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Elliot's Historians of India :

The History of India as told by its own Historians : the Muhammadan Period. The posthumous papers of the late Sir H. M. Elliot, edited and continued by Professor John Dowson, 8 vols. 8vo. (published at £8. 88) cloth, £3. 38

1867.77 A work so comprehensive and laborious early geographers, and the time-limits of that it can never be superseded. All future the subject may be roughly described as writers upon Indian history must inevitably A.D. 1000-1750, although the general and come to this treasury of recondite informa- the local books frequently overstep the tion, in which 154 distinct works in Arabic earlier boundary: and Persian, by authors belonging to It can hardly be expected that two such many centuries, are described, criticised, scholars as Sir Henry Elliot and Professor calendared and extracted. There are Dowson can ever again be found in combesides references to a great many other bination in a single department of history. books. The divisions are general works There are admirable Indexes in the last on India, general and particular works on volume: bibliographical, geographical, and the Muhammadan history and the Mughal general. Empire, special national historians, and

Oriental Translation Fund. New Series. .

The MAKÂMÂT or ASSEMBLIES of HARIRI, translated from the Arabic by the late Mr. Tuomas CHENERY and Dr. F. STEINGLASS, with notes historical and grammatical, and full descriptive Index, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, £1. 108

1890-95 Printed and published under the patronage of the Royal Asiatic Society.

Giles's Chinese Biographical Dictionary.

By HERBERT A. GILES, LL.D., Professor of Chinese in the University of
Cambridge, 2 fascicules, 8vo. £2. 128 6d

“The second fascicule of Professor Giles' and whose studies the present work is
Chinese Biographical Dictionary having principally intended to assist, it is simply
recently been published, we can the better invaluable.
appreciate the whole book, by no means “The index at the end of the volume,
the least useful of the author's numerous which contains the Chinese characters for
works. It is three times the size of the all the literary and fancy names of those
late Mr. Mayer's Chinese Reader's Manual, whose histories are recorded in the body of
which, as we are told in a preface, held the the work, is of the greatest importance,
field since 1874 in this department of and must have cost Mr. Giles a vast deal
literature, and which this work is designed of labour to compile. The whole book, in
to supersede. It has been stated that the fact, will be hailed by every student of
mode adopted by Mr. Giles in transliterating Chinese as supplying a long-felt want, and
the Chinese characters is not that in vogue inasmuch as it gives the names of all the
among sinologists on the Continent, but prominent Chinese statesmen of moderu
for members of the British Consular ser- times it is thoroughly up to date."-
vice, and customs officials in China, who London and China Telegraph, March 14th,
have nearly all learnt the language by 1898.
means of what is known as Wade's System,

Irish Art:
BOOK OF KELLS, Celtic Ornaments from the, 4to. 50 fine photographic

plates of Illuminations in the celebrated Book of Kells, embossed cloth, gilt
tops, £1. 158

1895 This is the most celebrated and the most beautiful of the two or three early Celtic MSS. that have come down to us. The date of the MS. is most probably the early part of the eighth century. Only a very limited edition of the work was published. 6. The most beautiful book in the world.”— Westwood.

Westwood, Palæographia

Palæographia Sacra Pictoria : being a Series of Illustrations of the Ancient Versions of the Bible, copied from Illuminated Manuscripts executed between the IVth and XV Ith Centuries, 4to. 50 plates in gold and colours, and woodcuts, half bound

1843-45 Professor Westwood has examined the Biblical Codices scattered in Earope, and has extracted for this work their pictorial Illustrations. Willshire (Dr. W. H.) An introduction to the study and collection of Ancient Prints, 2 vols. 4to. LARGE PAPER, half morocco, £3.

1877 Twenty-eight copies were printed on large paper at £6.68 each, of which this is the entire remainder. Witch, Warlock and Magician: historical Sketches »

of Magic and Witchcraft in England and Scotland, by DAVENPORT ADAMS, 8v0. viii and 428 pp. (pub. at 12x), cloth, 68

1889 À most interesting book showing how firmly and how long the belief in Witches, Witchcraft, Wizards, and Magicians was engrafted in the English mind. Wood's Index Entomologicus ; or, a complete Illustrated Catalogue, consisting of upwards of 2000 accurately coloured

figures of the Lepidopterous Insects of Great Britain, the revised edition by WESTWOOD, royal Svo. 59 coloured plates, hf. morocco, gilt top, uncut, £2. 10s 1854

Still the handiest and best Manual for Entomologists. Wood. Index Testaceologicus ; an Illustrated Cata

logue of British and Foreign Shells, by W. WOOD, F.R.S. A new and entirely revised edition, with ancient and modern appellations, synonyms, localities, etc., with Supplement by SYLVANUS HANLEY, F.L.s., royal 8vo. pp. xx, 233, 46 hand-coloured plates containing about 2800 figures, £2. 168

1856 “ The large number of figures in so small a space and the circumstance that many of the shells have not been delineated have rendered Wood's Index Testaceologicus & work of acknowledged utility and general popularity." Wyman’s Bibliography of Printing, with Notes and

Illustrations, compiled by E. C. BIGMORE and C. W. H. WYMAN, 3 vols. sm. 4to. double columns, with many Portraits, Colophons, Printers' Marks, and other typographical curiosities, Roxburghe, £5. 58

1880-86 This great work has been produced under the direction of its projector, Mr. Charles Wyman assisted by Mr. Bigmore, Mr. William Blades, Mr. Hessels of Cambridge, Mr. Goebel of Stuttgart, Mr. Mohr of Strassburg, Mr. De Vinne of New York, and Mr. John Southward.

The memoirs of individuals and of printing firms have, in all cases where possible, been submitted to and corrected by the person most competent to perform the task in an authoritative manner, and hence, the quantity of material thus got together for the History of Printing and Printers is invaluable to the future historian.

"This Bibliography has not been a mere record of the bare titles of books ; but the biograpbical, historical, and critical notes with which it is enriched are of permanent literary value ; and, to the future historian of the Art preservative, the compilation now completed will prove of the atmost value, both in directing him to reliable sources of information, and also in affording him a storehouse of facts and data not to be met with elsewhere. In bringing the work to a close, we would avail ourselves of this opportunity to tender our best thanks to the mapy friends, at home and abroad, whose kind co-operation has so materially contributed to make our List of Books on Printing the fullest and most comprehensive that has ever been issned.”—The Printing Times, December, 1885. Yarrell's Works: YARRELL (W.) BRITISH BIRDS, first edition, with both the two

Supplements, Largest Paper, bound in 3 vols. imperial 8vo. half green morocco extra, gilt tops, uncut, by Bedford, £30.

1843-56 British Fishes, first edition, with both Supplements, including a Memoir of Yarrell by Sir J. Richardson, with portrait, Largest Paper, 4 vols. impl. 8vo. cloth, £40.

1839-60 The beauty and delicacy of the wood-engravings in these books have never been surpassed, and the impressions appear especially brilliant in the Largest Paper state.



Zoological Society of London.
TRANSACTIONS of the Zoological Society, COMPLETE SET, from the

beginning in 1833 to October 1897, inclusive, being Vols. I-XIII, and Vol. XIV parts 1-4, with General Index to the first ten vols. ;-royal 4*o. with an immense number of fine plates, many of them COLOURED (published unbound at £135.), the whole neatly half bound, verY SCARCE, £52. 108

1833-97 Zahn's (W.) Classical Ornament: ORNAMENTE

ALLER KLASSISCHEN KUNSTEPOCHEN : nach den Originalen in ihren eigentümlichen Farben dargestellt. THIRD EDITION, folio, 100 plates in gold and colours. The text in French and German, in a portfolio, £3. 168

Berlin, 1870 Zahn's (W.) grand Work of Pompeian OrNAMENT; DIE SCHÖNSTEN ORNAMENTE

MERKWÜRDIGSIES GEMÄLDE AUS POMPEJI, HERCULANUM UND STABIAE, nebst einigen Grundrissen und Ansichten. 30 parts forming THREE SERIES. Iinperial folio, 300 plates in outline and colours. The text is in French and German; hf. bd. £10.; or, hf. bd. red morocco, gilt tops, £45.

Berlin, 1827-1859 the same, SECOND SERIES, separately, 100 plates in outline and colours. The text in French and German, 10 parts, unbound, as issued,

Berlin, 1840-1845 the same, THIRD SERIES, separately, 100 plates in outline and colours. The text in French and German, 10 parts, hf. bd. £10. 108

Berlin, 1859 It is impossible to overestimate the merits The small remaining stock having passed of this noble work. Apart from the accu

iuto my hands, I am prepared to assist iny rate reproductions of the mosaics, mural decoration, statuary and frescoes of these customers in completing their imperfect wonderful buried cities, its general beauty copies, whether on vellum paper, or in the must commend itself to the art amateur and student alike.

ordinary state. The Bateman Museum : A descriptive Catalogue of the

Antiquities, and Miscellaneous Objects preserved in the Museum of Thomas
Bateman, at Lomberdale House, Derbyshire, 8vo. numerous WOODOUTS and
PLATES, cloth, 7s 6d

Bakewell, 1835
Celt, found near Brough

Anglo-Saxon Jewels
Roman Fibula, found at Middleton

Saxon Antiquities, found near Monyash
Brass Trident, found in Middleton

Incised Gravestones from Bakewell Bronze Vessel, found in Cambridgeshire Horn Book, found at Middleton. 2 plata

This article fetched £69 at Sotheby's sale. Carpets : ROBINSON (V. J.) EASTERN CARPETS, Second Series, with descriptive

notices by Sir George Birdwood, printed in colours by W. Griggs, after Water-Colour Drawings by E. Julia Robinson, royal folio, 12 superb chromoplates on eleven sheets, with text, ornamental cloth, £2. 128 6d

1893 The above consists of representations of This series being in no way inferior to the very finest specimens of Silk, Monltan, its predecessor in point of finish, richness Spanish, Afghan, Sicilian, Shuster, Goa, in colouring, and in the beauty of the and Laristan Carpets. Its production is original designs, gives me every confidence the result of the success attending the pub- or predicting for it the same, or even a lication of the now extremely rare First greater, success. Series in 1882, which was undertaken at the instigation of Sir George Birdwood as The first Series of "Robinsons a means of furnishing a record of some of Eastern Carpets" is excessively rare, the choicest productions of the Easteru price TEN POUNDS. looms.



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825 VERSAILLES : Relation de la Feste de Versailles, le 18 Juillet 1668,

9 suburb folding plates, engraved by Silvester, 1679—Les Divertisse-
mens de Versailles, 1674, 11 fine large plates engraved by Le Pautre,
1676—in 1 vol. large folio, old French red morocco, gilt edges, Royal
Arms on sides

Paris, 1676-79 7 10 0 826 VEVES de beaux Batiments de France : an oblong folio volume of 270

fine views of French Palaces and their Ornamental Gardens, chiefly by
Mariette, engraved by Perelle, fine old impressions, old calf

Paris (? 1650) 100
Comprises all the famous Palaces and Gardens of the French Nobility of the

17th century 827

another such Collection of Views in France, French Palaces and

Gardens, oblong folio, 289 Views, old calf, neat Paris, Mariette, s.Q. 12"} 828 WALPOLE's Essay on Modern Gardening. Essai sur l'art des jardins

Modernes, par M. Horace Walpole, traduit en françois par M. le Duc
de Nivernois en 1784, 4to. hf. bd. green morocco
Strawberry Hill, T. Kirkgate, 1785

1 101 With the book-plates of Colonel Grant, and Charles Wyman. 829 WHITAKER (Thos.) The Tree of Humane Life, or the Bloud of the Grape, 18mo. hf. bd.

1638 0 24 830 Wilton Gardens. ISAAC DE CAUS, LE JARDIN DE Wilton, construict

par très noble et très puissant Seigneur Philippe Compte de Penbroke
et Montgomerie, Baron Harbert de Cardif, Seigneur Parr et Rosse de
Candall, &c. Isaac de Caus, invent. Are to be sould by Thomas Rowlett
att his shopp neare Temple Barre, oblong folio, the Artist's own copy,
plates 24 and 25 in duplicate :-proofs and the finished plates. The
title, prel. leaf, and 2 plates in facsimile; hf. purple morocco 1640 36 0

of this extremely rare volume, it is believed that no perfect copy bas hitherto
appeared for sale. That in the British Museum has the title and engraved description
in MS., and Bindley's copy, which sold for £56. 108, was also imperfect and had all the
plates mounted.

The above copy is quite perfect according to Upcott's accurate description. 830*ISAAC DE CAUS, Le JARDIN de WILTON, oblong folio, with a prel, leaf in facsimile, red morocco extra

1640 52 10 830**ISAAC DE Caus, Le Jardin de Wilton. The Facsimile Reprint, oblong folio, hf. bd.

1640 11

100 copies printed. 831 WOOLRIDGE'S (J.) Art of Gardening, 12mo. fourth edition, plates, bd. 1700 03

Just out, price ls 6d

Part XI of


ENGLISH BOOK COLLECTORS comprising their Lives, and Records of the principal Books in their Libraries

GENERAL Rosu Chr. HAWKINS, of New York

RICHARD SMITH In my March Catalogue, page 41, the eleven parts issued were priced in error, 10s 6d instead of los 6d.


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