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(J H) J. Hauff, Stuttgart, Germany.

(Jy) O. S. Janney & Co., 17 N. Water St., Philadelphia; 70 Kilby St., Boston.

(K) Kalle & Co., Biebrich-am-Rhein, Germany; 530 Canal St., New York; 145 Pearl St., Boston; 37 Letitia St., Philadelphia. (Kar) Ph. H. Karcher & Co., 14 Cedar St., New York.

(K B) Küchler & Buff, Crefeld, Germany. Agent (Bt). (Kell) Geigy Aniline and Extract Company, successors to John J. Keller & Co., 69 Barclay St., New York; 135 Pearl St., Boston; 46 North Front St., Philadelphia; 18 Prior St., Atlanta, Ga.; 56 S. Water St., Providence. Agents for (G).

(Ki) Kinzelberger & Co., Prague, Austria.

(Klp) A. Klipstein & Co., 122 Pearl St., New York; 50-52 N. Front St., Philadelphia; 283-85 Congress St., Boston; 136 Kinzie St., Chicago; 13 Mathewson St., Providence. Agents for (I) and (N).

(L) Farbwerk Mühlheim, vormals A. Leonhardt & Co., Mühlheim-am-Main, Germany. Agent (Bs).

(L D) Lepetit, Dollfus e Gansser, Susa, Milan, Italy. Agent (Bd).

(Lev) Levinstein, Limited, Manchester, England.

(L F) L. B. Fortner, 36-38 Strawberry St., Philadelphia.

(LL) John W. Leitch & Co., Milnsbridge, England.

(LM) Leeds Mfg. Co., Brooklyn, N. Y.

(Lo) Charles Lowe & Co., Stockport, England.

(LP) Lucien Picard & Co., St. Fons, Lyons, France. Operated by (A).

(L Sch) Lembach & Schleicher, Biebrich-am-Rhein, Germany. (Ly) Thomas Leyland & Co., 53 India St., Boston, Mass.; 121 N. Front St., Philadelphia, Pa.

(M) Chemische Fabriken, vorm.


Weiler-ter Meer. Uerdinden,

(M) Farbwerke, vormals Meister, Lucius & Brüning, Höchstam-Main, Germany, Creil and Moscow. Agent (Mz).

(Math) Cassella Color Co., successors to W. J. Matheson & Co., Ltd., 182-184 Front St., New York; 126-128 S. Front St., Philadelphia; 524 Atlantic Ave., Boston; 64 Exchange Place, Providence; 47 N. Pryor St., Atlanta, Ga.; Youville Square, Montreal.

(Mo) Société Chimique des Usines du Rhone, formerly Gillard P. Monnet & Cartier, St. Fons, Lyons, France.

(Mz) H. A. Metz & Co., successors to Victor Koechl & Co., 122 Hudson St., New York; 140-142 Oliver St., Boston; 104 Chestnut St., Philadelphia; 23 South Main St., Providence; 4 N. Clark St., Chicago; 210 S. Tryon St., Charlotte, N. C.; Empire Bldg., Atlanta, Ga.; Dock and Brown Sts., Newark, N. J.; 580-582 Howard St., San Francisco, Cal.; 55 St. Francois Xavier St., Montreal, Can.; 28-30 Wellington St. West, Toronto, Can.; Hamburg, Germany. Agents for (M), (W C B).

(N) Carl Neuhaus, Elberfeld, Germany. Agent (Klp). (Nat) National Dye Co., Philadelphia.

(N I) Farbwerk W. Noetzel, Istel & Co., Griesheim-am-Main, Germany.

(N Y B) New York & Boston Dyewood Co., 156 William St., New York; 115 High St., Boston; 122 Arch St., Philadelphia; 16 Hughson St., Hamilton, Ontario.

American Dyewood Company, successors, 156 William St., New York: 648 Bourse, Philadelphia.

(0) K. Oehler, Anilin u. Anilinfarbenfabrik, Offenbach-amMain, Germany. Agent (Gei).

(P) Société Anonyme des Matières Colorantes et Produits Chimiques de St. Denis, France. A. Poirrier and G. Dalsace, Paris. Agent (S S).

(P C) Theodore Peters, Chemnitz, Germany.

(PK) Kuttroff, Pickhardt & Co., successors to Wm. Pickhardt & Kuttroff, successors Continental Color and Chemical Co., 128 Duane St., New York; 32 India St., Boston; 80 S. Water St., Providence; 11 No. Water St., Philadelphia; 228 Randolph St.,

Chicago; Trust Building, Charlotte, N. C.; Coristine Building, Montreal, Canada. Agents for (B) (By).

(P L) Pick, Lange & Co., Amersfoort, Holland. Closed. Chemische Fabreik Amersfoort successors.

(PS) Ferd, Petersen & Co., Schweizerhalle, Basle, Switzerland. (R) Joh. Conr. Reihlen, Friedensau, Neuhofen, Germany. (Rice) C. F. Rice, 174 Summer St., Boston.

(RD) Roberts, Dale & Co., Manchester and Warrington, England.

(RE) Remy, Erhart & Co., Weissenthurm-am-Rhein, Germany. Agent, Fr. Schroeder, 100 William St., New York.

(R F) Ruch et Fils, Pantin, France.

(Rh) Société Chimique des Usines de Rhone, France. Agent (Bch). See (Mo).

(S) Chemische Fabrik, vormals Sandoz & Co., Basle, Switzerland.

(S B) A. Sevoz & Boasson, Lyons-Vaise, France.

(Sch) Schoellkopf, Hartford & Hanna Co., successors to the Schoellkopf Aniline & Chemical Co., Buffalo, N. Y.; 100 William St., New York. Selling agents, National Aniline and Chemical Co., New York, 100 William St.; Philadelphia, 109 N. Water St.; Boston, 36 Purchase St.; Providence, 28 N. Main St.; New Haven, Conn., 211 Water St.; Cincinnati, 232 E. Pearl St.; Chicago, 110 Michigan St.; Milwaukee, 175 Clinton St.; Kansas City, 413 W. 5th St.; Minneapolis, 114 Second St., North.

(SS) Walter F. Sykes & Co., 85 Water St., New York; 132 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. Agents for (P).

(St) The Stamford Mfg. Co., 133-137 Front St., New York. (Th) E. M. Thayer & Co., 106-112 Broad St., Boston, Mass. (U I) United Indigo & Chemical Co., 176 Federal St., Boston. (V) Verein Chemischer Fabriken in Mannheim, Germany. Agent, Roessler & Hasslacher Chemical Co., 100 William St., New York.

(Va) H. S. Vila, 115 S. Second St., Philadelphia, Pa. (W) Williams Bros., Hounslow, Middlesex, England.

(W C B) W. C. Barnes & Co., Ltd., Hackney Wick, London, England. Agent (Mz).

(Z) Friedrich Zimmer, Mannheim, Germany.


For economy of space, in order that the information may be more readily found, the dyeing methods are given by certain suggestive letters in accordance with the following:

WA indicates wool is dyed in acetic acid.

WN means that wool is dyed in a neutral bath.

WG indicates that wool is dyed in a bath containing Glauber's salt.

WGS means that wool is dyed with Glauber's salt and sulphuric acid in the bath.

WGSCh indicates that wool is first dyed with Glauber's salt and sulphuric acid in the bath and the color then developed with chrome.

WACh means that wool is first dyed with acetic acid and chrome added to develop the color.

WCh indicates that chromed wool is used with the dye.

SA means that silk is dyed in a bath acidified with acetic acid. SS means that silk is dyed in a bath acidified with sulphuric acid.

CT indicates that the dyestuff is used on cotton mordanted with tannin.

CD means that cotton is dyed direct in one bath.

CDV indicates that the color is developed on cotton by subsequent treatment after direct dyeing.

Cal indicates cotton dyed with alum and Glauber's salt.
CWD-cotton and wool mixed goods dyed in one bath.

SULPHUR denotes one of the new class of sulphur dyes requiring special treatment.

These extremely brief directions are used for the further reason that the dye manufacturers themselves prefer that specific information be obtained from their offices. In many places no dyeing suggestions are given on this account.

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Acid Alizarine Black SN, SNT

Acid Alizarine Black SE, SET paste.. Mz
Acid Alizarine Black SE, SET powder.. Mz



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