome (I. Topography), 294.
BUCHEZ, (M.) Philosophy (II. Ger man), 283.

BURAT, (A.) Geology, 168. Mineralogy, 950.
Buchez, (P. J. B.) History, 187.

BURTON, (T.) England (II. History), 137.
BUCHEz et Roux. France (II. History), 154. Burton, (W. W.) Australia (I. Geography).

Busby, (T.) Music (I. History), 253.
America (IV. British). Assyria.

Bussy et BOUTRON-CHALARD. Pharmacy, 239.
BUCKLAND, (Dr.) Bridgewater Treatise. Ge-

BUTLER. Atlases, Geographical.
ology, 168. Paleontology.
BUDD, (G.) Liver, 235.

Busk, (Mrs.)

Portugal. Spain (II. History), 307.
BUDGE, (J.) Mining, 250.

BUSHNAN, (J. S.) Hydropathy, 232.

Euvres complètes. 40 vols. 8vo, 760 pl.. Buxtorf, (J.) Aramean Language.

Paris, 1824 BUTTMAN, (P.) Greece (III. Literature, &c.),
fig. coloriées, f.300..

176. Mythology, 254.
Buisson, (F.) Bile, PA.

Byres, (J.) Etruria.
BULL, (T.) Children, 225. Pregnancy, 240. BUTLER, (SAML.)
BULAU, (F.) Germany (II. History).

Hudibras, with Notes by Nash. 12mo, plates.
BULLOCK, (W.) Merico, 247.

New-York, D. A. & Co., 1846

Poems. See Aldine Poets.
BULLER, (J. & H.) Azores.
BUNSEN, (C. C. J.)

Egypt (II. History), 122. Rome, 294.

Works, complete in 1 vol. 8vo, plates.
BUNTING, (E.) Ballads (Irish), 63, 195.

Nere-York, D. A & Co., 1847

Life and Correspondence, by Thos. Moore.
BURCKHARDT, (G. E.) Mythology, 355.

roy. 8vo, 158.


Life by Jno. Galt. 2mo, 6s.
Abyssinia (I. Geography). Arabia (I. Ge- Childe Harold. 60 vignettes. roy. 8vo, 218.
ography). Egypt (II. History, &c.), 122.

Works. 17 vols. 12mo, plates, 858. London.
BURGON, (J. W.) England (II. History), 135. - 10 vols. 18mo, plates, 258.

- 8 vols. 8vo, 848.

Illastrations to Life and Works.' 2 vok. roy.
Life of, by Prior. 8vo. 98.

8vo, 638.

Speeches in Parliament. 4 vols. 8vo.
Wisdom and Genius of, with Life by P. CABANIS, (P. J. G.)
Burke. Evo, 108. 60.

Euvres complètes et inédites, accompagnées

2 vols. imp. 8vo. 308. London. d'une notice sur sa vie et ses ou vrages par
Correspondence, ed. by Ld. Fitzwilliam. 4 Thurut. 5 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1893-45
vols. 8vo, 488.

London, 1844

Man, 211.


Memoirs of, by N. Biddle. 890, 10$.

Chess. Bibliography. Dante.

London, 1837 CANDOLLE, (A. P. de.)
Memoirs, with a Review of the History of

Botany, 77. Medical do., 78.
Maritime Discovery : illustrated by Docu- CANINA, (L.) Architecture (V. Roman).
ments from the Rolls. By D. B. Warden. CANNING, (Geo.)

London, 1831

Life, by J. Styles. 2 vols. sm. 8vo, 218.
CABRERA, (Dr. F. P.) Guatemala.

CABRIE. Ballads (French), 66.

Memoirs of, by Rede. 8vo, 12s. 6d.

Political Life of, by Stapleton, 3 vols. 8vo, 388.
CÆDMON on the Scriptures, with translation by

Thorpe, roy. 8vo, 2is. Pickering, London.

Speeches and Memoirs. 6 vols. 8vo, 72s. “
CAERNARVON, (Earl.) Portugal, 289.


Memoirs of, by J. S. Memes. 8vo, 158.

Works of, by Moses. 3 vols. imp. 8vo.
Commentarii cura Hunter, 2 vols. sm. 8vo,

Canova et ses Ouvrages, ou mémoires histor.

- edente Mattiare. 12mo, 5s, 6ch

sur la vie et les travaux de ce célebre artiste,

par M. Quatremère de Quincy. Svo
-editit Oberlinus. 8vo, 16s.

Paris, 1834
– in usum Delphini. 8vo, 12s.

CANTU, (C.) History, 186.
— with English Notes, by Barker. 8vo, 6s. 6d.


CAPE, (J.)
Prendeville. 12mo, 58, 6d.

Mathematical Tables, Logarithms, &c. roy.
8vo, los.


Mathematics, 213.
- recens. et illost. C, E, E. Schneider.
Pars 1. de bello Gallico. 8vo, 7s. 6d. CAPEFIGUE, (M.) Diplomacy. Europe. France

Hal., 1840 (II. History), 151, 152, 153, 154. North men.
de bello Gallico, gramm. krit. erläut. v. C. CAPMANY, Spain (III. Language), 309.
G. Herzog. 8vo, 138, 6d. Lips., 1834

CARADOC. Wales (II. History).
- de bello civili, gramm. krit. erläut. v. C. G.

Herzog. Svo, 10s. 6d. Lips., 1835 CARAMAN. Philosophy (II. France), 282.

CARDWELL, (E.) Numismatics, 263.
Abyssinia. Egypt (I. Geographg. II. His-CARENA, (G.) Italy (III. Language), 198.

CAREY, (F. & W.)
CAILLE, (R.) Africa (I. Geography).

Bengali Language. Mahratta Language,
CALAMY, (E.) Life and Times, 2 vols. 8vo, 328. CAREY, (H.) England (II. History), 136.


CARLISLE, (N.) Chivalry.

CARLYLE, (J. D.) Arabia (III. Language).
Las Comedias, publ, p. J. J. Keil. 4 vols.
roy. 8vo, 638.

Leipzig, 1827-30

CARLYLE, (Thos.)
Chartism. 12mo.

N. Y., W. & P.
CALDERON de la BARCA, (Mme.) Mexico, 247.

Critical and Miscellaneous Essays. 5 vols.
CALLAWAY, (J.) Ceylon (II. Language).

12mo, 358.


Hist. of French Revolution: 3 vols. 12mo.
CALLERY, (J. M.) China (III. Language), 98.

2 vols, 12mo.

N. Y., W. & P.
CALLCOTT, (Mrs.) Arts, Fine (IL History). Heroes and Hero Worship. 12mo.
CALLIERES, (M. DE.) Diplomacy, 116.

N. Y., W. & P.

Past and Present. 12mo.

Sartor Resartus. J2mo.
Hecale, fragra. coll. et disp. A. F. Naeke.
8vo, 78. 60.

Bonn., 1845

Life of Schiller. 12mo. N. Y., D. A. & Co.
CAMDEN, (W.) England (I. Geography), 130.

England (II. History), 137. France (II.

History), 153.

CARMICHAEL, (R.) Venereal Disease, 345.
Poems of, translated, with Remarks on his CARNE-MARSIN. Europe (History of), 146.
Life and Writings by Lord Strangford: Carnot. Fortification. Mathematics, 215, 216.

London, 1805
The Lusiad, transl. by Miekle. 2 vols. 8vo. CARPMAEL, (W.) Patents.

London, 1798CARPENTER, (W. B.) Astronomy (II. General
Os Lusiadas. Nova ediçao segunda a do M. Trentises). Botany. Horology. Physiology,

Matteus, cum notas et vida pelo Dr. C. L. 240.

de Moura. 12mo, 48. 6d. Paris, 1847 Carr, (T. S.) Mythology, 354.
CAMPAN, (Mme.) France (II. History), 153.

CARREL, (A.) England (II. History), 137.
CAMPBELL, (J.) Ceylon (I. Geography, &c.).

CARRERA, (D. P.) Chess, 96.
CAMPBELL, (J.) Consumption, 226.

CARRICK, (J. D.) Scotland (II. History), 301.
CAMPBELL, (Lord.) England (1l. History), 132. CARTER, (J.) Architecture (VI. Gothic. VII.

Civil). Sculpture.
Poetical Works 18mo, plates.

CARTER, (0. B.) Glass Painting.

N. Y., D. A. & Co
Poems 12mo, 8s.; 8vo, plates, 21s.

CARUS, (C. G.) Craniology.

London. Casiri, (M.) Arabia (III. Language), 1.
England (III. Literature), 139. Poctry, 285. CASPARI, (C. P.) Arabia (III. Language), 2.
CAMPBELL, ( .) Telinga Language.

CASTELLI, (E.) Aramean Language. Arabia
CANUS, (A. G.) Lar, 204,

(III. Language), 2.

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CASTELNAU, (F. de.) Geology, 168.

CASTELVERD, (E. de.) France (I. Geography),

England (III. Language), 139.
150. Military Art, 249.

CHAPUY. Arts, Decorative, &c.
CASTELNAU, (G. de.) Russia (II. History), 297. CHARLEVOIX, (P.) Hayti. Japan, 199.
Castillo, (Bernal-Diaz.)

CHARPENTIER, (E. A.) Gunnery.
Merico (II. History), 248.

CHARPENTIER, (J. P.) Literary History, 206.
CASTLE, (H. J.) Engineering, 129.

CHATER, (J.) Ceylon (II. Langnage).
Castle, (T.) Surgery, 243. Toxicology, 244. ChateauNEUF, (A. de.)

Architecture (VII. Civil).
Opere, che contiene, gli Animali parlanti, le

Novelle galanti, il Poema Tartaro, poesie Anglo-Norman Literature.
liriche e drammatiche. 8vo, f.20.

Parigi, 1837 CHATHAM, (LORD.)

Correspondence. 4 vols. 8vo. London.

Life, by Thackery. 2 vols. 4to.
Carmina, annot. perpet. illust. F. G. H. Doer-
ing. Evo, 6s. 6d.

Alt., 1834 CHATTERTON, (Tros.)
Poems of, with Notes by Geo. Lamb. 2 vols. Life, by J. Dix. 12mo, 68.

London. Poetical Works. 2 vols. 12mo, 98.
Catullas, Tibullus, et Propertius. 48mo, 48. CHAUCER, (G.)

Pickering Poetical Works, by Tyrwhitt. roy. 8vo, 16s.
CATLIN, (G.) American Indians.

Moxon, London.
Carlow, (A.) Conchology.

– by Nicolas. 3 vols. sm. 8vo, 315. 6.
Cauchy, (A. F.) Calculus, 215.

Pickering, London, 1846

with Life, by Singer. 5 vols. 12mo, 30s.
CAULFIELD, (J.) England (II. History), 136.

CAVALCANTI, (G.) Florence, 148.

Modernized by Wordsworth and others.
12mo, 58.

CAVELER, (W.) Architecture (VI. Gothic).

Canterbury Tales. 5 vols. sm. 8vo, 52s. 61.
CAVENDISH, (G.) England (II. History), 136.

Pickering, London.

Riches of, by C. Cowden Clarke. 2 vols.
England (II. History), 137.

12mo, 148.

Caylus, (A. C. P.) Antiquities.

Tales from, by ditto. '56.
CAZAL, (A. DE.) Brazil (I. Geography).

CHAUDOIR, (S. de.) Russia (II. History), 297,
CAZENOVE, (J.) Political Economy, 287.

CHAVANNES, (de) China (II. History), 97.


Children, 25. Pregnancy, 940.
CENNI. Fresco Painting.

CHELIUS, (J. M.) Surgery, 242.
CENNINI, (C.) Fresco Painting. Painting, 272.


Obras escojidas : por D. Augustin Garcia de CHERBULIEZ, (A. E.) Democracy.

Arrieta. 10 vols. 32mo, f.25. Paris, 1836 Chenu, (M.) Conchology, 109. Natural His-

Don Quixotte. Various editions.
CHADWICK, (E.) Health, Public, 231. Torons. CHESTERFIELD, (LORD.)
CHAILLY. Obstetrics, 238.

Miscellaneous Works. 4 vols. 8vo, 24s.


Letters, edited by Lord Mahon. 4 vols. 8vo,
Euvres complètes. 5 vols. 8vo, vignettes, f.55.



Diary and Correspondence. Avo, 148
20 vols. 8vo, f.75.
23 vols. 8vo, 30 pl., s.115.

Letters to his Son. 3 vols. 12mo, 138. 6

36 vols. 8vo, 90 pl., f.288. .

CHEVALLIER, (C.) Microscope.
CHALMERS, (Dr.) Bridgewater Treatise.

CHEVALLIER et [Dt. Pharmacy, 240.
CHALMERS, (G.) Scotiand (II. History), 301.

Philosophy (II. German), 283.


Materia Medica.
CHAMBERS, (R.) Ballads (Scotch). Biography,
72. England (IUI. Language), 138. Scotland, CHEVENARD, (A.) Arts, Decoratite, dc.
301, 302

CHEYNE, (J.) Insanity, 233.
CHAMBERS, (W.) Architecture (VII. Civil).

CHAMISSO, (A.) New Zealand. Polynesia, 288. Chromatography. Dyeing.
CHAMPAGNY. Rome (II. History), 295.

CHISHOLM, (C.) Diseases of India, 233.
CHAMPOLLION FIGEAC. Antiquities. Egypt CHITTY, (J.) Commercial Law.
(II. History), 122. Palæography.

CHLADINI. Acoustics.
CHAMPOLLION, (Le jeune.) Egypt (I. Geogra- Chodzko, (A.) Ballads (Persian), 67. Persia
phy. II. History. III. Language).

(III. Literature).
CHANDLER, (Rev. R.) Asia Minor.

CHAPMAN, (E. J.) Mineralogy, 250.

Cotton and Linen Manufacture.
CHAPMAN, (F. H.) Ship-Building.

CHAPMAN, (H. C.) Ship-Building.

CHORLEY, (H. F.) Music, 253.
CHAPMAN, ( .) Drawing.

CHOULANT. Oraniology (Bibliog.).

tory, 256.


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CHRISTISON, (R.) Forensic Medicine, 149. COLDEN. (C.) American Indians.

Toricology, 244, Kidneys, 235. Pharmacy, COLE, (H.) Drawing. 239.

COLEBROOKE, (T. H.) Miscellaneous Essays. 2 CHRISTMAS, (H) Mythology, 254. Rome, 295. vols. 8vo, 218,

London. CHRISTY, (J.) Sculpture.

COLEMAN, (C.) Hindostan, 185. CHURCHILL, (F.) Obstetrics, 238. Pregnancy, COLERIDGE, (H.) Biography, 72. 240. Women, Diseases of, 245.

COLERIDGE, (H. N.) Classics (I. Introductions). CICERO, Life, by Middleton, roy. 8vo, 9s.


Moxon, London. Aids to Reflection, ed. by H. N. Coleridge. 2 Life and Letters, by Middleton Melmoth. vols. 12mo, 10s. Pickering. London. roy. Evo, 16s.

Moxon, London. Church and State, and Lay Sermons. 12mo, Opera omnia, ed. J. C. Orellius et J. G. Baiter.

78. 6d.

Pickering, London. 8 vols, roy. 8vo, £6. Turici, 1826-37 Confessions of an Inquiring Spirit. Lemo, cum var. lect. notis et ind. ed. C. G.

43. 60.

Pickering, London. Schütz. 20 vols. 12mo, £5. 58.

Friend, a Series of Essays. 3 vols. 12mo, Lips., 1814-21 158.

Pickering, London. - ex recens. J. A. Ernesti, ed. C. F. A. Letters, Conversations, and Recollections. Nobbe. 4to, 308.

Lips., 1827

Life, by Gillman. Vol. 1. Hvo, 108. 6d. CIRBIED, (J. C.) Armenia (II. Language).

Pickering, London. CIRCOURT. Spain (II. History), 307.

Literary Remains, ed. by H. N. Coleridge. 4

vols. 8vo, 458. CIYLALE. Lithotomy, &c., 235.

Pickering, London.

Poems. 2mo, 68. CLARENDON, (Lord.)

Poetical and Dramatic Works. 3 vols. 12mo, Life of. 3 vols. 8vo, 31s. 6d.

158. Oron.

Pickering, London. Life and Administration, by Lister. 3 vols. Specimens of the Table Talk of. 12mo.

Statesman's Manual. 8vo.
8vo, 488.

Correspondence with the Earl of Rochester. Biographia Literaria. 12mo.
2 vols. 4to, 638.

N. Y., W. & P., 1847 Essays, Moral and Entertaining. 2 vols, 12mo,

Recollections of, by Cottle. 12mo.

N.Y., W. &. P. Religion and Policy. 2 vols. roy. 8vo, 248.

COLLIER, (J. B.) Ballads (I. English). Drama.

Uron. England (II. History), 136.

COLLEN, (G. W.) England (II. History), 133. CLARIDGE, (R. T.)

COLLING, (J. K.) Architecture (VI. Civil). Hydropathy, 232.

COLLINS, (W.) Poetical Works. Aldine Poets. CLARKE, (Dr. A.) Bibliography (II. Gen. Treatises).

Collis, (J.) Architecture (VII. Civil). CLARKE, (E. D.) Travels in Europe. 11 vols. COLLES. (A.) Venereal Disease, 245. 8vo.

London. COLLOʻT, (A. G.) France (III. Language), 158. Clark, (H.) Heraldry, 180.

COLES, (E.) England (III. Language), 140. CLARK, (B.) Nerdous System, 238.

COLLETTA, (P.) Naples.
CLARK, (J.) Climate, 226. Consumption, 226. COLEY. Children, 225.
CLARKE, (Mrs. C. C.) Concordance (Shak- Colin. Chemistry (III. Applied).

COLLIN DE PLANCY Occult Seiences.
CLARKE, (C. M.) Women, Diseases of, 245.

COLLISON, (G.) Cemetries. CLARUS, (L.) Spain (III. Literature).

COLLOMBET, (F. Z.) Latin Literature, 203. CLAUDEL. Engineering, 129.

COLOMB, (E.) Geology, 168. CLAVIGERO, (F. S.) Mexico (II. History), 248. CoLQUHOUN. Sports and Pastimes. CLEGG, (S. Jr.) Gas Lighting.

COMBE, (A.) Children, 225. Dietetics, 227. CLEGHORN, (J.) Agriculture, Practical,

Digestion, 225.
CLEMENS, (A.) Moldavia and Wallachia, 25). COMBE, (G.) Phrenology, 284.
CLERK, (J.) Naval Tactics,

COMBES. Abyssinia. Egypt (I. Geography). CLINTON, (H. F.) Greece (II. History), 175.

Mining, 250. Rome (IL. History), 295.

COMERFORD, (T.) Ireland (II. History), 194. CLOUGH, (B.) Ceylon (II. Language).

COMINES, (P. de.) France (II. History), 152. CLODIUS, (J. C.) Afghanistan, History of. Comte, (A.) Astronomy (II. Gen. Treatises). CLOQUET, (H.) Anatomy, 220. Hernia, 232.

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243. CLOT BEY, Egypt, Modern, 122.

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