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The Mazarine Bible on vellum (1453-55)
The Psalter of 1459 on vellum
The Catholicon of 1460
Books on vellum by Peter Schoeffer, 1470-72
The Augustine, printed at Subbiaco in 1467
The Boccace, printed by Colard Mansion at Bruges in 1476
The Dictes of the Philosophers - first book printed in

England, 1477
Chaucer, printed by Caxton in 1478
Aristotelis Ethica, printed at Oxford in 1479

And many examples of the famous presses of Mentelin (1466-71), Ulrich Zell (1468-72), Günther Zainer (1469-72), Sweynheym and Pannartz (1467-71), The Spira Brothers (1469-77), Johann Numeister, Antonio Zaroto, Arnold of Brussels, Matth. Moravus, Ulrich Gering and his associates, Jenson, Azzoguido, Bart. Buyer. Mich. Reyser, Conrad Fyner, Johann Zainer, Thierry Martens, John of Westphalia, John Veldener, Gerard Leeu, Wynkyn de Worde, Pynson, Julian Notary ; and the earliest typographers

of Spain.

The Catalogue consists of 300 pp., comprising descriptions in classified arrangement of about 650 articles, with a complete alphabetical Index; and represents a total value of £32,000. Price 58; or, hf. bd. 7s 6d post free

BERNARD QUARITCH LONDON, 15 Piccadilly, February, 1898

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£ 8. d. 1 ACKERMANN'S REPOSITORY of Arts, Literature, Commerce, Manufactures,

Fashions, etc. 36 vols. (of 40) royal 8vo. with some hundreds of coloured
Buildings and Furniture, Views of Country Sents, etc.; hf. calf 1809-28 14 0 0

First Series, 14 vols. 1809-1815 ; Second Series, Vols. 1-IV and VI–XIV (the
last), 1816-1822 ; Third Series, vols. III-XI (of twelve), 1824-28. Sets of this
valuable and interesting magazine are rarely found complete ; the present set is not

quite perfect, some frontispieces, title pages, and a few leaves being missing.
2 ALVAREZ (Francisco) Historia de las cosas de Ethiopia, en la qual se

cuenta mny copiosamente el estado y potencia del Emperador della,
&c. sm. folio, woodcut title (some margins wormed)

Çaragoça, A. Millan, 1561 1 10 0 3 ANDERSON (C. J.) Lake Ngami; or, explorations and discoveries, roy. 8vo. map and sporting illustrations, hf. morocco

1856 1 10 0 4 BOTELER (Capt. T.) Narrative of a Voyage of discovery to Africa and Arabia, 1821-6, 2 vols. 8vo. map and plates, bds.

1835 0 5 0 5 D'Avezac, Isles de l'Afrique, 8vo. numerous plates, hf. od. Paris, 1848 0 2 0 6 Edrisi, Description de l'Afrique et de l'Espagne, texte Arabe avec une traduction, des notes et un glossaire, 8vo. cloth

Leyde, 1866 0 10 0 7 FLEMING (F.) Southern Africa. A Geography and Natural History of the

Country, Colonies and Inhabitants, 12mo. map and plates, cloth 1856 0 7 6 8 Fritsch, Drei Jahre in Süd-Afrika, 8vo. coloured plates

, cloth Breslau, 1868 0 10 0 9 KRAPF (Dr. L., Missionary of the Church Missionary Society in East

Africa) Dictionary of the Suahili Language, also an Outline of a
Suahili Grammar, with Introduction by Robert Cust, Hon. Sec. Royal ,
Asiatic Society, royal 8vo. (500 pages), pub. 30s, cloth

1882 0 6 6 10 MARMOL, L'Afrique de, de la traduction de Nicolas Perrot, 3 vols. 4to. maps, old calf

Paris, 1667 0 15 0 11 Monzinger, Ostafrikanische Studien, 8vo. map, cloth Schaffhausen, 1861 0 2 0 12 NACHTIGAL (G.) Sahara und Sudan, Erster Theil, maps and woodcuts, cloth

Berlin, 1879 0 3 6 13 Owen (Capt. W. F. N.) Narrative of Voyages to explore the shores of Africa, Arabia and Madagascar, 2 vols. in 1, map and plates, hf. calf

1833 0 5 6 14 PALLIP (J.) Researches in South Africa ; illustrating the civil, moral

and religious condition of the native tribes, 2 vols. 8vo. plates, bds. 1828 0 10 0 15 RÜPPEL (E.) Reisen in Nubien, Kordofan und dem peträischen Arabien, 8vo. and plates, cloth

Frankfurt a. M. 1829 0 5 0 16 Sierra LEONE, An account of the Colony of, 8vo. map, hf. bd. 1795 0 10 0


America :

17 Actes de la Société Scientifique du CHILI. Tome I; II, livr. 1-3; III,

en 5 livr.; IV, livr. 1-2; V, livr. 1. 10 parts, royal 8vo., with maps and
plates; sd.

Santiago, 1891-95
Including: El Latrodectus formidabilis de Chile ; papers on the entomostraca,
coleoptera, bees, fish, meteorites, etc. of Chili.

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18 BOURINOT (J. G.) Carada during the Victorian Era ; a Historical Review,
roy. 8vo. map and plates, cloth

Ottawa, 1897
This work shows the great progress of Canada during the last sixty years in a

most handy and convenient form.
19 FORD (Paul L.) The New England Primer, a history of its origin and

development, 8vo. numerous facsimiles, hf. bd. New York, 1897 20 Galvez (José de). Informe general que instruyó y entregó el

Marqués de Sonora siendo Visitador general de este reyno al
Virrey Frey D. Antonio Bucarely y Ursua . . . 31 de Diciembre de
1771. Roy. 8vo., with numerous facsimiles of the original MS.; hf. bd.,

México, 1867
This valuable State Paper was prepared for the secret instruction of the Viceroy
and his successors in the due administration of the government, to enable them to
secure just imposition of taxes, the verification of revenue receipts, and to control the

entire financial system of the Mexican dominion. 21 GAY (José Antonio). Historia de Oaxaca. 2 vols., large 8vo., with 2 plates; cloth, uncut

Mexico, 1881 22 HARRISSE (H.) The Diplomatic History of America, its first chapter, 1452-1493-1494, 12mo. map, cloth

Mr. Harrisse has been writing a monograph called “ The Diplomatic History of
America : its First Chapter, 1452-1493-1494.” It consists of tweniy chapters, descrip-
tive of early diplomacy for the possession of the New World—treaties, demarcation
lines, Papal bulls, and scientific theories, with a map showing at a glance the line of
demarcation, as fixed by the Treaty of Tordesillas (1494), according to Ferrer (1495),
Cantino (1502), Enciso (1518), the Badajoz experts (1524), Ribeiro (1529), Oviedo
(1545), and the Sevillian cartographers (1550), transferred on an English Admiralty

chart. A hundred and seventy notes follow the text.
23 MARYLAND Historical Society. Archives of Maryland. 5 vols. thick 4to.

Baltimore, 1883
Proceedings and Acts of the General Assembly of Maryland, 1637-1676, 2 vols. ;
Proceedings of the Council of Maryland, 1636-1678, 2 vols. ; Judicial and Testa-

mentary Business of the Provincial Court, 1637-1650.
24 MERCER (H. C.) The Hill Caves of Yucatan: A search for evidence of

man's antiquity in the Caverns of Central America ; being an account
of the Cornwith Expedition, 8vo. maps, and numerous illustrations,

Philadelphia, 1896 25 ROYAL SOCIETY OF CANADA. Proceedings and Transactions. Second

Series—Vol. II. Edited by Dr. J. G. BourinoT. Royal 8vo., with
plates; cloth

Including: The Voyage of the Cabots in 1497 and 1498, by Dr. Dawson ; The
Ancient Literature of America, by Dr. John Campbell ; The Philology of the Ouana-
niche, by E. T. D. Chambers ; Distribution of Aerolites in Space, by A. Harvey ;
Experiments on the X-Rays, by J. Cox and H. L. Callendar ; N. A. Taxaceæ and
Coniferæ, and Pleistocene Flora of Canda, by Prof. Penhallow ; Fossil Sponges, etc.
from the Lower St. Lawrence, by Sir J. W. Dawson ; Fossil Organic Remains in the
Ottawa Palæomoic Basin, by Dr. Ami ; Sponges from the Atlantic Coast of Canada,

by L. M. Lambe.
26 Tezozomoc. Cronica Mexicana por Tezozomoc hacia 1598, anotada por

M. Orozco y Berra, y precedida del Codice Ramirez (etc.). Jose M.
VIGL, Editor. Impl. 8vo., with 32 engravings from the old Mexican
Picture-Writings; hf. ud.

Mexico, 1858
Arabic :

27 ABCARIUS (John) English and Arabic Dictionary, roy. 8vo. cloth
28 ABULFEDE Tabula Syriæ, Arab. et Lat., ed. J. B. Koehler (Editio secunda),
4to. hf. bd.

Lips. 1786 29. ABULFIDA. Tārīkhu 1 Maliki 1 Mu'ayyad Ismā'il Abi | Fidā (Abulfeda's General History) in Arabic, 4 vols. in 2, small folio,

(Constantinople ?) A.H. 1286 (1868)

This is the only complete edition of the work. 30 ALF LAILA WA LAILA. The first Egyptian edition of the Arabian

Nights, in Arabic, 2 vols. 4to. native binding Būlāk, A.H. 1251 (1835) 31 ALI BEN ABI TALEB Carmina, Arabice et Latine, ed. Kuypers, 8vo. calf

Lugd. Bat. 1745

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32 ALF LAILA: Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night, commonly

known as the “ Arabian Nights' Entertainments," now, for the first
time, published complete in the original Arabic, from an Egyptian
MS. brought to India by the late Major Turner Macan, edited by Sir
W. H. MACNAGHTEN, 4 vols. royal 8vo. sd. £2.; or, neatly bound

Calcutta, 1839-42
This is the best printed and most readable of all the editions.

Volumes sold separately as below :-Vol. 1, 78 6d; Vol. II, 108 ; Vol. IV, 20s. 33 ALF LEILA, The Arabian Nights, in Arabic, 2 vols. 8vo. calf

Calcutta, 1814 34 ASMA‘I. Siratu t Tubba' Hann al Yamāni wa mā jarā lahu ma' Kalib

(Romance of the early days of the Arabs, full of poetry), in Arabic,
4 vols. in 1, small 4to. plain MS.; bound

About 1750
On the first page, after the preliminary Gloria, etc., the story begins with Kila
1 Asma'i wa Abu Ubaida wa Jahainat al Yamani yarwiāna zālik 'an Ka'b al Akhbar ;
and several other headings begin Kāla l Asma'i. On the title of the second part, the
word Yamāni is followed by wa ba'dahu Kalām az Zir, and on that of the third the

words are Al Jux' aç Çāliç min Kalām az Zir al-Muhalhil.
35 BAGHAWI. Ma‘ālimu t Tanzil (The great Koranic Commentary of

Muhyi us Sunnat Abu Muhammad Husain al Farrā al Baghawi), in
Arabic, folio, 1006 pp. lithographed in clear and handsome characters,
the words of the sacred text larger than the rest ; red leather binding

Bombay, A.H. 1285 (1868)
This is one of the most important works of its kind, and was composed about the
beginning of the Christian twelfth century.
36 BAHA 'UD-DIN (Abú 'l-Mahásin bin Shaddád): Vita et Res gesta

SULTANI SALADINI, auctore Bohadino, Arab. et Lat., ed. Schultens,
sm. folio, calf

Lugd. Bat. 1732(-55)
The value and authenticity of this history are universally recognized. The author,
who is generally known in the East as Ibn Shaddád, was Cadi 'l-'Askar under the great

Sultan, whose life he wrote.
37 BAIDAWI. Anwāru t Tanzil. Tafsiru l-Kādi (Commentary on the

Kur'ān, by the Kādi Nasir-ad-din ‘Abdallāh b. 'Umar al Baidāwi), in
Arabic, 2 vols. impl. 8vo. bd.

(Būlāk) A.H. 1285 (1868) 38 Al-BelAdsori, Liber expugnationis Regionum, ed M.J. de Goeje. Arabice, 4to. hf. bd.

Leyden, 1866 39 BELLEMARE, Grammaire Arabe, idiome d'Algérie, 8vo. hf. Ud. Paris, 1854 40 BUKHARI. Kitabu s Sahih (The great book of Canonical Traditions

compiled by Abu 'Abdullāh Muhammad b. Ismā'il al Bukhāri), in
Arabic, complete in 1 vol. small folio, 896 pp. neatly lithographed ;
Indian gilt binding

Bombay 1272 (1856) 41 AL BURDA. The Famous Poem on Muhammad, called The Mantle,

intitled Kawākibu d durriyya fi mad'hi Khairi i Burriyya, by Abūsiri,
in Arabic, small folio, MS. in large Naskhi characters, 42 leaves, four
lines to the page, each line separated by masses of gold, the whole
presenting an appearance of great splendour; the margins somewhat
wormed ; in the original gilt binding rebacked

Written by Muhammad Mu'azzam, about 1600
With the seals of seventeenth-century owners, and a memorandum dated 1071.

The binding is a very interesting example of its kind. 42 Caspari's Arabische Grammatik, 8vo. hf. morocco

Halle, 1876 43 CATAFAGO (J.) Arabic-English and English-Arabic Dictionary, 8vo, cloth

1873 43*CORANUS, Arabice, ed. Fluegel, 4to. bd.

Lipsiae, 1834 44 DAMIRI. Hayāta 1 Haiwān al Kubra (History of the Animal World by

Kamāl-ad-din al Damīri (or Dumairi), in Arabic, 2 vols. roy. 4to. red
leather binding

(Bülal) A.1. 1278 (=1871) 45 DOZY (R. P. A.) Supplément aux Dictionnaires Arabes, 2 vols. royal 4to. hf. morocco

Leyde, 1877-80

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