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List of Dyestuffs Makers and Methods

List of Dyestuffs, Makers and Methods



(A) Berlin Aniline Works, 213–215 Water St., New York; 122 Walnut St., Philadelphia; 124 Pearl St., Boston; 208 Kinzie St., Chicago; 9 E. Pearl St., Cincinnati; 27 S. Tryon St., Charlotte, N. C. American agents for the Actiengesellschaft für Anilinfabrikation in Berlin.

(A A C) American Color & Chemical Co., Albany, N. Y. Agent (At). Consolidated with H. R. W.

(A C) Anchor Color Mfg. Co., 462 Cherry St., New York.

(A M) Actiengesellschaft für Chemische Industrie, Mannheim, Germany.

(Ash) T. C. Ashley & Co., 145 Milk St., Boston.

(At) F. E. Atteaux & Co., 176 Purchase St., Boston; 176 Fulton St., New York; 17 Kinzie St., Chicago; West Fulton St., Gloversville, N. Y.; 53 Colborne St., Toronto, Ontario; 15 Lemoine St., Montreal, P. Q.

(B) Badische Anilin und Sodafabrik, Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Germany. Agent (PK).

(B A Co.) British Alizarine Co., Ltd., Silverton, Victoria Docks, London, England. Agent (Bch).

(Bai) Bairstow & Co., 211 Pearl St., New York.
(BCF) Basler Chemische Fabrik, Basel, Switzerland.

(Bch) Beach & Co., Hartford, Conn. Agents for (B A Co.). (Br S), (EFW), (Grie) and (Rh).

(Bd) J. A. & W. Bird & Co., 43 Cedar St., New York. Agents for (ClCo) and (LD).

(BE) C. vom Bauer, Elberfeld, Germany.

(BK) Leipziger Anilinfabrik Beyer und Kegel, Leipzig, Germany. (Closed).

(BL) Bosson & Lane, 36 Central Wharf, Boston, Mass.

(Br S) Brooke, Simpson & Spiller, Ltd., Hackney Wick, London, England. Agents (Bch).

(Bs) C. Bischoff & Co., 88 Park Place, New York; 151 S. Front St., Philadelphia; 124–126 Purchase St., Boston; 10 Weybosset St., Providence; 196 Michigan St., Chicago; 416 St. Paul St., Montreal. Agents for (D) and (L).

(Bt) F. Bredt & Co., 194 Fulton St., New York; 12 S. Front St., Philadelphia. Agents for (K B).

(By) Farbenfabriken, vormals Fried, Bayer und Co., Elberfeld, Germany. American agents, Continental Color and Chemical Co.: 128 Duane St., New York; 32 India St., Boston; 11 No. Water St., Philadelphia; 80 So. Water St., Providence; 228 Randolph St., Chicago; Trust Building, Charlotte, N. C.; Coristine Building, Montreal, Canada. Agents for (B and By).

(C) Leopold Cassella & Co., G.m.b.H., Frankfort-am-Main, Germany. Manufacture Lyonnaise de Matieres Colorantes, Lyons, France, and Russische Anilinfarbenfabrik, Riga. Agent (Math).

(C D C) Central Dyestuff and Chemical Co., Plum Point Lane, Newark, New Jersey.

(CJ) Carl Jäger Anilinfarbenfabrik, Barmen, Germany.

(Cl Co) The Clayton Aniline Co., Ltd., Clayton, Manchester, England. Agent (Bd).

(CR) Claus & Rée, Droylsden, Manchester, England.

(CV) Colne Vale Chemical Co., Milnsbridge, Huddersfield, England.

(Cz) John Casthelaz, Bruère & Co., Belbeuf, Rouen, France.

(D) Farbenfabrik Dahl & Co., Barmen, Elberfeld, Germany. Agents (Bs).

(DH) Farbwerke vormals Durand, Huguenin & Co., Basel and Hüningen, Jersey City, N. J.

(D W) L. Destree, A. Wiescher & Co., Haeren near Brussels, Belgium.

(E F W) Elton Fold Works, Bury, Lancashire, England. Agent (Bch).

(E H) E. de Haen, List, near Hanover, Germany. (F) Farbwerk Friedrichsfeld, Mannheim, Germany. (F G B) F. G. Brown, 112 N. Delaware Ave., Philadelphia.

(Fi) Alfred Fischesser & Co., Muhlhausen, Elsass, Germany. (Closed).

(F TM) Fabriques de Produits Chimiques de Thann et de Mulhouse, Alsace, Germany.

(G) Anilinfarben und Extract Fabriken, vormals Joh, Rud. Geigy & Co., Basel, Switzerland; Greuzbach, Moscow and Maromme. Agent (Kell).

(Gau) Gauhe & Co., Eitdorf, Germany.

(Gb) Anilinfarbenwerk, vormals A. Gerber & Co., Basle, Switzerland. Absorbed by (I).

(Gei) Geisenheimer & Co., 189 Front St., New York; 19 Pearl St., Boston; 31 S. Front St., Philadelphia. Agents for (O).

(Gr) Rob. Graesser Chemical Works, Ruabon, North Wales.
(Grie) Farbwerke Griesheim, Germany. Agent (Bch).
(Gt) Gilbert Aniline Co., Philadelphia.

(H) Read Holliday & Sons, Ltd., Huddersfield, England; 7 Platt St., New York; 125 Pearl St., Boston; 107 North Second St., Philadelphia.

(H M) Heller-Merz Co., Newark, N. J.; 22 Cliff St., New York.

(HRW) Hudson River Anilin Color Works, Albany, N. Y. Agent (By).

(HS) The Hanna-Schoelkopf Co., Schoelkopf, Hartford & Hanna Co., successors.

(I) Gesellschaft für Chemische Industrie, Basle, Switzerland. Agent (Klp).

(In) Innis & Co., 120 William St., New York; 36 Strawberry St., Philadelphia; 161 Kinzie St., Chicago. (Jb) J. B. Ibels, Brussels, Belgium.

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