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8. d. 29 ENGLISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY : A complete set of the

CHRONICLES, etc. printed under the auspices of the ENGLISH HISTORICAL
SOCIETY, 29 vols. in 25, 8vo. facsimiles of MSS., panelled calf extra, top
edges gilt, uncut, A FINE SET

18:38-56 12 0 0 130 the same, 27 vols. 8vo. without “ Bedæ Opera Historica,” 2 vols.; boards, uncut

1838-56 7 10 0 130* the same, LARGE PAPER, 27 vols. royal 8vo. without “Historia

Rerum Anglicaram Willelmi Parvi,” 2 vols. ; vellum, uncut 1838-56 7 10 0 131 Essex: MORANT (Philip) History AND ANTIQUITIES OF THE COUNTY OF

Essex, map and plates, extra illustrated, with numerous ORIGINAL
DRAWINGS by Chas. and Henry Warren, etc. and many views including an
old one of a CRICKET MATCH outside Colchester Castle, some scarce, 2 vols.
bound in 3, folio, russia gilt

1768 42 0 0 132 EVANS' Ancient Stone Implements, second edition, 8vo. many cuts, cloth

1897 1 8 0 “Sir John Evans' book is so well known that it would be a waste of the reader's time to attempt to describe it here, but it will not be out of place to note wherein the second edition differs from the first.

* Many of the excellent illustrations by Mr. Swain have been retained, but a number of new ones have been added ; the text which filled six hundred and twentytwo pages in the first edition, now fills seven hundred and nine. The indexes, wbich formed such a useful part of the first edition are more than double as large.”

Nature, January 27th, 1898. 133 Evans (Arthur J.) CRETAN PICTOGRAPHS and Præ-Phænician Script, royal

8vo. numerous illustrations of Hieroglyphic writing, extra cloth, rare 1895 0 18 0 Giving

an account of the discovery of a hieroglyphic and also a linear system of
writing in Greece, earlier than the introduction of the Phænician Alphabet.
133*EVANS'S CRETAN PICTOGRAPHS: a Supplement to, extracted

from the current number of the “Hellenic Journal," entitled: Further
Discoveries of Cretan and Ægean Script, with Libyan and Proto-
Egyptian Comparisons, 8vo. 80 pp., 35 figures and 4 Tables and 2

1898 0 5 0 Only 100 copies privately printed. 134 Foster (Joseph) Alumni Oxoniensis, Members of the University of

Oxford, 1500-1714, their Parentage, Birthplace, etc., 4 vols. royal 8vo.
half morocco

1891-92 4 0 0 131FROEHNER (W.) Les Musées de France recueil de Monuments

Antiques, large folio, 40 plates of Etruscan Vases, Terra-Cotta, Bronzes,
etc., hf. morocco

Paris, 1873 2 16 0 Galleries of Pictures : 135 Madrid. MADRAZO (D. José DE) COLECCION LITHOGRAPHICA

CUADROS DE EL REY DE ESPAÑA, D. Fernando VII., lithographiada por
hábiles artistas, 203 fine large lithographs on INDIA PAPER, 3 vols. atlas
folio, best state, half bound, uncut

Madrid, 1826-36 25 0 0
The only complete work on the wonderful Pictures in the Madrid Gallery.
Excessively rare, not a copy left for sale in Spain.
136 Munich Gallery. Königlich-Baierischer Gemälde-Saal zu München

und Schleissheim, 2 vols. atlas folio, 204 fine large lithographs on India
paper, half red morocco

München, 1817-36 5 10 0 137 Vienna. GALERIE IMPÉRIALE ROYALE AU BELVÉDÈRE À VIENNE d'après

les dessins de Sigism. de Perger, gravée par différents Artistes, avec
Le Texte en François et Allemand, publiée par Ch. Haas, 240 fine
crushed green morocco extra, gilt edges, by F. Bedford, FINE COPY

Wien u. Prag, 1821-8 25 0 0 Very few copies were printed in this Proof state before the Letters. 138 Gardner's Catalogue of the Greek Vases in the Fitzwilliam Museum,

Cambridge, by E. A. Gardner, royal 8vo. pp. i-xxi and 1-95, with
41 plates

Cambridge, 1897 0 12 6


£ 139 Gems. JEFFRIES (D.) A Treatise on Diamonds and Pearls, in which

their Importance is considered ; and plain Rules are exhibited for
ascertaining the Value of both : and the true Method of manufactur-
ing Diamonds . . 8vo., with 30 plates consisting of Tables and figures of
Diamonds; a fine copy in beautiful old blue morocco with dentelle
borders, gilt edges

1750 18 Geographical Society: 140 PROCEEDINGS of the Geographical Society of London. A COMPLETE

SET from the beginning in 1855 to the end in 1892, inclusive, forming
36 vols. (the first 22 in 8vo., the last 14 in roy. 8vo.), with numerous
maps and other illustrations ; the first fifteen vols. uniformly half bound
in calf, the rest in cloth and numbers

1855-92 10 0 ! With the above set are given :

The Lands of the Cazembe. 1873
Catalogue of the Society's Library, 2 vols. 1865-71
Fifty years' work of the Royal Geographical Society, by C. R. Markham.

141 PROCEEDINGS of the Royal Geographical Society and Monthly Record of

Geography. New Monthly Series. Complete from the beginning in
1879 to its end in 1892, forming 14 vols. thick 8vo. full of maps
(published unbound at £12. 12s), in parts as issued

1879-42 3 0 All that was published. Continued under the title of The Geographical Journal. 142 GEOGRAPHICAL Congress: Report of the Sixth International Congress held in London, 1895, 8vo. maps, cloth

1896 0 10 143 Guillim (J.) Display of Heraldry, BEST EDITION, folio, many plates and cuts of arms, full calf, new backed

1724 144 HERODOTUS, History of. A new English version edited with copious

notes by George Rawlinson, assisted by Sir H. Rawlinson and Sir

J. G. Wilkinson, 4 vols. 8vo. maps and illustrations, cloth 1880 2 8 ) Hertfordshire: 145 CHAUNCY (Sir H.) HistoriCAL ANTIQUITIES OF HERTFORDSHIRE,

folio, portrait, map and plates, good sound copy, with the rare list of plates

and the three plates usually wanting, old russia, by Kalthoeber 1700 12 00 146

the same, folio, portrait, map and plates, fine copy in old russia, gilt back, by Roger Payne

1700 15 00 This is a fine tall copy, which has been successively in the libraries of Dr. Heath. Richard Heber, Lord Acheson, Lord Gosford and Lord Brabourne :-a splendid

pedigree for a book. At the Heber Sale it fetched 34 guineas. 147 Chauncy's Hertfordshire, folio, map and plates, a very fine copy in blue morocco extra, by Wright, tooled back and sides in the Roger Payne style

1700 21 00 148

the same, folio, map and plates, very fine copy in contemporary red morocco

1700 000 Bound about 1710-20. The Duke of Roxburgh added his arms on the sides

towards the end of the century.
149 CLUTTERBUCK (R.) History and Antiquities of the County of

HERTFORD, 3 vols. folio, maps and plates, russia extra, joints, gilt edges,
from Lord Aylesford's library

1815-27 15 0 0 150

the same, 2 vols. folio, maps and plates (many additional), with 316 coats of arms beautifully embluzoned on the margins, by Dowse, olive morocco extra, gilt edges

1815-27 3.1 0 0 151

the same, 3 vols. royal folio, LARGE PAPER, with the 54 plates, proofs on India paper, some in two or three stages, making 36 additional, a few of them coloured ; also 320 coats of arms, emblazoned by the late

J. Eccles (in his best style), red morocco extra, gilt tops, uncut 1815-27 0 0 0 152 HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS COMMISSION. Reports of the Royal

Commission on Historical Manuscripts, A COMPLETE SET from the first
to the FOURTEENTH, with all APPENDIXES and Indexes, and the Calen-
dar of the MSS. of the Marquess of Salisbury, 6 vols. ;-in all 69 vols.
and p: rts, folio and 8vo.; in parts as issued

1870-96 7 0 0

d. HOLLAR (Wenceslaus) A Collection of 61 Engravings, comprising

Portraits (Chiefly Female) Views, Landscapes, and fancy Subjects, including the Seasons (4 views of Cities) and 4 female figures representing the Seasons, mostly original impressions in fine state, some rare, in a folio scrap book, loosely inserted, half morocco

(? 1640-50) 12 12 0 HOLME (Randle) The ACADEMY of ARMORY, or, a Storehouse of

Armory and Blazon ... With The Instruments used in all Trades and Sciences, together with their Terms of Art, .. small folio. Parts 1 and 2, folio, LARGE PAPER (Unique in this state), DEDICATION COPY to KING JAMES II, FINE COPY with the rare frontispiece, bound in old red morocco, with the King's Arms impressed on the sides, gilt edges

Chester, Printed for the Author, 1688 20 0 0 DĚDICATION COPY TO KING JAMES II., having a specially printed leaf of DEDICATION (not a patron's leaf as is sometimes found) following the title. On the reverse of this leaf is an address • The Author to the Gentle Reader, in which occurs this passage : “It is only given thee to Understand that I have in this Volume Presented to your view two Books, the first Treating of the Office of an Herauld ;

.. The second: Treateth of Natural Bearings ... and further soliciting encouragement for the publication of Books 3 and 3 This shows clearly that Books 1 and 2 WERE ORIGINALLY ISSUED WITHOUT BOOK 3. This is further confirmed by the Dedication to Chap. II. of Book 3, in which Holme says " he stood at a stay" after finishing Books 1 and 2 on account of the “ vast expense past," and thanks R. Brereton for providing him with funds. The address above referred to was reprinted with the obvious alterations, on the last page of Book 3, and on this occasion Holme asks for enconragement for Book 4.

This original issue also differs from the later issue of this date (and consequently also of the reissue of 1701), in having the last page of Sig. A (page 8 of Contents) quite blank. This sheet was afterwards entirely reset, with two Commendatory Verses by T. Simpson, Jun., and R. Holme, Jun., on page 8, and an extra leaf of Anagram," etc., added. In this first issue the catchwords of pages 2, 4, and 6, of Sig. A are “Liber," longing,” and “ Blazon "respectively, and the abbreviation“ Cap.” is used throughout instead of " Chap.” The leaf between pp. 220-221 “ An Alphabet of all known Beasts” was not in this copy, but I have inserted it. It is often missing, and inasmuch as it is a fifth leaf in a sheet and has no pagination, must have been issued subsequently to the book.

This copy at an early date came into the possession of Dr. Wm. Cowper, F.S.A., of Colne, Mayor of Chester (his ex-libris is dated 1728). He died 1767, bequeathing his property to Thomas Cowper, from whom it descended through his daughter and sole heiress Dorothy to Reg. Cholmondeley, of Condover, recently deceased. The bookplates of these three gentlemen are in the volume.

It is fortunate this book has not passed through the hands of an ex-libris collector, or we should have lost this delightful pedigree, showing that the home of the book has been for 170 years in Cheshire.

I can supply a copy of Book 3 (completing the work) on small paper, which is

about ins. shorter. 55 HOLME (R.) The Academy of Armory, folio, good sound copy in old calf

London, 1701 10 0 () This is a reissue of the 1688 book with a reprinted title-page.

The engraved title was not issued with the copies dated 1701, no doubt owing to James' Arms forming portion of the design. A Dedication leaf to William and Mary is sometimes found inserted, but is not in this copy. Lowndes in his collection does

not mention two separate plates of alphabets found at pp. 414 and 416 in Book 3. 56 Holme's Academy of Armoury and Blazon, the scarce Index of Names to, folio, only 50 copies printed

Lond. 1821 1 4 0 " The author has contrived to amass in this storehouse a vast amount of curious information upon every branch of human knowledge, such as is not to be found in any other work, and of nature peculiarly adapted to the illustration of the manners and customs of our predecessors, from the highest rank to the lowest menial. It is considered to be one of the most scarce of heraldic books, and that not more than fifty

copies are to be found in the kingdom.”—Moule. See also Omerod's Cheshire. .57 HUGUENOT SOCIETY'S Publications, 11 vols. and parts, as described below, 8vo. and royal 8vo., sd.

1891-96 2 2 0 Vol. II. Registers of the French Church of Threadneedle St., 1600-1639.

Registers of the Wallon or Strangers’ Church in Canterbury. Part 2.
Vol. VI. Despatches of Michele Suriano and Marc' Antonio Barbaro, Venetian

Ambassadors at the Court of France, 1560-1563.
Vol. VII. Registers of the French Conformed Churches, Dublin.
Vol. VIII. Denizations and Naturalizations of Aliens England.
Proceedings of the Society : Vol. I, part 1; Vol. IV, in 4 parts ; Vol. V, parts

1 and 2.

Vol. V, part 2.

158 INDEX SAXONICUS: an Index to the Names of Persons in the

CARTULARIOM SAXONICUM, a Collection of Charters relating to Anglo-
Saxon History, by WALTER DE Gray Birch, LL.D., F.S.A., of the
Department of MSS. British Museum.

It is proposed to issue a full Index to the names, upwards of twelve
thousand in number, of the witnesses and other personages mentioned
in the thirteen hundred and fifty Charters which constitute this work.
It need scarcely be pointed out that this Index will add greatly to the
value of the largest collection of Anglo-Saxon Charters and documents
that has been published, and will form the most extensive Index
Nominum of this period yet attempted; valuable not only as a list of
the most noted persons, both in Church and State, but also for the
Anglo-Saxon or earliest English family nomenclature, which throws
light on the origin of many of our modern surnames.

The Index has been carefully compiled under the superintendence
of the Editor, and will be issued uniformly with the CARTULARIUM
Saxonicum in one thick part, bound in paper boards, at the price of
£1. ls, or bound in cloth, uniform with the CARTULARIUM

1. Two hundred copies only will be printed, and names of intending Subscribers

should be sent to me at once. India : 159 OAKELEY (R. B.) The Pagoda of Hallibeed, royal folio, 56 large photographs, half red morocco, gilt edges

Only 25 copies printed.

Hallibeede, the site of Dhoor Summooder, the ancient capital of Bellal Deo. Its
Temple, according to Mr. Oakeley, far surpasses even the most gorgeous of the other

celebrated Pagodas of Southern India.
160 STEPHEN (C.) The Archeological and Monumental Remains of Delhi,
8vo. plates, cloth

Calcutta, 1876 161 ARCHÆOLOGICAL SURVEY OF INDIA: New Series, vol. XIX,

Lists of Antiquarian Remains in the Central Provinces and Berâr ;
compiled by Henry Cousens. Royal 4to., with numerous maps, sewed

Calcutta, 1897
My Subscription copy may be had of:


The Secretary of STATE FOR INDIA IN Council has granted permission to use the very large collection of photographic negatives of Ancient Buildings, Sculptures, etc., from all parts of India, now in the possession of the India Office. These illustrate very fully the history and development of the various styles of Indian Architecture from the earliest times, in Buddhist, Brahmanical and Jaina Caves to Dravidian, Chalukyan, Indo-Aryan, and Saracenic temples, mosques, and other buildings. They constitute an indispensable series of illustrations of the art, history, and mythology of India, and would be of the very highest importance and interest, if accessible to Orientalists, Artists and others, in University and Art Libraries, Oriental Institutes, etc.

These Indian archæological photographs are regarded by experts who have seen them to be so important for the study of Oriental Art and History that it has been urged to undertake their publication in photo-collotype. A selection of 500 is in preparation in portfolio form, imperial 4to. (average size of picture, 8 in. by 10 in.) with brief letterpress description

Subscription price 30 U The portfolios will be issued at intervals of twelve months, in three divisions of about 167 plates, at the rate of £10 each.

The plates to be printed will be selected by Dr. Jas. Burgess, C.I.E., late Director General of the Archæological Survey of India, and will be issued in the best style of photo-collotype.

* This work is now OVER SUBSCRIBED, and none are left for sale.

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£ 8. d. 1 ADAMNAN'S Life of St. Columba, founder of Hy. Text printed from

a MS. of the eighth century, with copious notes, etc., by W. Reeves,

D.D., crown 4to., with 7 facsimiles of MŠS. and maps, cloth Dublin, 1857 2 0 0 2 JOURNAL of the Royal Society of ANTIQUARIES of IRELAND, formerly

the Royal Historical and Archæological Association of Ireland, founded as the KILKENNY ARCHÆOLOGICAL SOCIETY. A COMPLETE SET from the beginning in 1849 to the beginning of 1895, forming 24 volumes and 1 part, royal 8vo. with a great number of fine plates and woodcuts; the first nineteen vols. uniformly and neatly half bound in green morocco, INCOT; the vols. for 1890 in half calf neat; the rest in parts

Dublin, 1849-95 18 00 FIRST SERIES, 3 vols. 1849-55; NEW SERIES, 6 vols. 1856-67 ; THIRD SERIES, 1 vol. 1868-69; Fourtu SERIES, 9 vols, 1879-89; Fifth SERIES, 4 vols. and Vol. V

part 1, 1891-95. 3 FACSIMILES OF NATIONAL MSS. OF IRELAND, selected and

edited under direction of the Right Hon. Sir EDWARD SULLIVAN, Master of the Rolls in Ireland, by J. T. GILBERT. 4 vols. or parts in 5, impl. folio, with 312 facsimiles of Charters, Royal Letters, Heraldic, and Genealogical Documents, the Miniatures of the originals being reproduced in gold and colours; half morocco, gilt tops, uncut ; rare

Southampton, 1874-84 14 14 0 Vol. I is out of print. I can supply new : part II, £2. 28 ; part III, £2. 28 ; part IV, £9. 158. $1 the same. 4 vols. in 5, impl. folio, in the half binding as issued

1874-84 15 15 0 65 O'Connor (C.) Columbanos ad Hibernos; or, Letters on the present

mode of appointing Catholic Bishops in his native country, 7 parts in 2 vols. 1810-16—Historical Address on the Calamities occasioned by foreign influence, in the nomination of Bishops to Irish Sees, 2 parts in 1 vol. 1812; together 3 vols. 8vo., half green morocco, top edges gilt, UNCUT, very scarce

1810-16 3 16 0 66 Story (George) An Impartial History of Wars of Ireland, with a Con

tinuation thereof. In two parts ; l volume, small 4to. with 14 copperplates of battles; calf

1693 2 10 ( 67 TEMPLE (Sir John) The Irish Rebellion: or, an History of the Begin

nings and first Progress of the General Rebellion raised within the Kingdom of Ireland, October 23, 1641, small 4to. calf

1679 0 15 0 68 GILBERT'S ANCIENT RECORDS OF DUBLIN, with maps and Illustrations

1898 0 0 0 “A new instalment of the Calendar of Ancient Records of Dublin,' by Sir John T. Gilbert, LL.D., is expected to appear before the close of the present month. The contents extend from 1716 to 1730, and illustrate matters connected with the agitation against Wood's copper coinage, the publication of the Drapier's Letters,' the prosecution of the printer, and the subsequent admission of Swift to the franchise of Dublin, the certificate of which was presented to him in a gold box. Among subjects which come under notice are the murders of Col. Luttrell and Mrs. Eustace, the defacement of the portrait of George I, and the arrangements for the public statue to him, in relation to which Sir

Godfrey Kneller was consulted ; and projects for improvement of Dablin Harbour by Capt. George Perry, who had been employed in Russia under Peter the Great, and enjoyed the patronage of Lord Carteret, Viceroy of Ireland. The book, which will be issued in London by Mr. Quaritch, contains several illustrations and maps of Dublin as it stood in the days of Dean Swift.”—Athenæum, February

19th, 1898. zlian Novelists: .68 BOCCACCIO (Giovanni) The Decameron, translated by John PAYNE, 2 vols., impl. 8vo. 20 illustrations by Louis Chalon, cloth

1893 3 3 0 the same, Large PAPER, printed on Japanese vellum, with 2 additional illustrations (210 copies printed), (pub. at £6. 68)

1893 5 10 0 170 STRAPAROLA. The Nights, now first translated into English by

W.G. WATERS, 2 vols., imp. 8vo. 18 full-page Illustrations by E. K.
Hughes, R.w.s., cloth

1894 3 3 0
2 extra plates, hf. vellum (210 copies printed), (published at £6.68) 1894 5 0 0


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