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the History of the Nights, by Sir Richard Burton, 10 vols. ; The
Supplementary Nights, with Notes, etc., 6 vols.;-together 16 vols.
8vo., cloth. Printed by the Kama Shastra Society for private subscribers

1885-88 28 10 0 Catalogues: 46 BERNAL. Catalogue of the Works of Art from the Byzantine period to

that of Louis XVI, of Ralph Bernal; also of the Decorative Farniture
and Plate; sold by Christie and Manson. Roy. 8vo. with plates;

1855 0 5 0 47 JOSEPH. Catalogue of the collection of Objects of Art and Decoration of

Mr. E. Joseph, of New Bond Street. 3 portions in 1 vol., roy. 8vo.,
with 37 plates; bds.

Christie's, 1890 0 5 0 48 Chap-Books. Nixon (Robert) His Prophecy at Large, with particulars up

to 1813, coloured frontispiece, TV. Glindon, 1813—The New Art and
Mystery of Gossipping, cut im the title (Chap Book), n. d.-Comical
Dialogue between Maggie and Janet, or the Folly of Witless Women
displayed, Edinb. Webster, 1820;-in 1 vol. post 8vo. half calf

1 7 0 49 CHEESMAN (F.) SIX HEADS drawn and enlarged; published Feb.

10th, 1797, by T. Cheesman, No. 40 Oxford St., and to be had of
J. F. Tomkins, New Bond St. Atlas folio, 6 superb colour prints,
with full margins, in original blue wrapper

1797 12 12 0
T. Cheesman was the most successful of Bartolozzi's pupils ; his colour-prints have
become excessively rare and bring large prices at sales. No copy of the above six

heads, in its original wrapper, has for many years appeared in the market.
50 China. TRADES, Industries and Occupations, a collection of 516 beautiful

ink DRAWINGS by a Chinese Artist of great merit, bound in 5 vols.
4to. (1 oblong), red silk

cir. 1830 6 60
Four of the volumes depict the various Industries, etc. of the Chinese and have
nglish titles. The fifth illustrates three Religious, Marriage and Funeral Processions

in 36 extremely clever drawings.
51 Clark's Mediæval and Military Architecture in England, 2 stout vols. 8vo.

with 140 woodcuts of all the Old English Castles (pub. at 368), cloth gilt,
reduced to

1884 110
So interesting and reliable a record of the many romantic and historical castles of
England should be in the possession of every Antiquary.

* We regret to hear of the decease, at an advanced age, of Mr. G. T. Clark, the well-known archæologist, whose work on “Mediæval Military Architecture' is a standard authority. Visitors to the congresses of the Royal Archæological Association will remember his lucid discourses on any castle that came within their purview. Since the death of Burges he had a monopoly of the subject.The Athenæum, February

5th, 1898.
52 COLLECTANEA GENEALOGICA. Edited by Joseph Foster. Parts I–XVII,
forming Vols. I, II, III. Royal 8vo. sd.

Includes: List of the Members of Parliament; Marriages of the Nobility and
Gentry, 1655 to 1880 ; Musgrave's Obituary ; Funeral Certificates of Nobility and
Gentry, 1607-1729 ; Sims's Index to Heralds' Visitations ; Admissions to Gray's Inn;

Men at the Bar.
the same, Vol. I, royal 8vo. half vellum


0 7 6 54 COMPARETTI e DE PETRA, La Villa Ercolanese dei Pisoni, Suoi Monumenti, la sua Biblioteca, folio, 24 tinted plates of Classical Art, bds.

Torino, 1883 55 CORNWALL AND Devon. About 200 artistic Sketches very cleverly executed,

principally in these Counties, consisting of 92 in water colours, 96 in
pencil or pen and ink, and several shadow portraits very neatly cut
out; various sizes, a parcel


WORKS, edited and privately printed in small editions : 56 COLLECTIONS relating to the Family of Crispe. Abstracts of the Wills, etc., 1434-1800. Vols. I-III, imperial 8vo. half vellum 1882-4

150 copies printed.
57 Registers of Brundish, Suffolk.--Baptisms, 1562 to 1765; Marriages,

1563 to 1749; Burials, 1563 to 1785. Imperial 8vo., bound in vellum
quit (original subscription price, £3. 38)

1 1 0

2 150

2 100

2 12 6

1885 30 copics printed ; the work is now out of print.

3 16 0

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58 Registers of STIFFORD, Essex.-Baptisms, 1568 to 1783; Marriages,

1572 to 1753; Burials, 1572 to 1783. Imperial 8vo. bound in vellum
gilt, scarce (original subscription price, £3. 38)

30 copies printed ; the work is now out of print.
59 REGISTERS of Carlton, SUFFOLK.--Baptisms, Marriages and Burials,
1538 to 1886. Imperial 8vo. half vellum

1886 50 copies printed. 60 REGISTERS of ChilleSFORD, Suffolk.-Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1740 to 1812. Imperial 8vo. half vellum

1880 100 copies printed. 61 REGISTERS of Culpho, Suffolk.-Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1720 to 1886. Imperial 8vo. half vellum

1886 100 copies printed. 62 REGISTERS of ELLOUGH, Suffolk.-Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1545 to 1812. Royal 8vo. half vellum

1886 50 copies printed. 63 REGISTERS of Ongar, Essex.-Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1558 to 1750. Imperial 8vo. half vellum

1886 100 copies printed. 63*REGISTERS of Staines, Middlesex.–Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1644-94. Imperial 8vo. half vellum, scarce

1886 30 copies printed. 64 Catholic Registers of the City of Worcester, 1685 to 1837. Imperial 8vo. bound in vellum gilt 50 copies printed.

1887 65 Catholic REGISTERS of Weston-UNDERWOOD, Bucks. - Baptisms, 1710

to 1785; Marriages, 1710 to 1740; Burials, 1711 to 1723. Imperial
8vo. bound in vellum gilt, scarce

25 copies printed ; the work is now out of print.
66 MONUMENTAL INSCRIPTIONs in the Church and Churchyard of Sr. OLAVE's,
Jewry. Imperial 8vo. half vellum

1887 50 copies printed. 67 REGISTERS of FROSTENDEN, Suffolk.–Baptisms and Burials, 1538 to 1791 ; Marriages, 1538 to 1754. Imperial 8vo. half vellum 1887

50 copies printed.
68 REGISTERS of KELSALE, Suffolk.--Baptisms, 1538 to 1812 ; Marriages,

1538 to 1886 ; Burials, 1538 to 1812. Imperial 8vo. bound in vellum
50 copies printed.

1887 69 REGISTERS of KEMPSFORD, Gloucestershire.—Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1653 to 1700. Imperial 8vo. half vellum

50 copies printed.
70 A BSTRACTS of SOMERSETSHIRE Wills, etc., copied from the Manuscript

Collections of the late Rev. Frederick Brown. 6 vols. imperial 8vo.
half vellum
150 copies printed.

1887-90 71 MUNIMENTA ANTIQUA. Index to. Letters of Administration in the

possession of F. A. Crisp. Vol. I, imperial 8vo. half vellum 1888 72

Index to Original Bonds in the possession of F. A. Crisp. Vol. I,
imperial 8vo. half vellum
50 copies printed.

1888 73 Registers of Pakenham, Suffolk.-Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1563 to 1766. Imperial 8vo. bound in vellum gilt

50 copies printed.
74 SEPULCHRAL Memorials of BOBBINGWORTH, Essex; with Genealogical

Notes and Pedigrees. Imperial 8vo. with 2 plates, and woodcuts, bound
in vellum gilt
100 copies printed.

1888 75 Catholic REGISTERS of Ufton Court and WOOLHAMPTON, 1764 to 1828. Imperial 8vo. bound in vellum gilt

1889 50 copies printed. 76 MONUMENTAL INSCRIPTIONS in the Church and Churchyard of Ellough, Suffolk. Imperial 8vo. frontispiece, half vellum

1889 50 copies printed. 76*REGISTER of IRBY-UPON-HUMBER, Co. Lincoln.-Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1558-1785. Imperial 8vo. half vellum

1890 50 copies printed.

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1 1 ) 1783-1816 “ There is only one size of Vols. I and II, and to have a uniform set, it is necessary to take large paper (copies) of Vols. III and IV, of which, by an oversight, very few were printed.”—-Lowndes. The above copy has Vols. III and IV on Large Paper and they are thus uniform in size.

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77 Registers of LAMBOURNE, Essex.---Baptisms, Marriages and Burials,
1582 to 1709. Imperial 8vo. half vellum

50 copies printed.
78 REGISTERS of Moreton, Essex.–Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1558
to 1759. Imperial 8vo. half vellum

50 copies printed.
79 Visitation of England and Wales, edited by J. J. Howard and F. A.

Crisp. Vols. I.V, imperial 8vo. with numerous fine plates and woodcuts
of Couts of Arms, Bookplates, Portraits, etc., half vellum

Present subscription price £8. 88. A perfect fountain of genealogical, heraldic

and historical information. 80 FragmenTA GENEALOGICA. Vols. II and III, imperial 8vo. half rellum

1894-97 50 copies printed. 80*CALENDAR of Wills at Ipswich, 1444-1600. Imperial 8vo. half vellum

1895 100 copies printed. 81 REGISTERS of BERKELEY, Gloucestershire.-Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1653-77. Imperial 8vo. half vellum

50 copies printed.

Tragedie of Philotas . Written by SAMVEL DANIEL . Carmen ..
AT LONDON | Printed by G. Eld for Simon Waterson. 1605.
12mo. same margins cut into; calf extra, by Bedford

The Certaine Small Poems consist of the Letter from Octavia, the Tragedie of
Cleopatra, the Complaint of Rosamond, an Ode, a Pastoral, Ulysses and the Syren.
It consists of 64 leaves (A-H in eights, H 8 a blank).— The Philotas consists of 48
leaves (A-F in eights, of which the last two leaves are blank, and the first two bear
nothing but the signatures A, and A 2).

Between the two parts there is inserted in this copy another work of Daniel's : A
Panegyrike Congratvlatorie delivered to the Kings most excellent Maiestie . . Also
Certaine Epistles, with a Defence of Ryme . . London . . Edward Blount : 1603.
This consists of 64 leaves (A-H, in eights, of which A 1, B 8, C 8, D 8, E 4, are

Gaisford's copy fetched £9. 15s.
83 DANIEL (Samuel) THE CIVILE WARES | betweene the Howses of Lancaster |

and Yorke corrected and continued | by Samuel Daniel .. This title
is wholly engraved and has in its middle a portrait of the author in an
oval with in ornamental borders, and at foot : PRINTED | AT | LONDON | by
Simon Watersonne | 1609. Small 4to. the title inlaid ; red morocco
ectra, gilt edges

Consisting of 120 leaves (A-R in eights, except A, B, C, R, which have four
leaves each, A 4 being a blank).

The Dedication to the Countess of Pembroke was found so interesting that

Mr. Huth included it in his privately printed volume of Prefaces.
84 DEMOSTHENES. The three Orations of Demosthenes chiefe Orator

among the Grecians, in fauour of the Olynthians . . Englished out of
the Greeke. By Thomas Wylson . . After these Orations ended,
Demosthenes lyfe is set foorth .. Imprinted at London by Henrie
Denham. Colophon on last page. Imprinted at London by Hen-ris
Denham, dwelling in Pater noster Rowe : . Anno Domini . 1570.
Small 4to. very fine copy in mottled calf, gilt edges

The signature of Mr. Hull on the title was written about 1610-20.
85 Derbyshire and Sussex: JENNINGS' (L. J.) Rambles among the Hills,

in the Peak of Derbyshire and the South Downs, post Pro. pretty cuts,

1880 86 Devonshire. Visitation of the County of Devon in 1620. Edited by F. T. COLBY. Roy. 8vo. cloth

Harleian Society, 1872 87 DOMESDAY BOOK, with Introduction by Sir H. Ellis, Indices and Additamenta, 4 vols, royal folio, boards

6 00

3 10 0

0 3 6

2 16 0

7 10 0

£ d 88 DOMESDAY BOOK (The). Photozincographic Facsimile, arranged in

COUNTies, published by the Ordnance Survey Office, Southampton;
Col. Sir H. JAMES, Director. 34 vols. COMPLETE, royal 4to. (published
at £17. 38), cloth

1861-63 10 0 (
Also sold separately as under :
89 Bedford. 8s

106 Lincolnshire 218 90 Berkshire. 88

107 Middlesex. 83 91 Buckingham. 8s

108 Norfolk. 23s 92 Cambridge. 58

109 Nottingham. 108 93 Cheshire and Lancashire. 48

110 Northampton. 88 94 Cornwall. 48

111 Oxford. 88
95 Derbyshire. 88

1!2 Shropshire. (Out of rrint)
96 Devon.

113 Somerset. 58
97 Dorset. 13

114 Stafford. 88 98 Essex. 168

115 Suffolk. 228 99 Gloucester. 88

116 Surrey. 38 6d 100 Hampshire. 58

117 Sussex. 108 101 Hereford. 8s

118 Warwick. 4s 102 Hertford. 108

119 Wiltshire. 2$ 6d 103 Huntingdon. 88

120 Worcester. 88 104 Kent. (Out of print)

121 Yorkshire. 108 6d 105 Leicestershire and Rutland. 88

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123 DRAYTON (Michael) THE | Tragicall Legend of Robert, Duke of

Normandy, surna- | med Short-thigh, eldest to | William
Conqueror. With the Legend of Matilda the chast ..1..1.. And
the Legend of Piers Gaueston, the great Earle of Cornwall . .
By Michael Drayton. The latter two, by him newly corrected and i
augmented, | AT LONDON, | Printed by Ia. Roberts for N. L. and I are
to be solde at his shop, at the West | doore of Paules. / 1596.

16mo. hf. russia, with the Gulston crest on the back, the bookplate of
I. Mansel within the cover


COLLATION : A 4 leaves ; B-O in eights ; and P 4 leaves.--The title is fol. lowed by a dedication in prose to the Countess of Bedford, and another in verse to Lady Anne Harrington. Then comes a preface to the Reader in which he complains of a surreptitious second edition of his Gaveston in or since 1594, which was to have been succeeded by a surreptitious third edition, if he had not here forestalled the pirates by reissuing it himself in proper form at the end of his Robert-now printed for the first time, and his Matilda, now printed for the second time. The preface is followed by a leaf of argument of Robert, then the text, consisting of 203 stanzus on 34 leaves ; a leaf of the argument of Matilda ; the text, 185 stanzas on 31 leaves ; a leaf of the Argument of Gaveston ; the text, 309 stanzas on 39 leaves ; finally two leaves containing complimentary verses by H. G., R. L., and Mirocinius.

This little volume is so rare that the only copies known to Mr. Hazlitt were
one in the British Museum, and another in the Huth library. There was no copy in
the Daniel, the Corser, or the Ellesmere collections ; nor in the Ouvry, Gaisford,
Craufurd, Crawford, and Way libraries.

With the bookplate of " I. Mansel”-about 1770; probably General John
Mansell who was killed in battle in 1794.

123*DRAYTON. Title engraved : POEMS ! by | MICHAEL | DRAYTON | Esquyer

| Newly Corrected 18. Augmented | London | Printed by Willi: 1
| Stansby | for John | Smethwick.
Small 8vo. (12mo.) fine copy in calf extra

1630 12 12 0
COLLATION : Engraved title ; a leaf of letterpress intitulation and contents ;
dedication to Sir W. Aston, and address to the Reader, 2 leaves ; verses to Drayton,
2 leaves ; The Barons Warres, 79 leaves (paged 1-158); Englands Heroicall Epistles,
a title dated 1030, 1 leaf; to the Reader, 1 leaf; to the Author, 1 leuf ; text, 92 leaves
(pp. 165-348); title : The Legends of Robert Duke of Normandie, Matilda the Faire,
Pierce Gaveston, Thomas Cromwell .. dated 1630, 1 leaf ; text, 57 leaves (pp. 351-464);
Idea (this poem was not mentioned in the list of contents), 16 leaves (pp. 465-196).



ORIGINAL AND EXTRA SERIES from the beginning to 1897 inclusive:
ORIGINAL Series, 109 vols. the first eighty-six uniformly half bound in
red morocco neat, UNCUT,
contents lettered

Extra Series, 71 vols. the first forty-seven in whole green morocco gilt,
UNCUT, contents lettered

1867-97 together 180 vols. 8vo. and large 8vo. a matchless set, from the library of Lord Coleridge

The first fifty volumes (1867-87) of the Extra Series in the above-described set are on large paper, the subscription for which was two guineas and a half per year. At vol. 50 the publication in this form was stopped. The original cost of the whole, unbound, was £103. Os 6d; the cost of binding must have been at least £53 ;-lotal


Both the Original and Extra Series, from the beginning in 1864 to 1896, inclusive, forming 178 vols., 8vo., in the original wrappers, clean and uncut

1864-97 Original Series, 107 vols., 1864-96 ; Extra Series, 71 vols., three of them on LARGE PAPER, 1867-97. Subscription price £67. 48. Some of the volumes are very

52 10 0


126 East ANGLIAN (The); or, Notes and Queries on subjects connected with

Suffolk, Cambridge, Essex, and Norfolk. [First Series] 4 vols.; New
Series, vols. I, II, and III ;—7 vols. 8vo., as further described below ;
half calf neat

Lowestoft and Ipswich, 1858.90 2 10 0
The title pages have been omitted from some of the vols., and tlie fourth vol. of the

first series ends at pags 276, being apparently incomplete at the end.
127 Queen Elizabeth's Book, Title, within a woodcut border ; A BOOKE OF |

Christian Pray- | ers, collected oat of | the aunciēt writers, and | best
learned in our tyme . . . . Line 14: At London, | Printed by Iohn.
Daye | dwellyng ouer Aldersgate. | 1578. Cum Priuilegio. Colophon
on last page : AT LONDON. | Printed by Jhon Daye, and are to be
solde at his long shop, at the West ende of Paules. Cum Priuilegio
Regiæ Majestatis.

Sm. 4to. black letter, with a tree of Jesse on the title-page, a portrait of
Queen Elizabeth on the reverse of it, and figured woodcut-borders to every
page of print ; a remarkably large and fine copy (187 x 120 mm.) in
a perfectly preserved seventeenth-century binding of black morocco, gilt

1578 48 0 0 RARE IN ANY CONDITION ; but in such a state as that of the present copy, it might be called unique. The work appeared originally in 1569, but of that impression only a single copy is extant, which is now in the Royal Library. This second edition is therefore the earliest that can be purchased, but is itself so scarce that few collectors have been able to meet with it.

The Address to the Reader is signed by Richard Daye who compiled the book, and who caused it to be brought out in a form somewhat resembling the Books of Hours printed in France between 1500 and 1550. The small woodcuts in the borders form series of illustrations tv the Old and the New Testament, with a text printed in minute characters beneath each ; and include also allegorical figures, and a Dance of Death in 75 different designs (which are multiplied by repetition.)

COLLATION : Siguatures in 4 leares, A 2 leaves, B-Y and Aa-Oo in fours 146 leaves.

The designer or engraver of the woodcuts was 1. C., whose monogram appears in several of the borders on three forms : IC, I SOC, and C. He has not been identified,

There is an engraved bookplate of W. Bayntun of Grays Inn, apparently of the last century (about 1770) and over it is pasted the bookplate of the Honble P.

Ashburnham (about 1840). 128 ENGLISH DIALECT SOCIETY'S PUBLICATIONS. A complete set

from the beginning in 1873 to 1890 inclusive, forming vols. 1-61, with

2 bis numbers; together 63 vols. 8vo. sewed (pab. £22. 4s 6d) 1873-90 10 10 0 128* Also sold separately: Vol. 79. A WARWICKSHIRE WORD-BOOK,

comprising obsolescent and dialect words, etc., by G. F. Northall, 8vo.

1896 0 15 0

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