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The claims cover

1. The process of producing new sulpho-acids of the general formula

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(in which X represents an aromatic radical) by condensing in aqueous solution one molecule of 1.2. diamidonaphthalene.5.oxy.7.sulpho-acid with two molecules of an aromatic aldehyde.

2. The new sulpho-acids obtained by condensing in aqueous solution one molecule of 1.2-diamidonaphthalene.5.oxy.7.sulpho-acid with two molecules of an aromatic aldehyde, the said substances being powders of a slightly-yellowish tinge insoluble in water, alcohol and ether, soluble in alkalies and being precipitated from these solutions by means of acids.


Notes on Processes

New Colors, etc.

Notes on Processes, New Colors, etc.


Wool has the property of absorbing chlorine very readily and acquires some valuable properties. It was noted by John Mercer, as long ago as 1839, that chlorinated wool has a much greater affinity for dyes than wool that has not been treated, and this property has been much taken advantage of in the dyeing of wool, and in particular in working in conjunction with the range of acid-blacks, and wool dyers should certainly take advantage of this property more than they do at present in working with these blacks.

Another valuable property of which advantage has been largely taken during recent years is that chlorinated wool does not felt so easily as untreated wool, and therefore fabrics and garments prepared with chlorinated wool are unshrinkable, or practically so. The work is not at all difficult, although, like many others, it requires some care and judgment to get the best results.

The process of dealing with 100 pounds of, say, knitted woolen garments is as follows: 4 pounds of good bleaching powder is carefully mixed with 100 gallons of water, well stirred in and allowed to settle, then the clear liquor poured into another vat. It is important that no undissolved particles of bleaching powder be left in. The goods to be made unshrinkable are put into this bath and well handled for 15 to 20 minutes, then taken out and put into a second vat containing 5 pounds hydrochloric acid and 100 gallons of water for ten minutes, after which they are taken out, well rinsed in water and dried. The goods should be

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