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116 NOVUM TESTAMENTUM, Græce ex SINAITICO codice ed. Tischendorf, 8vo. facsimile, hf. morocco

Lips., 1865

117 Hebrew. HAGIOGRAPHA; as follows: THEHILLIM (Psalms with Kimhi's commentary)


Napoli, Joseph bar Jacob, 247

MISHLE (Proverbs with Immanuel's commentary)
(Nap.) Khaiim bar Itzhak (247)
Iob (with commentary of Gersonides)
(Nap. Samuel, 247)
Canticles, Ecclesiastes, Lamentations, Ruth, Esther with com-

- Joshua, Judges, Samuel, Kings, Isaiah, with Kimhi's
commentary, in Hebrew. Small folio, some pages wanting; in the original
Sontzino (1485-6)

The colophon is at the end of Kings, at which place the work is usually divided. 120 BUXTORF'S RABBINICAL BIBLE. BIBLIA SACRA HEBRAICA & CHALDAICA cum Masora. . magna & parva. . Commentariis Salomonis Jarchi, Aben Esræ, Kimchi, Levi Gerson, Saadie Gaon, Jeschaja, et notis ex Baal Turim, studio Iohannis Buxtorfi. . Basileae 1620

4 vols. in 2, folio, thick paper, fine copy in stamped pigskin


An interesting copy, having been presented in 1643 by the School of Zürich to
the celebrated professor Louis Cappel.

another copy on ordinary paper, 4 vols. in 2; 1620-TIBERIAS
sive commentarius Masorethicus triplex, 1665
5 parts in 2 vols. folio, vellum


Daniel and Ezra (with Nehemiah) with commentaries

(ibid. 247) Naples, 1487

In 1 vol. smallest folio, hf. bd.

The number of leaves in this volume is 328 instead of 332-the first four leaves of Psalms being deficient. The copy also does not comprise the 40 leaves of Chronicles which issued from the same press. This is an edition of extreme rarity.


122 BIBLE in Hebrew, 8vo. black roan

London, 1868
Vienna, 1870

123 OLD TESTAMENT, Hebrew and English, 4to. calf
124 ESTHER (The Book of) in Hebrew, MS. on a roll of goatskin, 8 feet long
by 14 inches wide, written in the East, in large square characters, and
wound round a wooden roller

About 1650

118 THE PROPHETS (Great and Lesser) with Kimbi's commentary, in

Hebrew, 2 vols. small folio, in red morocco cases Sontzino, 245 (1485-6) 21 0 0

Perfect, consisting of 166 and 294 leaves. The second volume was issued without a date, but it cannot have been posterior by many months to Vol. I, which has a colophon. The first volume is in brown morocco; the second is in boards; but they are made uniform by the red morocco cases.

the same, MS., written in Europe on a roll of vellum 10 feet long by 8 inches wide, with painted architectural ornaments forming divisions between the columns of writing; on a wooden roller

About 1700 126 BIBLICAL THESAURUS; or, a literal translation and critical analysis of every word in the original languages of the Old Testament: Genesis, 4to. cloth


127 Italian. MALLERMI'S VERSION, FIRST EDITION. Fol. 1a blank; 1b: EPISTOLA De don Nicolo di Malherbi ueneto al Reuerendissimo professore dela sacra Theologia maestro Laurē, tio del ordine de sancto Francesco: nella | Biblia uulgarizata. . . Fol. 3b, column 2 : .. Tabula dela prima parte dela bibiglia. | This table ends on fol. 7a, the reverse of which is blank. Fol. 8a, column 1, after four lines of a MS. intitulation: [F]RATE Ambrosio | a me portando . Foll. 10-12 deficient. Fol. 13a li animati et tutti.. This page contains the last seventeen lines of cap. ii of Genesis, and goes on with cap. iii etc. Fol. 321a, column 1: spirito, dica laude al signor. | AMEN FINISSE EL PSALTERIO DE DAVID Vol. II deficient, except its last leaf which is inserted at the end of the first volume, and which contains, column 1: Amen, Vieni signor iesu. La gratia del signor nostor (sic) iesu christo sia cum tutti uoi | Amen |



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Finisse lapocalise. . Lower down: Rime di Hieronymo Squarzafico de Alexandria coposte a laude di questo uolume | Le celere sagitte or mai Apollo | deponer uogli Column 2 .. Impresso fu questo uolume ne lalma pa- | tria de Venecia ne glanni di la salutifera i | carnatione del figluolo di leterno et omni- | potēte dio. | M.CCCC.LXXI. IN. KALEN- | DE. DE. AVGVSTO.

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Folio, printed in double columns, 50 lines to the column; the inner margins of the first few leaves mended; old calf, from the Sussex and Ashburnham collections

This is one of the rarest of all printed Bibles. There was no copy in the Caxton
Exhibition, and there is none in the British Museum. There is a bad copy in the
Spencer-Rylands library which wants the last leaf of the Table (fol. 7 of Vol. I), this
last leaf of Table containing the references to foll. cc.xxxiiii-cc.lvii of the text.

The Rime of Squarzafico mention the printer "quel spira gientile | di Vindelin
che na corona doro" for this unrivalled piece of work.

Venice, 1471 14 14 0

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£ s. d.

28 MALLERMI'S BIBLE. Fol.1 a blank cut away. Fol. 2a: Prologo Col. 1: Comincia il prologo o veramente epistola dil | beato hieronymo sopra di la bibia dignamente vulgarizata p il clarissimo religioso duon nicolo de mallermi. . Fol. 5a: Registro . . Fol. 6a Genesis. . Fol. 417b, col. 1:.. A laude fu impresso qsto volume ne lalma patria de venetia per Octauiano scotto da modena . . MCCCCLXXXI Col. 2: Prohemio nela vita del sactissimo z vergine perpetuo Ioseph . . The legend of St. Joseph ends on fol. 418b col. 2. Foll. 419-429 containing the Table are missing. Small folio, in an old German stamped pigskin binding Venice, 1481 5 5 0

The Sunderland copy (with the 11 leaves of table) fetched £26. 10s.


29 MALLERMI ILLUSTRATED BIBLE. Fol. 1a: BIBLIA VULGARE HISTORIATA. 16: Registro de la Biblia .. 2a: Tabula de la prima parte . . 6b: . . Comincia il prologo ueramente epistola dil beato Hieronymo . GENESIS (N) EL PRINCIPIO DIO CREOE EL ciclo: & la terra . . 404a: A laude & gloria. Qui finisse la Bibia uulgare hystoriata stampata ne lalma Citta de Venetia per Giouanne Ragazo di monteferato A instantia di Luchantonio di Giunta. . M. CCCCLXXXXII. . Incomincia la legenda del.. sancto Ioseph. . 4956: Finisse la vita de sancto Ioseph.. L. A. 406a: Tabula de la seconda parte de la Bybia.. 410b: . . Lavs Deo Finis.

Stout small folio, 383 beautiful woodcuts in contemporary colouring; very fine and very large copy in the original boards, covered with stamped leather, and mounted with centre and corner-pieces of brass

1492 250 00

One of the rarest books of the famous Venetian school of design, which brought out in the Poliphilo its finest example. Many of the cuts are marked with the initial b, which (in the Poliphilo) used to be read as revealing the hand of Bellini, and in which a later interpreter finds the name of Barbari (Jacopo dei Barbari).

"One of the most important, and most richly illustrated, of the Venetian vignette-books... The designer succeeded in producing a series of pictures full of grace and charm. . . Several of the illustrations are marked with a small 'b,' a signature which, so far as we know at present, appears here for the first time." So says Dr. Lippmann, who goes on to state that the designer of the Italian cuts imitated, but recomposed and improved, the engravings in the 1483 German Bible. If this were the case, the pictures changed a good deal more than their climate when they crossed the Alps. The metamorphosis was magical.

Biblia vulgare | Nouamente impressa. Corretta: z | Hystoriata. Con le Rubrice Capitulatione. This intitulation printed in red within a fine arabesque border, and above a woodcut of St. George signed FV Foll. 2-8 contain Tabula and prologues with a large woodcut of the days of Creation on the reverse of leaf 8. Genesis begins (within a border) on fol. 9, which is the first leaf of a series numbered (I)-CCVIII ending with Psalms. The Proverbs begins a second series of numbered leaves. I-CXCVI. On CXIV end Maccabees; the New Testament begins on CXV, and the Apocalypse ends on CXCVa, first column, the last line of which is Qui finisse la Bibia uulgare hystoriada. CXCVa, col. 2 to CXCVIa, col. 2 contain the Vita de sancto Ioseph. CXCVIb to (CCI)a contain the Tabula. On (CCI)b are the Registro and the colophon: Stampata in Vineggia per Helisabetta de Rusconi. | Nel anno del nostro signore. M.D.XXV. Adi | XXIII. del mese di Decebrio. Regnante | lo iclyto Principe Andrea Griti


Small folio, printed in Roman letter, double columns, with hundreds
of woodcuts; hf. bd. fine copy
Venice, 1525
The cuts are copies by Florio Valvassore of the illustrations of the 1492

131 LA BIBLIA qvale contiene i sacri libri del vecchio testamento, tradotti da la hebraica uerita in lingua toscana per Antonio Brucioli CO diuini libri del Nvovo Testamento. . Tradotti dal Greco. Con le concordantie . . VENETIA MDXXXVIII. Colophon (on fol. 117 of the New Testament): Stampata in Vinegia à san Moyse, ne le case noue Iustiniane. . Per Francesco di Alesandro Bindoni, et Mapheo Pasini .. MDXXXVIII


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132 BIBLIA VVLGARE novamente stampata . . Venetiis.
Small folio, nearly 400 woodcuts; some of them bearing the initial b
and printed from the blocks used in the Mallermi Bible of 1492, the others
freely copied from the earlier impressions; vellum

Venice, 1541

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133 Latin. PENTATEUCHI VERSIO LATINA antiquissima e Codice Lugdunensi, ed. ROBERT, impl. 4to. three leaves of facsimile, and a typographical imitation of the entire Codex, followed by the same in modern style printed collaterally with the corresponding Greek text; hf. morocco, gilt top

Paris, 1881

2 vols. in 1, small 4to. the titles printed within woodcut borders, and the last page of the volume occupied with a fine and very large woodcut; in the original binding of oaken boards covered with smooth dark morocco gilt and painted with a Grolieresque mosaic pattern (rebacked), the edges gilt and goffered; a fine example of its kind, with the bookplate of the Duke of Sussex, from the Ashburnham collection Venice, 1538 18 18 0 Splendid copy of a rare Bible which was considered heterodox and placed upon the Index as a prohibited book.

Collation: A-LLL in eights, MMM in ten, ✶ ✶ in-six, Aa-Oo in eights, Pp in six (the sixth a blank).

This is the Codex of which Libri sold some leaves to Lord Ashburnham, which were afterwards returned to the Lyons Library.

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134 BIBLIORUM SACRORUM Latina versiones antiquæ seu Vetus Italica
et cæteræ. quæ cum Vulgata Latina & cum Textu Græco com-
parantur. Accedunt. . notæ. opera
& studio D. PETRI SABATIER..
Remis. . M.DCC.XLIII. 3 vols. folio, old veau fauve gilt, with the
crest of the Prince de Soubise in the panels on the back

1743 1743 It has

the same, Large Paper, 3 vols. folio, old French calf gilt
A book of great importance, still, and likely to remain unsuperseded.
become very rare of late years.

£ s.

136 THE BOOK OF DEER [ancient MS. of the Latin Gospels by an Irish hand], edited for the Spalding Club by John Stuart, 4to. 22 plates of Celtic Art; hf. morocco

Edinb., 1869



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137 THE MAZARINE BIBLE, 2 vols. folio, PRINTED ON (Mentz, Gutenberg, 1453-55) 5000 0 0 See a more detailed description in my Catalogue of Monuments of Printing.

138 BIBLE, LATIN. Fol. 1 blank. Fol. 2a: Prologus.

Column 1: Incipit epla säcti Hieronymi ad Paulinu | pbrz. de oib' diuine historie libris Capl'3. I [F]Rater am | brosius tua mi | himunuscula pferens detulit | simul.. Fol. 5a: Genesis, column 1: Incipit liber genesis q dicitur hebraice bresith.. Fol. 340 blank. Fol. 341a: Mattheus Column 1: Incipit epistola beati Hieronymi ad | Damasu papă i qttuor euangelistas... Fol. 424b, column 2 : . . Biblia impressa Venetijs opera atq3 impensa Nicolai Ien | son Gallici. M.cccc.lxxvj. Fol. 425a, column 1: Incipiunt interpretationes hebraicoru nominum secudum ordinem alphabeti. . . Fol. 469a, column 2: Expliciunt interpretatio nes hebraicorú nominu. | Laus deo. The reverse blank. Fol. 470a: Registrum biblie | . .

Small folio, Gothic letter, 470 leaves printed in double columns, 52 lines to the column; the initials painted, and the second, fourth, and fifth leaves decorated with pretty illuminated borders (the historiated initials accompanying these being a little rubbed); old French red morocco extra, gilt edges (Derome le jeune) Venice, Jenson, 1476 36 0 0

A perfect copy of Jenson's first Latin Bible, which in its usual condition (that is, when wanting the leaf of Register) is not very rare; but which when it contains that leaf (as in the present instance) is a rarity of the highest order.

139 BIBLE, LATIN. Fol. 1 a blank cut away. Fol. 2a: Prologus | Incipit

epl'a sacti Hieronymi. . Fol. 5a: Genesis | Incipit liber genesis
Fol. 406b:.. Biblia ipressa Venetijs opera atq3 impesa Nicolai Ienson
Gallici .M.cccc.lxxix. Fol. 407: Incipiunt interpretatiões.. Fol.
452 Registrum biblie

Small folio, printed in double columns, 51 lines to the column;
with some MS. notes; old calf
Venice, Jenson, 1479

This is a finer and handsomer piece of typography than Jenson's first edition of
1476. Mr. Copinger has given a correct collation of the book.
William Herbert's name is written on the fly-leaf.

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140 BIBLIA cũ cōcordantijs veteris & noui testamēti z sacrorū că- | nonum. . This intitulation printed in red in three lines over a large woodcut (coloured). Colophon on the last page of Apocalypse: .. Impressa autem Lugduni : per M. Iacobum Sacon. Expensis notabilis viri Antonij Koberger Millesimo quingentesimo decimosexto. Die v'o decimoseptimo mensis Decembris... This is followed by one blank leaf and 25 leaves of Interpretationes. Folio, printed in Gothic Letter, double columns, with 144 woodcuts (all coloured), impressed from blocks of the Mallermi Bible; slightly wormed; red morocco gilt

Lyons, 1516 141 BIBLIA. Fol. 1a: Biblia. Fol. 2a, heading: Prologus in. bibliam. Column 1: Incipit epistola sacti Hieronymi.. Fol. 4b, column 1:. [I]N principio creauit Fol. 432a col. 2: Explicit biblia Venetiis impressa per Georgium de riuabenis Mantuanum | al's Parente. Anno dni. Mcccclxxxvij | iij. Cal. Martij. Under this is the Registrum. Foll. 433-466 contain the Interpretationes Hebraicorum nominum.


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Small 4to. PRINTED ON FINE VELLUM, with hundreds of illuminated initials and two beautiful decorative borders; superbly bound by Clarke for Theodore Williams in olive



morocco lined with red morocco, richly gilt inside and out

A lovely example of Venetian vellum printing, done on the purest of vellum in small Gothic characters. Only two other copies on vellum are believed to be extant, one of them in the Bibliothèque Nationale; the other I know not where.

Mr. Copinger's bibliography needs to be corrected by the statement that the first leaf of the book is the title which he evidently did not believe in, and that it consists of no more than the single word "Biblia."

Venice, 1487 128 00

The book is printed in double columns, 52 lines to the column, and has signatures as follows: a-z, 7, c, 2, A-P, in eights; Q in six; R-Z, AA-DD in eights; EE in ten; aa-cc in eights; dd in ten. 142 BIBLIA SACRA roy. folio, with engraved title, and numerous large and beautiful copperplate illustrations from the designs of Pieter Huys, Crispin van den Broeck and others; bound in red morocco gilt (by Le Gascon ?) for Sir Kenelm Digby, and bearing his arms and monogram; a very fine book

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Antverpia, Ex officina Christophori Plantini MDLXXXIII (1583) 15 0 0

This is the text of the Louvain Doctors, and is extensively annotated by them.
It is one of the handsomest and finest Bibles ever printed, and was suitably bound, in
Le Gascon's house, about 1640, for the eminent Englishman whose signature it bears.
Colbert was afterwards the owner of the volume, and it came last from the Auchinleck


143 VETVS TESTAMENTVM secvndvm LXX Latine redditvm

. . M.D.LXXXVIII. Apvd Georgivm Ferrarivm.

Folio, in old French binding gilt, large copy

Rome, 1588 FIRST EDITION—or rather first essay towards an edition-of the pre-Hieronymian version of the Old Testament. It was the work of Flaminius Nobilius (executed by order of Sixtus V and Cardinal Carafa), and was formed by gathering out of the early Latin fathers all their citations of passages from the Scriptures.

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another copy, COMPLETE, in wonderfully fine and clean condition;
in the original wooden boards covered with old calf

the same, 3 vols. in 1, sm. folio, defective, hf. bd.
Even imperfect copies of this rare volume are valuable.

£ 8.

144 COPINGER (W. A.). Incunabula Biblica; or the first half century of the Latin Bible, being a bibliographical account of the various editions between 1450 and 1500. Folio, with 54 full-page facsimile plates on the scale of the originals; cloth 1892 145 Norse or Icelandic. NORSE BIBLE, First Edition. Fol. 1, title, printed in red and black within a woodcut border: Biblia | þad Er, 11 | Heilög Ritning, vtlögd | a Norrænu. | Med Formalum Doct. | Martini. Lutheri. Prentad a Holum, Ap | Jone Jons Syne | MDLXXXIIII.

Only 250 copies were printed.

Small folio, 622 leaves; somewhat soiled and mended at beginning and end, like nearly all copies of this very rare book, but COMPLETE; red leather Holum, 1584 20 0 0



147 BIBLIA þad er Öll Heilog Ritning, vtlögd a Norrænu. Med Formaalum D. Marth. Luth. Prentud ad nyu a Hoolum. M.DC.XLiiij

3 vols. in 1, folio, woodcuts and ornamental initials; very fine and very large copy (probably LARGE PAPER) in the original stamped binding


The size of the paper is now 15 x 9 inches, and must have been before it was
cut by the binder at least 16 x 104. The ordinary copies of the book are at least two
inches less in height and one inch less in breadth.

Inscriptions on the flyleaves show that this copy was presented in 1649 by the
editor, Bishop Thorlakr Skulleson, to Jacob Knudsson; that in 1652 it was given by
Knudsson to Samuel Engelson, and that in 1656 it was presented by Engelson to Canut
Ulfeld, toparch of Swenstrup-probably a brother of the celebrated and unfortunate
Count Ulfeld.

1584 30 00 1584 210 0

When this copy was made up for the Bishop to present to Knudsson in 1649, the three leaves of Luther's Formaale at the beginning, and the final leaf of Errata and Colophon were not in it; they have since been added.

212 6

Holum in Iceland, 1644 14 14 0

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