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Hon. MELVILLE W. FULLER, Circuit Justice.

.Washington, D. C. Hon. NATHAN GOFF, Circuit Judge...

Clarksburg, W. Va. Hon. CHARLES H. SIMONTON, Circuit Judge....

....Charleston, S. C. Hon. THOMAS J. MORRIS, District Judge, Maryland.

Baltimore, Md. Hon. THOMAS R. PURNELL, District Judge, E. D. North Carolina..........

..Raleigh, N. C. Hon. JAMES E. BOYD, District Judge, W. D. North Carolina.

Greensboro, N. C. Hon. WILLIAM H. BRAWLEY, District Judge, E. and W. D. South Car..Charleston, S. C. Hon. EDMUND WADDILL, Jr., District Judge, E. D. Virginia.... ..........Richmond, Va. Hon. HENRY CLAY MCDOWELL, District Judge, W. D. Virginia..........Lynchburg, Va. Hon. JOHN J. JACKSON, District Judge, N. D. West Virginia........Parkersburg, W. Va. Hon. BENJAMIN F. KELLER, District Judge, S. D. West Virginia......Branwell, W. Va.


Hon. EDWARD D. WHITE, Circuit Justice.

Washington, D. C. Hon. DON A. PARDEE, Circuit Judge...

.New Orleans, La. Hon. A. P. McCORMICK, Circuit Judge..

...Dallas, Tex. Hon. DAVID D. SHELBY, Circuit Judge

.Huntsville, Ala. Hon. THOMAS GOODE JONES, District Judge, M. and N. D. Alabama...Montgomery, Ala. Hon. HARRY T. TOULMIN, District Judge, S. D. Alabama..

Mobile, Ala. Hon. CHARLES SWAYNE, District Judge, N. D. Florida.

.... Pensacola, Fla. Hon. JAMES W. LOCKE, District Judge, S. D. Florida....

.Jacksonville, Fla. Hon. WILLIAM T. NEWMAN, District Judge, N. D. Georgia...

........ Atlanta, Ga. Hon. EMORY SPEER, District Judge, S. D. Georgia.....

......Macon, Ga. Hon. CHARLES PARLANGE, District Judge, E. D. Louisiana..

.New Orleans, La. Hon. ALECK BOARMAN, District Judge, W. D. Louisiana.

Shreveport, La. Hon. HENRY C. NILES, District Judge, N. and S. D. Mississippi. .Kosciusko, Miss. Hon. DAVID E. BRYANT, District Judge, E. D. Texas.

.....Sherman, Tex. Hon. EDWARD R. MEEK, District Judge, N. D. Texas.

Ft. Worth, Tex. Hon. THOMAS S. MAXEY, District Judge, W. D. Texas.

.Austin, Tex. Hon. WALLER T. BURNS, District Judge, S. D. Texas.

..Houston, Tex.


Hon. JOHN M. HARLAN, Circuit Justice.....

Washington, D. C. Hon. HENRY F. SEVERENS, Circuit Judge.

.Kalamazoo, Mich. Hon. HORACE H. LURTON, Circuit Judge...

.Nashville, Tenn. Hon. JOHN K. RICH RDS, Circuit Judge

..Ironton, Ohio. Hon. ANDREW M. J. COCHRAN, District Judge, E. D. Kentucky. .Covington, Ky. Hon. WALTER EVANS, District Judge, W. D. Kentucky.

.Louisville, Ky. Hon. HENRY H. SWAN, District Judge, E. D. Michigan,

.Detroit, Mich. Hon. GEORGE P. WANTY, District Judge, W. D. Micbigan. Grand Rapids, Mich. Han. AUGUSTUS J. RICKS, District Judge, N. D. Ohio....... .........Cleveland, Ohio. Hon. FRANCIS J. WING, District Judge, N. D. Ohio ........... Cleveland, Ohio. Hon. ALBERT C. THOMPSON, District Judge, s. D. Ohio

.....Cincinnati, Ohio. Hon. CHARLES D. CLARK, District Judge, E. and M. D. Tennessee....Chattanooga, Tenn. Hon. ELI S. HAMMOND, District Judge, W. D. Tennessee...

....Memphis, Tenn.


Hon. WILLIAM R. DAY, Circuit Justice.....

.. Washington, D. C. Hon. JAMES G. JENKINS, Circuit Judge..

Milwaukee, Wis. Hon. PETER S. GROSSCUP, Circuit Judge

...Chicago, III. Hon. FRANCIS E. BAKER, Circuit Judge

..Indianapolis, Ind. Hon. CHRISTIAN C. KOHLSAAT, District Judge, N. D. Illinois.

Chicago, Ii. Hon. ALBERT 3. ANDERSON, District Judge

...... Indianapolis, Ind.

Hon. J. OTIS HUMPHREY, District Judge, S. D. Illinois..
Hon. WILLIAM H. SEAMAN, District Judge, E. D. Wisconsin.
Hon. ROMANZO BUNN, District Judge, W. D. Wisconsin.....

..Springfield, Ill ..Sheboygan, Wis.

Madison, Wis.



Hon. DAVID J. BREWER, Circuit Justice......
Hon. HENRY C. CALDWELL, Circuit Judge
Hon. WILLIAM C. HOOK, Circuit Judge 2.
Hop WALTER H. SANBORN, Circuit Judge...
Hon. AMOS M. THAYER, Circuit Judge...
Hon. JACOB TRIEBER, District Judge, E. D. Arkansas..
Hon. JOHN H. ROGERS, District Judge, W. D. Arkansas.
Hon. MOSES HALLETT, District Judge, Colorado..
Hon. OLIVER P. SHIRAS, District Judge, N. D. Iowa.
Hon. SMITH MCPHERSON, District Judge, s. D. Iowa.
Hon. WILLIAM C. HOOK, District Judge, Kansas 2.
Hon. WM. LOCHREN, District Judge, Minnesota...
Hon. ELMER B. ADAMS, District Judge, E. D. Missouri.
Hon. JOHN F. PHILIPS, District Judge, W. D. Missouri.
Hon. W. H. MUNGER, District Judge, Nebraska...
Hon. CHARLES F. AMIDON, District Judge, North Dakota..
Hon. JOHN E. CARLAND, District Judge, South Dakota..
Hon. JOHN A. MARSHALL, District Judge, Utah...
Hon. JOHN A. RINER, District Judge, Wyoming...

.Washington, D. C.

Little Rock, Ark. ..Leavenworth, Kan. ...... St. Paul, Minn.

..St. Louis, Mo. .Cheyenne, Wyo. .Little Rock, Ark. .Ft. Smith, Ark.

Denver, Colo. .Dubuque, Iowa.

..Red Oak, Iowa. .Leavenworth, Kan. Minneapolis, Minn. .....St. Louis, Mo. Kansas City, Mo.

..Omaha, Neb.

.Fargo, N. D. .Sioux Falls, S. D. Salt Lake City, Utah.

.....Cheyenne, Wyo.


Hon. JOSEPH MCKENNA, Circuit Justice........
Hon. WM. W. MORROW, Circuit Judge....
Hon. WILLIAM B. GILBERT, Circuit Judge.....
Hon. ERSKINE M. ROSS, Circuit Judge.....
Hon. JOHN J. DE HAVEN, District Judge, N. D. California.
Hon. OLIN WELLBORN, District Judge, S. D. California....
Hon. HIRAM KNOWLES, District Judge, Montana..
Hon. CORNELIUS H. HANFORD, District Judge, Washington..
Hon. THOMAS P. HAWLEY, District Judge, Nevada...
Hon. CHARLES B. BELLINGER, District Judge, Oregon..
Hon. JAMES H. BEATTY, District Judge, Idaho.....

.Washington, D. C. ...... San Francisco, Cal.

.......Portland, Or. .....Los Angeles, Cal. .San Francisco, Cal. ..Los Angeles, Cal. .....Helena, Mont.

.Seattle, Wash. .Carson City, Ney.

..Portland, Or.
.Boise City, Idaho.

1 Resigned June 4, 1903.
2 Appointed Circuit Judge to succeed Henry C. Caldwell.



Page Abbott, Summers v. (C. C. A.)..

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722 A.)


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451 122 F.


(C. C.)





Page Colt's Patent Firearms Mfg. Co. v. Wesson Fidelity Ins., Trust & Safe Deposit Co., Mc(C. C.) 90 Clain v. (C. C. A.)...

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C. A.)

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266 Esterly v. Rua (C. C. A.).

609 Howe Scale Co., Wyckoff, Seamans & BeneEureka, Sunset Telephone & Telegraph Co.

dict v. (C. C. A.).

348 v. (C. C.).. 960 Hudson, The (D. C.).

96 Eyre, Sievers v. (D. C.)...

734 Hudson, Hargadine-McKittrick Dry Goods Co, v. (C. C. A.).

232 Faddis v. Mason (C. C. A.).

410 Hurt v. Employers' Liability Assur. Corp. Farmers' Loan & Trust Co. v. Lake St.

(C. C.)

828 Elevated R. Co. (C. C. A.).

914 Farmers' Loan & Trust Co., Blanks v. Ingraham, National Salt Co. v. (C. C. A.) 40 (C. C. A.).. 849 Innes, The Rose (D. C.)...


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