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with a fresh set of numbers and signatures, the Hymns succeed : Dñica. j.
aduētus. Fo. J. | Sequütur hymni per totum annum dicendi in
vesperis et matutinis secundū tem pus 1 : , ad vsum | Sarum et
Eboraceñ. These hymns with their tabula occupy 35 leaves, and on
35b is the colophon : Explicit Psalteriū cũ antiphonis dñicalibus
vna cũ hymnis ecclesie Sarū et Eboraceñ. .. Impressum Parisius
Expēsis į sumptibus honesti mercatoris Francisci Byrckman
Mccccc.xxij. Die vero. vij. mensis Iunij. The thirty-sixth leaf, a blank,

is cut away

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3 parts in 1 vol. small 4to. in the original stamped calf binding, the back repaired

1524-22 31 10 0 The Horæ has only six preliminary leaves, the other two (which contained a title and an Almanack) being lost. The text is perfect and is numbered from i-clxxxv which ought to be clxxxiv).

The Hymns are very rarely found in an edition of the York or Sarum Hours.
171 HORTULUS ANIMÆ. Title: Hortulus | anime denuo dili |

gentissime per pre | stātissimos viros 1 z dños doctorem | Branto
mgrm Ia | cobū Wympffelin | gum castigatus . , Sebastianus Brant ad
lectorē. The preceding nine lines are all printed in red. The eight
lines of verse which follow are in black. On the reverse of the title
begins the Kalendar which ends on leaf 13a. The fifteen pages which
constitute 136 to 206 contain tables of movable Feasts, etc. Fol. 21 has a
woodcut of the Annunciation on its obverse ; on the reverse : Incipit
Cursus bte Marie vginis . . Fol. 426: Hore beate marie . . Fol. 243a :

Finit registrů. under which is the colophon printed in red :
Impressum Argentine per Ioh’em Wehinger vener' post galli. Anno
dni M. D. iii. hortulos aie tam in vulgari theutunico q3 in latino . ..
impmi fecit . doctori Brant: z magistro lacobo Wympfelingo
Sletstatino ad corrigendū 7 emendandū comisit. On the reverse :
Sequunt additiões Fol. 244 bears the printer's mark in red and is
otherwise blank. Fol. 245 : Sequit" accessus altaris prout ponit
magister guilhelmus This part ends on 2526.

12mo. PRINTED ON VELLUM, with 69 woodcuts of Saints and three fullpage illustrations ALL FINELY COLOURED AND ILLUMINATED; fine copy in old German black morocco, with clasps and gilt edges, enclosed in an outer

Strassburg, 1503 63 0 0 Between leaves 20 and 21, a leaf of vellum is inserted, which is painted with a man's figure kneeling before a desk at which St. Luke sits writing. From the kneeling figure's mouth issue the words Adesto nostris propius et propicius. Beneath him is an escutcheon, apparently that of Frauenberg ; and the page has a printed border in Flemish style.

This book must be extremely rare; since Brunet and Graesse give a description not only scanty but erroneous, assigning to the volume 231 leaves only, when as a

matter of fact it has 252, all printed on.
172 ANALECTA HYMNICA Medii Aevi; herausg. von Clemens Blumer

und Guido Maria Dreves. 25 parts or vols., 8vo. (published at
£9. 178 6d), sewed

Leipzig, 1886-97 5 0 0 173 MONE (F.J.). Lateinische Hymnen des Mittelalters, aus Handschriften herausgegeben und erklärt, 3 vols. 8vo. hf. morocco, gilt

1853 174 ALÈS (Anatole). Description des LIVRES DE LITURGIE imprimés aux

XV et XVI Siècles faisant partie de la Bibliothèque de S.A.R. Mgr.
Charles-Louis de Bourbon (Comte de Villafranca) (ex-Duc de Parme).
Royal 8vo., 558 pages, printed on Dutch paper, hf. morocco neat, uncut

2 50 175 another copy, with a supplement of 46 pages ;—2 vols., royal 8vo., sd.

Paris, 1878


2 16 0 One of the most important catalogues raisonnés of its kind. Only 150 copies were printed, all for private distribution.


3 10 0

£ s.


| ANY CHRISTEN | man, set furthe by | the kynges ma- | iestie of Eu- |
glande | &c. Colophon on reverse of fol. 114: IMPRINTED at London
in Fletestrete by Thomas Barthelet printer to the kynges hyghnes,
the . XXIX day of May the yere of oure Lorde . M.D.XLIII. | CVM
priuilegio ad imprimendum sclum .
Small 4to. morocco extra, gili edges

1543 18 18 0 176 the same, a fine copy in old calf

1543 14 14 0 "The King's Book," je. the original attempt to frame a liturgy for the renovated Church of England.

Just above the colophon is the royal order concerning the sale of the book,—that the price should not be above 16d. “ in paper boordes or claspes."

The two copies, although nearly identical, are not actually so. They were evidently both produced in 1543, but we may suppose that a demand existed for which the first issue was not sufficient. Many points of distinction might be noted, but it is sufficient to say that, in the calf copy, the headlines of the last thirty leaves are nearly all in

capitals, while they are in lower-case letters almost throughout the morocco copy.

ANGLOISE . ov Le Livre des Prieres Pvbliqves .. Nouuellement traduit
en Francois par l'Ordonnance de sa Maiesté de la Grande Bretaigne.
A Londres, par leban Bill . . M.DC.XVI . . 2 vols. in 1, small 4to.
title within a woodcut border; slightly waterstained, but an excellent copy
in the original calf, stamped with a gilt ornament on the sides 1616 4 0 0

The second volume is the Livre des Pseaumes, which has a separate title, and a
distinct set of signatures.

178 CONFESSIONS OF FAITH. Title : An Harmony of the Confessions

of the Faith of the Christian and Reformed Churches, which purelie
professe the holy doctrine of the Gospell in all the chiefe Kingdomes,
Nations and Prouinces of Europe . . . Also in the end is added the
Confession of the Church of Scotland Small 8vo. green morocco
extra, gilt edges

Cambridge, Thomas Thomas, 1586 1 12 6 178* RITUALE ECCLESIARUM DANIAE ET NORVEGIAE Latine redditum per P. Terpager, 8vo. calf

Havniae, 1706 1 0 0 179 SCOTTISH CATECHISM. A Catechisme of Christian Religion.

Appointed to be printed for the vse of the Kirke of Edinbvrgh.
12mo. blue morocco extra, fine copy

Edinburgh, Printed by Andro Hart, Anno Dom. 1615 12 0 0
This is the separate issue of the third part of the Book of Common Order

published by Hart in 1615.
180 (CRANMER (Thomas)?] (A spiritu- | all purgation sent vnto | al them

that laboure of Luthers Errour, as touching the bodely presens of
Christe | our saniour in the Sacra- ' ment.. Leaf 79a: . . God saue
the Kynge. O Grace be wyth you. Yours as charyte byndeth.
| T. C Leaf 80a : ( Imprynted at london | by Hugh syngeltó at the
sygne of saynt Augusty- | ne in paules churche yearde
12mo. fine copy in blue morocco extra, gilt edges

(1548-49) 6 0 0
In 1548 Singleton printed a book at the address given above ; in 1553 he was at
the Doubled Hood in Thames Street. This book seems to have been a precursor of
the elaborate “Defence . . of the Sacrament,” which Cranmer published in 1550, and
I therefore read in T. C. the initials of the Archbishop's name. The book is dedicated

to Sir Thomas Wyat.
181 QUEEN ELIZABETH. VIRET (Pierre). De Origine, Continuatione,

vsa, autoritate, atque præstantia Ministerij verbi Dei & Sacramēt-
orum: & de controuersijs ea de re in Christiano orbe . . excitatis
Oliua Roberti Stephani M.DLIIII

Small folio, QUEEN ELIZABETH'S COPY, bound for her in black calf, with
her crown, arms, initials, and a quoted passage in gold on the sides 1554 20 0 0

This must have been one of the earliest books bound for the Queen. She had owned it probably since its publication, and in 1559 thought it worthy of binding for the royal library. The style of work is similar to that of the books which had been bound for Edward VI. The citation which the Queen chose as a motto is the following: "Syncervs et genvinvs Verbi Dei intellectvs hominem ad ipsivs Dei ecclesiam et recte docendam et bene regendam aptvm et idonevm facit.”-It gives the book a distinguished place as one of the choice volumes of her library.


£ 8. d.

5 0 0

3 100

182 BALE (John) A Briefe Chronycle concerning the examination and death

of that Blessed Martir of Christ Sir John Oldecastell the Lord Cob-
ham, 18mo. black letter, cut on title (corner of Bj mended), blue morocco.
gilt edges, RARE

Anthony Scoloker and W. Seres, n. d. (1548) 183

The First two Partes of the Actes or unchast examples of the English Voturyes, gathered out of their owne legendes and chronycles, 12mo. black letter, cut on title, old calf, with stamped ornamental borders

Abr. Vele, 1551
Inscription on title and at end "I trust in my truth, Henry Stafford."
184 Clark's (J. W.) Observances in use at the Augustine Priory of S. Giles

and S. Andrew at Barnwell, Cambridgeshire, Latin and English, with
Glossary, Svo. cloth

1897 185 Flaccius İLLYRICUS (Math.) Catalogus Testium Veritatis qui ante

nostram ætatem reclamarunt Papae, cum præfatione Mathiae Flacii
Illyrici, stout 12mo. oaken boards, pigskin, stamped with heads of
German Savants and ornaments, with initials I. K. and date 1560, metal

sil. Jo. Oporinus et M. M. Stella, 1556 186 LUIS DE GRANADA. A Memoriall of a Christian Life divided into Seaven

Treatises (translated from the Spanish by Richard Hopkins), stout
16mo. engraved title and fine copperplate vignettes, slightly water-stained,

Doway, J. Heigham 1612

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187 KÖBEL and MENNEL. Schachtzabel Spiel. Desz RitterlichĒ, Künst-

lichē Schachtzabel Spiels underweysung, erclärung, vă verstant
Getruckt za Oppenheym. Small 4to. three woodcuts of a chess-board,
and six woodcuts of the pieces as human figures ; leaf xvi wanting;
hf. morocco, very rare

Oppenheim about 1516-18 10 0 0
EXTREMELY RARE ; and apparently the first German book on the actual Game of
Chess. (The Schachtzabelspil which had appeared about forty years previously was a
translation from Jacopo de Cessoli, and therefore only a moral Allegory.)

On the back of the title Jacob Köbel dedicates to Chessplayers this little work in
which he prints Doctor Jacob Mennel's poem on Chess, prefixing to it his own prose
introduction for the study of Chessplayers. The title and preliminaries occupy pp. 1-3;
the prose introduction pp. 4.11 ; Mennel's prose preface to his poem, p. 12; the poem
itself pp. 13-34 ; the leaf which should contain pp. 35-36 is missing, but it may have
been blank ; pp. 37-43 contain prose Problems ; p. 44 is blank. The book consists of
two unnumbered preliminary leaves and leaves numbered 1-XX ; with signatures
a, 4 leaves ; A, 2 leaves ; and B-E: in fours.

Köbel speaks in error of being moved “ widerumb inn den Truck zu fertigen” the work of Dr. Mennel ; but Mennel himself says in his preface dated Costentz, 1507, that he had decided not to publish it. Consequently it was printed here for the first

188 ITINERARIUM BEATÆ VIRGINIS. Fol. la blank. Fol. 1b contains

a large woodcut. Fol. 2a : Prefacio in itinerarium seu peregrinatio |
nem : beate virginis ? dei genitricis marie. I . . Fol. 366: Finis
itinerarij seu peregrinatio- | nis beate marie virginis.

Small 4to. 36 leaves, 32 lines to the page, with ornamental initials,
one large and 54 smaller woodcuts S.n. (Ulm, Reger, about 1490) 36 0 0

An excessively rare book, in very fine condition, with woodcuts which enjoy celebrity for their design and character. There is no better proof of the rarity of the book than the circumstance that it is described by Hain and Brunet alike, as consisting

of 32 leaves, instead of 36.
189 HOLBEIN'S DANCE OF DEATH. Simolachri, Historie, e Figvre de la

Morte . . In Lyone appresso Giovan Frellone, M.D.XLIX. 12mo.
with 53 woodcuts; calf

Lyons, 1549 10 10 0
This is an edition of no small interest as containing the 41 original impressions,
the 8 additional (Soldier, Gamester, Drinker, Idiot, Highwayman, Blindman,
Waggoner, Outcast) and the 4 groups of children ;-altogether 53 in number as they
had first come out in 1547 ; in combination with an Italian text which had appeared in
a pirate edition of 1545 (Venice) to which the publisher alludes as having been
issued with bad copies of the first 41 blocks.


£ S. d. 190 KETHAM. Title : Fasciculus medicine in quo | continentur: videlicet. I

Primo iudicia vrinarum . . Line 11: Sexto de Anothomia . On the
reverse a full-page woodcut representing Petrvs de Montagnana at his
desk, with other figures below. Fol. 2a a full-page woodcut of doctors in
consultation, with eight figures. 26 a circular diagram Similitudo com-
plexionum. Fol. 3a, col. 1: Incipit fasciculus medicine compositus
per | excellentissimum artium ac medicine doctorem : | dominum
Ioānem de Ketbam Alamanız: tra | ctās de anothomia . . Fol. 40b,
colophon : .. Impressaz Venetijs per Io | annez o Gregoriuz de Gregoriis
fratres . An | no dni . M.ccccc.xcv . die . xv. octobris.

Small folio, with ten superb outline woodcuts, all full-page size, and
fine ornamental initials ; bound up with another medical work in wooden
boards with a pigskin back

L'enice, 1495 42 0 0 Most of the woodcuts in this book exhibit a wonderful triumph of design, and must take front rank among the best examples of Venetian wood engraving towards the close of the fifteenth century. Nothing but the Poliphilo can be put in line with i Copies of the ketham have now become very rare.

The work with which this copy is bound up is the Florida Corona Medicinæ . . edita per Antonium Gazium, printed by the Gregorii brothers four years before the


di | VENETIA. On the reverse a large woodcut of the Crucifixion. Colo-
phon on fol. 1206: Stampata in Venetia per Bernadin | Venetian di
Vidali habita in la co- | tra de San Giulian Del. M. | CCCCC.XVII. |
Adi . xvi. septēc | brio.

12mo. with 34 pretty woodcuts (including 11 repetitions), some of them
with borders ; fine copy in old French red morocco (Padeloup), from the
Beckford library

1517 24 0 0 Some of the cuts are of remarkably elegant design ; but others are of ruder character, More than one artist apparently worked on the blocks.

192 ARTHUR ROMANCE, LANCELOT, Vols. I and III. Colophou to Vol. III:

Cy fine le derrenier volume de la table | ronde faisant mē- | tion des
fais o proesses de mol seigūr lancelot du lac z dau- | tres plusieurs
noblest vail. | lens hommes ses copaignos | Imprime a paris ce
derrenier | iour dapuril mil quatre cccc quatre vingtz T quatorze, por
anthoine verard libraire de- | mourant a paris sur le pont nostre
dame a lymaige sainct | iehan leuangeliste, ou au pa- | lais au premier
pillier ou len chante la messe de messeigñrs les presidens.

2 vols. folio, PRINTED ON VELLUM in double columns in large letters
bâtardes, all the initials illuminated and two full-page woodcuts splendidly
painted in opaque colours within ornamental borders ; wanting 22 leaves

, but presenting a magnificent example of Vérard's vellum-printing ; hf. calf, from the Ashburnham library

Paris, 1494 96 0 0 The colophon of Vol. I is dated 1 July, 1494, of Vol. III 30 April. 1494, and in both volumes the number of lines to the column is 47. This is therefore the first exlition printed by Vérard, while the copy which belonged to Firmin-Didot and Lord Crawford was of the second edition (about 1504), and although it wants the whole second volume and twenty-two leaves of the first and third, it must be regarded as a book of the greatest value and rarity.---The deficient leaves are-in Vol. I, seven preliminary leaves and first leaf of text, besides fo. Ixvij, leaf m5, fo. cxi, cxlviii, clxxy, leaf B6, D4. In Vol. III, fo. i, xliii, lxxiv, xciv, leaf ppp5, fo. clxv, and

leaf AAA8.

libellas consolatorius ad instructo3 deuoto 2 | Cuius primú capi-
tulū est de imitacõe xpi z otemptu | damni vanitatum mandi .
Et qdam totū libellum sic appellant scilicet libellum de
imitatione xpi

Fol. 16b: Sequiť scda ps h9 libri q est
de amonicoe Fol. 25a : . . Incipit tercius liber . . Fol. bla :
. . Sequit“ nunc liber quartus de imitacoe cristi | Fol. 76a :


Viri egregij Thome montis sancte Agnetis in | Traiecto regularis
canonici libri de xpi imitatioe | numero quatuor finiunt feliciter . per
Ginthe'um zainer ex reutlingen pgenitū literis impssi ahenis.

Small folio, 76 leaves, 35 long lines to the page; fine copy in the
original binding of stamped pigskin over oaken boards, EXTREMELY RARE

Augsburg, about 1670 600 : Bound up with this Editio Princeps of a famous book are the following treatises, from the same press and of the same time : Augustinas de anime quantitate, 29 leaves ; Augustini Soliloqū, 23 leaves ; Speculum peccatoris, 5 leaves; Hieronimus de essencia diuinitatis followed by Thomæ de Aquino Summa de articulis fidei, together 16 leaves ; Hieronimi prologus in librum de viris illustribus, 37 leaves ; Errores indeo 24, 4 leaves ; Probacões noui testamti, 8 leaves ; Processus indiciarins, 10 leaves (of which the first is a blank.)- It is also bound up with the edition printed at Augsburg in 1472 by Schüssler of the Hexameron Beati Ambrosij Mediolanensis

epi . . 76 lines, 35 long leaves to the page.
194 VALLIBUS (Hieronymus de). Fol. la: Ihesuida Hieronimi de vallibus

paduani. I ad reuerendū in xpo patrē et dñm pe- | trum donato . I
:.|..|[M]Axime celicolum supa ý celsus in aula | Eterno imperio
superes Fol. 106: . . Brachia aperta dedi frontē 93 ad oscula

Small folio, 10 leaves, 24 long lines to the page, without signatures,
catchwords, and foliation ; fine copy in dark morocco extra, gilt edges

S. n. (Augsburg, Günther Zainer, about 1470) 10 10 '1 VERY RARE. It is the first edition of a short sacred epic, written about 1430, which was reprinted several times after Zainer's edition above described. One of the most significant tokens of its rarity is afforded by the description of it as a quarto in Hain, Brunet, and Graesse. The first had probably seen a copy in which the margins

were cut down, and the other two copied him without having ever seen the book. 195 LILY. First page: Guillelmi Lilii Angli Rudimenta. I To make latyn | . . Eleventh page, line 1: it is the genytyne case

Line 7 : Finis. Under this begins Carmen Guillelmi Lilij, ad discipulos I de moribus. This poem ends on the sixteenth page, line 6; and is followed on the same page by two tetrastichs in praise of Lily by John

Rituiss and Richard Vernam. Black letter [Pynson, about 1515]
SULPITIUS VERULANUS. First page : GStans puer ad mensam. 1. . de

moribus puerorū . . Colophon on twelfth page : Impressum Londoniis
per Richardum Pynson, 1 in vico anglice nücupato (the Fletestrete)
sub intersi-| gnio diui Georgii 2morantē. Anno dñi. M.ccccc.xvi.
Black letter

Pynson, 1516
WHITINTON. Page 1. Title: Roberti Whitintoni ..1.. de octo

partibus orationis , æditio . .1.. Page 27: . . FINIS. Londini in
ædibus Winandi de Worde vice- i simo tertio supra sesqui-
millesimum | nostræ salutis anno . Mense | Decembri. On page 28 the
woodcut device of the printer

Wynkyn de Worde, 1523
3 books in 1 vol. small 4to. hf. calf

1516-23 32 01 These pieces are extremely rare. The British Museum apparently has neither of the first two. All three are marked with the signature of Wh. Kennett,

18 18

196 PANZER. Annales Typographici ab artis inventae origine ad annym

M D (cum continuatione usque ad MDXXXVI] post Maittairii Denisii
aliorvmqve . . curas emendati et avcti opera Georgii Wolfgangi
Panzer .. 12 vols. 4to. hf. calf gilt

Norimberge, 1793-97
This book has become scarce, but is indispensable in a bibliographical library.
197 DUFF (E. Gordon) Early English Printing, a series of Facsimiles

with an Introduction. Folio, pp. viii and 40, with 40 plates containing
64 facsimiles from books produced by the earliest English printers; in a

This important work appeared in my November catalogue (175 : 10. 629) with an
error in the price, which I now correct. It was there marked at 78 6d, a figure which,
Mr. A. W. Pollard has assured me, was equivalent to a libel upon the author. Mored by
his forcible reasoning I hasten to assure the public that the former valuation was acci.
dentally wrong, and I hope they will prove their agreement with Mr. Pollard by paying
me the moderate price pow asked.

1 0


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