Central Asia: Travels in Cashmere, Little Thibet and Central Asia

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Bayard Taylor
Scribner, 1892 - Asia, Central - 294 pages

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Page 27 - Now, such persons as propose to cross the Desert take a week's rest in this town to refresh themselves and their cattle ; and then they make ready for the journey, taking with them a month's supply for man and beast. On quitting this city they enter the Desert.
Page 52 - Rocks, dens, and caves ! But I in none of these Find place or refuge; and the more I see Pleasures about me, so much more I feel...
Page 60 - ... and a note containing a fresh and still more pressing invitation from his master. Such well-timed civility is irresistible ; his heart and his boots thaw together, and he at once accepts the hospitality of the mokym, who it may be, is awaiting the traveller, with a friendly hug, at the bottom of the pass, two or three days' journey from the city, to which he obsequiously conducts him.
Page 162 - ... and on this account it became necessary to keep armies in such of the provinces as contained large cities and an extensive population, which are stationed at the distance of four or five miles from those cities, and can enter them at their pleasure.
Page 15 - Profiting by these observations, he took care to store his memory or his note books with all curious facts that were likely to interest Kublai, and related them with vivacity on his return to Court. This first journey, which led him through a region which is still very nearly a terra incognita, and in which there existed and still exists, among the deep valleys of the Great Rivers flowing down from Eastern Tibet, and in the rugged mountain ranges bordering Yunnan and...
Page 28 - And sometimes you shall hear the sound of a variety of musical instruments, and still more commonly the sound of drums.
Page 14 - Kublai, after a time, seeing his discretion and ability, began to employ him in the public service. M. Pauthier has found a record in the Chinese annals of the Mongol Dynasty, which states that in the year 1277, a certain Polo was nominated a second-class...
Page 44 - many elevated points of view from which this extraordinary hollow gave me at first sight an idea of its having been originally formed by the falling in of an exhausted volcanic region.
Page 23 - They have an astonishing acquaintance with the devilries of enchantment ; insomuch that they make their idols to speak. They can also by their sorceries bring on changes of weather and produce darkness, and do a number of things so extraordinary that no one without seeing them would believe them.
Page 61 - ... by means of their hands extended under the shawl. When the merchant has completed his purchase, the mokym, who was before so eager to obtain him as a guest, pays him the compliment of seeing him safe to the outside of the city, where he takes leave of him at Chartuval, the very last place within it.

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