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46 FAYYUMI. Misbāhu 1 Munir fi gharibi sh Sharhi 1 Kabir (Arabic

Dictionary by Ahmad b. Muhammad b. 'Ali al Mukri al Fayyūmi),
in Arabic, 2 vols. in 1, 8vo. neatly lithographed, pp. 329 and 397;
native binding

(Egypt) A.H. 1278 (1861)
This dictionary was compiled with special reference to the great Commentary

(Sharhu 1 Kabīr) of Rafi'i upon Ghazzāli's Wujuz.
47 FIRUZABADI. Al Kämūs'al Muhit li . . sh Shaikh Majd-ad-din

Muhammad bin Ya‘kūb al-Fīrūzābādi ash Shīrāzi (The great Arabic
Dictionary, with a preliminary treatise on the technical terms of the
Kāmūs, by Abu 1 Wafă al Haurīni), in Arabic, entirely with vowel-
points, 2 vols. in 1, impl. 4to. about 1370 pp. hf. bd.

(Constantinople) A.H. 1272 (= 1856) 48 FREYTAGII Lexicon Arabico-Latinum ; accedit Index Vocum

Latinarum locupletissimus, 4 vols. 4to. over 2250 pp. double cols. neatly

Halis, 1830-37 49 Lexicon Arabico-Latinum in usum tironum, 4to. 694 pp. double columns, hf. bd.

Halis, 1837 50 GREEN (Major A. O.) A practical Arabic Grammar, 2 vols. 12mo. cloth

Oxford, 1993 50* A collection of modern Arabic Stories, 12mo. cloth

1893 51 HALABI. Insanu l'Uyün (History of the Khalifate of Al-Mamūn, by

Nur-ud-din 'Ali al-Halabi), in Arabic, 3 vols. large 4to., the last leaf of
Vol. III torn and slightly defective ; red leather binding

(Būlūk) A.H. 1280 (=1862)
A great historical work which is very seldom seen.
52 HAMASA. Hamasæ Carmina, cum Tebrisii scholiis, Arabice, edidit
Freytag, 4to. hf. calf

Bonn, 1828 53 Idem, cum versione latina, 2 vols. 4to. hf. calf

1828 The extreme interest of these old romantic ballads and songs of the ante-Islamic and early Islamic days, and the excellence of the edition, have led to the exhaustion of

copies, and the book is now very scarce.
54 Hariri, The Assemblies of, Student's Edition of the Arabic Text with

English notes, grammatical, critical and historical, 8vo. pp. xxviii and
472, cloth

1897 55 Hariri, Durratu 1 Ghawwas wa Awhāmu 1 Khawas (Treatise on Solæcisms in language), in Arabic, small 4to. lithographed ; bd.

Cairo, 1273 (=1856) 56 Hirgas and Rosen, Arabskaia Chrestomatia, 2 vols., Sanktpet, 1875-6 ;

Slovar k Arabskoi Chrestomatìi i Koran, Kazan, 1881;—3 vols. 8vo.
hf. bd.

1875-81 57 IBN 'ARABSHAH. Fākibatu 1 Khulafā wa Mafakihatu z Zurafā (Historical

Anecdotes, compiled by Ahmad Ibn Arabshah) in Arabic, 4to. red

(Būlāk) A.H. 1276 (1860) 58 IBN BATUTA'S Travels, from the Arabic, by LEE, 1829-HATIM TAI,

the Adventures of, a Romance, translated from the Persian, by Duncan
Forbes, 2 vols. in 1, 4to.

O.T.F., 1829-30 59 IBN BATUTA. Voyages d'Ibn Batoutah, text arabe, accompagné d'une traduction par Defrémery et Sanguinetti, 4 vols. 8vo. hf. morocco

Paris, 1874 60 Ibn Hisham. Shuzūru z-Zahab (Syntax), 8vo. bd. Bülāk, 1253 (1837) 61 IBN-AL-HĀJIB, Al-Kafi (a Grammar), in Arabic, 8vo. bd.

Bülāk, A.H. 1255 (1839) 62 IBN ISHAK, Das Leben Muhammed's, bearbeitet von Abd el-Malik Ibn

Hischam herausg. von F. Wüstenfeld, in Arabic, 2 vols. in 3, 8vo. hf.
bd., scarce

Gött., 1858 63 IBN ISHAK (Mohammed) Das Leben Mohammeds, bearbeitet von Ibn Ishak, aus dem Arabischen übersetzt von G. Weil, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. Id.

Stuttgart, 1864 64 IBN KHALDUN'S Introduction to the study of History. Al-juz' al

awwal (Kitabu 1 Mukaddimst) min Kitabi I r . . al-mushtahir bi.
Mukaddima, folio, 314 pp. bound

(Cairo) A.H. 1274 (1858)

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d. 65 IBN KHALLIKAN. Wafayātu 1 Afyān .. tā’alifa 1 Kadi Ahmad

Ibn Khallikān (Biographical Dictionary of illustrious writers) in

Arabic, 2 vols. small folio, native binding Cairo, A.H. 1275 (1858) 2 16 0 66 IBNU L-ATHÍR, TARIKHU L-KÁMIL; with the Akhbaru d Duwal of

Abu 'L-'ABBAS; the Rawzatu 'l-Munázir of IBNU SH-SHIHNA; and the
Táríkhu 'l-Yamini of Aru NASR AL-'UTBI; all in Arabic, the last three
printed successively on the margins of the Kámil; 12 vols. imp. 8vo.
in sheets

Búlák, A.H. 1290 4 15 0
A magnificent set of mediæval Arabic chronicles. The Kámil of Ibnu 'l-Athir,

finished about A.D. 1230, is one of the most important historical works in any language. 67 Ibn Malik. Alfiya; ou, la Quintessence de la Grammaire Arabe. En drabe avec un commentaire par de Sacr. 8vo.

Paris, 1834 0 7 6 68 Ibn Malik, Alfiyya (The Rhymed Grammar of Ibn Malik, with a prose

commentary by Ibn 'Akil) in Arabic, large 8vo. bd. Bulak, 1251 (1836) 0 5 0 69 IBN AL WARDI. Kharidatu l'Ajā'īb wa Faridatu 1 Gharā'īb (Treatise on

the World and its wonders by Sirāj-ad-din ‘Umar Ibn al Wardi) in
Arabic, 8vo. neatly lithographed ; bds.

Cairo, 1276 (1859) 0 7 6 70 IDRĀKU S SŪL fi masabakati 1 Khuyul, bi-rasmi .. s Sultāniyya al

malikiyya an-nasriyya, ‘amarahā 'lláhu taʻāla bi-dawāmi ayyāmihi,
min inshā il 'abdi l fakir al Husain al Husaini Kātib id Darj ish Sharif
(a Poem on the Horse, written by Al Husain b. Muhammad al Husaini).

Small folio, fine MS., 18 leaves, in large Naskhi characters, six lines
to the page; with a title entirely in gold, and some gilt ornamentation ;

6th Ramadan, 729(=1328) 4 4 0 71 IdH-HAR-UL-HAQQ, ou manifestation de la vérité traduit de l'Arabe par P. V. Carletti, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth

Paris, 1880 0 5 0 72 JALAL AL-Din Al-OsYooTI, The Tarikh al-Kholfaa; or history of the

Caliphs, from the death of Mohammad to the year 900 of the Hijrah,
edited in Arabic by Lees, 8vo. hf. bd.

Calcutta, 1857 0 10 0 73 KAZIMIRSKI (Biberstein de) Dictionnaire Arabe-Français, 2 vols. stout roy. 8vo. 1392 and 1638 pages, double cols. ; hf. morocco, uncut

Paris, 1846-60 2 10 0 74 KHAMĪS. Tārīkhu 1 Khamis fi abwāli Nafis (History of the Prophet

Muhammad, by Husain b. Muh. b. al-Hasan ad-Diyarbakri) in Arabic,

2 vols, small folio, red leather binding (Būlāk) A.H. 1283 (1866) 1 15 0 75 KITAB AL-ALMANAT wa 'l-I'tigadat von Sa'adja b. Jusuf al Fajjumi von Laudauer, Arabisch, 8vo. hf. bd.

Leiden, 1880 0 7 6 76 KUR'AN, in Arabic, with an interlineal translation in Persian, roy. 4to.

fine MS. in bold Naskhi characters for the Arabic, and small Ta‘līk for
the translation ; written within gold and coloured rulings, and decorated
with gilt Sura-headings and other ornamentation ; the first two leaves
torn and mended ; in dark blue morocco

India, about 1680 12 0 0 77 THE KUR'AN, in Arabic, with a Persian translation interlined, and a

Persian commentary written on the margins, folio, a splendid MS., ten
lines of text to every page, with the opening pages richly illuminated, gold
rulings and ornamentation throughout; bound in parchment covered with
green silk, a very fine book

About 1680-90 21 0 0
Written in superb style for Muhammad Mümin Khān, by Muhammad Bākir al
Husaini as Sultāni. The Commentary, or rather marginal Glosses, which are some-
times written within outlines representing various figures were added by Muhammad

al Yazdi in the year 1700 (so expressed without any reference to Christ or Muhammad). 78 AL-KUR'AN. The Sacred Book of Islām, in Arabic, folio, fine MS. with

all the prints, twelve lines to the page, with splendidly illuminated 'Anwāns,
gold headings to the Suras, gilt rulings, and a great quantity of gilt
ornamentation; in a fine binding of smooth brown morocco gilt in
compartments (apparently Turkish work)

About 1700 7 10 0
This fine MS. was ecclesiastical property, as appears from a note dated 1197 on
the last page, underneath some verses in Turkish.

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79 Kuran, in Arabic, 8vo. fine MS. written within gold lines and with a great

deal of ornamental gilding, having besides, eighteen magnificently

illuminated pages; Indian gilt binding covered with red silk About 1850 80 LANE'S ARABIC-ENGLISH Lexicon, complete, 8 vols. broad folio in 2, hf.

1863-93 81 the same, in 8 parts, folio

1863-93 The companion volume, “ Lane's English-Arabic Dictionary,” 1 vol. impl. 4to.,

jub, at £9.9s, I have for sale at £2. 28. 82 MACARIUS, Patriarch of Antioch, Travels of, by BELFOUR, 2 vols, 4to.

0. T. F., 1829-37 83 AL-MAKKARI. The History of the Mohammedan Dynasties in Spain, translated by Pascual de Gayangos, 2 vols., 4to., cloth

1840 84 MAKRIZI (Taki-ad-din Ahmad). Kitābu 1 Mawāʻiz wa 1 I'tibar

bi-zikri l 'Khitat wa 1 Athār (History of Egypt (in Arabic, 2 vols. folio,

Bulūk, 1270 (1854) 85 MAKRIZI. Histoire des Sultans Mamlouks de l’Egypte. Traduite par QUATREMERE, 2 vols., 4to., cloth

1837 86 MAS'UDI, Murūju z Zahab Ma'adanu 1 Jauhar (Universal History) in

Arabic, 2 vols. 4to. MS. on paper, pp. 722 and 962 ; complete, in
. Egyptian binding

A.H. 1266 (1850)
One of the oldest and most important of the Arabic chronicles. A complete copy

like this is of extreme rarity.
87 MAS'UDI. Les Prairies d'Or, de Maçoudi, Arabe et Francais, par

Barbier de Meynard et Pavet de Courteille, 9 vols. 8vo. sd. £2. 10s ;
half calf

This great work was composed in the fourth century of the Hijra, and contains
a universal history. Its special value lies in the vivid and picturesque description of

the early days of Islam.
88 MISHCÀT-UL-MAS’ÁBIH'; or a Collection of the most Authentic

Traditions regarding the Actions and Sayings of Mohammed, translated
from the Original Arabic by Capt. A. N. Matthews, 2 vols. roy. 4to.
half morocco, rare

Calcutta, 1809-10 89 MUJĪR-AD-DIN AL HANBALI. Al-Uns al Jalil bi tārīkhi 1 Kuds

wa 1 Khalil (History of Jerusalem and the Prophet Abraham, etc.)
in Arabic, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. bd.

Cairo, A.y. 1283 (1865) 90 Pocock (E.) Specimen Historiae Arabum, accessit Historia veterum

Arabum ex Abu'l Feda cura Silvestre de Sacy ed. White, impl. 8vo.
portrait, cloth

Oxonii, 1806 91 ROORDA (T.) Grammatica Arabica, Svo. half calf Leovardiae, 1858 92 Sacy. Anthologie Grammaticale Arabe, suite de la Chrestomathie, Arabe et Francais, 8vo. x, 519 and 184 pp. bd.

1829 93 SACY (Silvestre de) Chrestomathie Arabe, ou extraits de divers

écrivains arabes, tant en prose qu'en verse avec une traduction
francaise et des notes, seconde édition, 3 vols. 8vo. sd. £2. 5s; or,
hf. calf

Paris, 1826 94 SACY. Grammaire Arabe, second edition, corrigée et augmentée,

2 vols. 8vo. xx and 608, xii and 697 pp., tables and plates, sd. €2. 2s ;
hf. calf

Paris, 1831 95 SAGHÁNI Mashāriku 1 Anwāri n Nabawiyya wa 1 Akhyāri 1 Musta

fawiyya (A Collection made in the thirteenth century of the best
Traditions concerning the Prophet, by [Radī-ad-din) al Hasan b.
Muhammad b. al-Hasan as-Saghāni) in Arabic, square folio, fine MS.
in large Naskhi characters, 155 leaves, six lines to the page, with rubri-
cations, gilt ornamentation, and a title-page in gold; half morocco

About 1450
Large as it is, this seems to be only the first volume of the work. It ends with the
words yada'u l muta'ammikūna ta'ammukahum, underneath which is a large and

beautiful arabesque ornament in gold and colours. 96 SCHIER (C.) Grammaire Arabe, 8vo. hf. ud.

Dresde, 1849

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98 SHA'RĀNI. Kitabu 1 Yawākiti 1 Jawāhir fi bayāni “Akāïdi 1 Akābir.

(A great Sufi book by 'Abdu 1 Wabhāb ash Sha‘rāni) in Arabic, folio,
red leather binding

(Bulak) A.H. 1277 (1860) 99 SIHAH. Kitābu s Sihah fi 1 Lughāt (The great Arabic Dictionary

by Ismā'il bin Hammad al Jauhari al Farābi) in Arabic, 6 vols. sm.
folio, MS. with all the vowel-points, finely written, plentifully rubricated,
and having several illuminated headings and openings ; hf. bd.

About 1580, etc.
Four of the volumes were written in the sixteenth century, the name of the tran-
scriber appearing once as Yākūt bin `Abdallāh, but without a date. Several notes
show that the codex which he transcribed was a very ancient one. The other two
volumes as well as some leaves at the beginning of Vol. I were supplied in a more
modern hand (about 1780), but in style and writing nearly uniform with the older

volumes, so as to make the MS. a complete, handsome and valuable one. 100 AN ARABIC-ENGLISH VOCABULARY of the Colloquial Arabic of Egypt. By Socrates Spiro, royal 8vo. sd.

Cairo, 1895 This is a very valuable work, indispensable to residents and others in Egypt who wish really to learn the language of the country.

* Mr. Spiro modestly calls the book a . vocabulary'; but it may well claim the title of a dictionary, as it contains most of the words which the speaker of Egyptian Arabic is likely to hear.

“ What makes the book so peculiarly valuable are the numerous idioms and slang phrases included in it which will be looked for in vain elsewhere. They are, ņevertheless, of the very essence of the colloquial language, and in dealing with the fellahin, an ignorance of them is a constant source of misunderstanding.

** The usefulness of the book is further increased by the lists of weights and measures, civil and military grades, &c., which are prefixed to it.”-A. H. Sayce.

The Academy, October 24th, 1896.
101 SPIRO (Socrates) English-Arabic Vocabulary of the modern and

colloquial Arabic of Egypt, 8vo. pp. xvi and 554, double columns ;

Cairo, 1897
A cheap and good substitute for Dr. Badger's great Lexicon.
102 STEINGASS, Arabic-English and English-Arabic Dictionary, 2 vols. 8vo.
cloth, used copy, a bargain (pub. £3. 188)

1882-4 103 SUYUTI. Kitāba I Itkān fi 'Ulumil Kur'ān.. li l Imām Jalāl-ad-din

as Sayūti (. . The great Commentary on the Kuran) in Arabic, 2 vols.
in 1, sm. folio, red leather binding

(Cairo) A.1. 1278 (1861)
see also JALAL.
104 Tabari, Chronique de ; par L. DUBEUX. Vol. I (all published), 4to.

0. T. F. 1836 105 TOHFUT-UL-MUJAHIDEEN, an historical work in the Arabic Language. Translated by Lieut. M. J. RowLANDSON. 8vo. bds., scarce 1833

A history of the first settlement of the Mohammedans in Malabar.
106 WAKIDÌ. Futūha sh Shãm li 1 Imām Muhammad bin 'Umar al

Wākidi (History of the conquest of Syria by the companions of the
Prophet, attributed to Wākidi) in Arabic, 2 vols. small folio, Egyptian

(Bulak) A.H. 1278 (1861) 107 YAʻKUB AL KÌndi, and KUSTA BIN LUKA. Risālatu 1 Hāshimi li sh

Shaikh Yaʻkūb al Kindi, wa Jawābu 1 mazkūr lahu; wa Risālat Abi
'Isa wa Risala Kusta bin Lūka-Small 4to. MSS. on paper, all in one
hand and written continuously, 282 pp., unbound

1876 Architectural Works from the Library of George Thomas

Robinson, Esq., F.S.A., of Earl's Court, Kensington :
108 Belcher (J.) and MACARTNEY (M. E.) Later Renaissance Architecture in

England. A series of examples of the domestic buildings subsequent
to the Elizabethan Period, 6 parts, roy. folio, numerous fine full-paged
photographic plates in portfolios

Parts I and II ready, containing 114 plates.

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Architectural Works-continued.

£ s. 109 BLOMFIELD (Reginald) History of Renaissance Architecture in England,

1500-1800, 2 vols. impl. 8vo. with 115 plates, and numerous smaller
illustrations, cloth

1897 2 10 0
The author has attempted to give a consecutive account of Renaissance Architec-
ture in England from its first experimental efforts, through its mature expression, to

its ultimate decay. 110 BRANDON (R. and J.) The Open Timbered Roofs of the Middle Ages, impl. 4to. 43 plates, cloth

1819 Illustrated by perspective and working drawings of some of the best variety of

Church Roofs. 111

Parish Churches; being perspective views of English Ecclesiastical Structures ; accompanied by plans drawn to a uniform scale, 2 vols. impl. 8vo. plates, cloth

1858 ( 10 0 112 BRISIEUX (C. E.) Traité du Beau essentiel dans les Arts appliqué

particulièrement à l'Architecture, 2 vols. royal 4to. portrait, and
numerous fine plates and text, engraved throughout, original calf, scarce

Paris, 1752 16 16 0
One hundred and ninety-fire engraved pages of text with many fine ornamental

designs and ninety-eight fine plates of Architectural Decoration.
113 BRITTON (J.) Architectural Antiquities of Great Britain, about 300

fine plates of Antient Edifices, 5 vols. impl. 4to. Large Paper, very fine
early impressions, calf extra, a handsome copy

1807-26 10 0 0 114 CHRIST CHORCH CATHEDRAL. The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, com

monly called Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin : An Account of the
Restoration of the Fabric by G. E. STREET; Historical Sketch of the
Cathedral by E. SEYMOUR; and a Dedication by Sir Th. Martin. Royal
folio, a very sumptuous volume, illustrated with 10 steel portraits and
plates, 5 chromolithographic plates of Stained Glass Windows and
Encaustic Tiles, 9 full-page woodcuts, and 43 vignettes (published at
£10. 10s), elegantly and strongly whole lound in gilt and ornamental

1882 2 0 0 115 CICOGNARA'S VENICE: Fabbriche (Le) e i Monumenti cospicui di

Venezia, illustrati da L. Cicognara, da A. Diedo e da G. A. Selva,
edizione con copiose note ad aggiunte di F. Zanotto, 259 plates, 2 vols.
atlas folio, half morocco, g. t.

Venezia, 1858 7 10 0 Best edition of this standard work. 116 COCKERELL (C. R.) TEMPLES OF Jupiter Panhellenius at Ægina, and of

Apollo Epicurius at Bassæ, impl. folio, 36 fine plates, half morocco,

1860 5 5 0 117 CONTANT D'IVRY (Architecte du Roi) (Euvres d'Architecture, atlas folio, portrait, and 72 fine large plates, hf. ud. Paris, 1769 10 0 0

Première partie, very rare ; a second part did not appear.
118 DICTIONARY of Architecture, issued by the Architectural PUBLICA-

TION SOCIETY, numerous plates and woodcuts, 8 vols. folio, half polished
morocco, g. t. uncut, fine set

1849-92 18 10 0 A monument of the co-operative work of enthusiastic young Architects the last

119 DIETTERLIN (Wendel Maler zu Strassburg) Architectura: von

Ausstheilung, Symmetria und Proportion der fünf Seulen, folio, an
excellent clean and perfect copy, portrait and 209 plates of ornamental
and grotesque Architecture, hf. bd. calf

Nürnberg, 1598 15 00 Three leaves neatly mounted. 120 GAILHABAUD (Jules) Monuments anciens et modernes de l'Architec

ture des différents Peuples et Epoques, many hundred plates, 4 vols.
4to. bils. uncut

Paris, F. Didot, 1844-50 4 0 0 121 GRAPALDUS de partibus Aedium, 4to. bds. wormed

Argentovati, J. Pryss zum Thiergartten, 1508 0 6 0 122 GRUNER (L.) Decorations de Palais et d'Eglises en Italie, atlas folio, 56 fine plates, some coloured, half morocco, scarce

1854 4 4 0 The best work on Fresco Painting and Architecture of Italy. 123 Gruner (L.) Die Basreliefs an der Vorderseite des Doms zu Orvieto,

mit erläuterndem texte von E. Braun, oblong large folio, 81 tine
plates, half morocco extra

1858 1 16 0

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