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Studies of Nature, by St. Pierre, 4 vols. calf.
Defence of the American Constitution, by John Adams, (late Presi-

dent of the U. S.)
Aiken's Spencer, 6 vols. calf, gilt.
Sully's Memoirs, 5 do. do..
Holbein's Dance of Death, 1 vol. do.
Locke's Works, complete, '10 vols.
Boyd's Dante, 3 vols. 8vo. calf, gilt.
Moliere's Works, 8 vols. royal 18mo.
Guthrie's Cicero, 3 vols. 8vo. calf, gilt.
Watts' Works, 9 vols. 8vo. do.
Life of Fuller, by Morris.
Neal's History of the Puritans.
Brown on the Creator, (for which Mr. Bennett's Prize of 12001. was

Prayers, by Jeremy Taylor, D. D.
Cook's Church of Scotland, 3 vols. calf, gilt.

Remaining on hand of former Importations.
The Encyclopædia Perthensis, or universal Dictionary of the Arts,
Sciences, Literature, and General Knowledge : intended to super-
cede the use of all other English Books of Reference, and illustrated
with upwards of three hundred and seventy Plates and Maps, very
closely printed in double columns, in 23 thick Volumes, super-royal
octavo; a new edition, with additions, and a supplement bringing
down the work to the close of the battle of Waterloo.
Aikin's life of Zwingle the Reformer, 8vo. bds.
Anti-jacobin, 2 vols. 8vo. bds.
Alston's Poems, 8vo. bds.

do. do. do. do. cf. gt.
Aristotle's Rhetorick, 12mo. bds.
Aikin's Vocal Poetry, 8vo. cf. gt.
Arabian Nights, 4 vols. 12mo. cf. gt.
Barbauld's Selections, &c. 4 vols. 12mo. cf. gt.
Burgoyne's Works, 2 vols. cf. gt.
Buffon's Natural History, 2 vols. 8vo. bds.
Brown's Elements, 12mo. bds.

do. do. cf. gt.
Biondelta, 12mo. bds.


Burns' Poems, 2 vols. royal 18ino. cf. gt.
Butler's Hudibras, 24mo. bds.
Coleridge's Remorse, a Tragedy, 8vo. sewed
Coxe's Northern Tour, 5 vols. 8vo. bds.
Cormack's Lives, 2 vols. 8vo. bds.

do. do. do. cf. gt.
Chalmer's Translations, 3 vols. royal 8vo. cf. gt.
Cumberland's Original Tales, bds. cf. gt., & hf. cf. gt.
Cabinet of Poetry, 6 vols. cr. 8vo. cf. gt.
Cowper’s Poems, 2 vols. cf. gt.
Cawthorne's Minor Theatre, 6 vols. 18mo. sp. gt.
D. Arblay's (late Miss Burney) Wanderer, 5 vols. 12mo. bd

hf. cf. gt.

Defoe's Works, cf. gt. 12 vols.
Davie's Life of Garrick, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. bds. & hf. cf. gt.
Death of Cain, 12mo. cf. gt.
D. Israeli's Calamities of Authors, 2 vols. er. 8vo. bds. & hf. cf. !!!
Democracy Unveiled, bds.
Daughter, 12mo. bds.
Edgeworth's Castle Rackrent, cr. 8vo. bds.

Early Lessons, 10 parts, 18mo, sewed.
Belinda, 3 vols. 12mo. cf. gt.

Patronage, 4 vols. 12mo. hf. cf. gt.
Encyclopædia of Wit, 18mo. hf. cf. gt. & cf. gt.
Fingal, 8vo. bds.
Falconer's Shipwreck, 24mo. cf. gt.
Fielding's Works, 14 vols. royal 18mo. bds.

Amelia, 3 vols. bds. & cf. gt.

Joseph Andrews, 2 vols. 18mo. bds.'
Faber's Sketch of France, 8vo. hf. cf. gt.
Ferguson's Roman History, 5 vols. hf. cf. gt. grained
Fox's History and Appendix, 4to. bds.
Family Receipt Book, 12mo. bds.

Cookery Book.
Gil Blas, 12mo. 4 vols. 100 plates, cf. gt.
Gesser's Works, 2 vols. post 8vo. very fine, bds. and cf. :
Goldsmith's Works, 5 vols. 12mo. cf. gt.
Galton's History of Birds, 3 vols. 12mo. plates, cf, gt.

of Quadrupeds, plates. Herrick's Poems, 8vo. hds,

Headly's Collection of Ancient Poetry, 2 vols. cr. 8vo.
Humphrey Clinker, 2 vols. royal 18mo. cf. gt.
Horace in London, fep. 8vo. bds.
Inchbald's British Theatre, 25 vols. royal 18mo. hf. cf. gt.
Intercepted Letters of Bonaparte, 8vo. bds.
Johnson's Works, 12 vols. royal 18mo. bf. cf. gt.
Junius' Letters (Almon's.) 2 vols. cr. 8vo cf. gt.
Leadbeater's Cottage Dialogues, 12mo. bds.
Life of Calvin, 8vo. bds. and hf. cf. gt.
Lyre of Love, 2 vols. post 8vo. cf. gt.
Millon's Prose Works, by Barnet, 2 vols. 12mô. bds. cf. gt. and bf.

calf gilt.
Montague's (Lady Mary Wortley) Letters, 24mo. cf. gt.
M·Intosh's (Sir James) Vindicæ Galliæ, 8vo. hf. cf.
M·Kenzie's Travels in North America, 4to. bf. Russia.
Moore's Anacreon, 2 vols. fcp. 8vo. cf. gt.
Nicholson's Encyclopædia, 6 vols. royal 8vo. bf. cf. gt.
Ovid's Art of Love, fcp. 8vo. cf. gt.
Ossian's Poems, 24mo. 2 vols. cf. gt.
Ordinaire's History of Volcanoes, 8vo. bds.
Opie's Simple Tales, 4 vols. 12mo. cf. gt.

Tales of Real Life, 3 vols. 12mo. bds.

Temper, 3 vots. 12mo. bds.
Petrarch, cr. Svo. bds. and cf. gt.
Pinkerton's Geography, 8vo: bound.
Posthumous Parodies, (by Horace Twiss,) cr. 8vo. bds.
Pope's Works, 8 vols. 18mo. bds.
Percy's Ancient Ballads, fcp. 8vo. cf. gt.
Queen Hoo Hall, 4 vols. 12mo. bds.

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Titi Livii, Frankfort edition, printed by Hoffman, in 1619.
Titi Livii, pocket edition, Amsterdam, printed in 1635.
T. Lucretii Cari de Rerum Natura Libri sex ; ad examplar Gilberti

Wakefield, 4 vols. octavo, elegant edition, calf, gilt.
Homeri Opera Omnia, elegant edition, 5 vols. oétavo, calf.
Novum Testamentum, by Joseph White, from the Clarendon Press,


Pausaniæ Græciæ Descriptio, 4 vols. octavo, calf, Leipsic edition.
Schneider's Xenophon, Oxford edition.
Homeri Ilias, Græce et Latine, 2 vols. London edition,
Clavis Homerica, Edinburgh edition, 1 vol. octavo.
Cicero Delphini, London edition.
Virgil Delphini, do. do.
C. Sallustii Crispi Opera, London edition.
Chambaud's Nouveau Dictionaire, Francois-Anglois, and Anglois et

Francois, 2 vols. quarto, London edition.
Nugent's French Dictionary.
Dictionaire complet, Francois et Hollandois, Amsterstam edition.
Deletanville's French and English Dictionary.
Ainsworth's Latin Dictionary, 2 vols. London edition.
do. do. do. 1 vol. do.

Adams' Latin Dictionary.
Lempriere's Classical Dictionary.

do. Biographical do. Bailey's, Barclay's, Johnson's, Sheridan's, and Walker's-American

and English editions. A Treatise on Fluxions, by Colin Maclaurin, A. M. London edition,

illustrated with 41 Copper plates.
M. T. Ciceronis Orationes, London edition.
Publii Ovidii Nasionis Metamorphoseon, London edition.
Goldsmith's Greece.

do. Rome, 2 vols. octavo, handsome London edition.
Quinti Horatii Flacci Opera, London edition.
Analecta Græca Minora, London edition.
Collectanea Græca Minora.
Collectanea Græca Majora, 2 vols. octavo.
Demosthenes, London edition.
Scriptores Græci, Eton edition.
Gradus ad Parnassum, London edition.
Parkhurst's Hebrew and English Lexicon, royal 8vo. London edition,
Parkhurst's Greek Lexicon, royal octavo, London edition..
Cicero on Oratory and Orators, with notes, historical and explanatory,

2 vols. London edition.
Lectures on Rhetoric and Oratory, by John Quincy Adams.
Gordon's Livy.
Normer's Practical Navigation

Wilson's Navigation.
Hill on the Latin Synonimes.
Burman's Ovid, 2 vols.
The works of Cicero, in the original, in 20 vols.


Payne's Epitome of History.
Price on Reversionary Payments, and on the National Debt.
Life of Darwin, by Anna Seward.
Walter Scott's edition of Swift's Works, in 19 vols. octavo, including

the life of Swift, London edition.
Gibbon’s Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, 8 vols. octavo.
Russel's Ancient Europe, 3 vols. octavo, London edition.
Russel's Modern Europe, with an account of the Decline and Fall of

the Roman Empire, with a continuation of the Treaty of Amiens. Calmet's Dictionary of the Bible, 4 vols.

4to. Gilpin's Testament,

do. Harmony of the Gospels,

do. Cruden's Concordance,

do. Doddridge's Family Expositor, 6 vols.

8vo. M.Knight's Epistles, 6 vols.

do. Owen on the Hebrews, 4 vols.

do. Milper's Church History, 5 vols.

do. Ridgley's Body of Divinity, 4 vols.

do. Campbell on the Gospels, 4 vols.

do. A new and Complete History of the Bible, 4 vols.

do. Simeon's Skeletons of 600 Sermons, 5 vols.

do. Stackhouse's History of the Bible, 6 vols.

do. Scott's Theological Works, 5 vols.

do. Watson's Body of Practical Divinity, 2 vols.

do. do. Sermons and Discourses, 2 vols.

do. do. Sermons on Christ's Sermon on the Mount,

do. Winchester's Lectures on the Prophecies, 2 vols.

do. Whitby's Discourses on the Five Points,

do. Wilberforce's View of Christianity,

do. Wardlaw on the Socinian Controversy,

do. Works of the Rev. Richard Sibbs, 3 vols.

do. Rambach's Meditations, 2 vols.


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