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Thewn, in the decent interment of the human body, serves as a testimony of the veneration due to human nature. and especially of the useful and pious dead, it is a monument, of esteem. But all expectations of real benefit to the dead in the disposition of the body, are groundless, unreasonable, or supersti. tious.

IX. How astonishingly wide are the syftems of theology among christians ? The rational and mystical sense of the Gospel-doctrine, are, not only distinct, but extremely different. The one encourages and expects the labours of examination : the other discourages and frowns on the freedoms of inquiry. the one brings her offerings to the altar of truth, erected in the temple of light: the other sculks behind the enormous columns of consecrated opinion ; and with the bird of night, is alarmed and hides at the approach of day. for as one proposes evidence, to be the reason and ground of faith : so the other robeth herself in the ermine-mantle of authority, and with a solemn air, pins her faith on the sleeve of her priest. the one has a placid, cheerful brow, conscious of the


moral virtues in her train; the other is often gloomy and lowre, and does but squint at the genii : yet, if she will have them, they “must prostrate under her feet ; and submit, in all their native splendour, to be called by her,


The one has unity in the object of her worship: the other will have more than one, to be but one. the one depends on divine mercy for acceptance, from a conscious integrity: the other depends on a righteoulness not her own, being considered as her own, in the eye of her Maker. the one understands the design of Christ's mediation, is, to reconcile men to God': the other understands the design, is, to reconcile God to men.



I H E E N D.

To be corrected, P. 259. 1. 14. for, enforced, r. unforced. P. 258 1. 22. for, ages, r. the age. P. 273. 1. 3 from bottom, for, the fall then, r. then foall the. P. 290. 1. 20, for, &c. r. and are spent without hope.


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