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India Office Publications-continued.

HALL, Bibliographical Index, 98

JAESCHKE, Tibetan-English Dictionary, 4to. £1.
JARRETT, Anwar-i-Soheli, 15s

LоTH, Catalogue of Arabic MSS., 158

MAINWARING, Lepcha Grammar, 38



MOLESWORTH, Marathi Dictionary, 2nd edition, 168
MÜLLER, Rigveda Sanhitâ, Vols. IV., to VI. each volume, £2. 128 6d 1862-74
Index to ditto, £2. 5s

a perfect copy, 6 vols. 4to. with Index, £10.

TRUMPP, Adi Granth, or the Holy Scriptures of the Sikhs, translated from the original Gurmukhi, with Introductory Essays by Dr. E. Trumpp, thick sm. 4to. bds. £1.










WILLIAMS, English-Sanskrit Dictionary, £1. 108

WILSON, Rigveda Translation. Vols. I, III, IV, V, VI, £3. 168
BURNELL, Catalogue of Sanskrit MSS., Tanjore, £1. 11s 6d
RAJENDRALAL MITRA, Catalogue of Sanskrit MSS., Bikanir, 38
SPRENGER, Descriptive Catalogue of MSS. in Oudh, 158
CATALOGUE of the India Office Library (with Index), 10s 6d





The above are the most important of the India Office Publications, others not mentioned, and in many cases separate volumes, can be supplied.

CUNNINGHAM. The Stupa of Bharhut, a Buddhist Monument ornamented with numerous Sculptures illustrative of Buddhist Legend and History in the third century B.C. by Alexander CUNNINGHAM, impl. 4to. with 57 plates (published at £3. 38), cloth gilt, £1. 168


Published by order of the Secretary of State for India in Council.

COLE. Illustrations of Buildings near Muttra and Agra showing the mixed Hindu-Mahomedan style of Upper India, from photographs, plans and drawings taken by Henry Hardy COLE, impl. 4to. with 49 fine photographic and other plates (published at £3. 10s) hf. morocco gilt, uncut, £1. 168

India Office, 1873 WATSON and KAYE. The People of India; a series of photographic illus. trations of the Races and Tribes of Hindustan, prepared under the authority of the Government of India and reproduced with descriptive letterpress by Colonel Meadows Taylor, edited by J. Forbes WATSON and Sir John William KAYE, 8 vols. COMPLETE, impl. 4to. with 356 photographic plates, cloth extra, gilt edges, £12. 10s India Museum, 1868-75

the same, vols. V, VI, VII and VIII; 4 vols. with 242 photographs; cloth gilt, £5. 1872-75 CORPUS INSCRIPTIONUM INDICARUM, Vol. III, Inscriptions of the Early Gupta Kings and their successors, by Dr. J. Fleet, folio, cloth, £1. 138 6d Calcutta, 1889 SELECTIONS from the Letters, Despatches, and other STATE PAPERS preserved in the Foreign Department of the Government of India, 1772-85 edited by George W. Forrest, 3 vols. sm. folio, cloth, £1. 1s Calcutta, 1890

A highly important work, giving for the first time the real history of the governorship of Warren Hastings; from the official documents which had previously been unavailable to refute Macaulay's caricature of the subject. Prof. Forrest has done what the accused statesman was unable to do, and has furnished a vindication which, however tardy, is absolutely complete-so far at least as the scope of the Selections has extended. The editor has included a vast number of state papers, extending from 1772, the year in which Hastings became Governor of Bengal, to 1785, when he left India. Together with the editor's excellent Introduction the matter fills three large volumes, which will be found interesting alike to the Indian specialist and to the general student of history.-H. G. KEENE, in the Academy, August 2nd, 1890.

Indian Government Publications.

Adi Granth. By E. Trompp, £1. 11s 6d
Archæological Survey of India. (New Series) :
I. Sharqi Architecture of Jaunpur.

II. Monumental Antiquities in the North-West Provinces.
Führer, PH.D. 138 6d

III. South Indian Inscriptions. By E. Hultzsch, PH.D.:

Vol. I, 4s

Vol. II, Part 1, 38 6d
Part 2, 38 6d


By A. Führer, PH.D. £1. 18 6d


By A.






Art Ware, Photographs of Madras and Burmese, £1. 158 Bihari Language, Seven Grammars of. By G. A. Grierson. (8 parts), £1. 1883-87

Dictionary of Indian Economic Products. By Dr. Geo. Watt, c.I.E.
in 9), £3. 38
English-Sanskrit Dictionary. By Sir M. Monier-Williams, K.C.I.E.,

Index to ditto, £2. 58

Rigveda Translation. By H. H. Wilson:

Vols. I, III and IV, 13s 6d per volume

Famous Monuments in Central India. By Sir Lepel Griffin, K.c.8.1. £5. 58

1886 1857

Marathi Dictionary. By J. T. Molesworth, 16s

Rigveda Sanhita, Vols. IV to VI. By Professor Max Müller, £2. 12s 6d per volume


(6 vols.


1850-66 1888

Vols. V and VI, 18s per volume

Specimens of Languages in India. By Sir G. Campbell, K.C.S.I. £1. 16s 1874 Textile Manufactures and Costumes of the People of India. By Dr. Forbes Watson, £1. 1s


Tibetan-English Dictionary. By H. A. Jaeschke, £1.


A most painstaking set. Tables for Numismatic researches. calculating Indian Dates, chiefly based upon

£1. 10s


India :

BALFOUR'S (Surgeon-General Edward) The Agricultural Pests of India and of Eastern and Southern Asia, vegetable and animal, 12mo. 128 pp. cloth, 2s 6d


In alphabetical form.

CUNNINGHAM'S (General Alex.) Book of Indian Dates, 8vo. xvi and 228 pp. (pub. at 12s), cloth, 58 Calcutta, 1883

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These volumes include valuable information concerning the Zoology, Botany, History, Folklore, Antiquities, etc., of all parts of India. Vols. 1 and 2 have complete Indexes.

Captain Temple, now Governor of the

LETHBRIDGE (E.). Topography of the Mogul Empire as known to the Dutch in 1631; translated from the Latin of Joannes de Laët, with historical and topographical notes. 8vo. sd. 18 Calcutta, 1871 PANJAB NOTES AND QUERIES, a monthly periodical, devoted to the systematic collection of authentic notes and scraps of information regarding the country and the people, edited by Captain R. C. TEMPLE, Bengal Staff Corps, 4 vols. 4to. all published, hf. bd. morocco, uncut, £2. 168 Allahabad, Oct. 1883-Sept. 1887

Andaman Islands, has sold to me the remaining stock, of which I have made up a few perfect copies, and bound them with all the original wrappers. The title of the fourth volume is changed into "Indian Notes and Queries."


North-Western India:

RISLEY'S (H. H.) GAZETTEER of SIKHIM, 4to. with map and 21 plates, chiefly illustrating the religion of the LAMAS, cloth, 12s 6d Calcutta, 1894

A most valuable book, equally important to the Statesman, the Naturalist and the Student of Comparative Religion.


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Journal of Indian Art and Industry. Vols. I—VII.

Under the patronage of H.M. Government of India; a periodical containing faithful copies of works of Art produced in India, and of subjects connected with that country. Richly illustrated with numerous plates in colours and gold, illustrative of the Arts, Architecture, Industries and Manufactures of Hindustan, executed in Photolithography by W. GRIGGS; the text is written by the best Art Connoisseurs of India and England; 60 parts forming 7 vols. impl. 4to. cloth, £8. 88 1884-97

Containing papers on Indian Brass,
Copper and Silver Art Ware; Wood and
Ivory Carving; Bidri Ware, Lacquer,
Enamelling, Inlaid Work; Architecture
and Architectural Decoration; Pottery
and Porcelain; Embroidery, Silk and
Cotton Industries; Cloth Stamping and
Vol. VII, No. 60, 7 plates of 14 coloured

The recent parts are each 2s. Volume VII begins with part 55

Many of the parts composing the above are entirely out of print, the parts still obtainable can be supplied at 2s each, and the cases for binding the various volumes at 5s each.

Dyeing, etc., by Sir Edward Buck, LL.D.;
Sir Geo. M. Birdwood, c.S.I., LL.D,; J. L.
Kipling, C.I.E.; E. B. Havell; H. Cousens;
B. H. Baden-Powell, c.1.E.; Mrs. Rivett
Carnac; Col. S. S. Jacob; Capt. C. W.
Ravenshaw; Surgeon Lt.-Col. T. H.
Hendley, C.I.E.; Capt. R. C. Temple;
B. A. Gupte; T. N. Mukharji; etc.

"One of the most sumptuous specimens of colour printing is the Journal of Indian Art and Industry."-Echo, Sept. 4th, 1893. examples of Cotton Prints, 28 October, 1897

The Old East India Company.



GoBernour and Company of Merchants of London trading into THE EAST INDIES,







One stout volume 8vo.

Introduction, lxxxiv pp.; the Letters, 1-504 pp.; the
Inder, 505-530 pp.; the Trade mark, designed by G. Haité, one leaf; cloth,
£2. 2s
Bernard Quaritch, 1893
Very few remain; only 200 copies printed for sale.

THIS Register of Letters, hidden in obscurity for near 300 years, gives the best picture of the early English trade operations which led to the establishment of the power of the East India Company.

A carefully made Index makes these valuable Letters a ready book of reference.

The official value of the volume consists in the early date and important character of the documents it contains. Over one-fourth of them are of the first six years (1600 to 1606) of the existence of the "London East India Company," commonly called "The Old East India Company," a period of which the records have hitherto been extremely meagre.

The volume covers all the "Separate Voyages," and the first seven years of their "Joint Stock Voyages," for a list of them see page xiv.

The contemporary influence of the Company's early Voyages is to be traced even in the plays of Shakespeare.

To the opium ranters SIR GEORGE BIRDWOOD replies "As for opium smoking, I am satisfied, from my own experience of it, that it is as innocuous as smoking hay, straw, or stubble; opium is one of the greatest gifts of Providence."

The interest and importance of these early Voyages and Adventures of the East India Company is boundless, and their influence on the destinies of the World indisputable.

As a result we have in the East our splendid Indian Empire. In the West, we see the greater part of the continent of North America peopled by the Anglo-Saxon race, due to the attempts organized by the Company to find a North-West passage, in 1602, which resulted in the discovery and colonization of New England. On pp. 21, 158, 190, etc., are the terms, agreements, and regulations for the Voyages to attempt the discovery of the North West passage which entitles this volume to a place in the libraries of American collectors.

Sir George Birdwood's Introduction gives a vivid description of the various forces employed in rearing our magnificent Eastern Empire, and points out the dangers to be encountered in maintaining it. He concludes by saying, "If the Spaniards have taken a just pride in celebrating the fourth centenary of the discovery of the Americas by Columbus, and the Portuguese are to follow them by celebrating the fourth centenary of the doubling of the Cape of Good Hope by Da Gama, is it too much to suggest that Englishmen should also bestir themselves for the celebration of the third centenary of the Old' East India Company's 'First Voyage'

in 1601 ?"


HOGAN (Edmundus) IBERNIA IGNATIANA seu Ibernorum Societatis Jesu Patrum Monumenta. Collecta, secundum annorum ordinem distributa, Notis illustrata, et sociorum elogiis aucta. Tomus primus, 1540-1607, 4to, 250 pp. and an autotype portrait of St. Ignatius, sd. 128

Societas Typographica Dubliniensis, 1880


THE COLLATION of, and the TITLES for, SIEBOLD'S NIPPON or Description of Japan. NIPPON, Archiv zur Beschreibung von Japan, 7 divisions, impl. 4to. Leyden, 1832-52-Titles for binding in 6 vols. 218

the same, large paper, 428

At the death of the Author, this valuable work remained without arrangement; when the stock passed into my hands, I supplied the deficiency by printing the above List of Contents, and the Titles for arranging the seven divisions in six volumes.

E. M. SATOW, The Jesuit Mission Press in Japan, 1591-1610, 4to. with 13 facsimiles of the titles of works produced by the Jesuits in Japan during their stay in that country, sd. 158 Privately printed, 1888

The issues of the Jesuit press in Japan are of extreme rarity; they are here most accurately described.

ANDERSON (W.) THE PICTORIAL ARTS OF JAPAN, folio, illustrated by 150 very fine plates, executed in Chromo-lithography, Photogravure, and Native Engravings on Wood and Copper, and a large number of Woodcuts, etc., printed in the body of the Work, with general and descriptive text by William Anderson, F.R.C.s., late Medical Officer to H.M.'s Legation in Japan, Author of "A Descriptive Catalogue of the Collection of Chinese and Japanese Pictures in the British Museum" (published at £10. 10s), hf. morocco, gilt edges, £3. 3s 1886-7

Japanese Bibliography: HOFFMANN, CATALOGUS librorum

Japonicorum, a PH. FR. DE SIEBOLD collectorum, annexa enumeratione illorum, qui in Museo Regio Hagano servantur, folio, cum pag. lithogr. 17, 125 copes printed, sd. 58


Very few copies remain of this valuable Catalogue, the only one giving a critical and bibliographical account of the best works of Japanese Literature, affording thus a Picture of Japanese Civilization and of the state of Literature, the Sciences, Arts, etc.

The Jataka.

Translated from the Pali under the superintendence of

Vol. I translated by ROBERT CHALMERS.
Vol. II translated by W. H. D. ROUSE.

[Nearly ready. [In preparation.

Vol. III translated by H. T. FRANCIS and R. A. NEIL.
To be completed in seven or eight volumes.

The second volume is translated by Mr. W. H. D. Rouse, late fellow of Christ's College, and the third by Mr. R. A. Neil, fellow and assistant-tutor of Pembroke College, University Lecturer in Sanskrit, and Mr. H. T. Francis, Under-Librarian of the University Library at Cambridge and late fellow of Gonville and Caius College. The whole translation will appear under the editorship of Prof. Cowell of Cambridge. Orders received by

The University Press at Cambridge has undertaken to publish a complete translation of the Pali Jātaka or "Buddha Birthstories," which are supposed to be the oldest collection of folk-lore stories in existence. The first volume is now in the press, and has been prepared by Mr. R. Chalmers, late of Oriel College, Oxford, a former pupil of Prof. Rhys Davids. It will contain the forty stories given in Prof. Rhys Davids' discontiuued translation, but will also give the translation of the remainder of the first volume of Prof. Fausboll's edition of the Pali text.


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