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31 BELON. Les OBSERVATIONs de plvsievrs singvlaritez et choses memorables,

trouuées en Grece, Asie, Ju-dée, Egypte, Arabie, & autres pays
estran-ges, redigées en trois liures, par PIERRE Belon du Mans ::.
Sm. 4to., FIRST EDITION; with woodcuts and ornamental woodcut initials;
yellow morocco, gilt edges; SCARCE

Paris, 1553
another edition. 12mo., old calf

Anvers, 1555 1 16 0 33

PORTRAITS d'OYSEAVX, Ani-mavx, Serpens, Her-bes, Arbres, Hommes et Femmes, d'Arabie & Egypte, obseruez par P. Belon du Mans . . . A Paris . . . 1557 . .. Sm. 4to., with numerous beautiful woodcuts and folding views of Mount Sinai and Mount Athos; very fine copy in old red morocco; VERY RARE

1557 16 16 0 The Beckford copy sold for £50. 34 BIOLOGIA CENTRALI - AMERICANA; Contributions to the

Knowledge of the Fauna and Flora of Mexico and CENTRAL AMERICA.
Edited by F. DưCANE GOVMAN and Osbert Salvin. 7 vols., roy. 4to.
(as described below), with 142 most accurately coloured plates containing
hundreds of figures; four volumes in half red morocco, gilt tops, uncut,
the remaining three, unbound; RARE

1879-97 30 0 0

AVES (in course of publication). By 0. Salvin and F. D. GODMAN. Vols. I-II

and the unfinished Vol. III, with 67 coloured plates (1-15, 15a, 16-54, 54a,
55-58, 58a, 586, 59, 59a, 60-62).

1879.97 etc.
INSECTA. COLEOPTERA. Vol. I, part 2. By D. SHARP. With 19 coloured

1882-87 COLEOPTERA. Vol. VI, part 1. By M. JACOBY

1880-92 COLEOPTERA. Vol. VI, part 1, Supplement. By M. JACOBY. With 43 coloured plates

1888-92 COLEOPTERA. Vol. VI, part II. By J. S. Baly and G. C. CHAMPION. With 13 coloured plates

1885-91 The original owner's subscription to the unfinished section, Aves, may be transferred to the purchaser of the above.

A most valuable portion of a monumental work. Each of the volumes herein
contained is, with but one exception (see Aves), complete in itself.

The volumes on Coleoptera included in the above, deal with Haliplido, Dytiscido,
Gyrinido, Hydrophilidæ, Heteroceride, Parnidos, Georisside, Cyathocerido, Staphylinido,
Sagride, Crioceride, Megalopodido, Clythridæ, Cryptocephalidæ, Chlamydido, Lampro-

somidæ, Eumolpidæ, Chrysomelide, Galerucidæ, Donaciido, Hispidæ, and Cassidida. 35 BLANCHARD (R.). Traité de Zoologie. Fascicule XI: NÉMERTIENS par

L. Joubin. Impl. 8vo., with 18 coloured, and 35 plain, illustrations in
the text; sd.

Paris, 1897 36

Fascicule XVI: MOLUSQUES par F. Pelseneer. Impl. 8vo., with 22 coloured, and 135 plain, illustrations in the text; sd. 1897 37 BLANFORD (N. T.). Zoology and Geology of Abyssinia, 1867-68. 8vo.,

with folding plate, geological view, and 8 coloured plates of Birds;


07 38 BOISSIER (E.). VOYAGE BOTANIQUE dans le Midi de l'ESPAGNE pendant

l'année 1837. 2 vols., folio, with upwards of 200 coloured plates ; half
green morocco, gilt tops, uncut

Paris, 1839-45 10 0 0 39 BONAPARTE (C. L. Principe). ICONOGRAFIA della FAUNA ITALICA,

per le quattro Classi degli animali Vertebrati. 3 vols., folio, with 180
coloured plates, heightened with gold and silver (pub. £31. 10s); half
calf, £10; or, morocco extra by Clarke, RARE

Roma, 1832-41 12 10 0.
The plates are divided as follows: MAMMIFERI e l'ccelli, 48 ; AMFIBI, 5+;

Pesci, 78.

PHIPSON. A COMPLETE SET from the beginning in 1886 to January,
1897, inclusive; forming 10 vols., large 8vo., with a large number
of plates of Birds, Insects, etc., most of them COLOURED; the first two

vols. in cloth, the rest in numbers, as published ; SCARCE Bombay, 1886-97 10 0 ! 41

another set. From the beginning to March, 1895, inclusive ; forming 8 vols. and 3 pts., large 8vo., eight vols. half morocco neat ; in

the first three vols. the title-pages hare been omitted ; scarce 1886-95 42

another set. Vols. III-IX (excepting VIII, part 1), and Vol. X, nos. 1 and 3, large 8vo., in numbers

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the same.

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3 100


£ . d. 43 Bonite (La). Voyage autour du Monde, 1836 et 1837, sur la Corvette LA

Bonite, commandée par M. VAILLANT. ZOOLOGIE, par Eydoux et
SOULEYET. Text, 2 vols., large 8vo., ATLAS, 1 vol., large folio, with
101 coloured plates containing hundreds of figures of Fishes, Reptiles,
Birds, Crustacea, Insects, Mammals, Mollusca, Zoophytes, etc.; bound in
one large Svo. volume, half calf, and one large folio volume, cloth; or,


SCIENTIFIQUE de MOREE. 3 vols. in 5, atlas 4to., and 1 vol., impl.
folio (as described below), with more than 140 fine plates (many
coloured) illustrating the Zoology, Botany, Geography, Geology, etc., of the
country; half russia

Paris, 1832-36 7 7 0


1834 2e. Partie. GÉOLOGIE et MINÉRALOGIE

1833 - III.-Ire. Partie. ZOOLOGIE

1833 2e. Partie. BOTANIQUE

1832 ATLAS



Vol. I complete,
and Vol. II, parts 1, 2, 3, and the first and fifth papers of part 4 ;-
17 numbers and parts, royal 4to., with numerous plates and woodcuts
(published at £6.); sd.

Boston (U. S.), 1866-77 1 15 0
Including : Notes on the Volcanic Phenomena of the Hawaiian Islands, by W. T.
BRIGHAM, with 5 plates; Observations on the Glacial Phenomena of Labrador and
Maine, by A. S. Packard, with 2 plates ; Notes on new Genera of Hawaiian Plants, by

H. Mann, with 3 plates ; etc.
6 Brocchi (P.). Traité de Zoologie Agricole, comprenant des éléments

de Pisciculture, d'Apiculture, de Sériciculture, d'Ostréiculture, etc.
8v0., pp. viii, 984, with 603 woodcuts ; cloth


générale et particuliére, avec la description du Cabinet du Roy. 43
vols., 4to., with several hundred fine plates ; a remarkably fine set, in
beautiful old French red morocco, gilt edges, from the library of the
Marquis Le Tellier de Courtanvaux

Paris, 1749-1803 25 0 0
CONTENTS : Histoire Naturelle, avec le Supplemént, 21 vols.-Oiseaux, 9 vols.-
Minéraux, 5 vols.-Ovipares et Serpens, 2 vols. - Poissons, 5 vols. in 6.

As a piece of furniture, such a set should commend itself to any possessor of books
distinguished for a condition as well as for intrinsic value.
48 BODDAERT. Table des Planches enluminez d'Histoire Naturelle, de M.

D'Aubenton. Avec les denominations de MM. de Buffon, Brisson,
Edwards, Linnæus et Latham. Roy. 8vo., half morocco Utrecht, 1783 0 7 6

W. B. Tegetmeier's London Reprint.
9 CATESBY (M.). Natural History of CAROLINA, FLORIDA, and the BAHAMA

ISLANDS. Revised by [G.] EDWARDS, (with APPENDIX]. 2 vols., roy.
folio, with the map and 220 plates beautifully coloured from the original
Drawings ; the text in English and French ; very fine copy in old calf

1754 5 10 0 “The plates of this edition are coloured with superior care.”—Lowndes. ) CAMBRIDGE (THE) NATURAL HISTORY . Edited by S. F. HARMER

and A. E. SAIPLEY. To be completed in 10 vols., 8vo. Some of the
volumes are now ready

each 0 17 0
Intended in all respects to be a standard Natural History accurate
enough to be of use to the student, and at the same time popular
enough for the general reader who desires trustworthy information as
to the structure and habits of all members of the Animal Kingdom,
from the Protozoa to the Mammals. The Volumes are fully illus-
trated by original figures drawn where possible from nature. When
complete the series is one which should be indispensable in all libraries,
whether public or private.

The contributions will be arranged approximately according to the following plan :

Vol. I.---Protozoa, M. Hartog ; Sponges, W. J. Sollas ; Jelly-fish, Sea

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Cambridge (The) Natural History--continued.

Anemones, etc., S. J. Hickson ; Star-fish, Sea-Urchins, etc., E. W.

VOL. II.-Flat Worms, etc., F. W. Gamble ; Nemertines, L. Sheldon ;

etc., A. É. Shipley ; Rotifers, etc., M. Hartog ; Poly-
chaet Worms, W. B. Benham; Earth-worms and Leeches, F.E.

Beddard ; Gephyrea, A. E. Shipley ; Polyzoa, S. F. Harmer.
VOL. III.- Molluscs, A. H. Cooke ; Brachiopods (Recent), A. E. Shipley;

Brachiopods (Fossil), F. R. C. Reed.
Vol. IV.-Spiders, Mites, etc., C. Warburton; Scorpicns, Trilobites,

etc., M. Laurie ; Pycnogonids, etc., D'Arcy W. Thompson ; Crustacea,

W.F.R. Weldon.
VOL. V.-Peripatus, A. Sedgwick; Centipedes, etc., F. G. Sinclair ;

Insects, D. Sharp.
VOL. VI.-Insects, D. Sharp.
Vol. VII.-Balanoglossus, etc., S. F. Harmer ; Ascidians and Am-
phioxus, W. A. Herdman;

Fishes, T. W. Bridge.
VOL. VIII.-Amphibia and Reptiles, H. Gadow.
VOL. IX.–Birds. A. H. Evans.
Vol. X.-Mammals, F. E. Beddard.

“There are very many, not only among educated people who take an interest in
science, but even among specialists, who will welcome a work of reasonable compass
and handy form containing a trustworthy treatment of the various departments of
Natural History by men who are familiar with, and competent to deal with, the latest
results of scientific research. The first issued volume of the series deals with Molluscs
and Brachiopods. The paper and print, and the number, accuracy, and beauty of the
illustrations seem all that could be desired. Altogether, to judge from this first volume,
the Cambridge Natural History' promises to fulfil all the expectations that its
prospectus holds out.”—Times.

"There is no doubt that if the succeeding volumes are carried out upon the same plan as is that which we have just received, the Cambridge Natural History' will be an indispensable work; for it appeals to a far wider class than works upon Natural History generally do. ... The volume before us can be read with profit by the zoologist, and there in a vast amount of matter which is interesting to those who like

the tit-bits of science."-Daily Chronicle.
51 CALCUTTA JOURNAL of NATURAL HISTORY, containing the discoveries in

Indian Geology, Zoology, Botany, etc., conducted by John McCLELLAND,
W. GRIFFITH, R. Wight, and others. COMPLETE from the beginning in
April, 1840, to its termination in July, 1847, with General Index, 30 nos.
(number 17 without pp. 113-150), forming 8 vols., 8vo., with numerous

plates ; the fourth vol. bound, the rest in parts, uncut Calcutta, 1841-47 1 13 52 Challenger. Scientific Results of the CHALLENGER EXPEDITION. 1872.

NARRATIVE: Resumé of the General Scientific Resalts. 2 vols., with 67
maps and 51 portraits and coloured plates


ACTINIARIA ; MARSUPIALIA; TUNICATA-in all, 6 vols., with 432 plates

7 vols, in 8, royal 4to. (published at £20. 168); cloth

10 0 SOLD SEPARATELY 53 Zoology, part VIII: BIRDS. Royal 4to., with 30 coloured plates (published at £1. 158)


017 54

POLYPLACOPHORA. Royal 4to., with 57 plates; cloth (published at £2. 108)


0 15 55

Zoology, vol. XVI: CEPHALOPODA; STOMATOPODA; REEF CORALS; HUMAN SKELETONS, part II. Royal 4to., with 64 plates ; cloth (published at £2)

1886 1 0 56 Zoology, vol. XVIII: RADIOLARIA. Royal 4to., the vol. of plates

only, consisting of map and 141 plates, some in colours ; cloth 1887 57

Physics, part VIII: OCEANIC CIRCULATION. Royal 4to., with 16 large maps: sd.

1 10

1895 01


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£ d. 18 CHARLETONI (Gualteri) Exercitationes de Differentiis et Nominibus Animaliam

Editio secunda . . Folio, Large Paper; with plates of Birds ; a fine copy ruled in red, and bound in old French red morocco with gilt Etruscan vases on back, line sides Oxoniæ, 1677 2 0 0

The second and best edition.
9 CHORIS (L.). Voyage pittoresque autour du Monde. Folio, with maps

and numerous coloured plates of Anthropology, Ornithology, Weapons,
Views, etc. ; hf. bd.; portrait of the Author inserted Paris, 1822 2 2 0
the same.
Folio, russia extra

1822 2 16 0 10 Claus (Dr. C.). Grundzüge der Zoologie . 2 vols. 8vo., half morocco neat

Marburg, 1880-2 0 10 6 1 CLODD (E.).

The Story of Creation. Cr. 8vo., with many illustrations ; cloth

1888 0 3 6 2 Coquille. DUPERREY (L. I.). Voyage autour du Monde, exécuté sur

la CORVETTE “ LA COQUILLE,” pendant les années 1822, 1823, 1824 et
1825. Arranged in 8 vols., roy. 4to., 5 vols., roy. folio, and 1 vol.,
impl. folio (as described below), with 375 plates, of which about 250
are coloured ; a fine and uniform set in half crimson morocco extra, uncut

Paris, 1826-30 20 0 0

CONTENTS HISTOIRE DU VOYAGE. 1 vol. roy. 4to., and 1 vol. roy. folio, with 60 ethnological and topographical plates (59 coloured)

The Text consists of sheets 1-31 (all published).
BOTANIQUE. Par D'URVILLE, Bory de St. Vincent, et Ad. BRONGNIART. 2

parts in 1 vol., roy. 4to., and 2 parts in 1 vol., roy. folio, with 105
plates (25 coloured)

Part I contains pl. 1-13, 13 bis, and 14-38.

Part II contains pl. 1-54, 56, 60-62, 64, 68-71, 75, 77-78 (all published). ZOOLOGIE. Par Lesson et GARNOT. 2 vols. in 4, roy. 4to., and 3 vols., roy. folio, with 157 coloured plates

1826-30 The plates are divided as follows : Mammals, 9; Birds, 44 ; Reptiles, 7; Poissons, 38 ; Mollusques, 16 ; Crustaceans, 5 ; Insects, 22 ; Zoophytes, 16. HYDROGRAPHIE et PHYSIQUE. Par DUPERKEY. 3 vols. in 2, roy. 4to., and 1 vol. impl. folio, with 53 maps and charts

Complete, as far as published.
63 Coquille. Another copy. Arranged in 2 vols., roy. 4to., 2 vols., roy. folio,

and 1 vol., impl. folio (as described below), with 270 plates, of which
more than 210 are coloured ; half blue morocco extra, gilt edges 1826-30 10 10 0

Histoire du VOYAGE. 1 vol., roy. folio, consisting of the Atlas of 60 plates
(59 coloured)

1826 ZOOLOGIE. Par Lesson et GARNOT. 2 vols., roy. 4to., and 3 vols. in 1, roy. folio, with 157 coloured plates

1826-30 HYDROGBAPHIE. Par DUPERREY. 1 vol., impl. folio, consisting of the Atlas of 53 maps and charts

1827 SOLD SEPARATELY 64 Botanique. CRYPTOGAMIE. 1 vol., roy. 4to., and 1 vol., roy. folio, with 39 plates (25 coloured); bds., uncut

1826-28 1 10 0 65 Dale (C. W.). The History of Glanville's Wootton, in the County of

Dorset, including its Zoology and Botany. Cr. 8vo., with photographic
plates; cloth

1878 0 2 6 66 Darwin (C.). The Origin of Species. Sixth Edition, with additions and

corrections to 1872. Cr. 8vo., an interesting copy having an autograph

letter of the author inserted, also a permitsigned by him ; cloth 1882 1 1 0 67 Seidlitz (G.). Die Darwin'sche Theorie. 8vo., half brown morocco

Leipzig, 1875 0 2 6 68 Darwin (E.). By Ernest Krause. Translated by W. S. Dallas. With

preliminary Notice by Charles Darwin. Cr. 8vo., with portrait;

1879 0 2 6

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69 DEMIDOFF (A. de). Voyage dans la RUSSIE méridionale et la

CRIMÉE, par la Hongrie, la Valacbie et la Moldavie. Exécuté en
1837, sous la direction de M. A. de Démidoff. 4 vols., impl. 8vo.,
1 vol., roy. folio, and 2 vols., impl. folio, with numerous vignettes and
illustrations in the text (11 being of Crania), 4 maps, 200 plates of Views,
People, Portraits of Members of the Expedition, etc., and 91 finely coloured

plates of Birds, Fishes, etc.; half morocco, uncut Paris, 1840-[48] 12 16.) 70 another copy. 4 vols., impl. 8vo., 1 vol., roy. folio, and 1 vol. impl.

folio, without the Voyage PITTORESQUE ; a fine copy UNIFORMLY bound,
the four smaller volumes in maroon morocco extra, the large volumes in
half maroon morocco extra

1840-[48] 12 12
Associated with Demidoff in the compilation of this monumental work were
MM. De Sainson, Le Play, Huot, Léveille, Raffet, Rousseau, De Nordmann, Du
Ponceau, and Durand.

" A splendid work, replete with well digested details.”—Murchison's Russia, 1, 120.
The first volume of text gives the history of the Voyage ; in the second and third are
the “ Observations Scientifiques ” (Geology, Mineralogy, Botany, Zoology, etc.); the

fourth volume is devoted to the carboniferous region of the Donetz.

de complément aux Euvres de Buffon, Cuvier, aux Encyclopédies,
aux anciens Dictionnaires scientifiques, et résumant les Traités speciaux
sur les diverses branches des Sciences naturelles, etc. Dirigé par
Ch. D’ORBIGNY. Deuxième Edition, revue et augmentée. TEXT,
14 vols., Atlas, 3 vols.--together, 17 vols., impl. 8vo., having 300
splendid plates, nearly all being beautifully coloured ; a fine uniform
copy in half red morocco, gilt tops

Paris, 1867-9 5 0 0
The articles were contributed by the leading French savants : Arago, Brongniart,
D'Orbigny, Milne Edwards, Geoffroy Saint Hilaire Deshayes, Lucas, Montagne,
Moquin Tandon, Prevost, Quatrefages, Valenciennes, and others. The work comprises

Zoology, Botany, Geology, Mineralogy, Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy.
72 DISTANT (W. L.). A Naturalist in the Transvaal. 8vo., with numerous
illustrations and 5 (4 coloured) plates of butterflies ; cloth

1892 0 10 6 73 DONOVAN (E.). A COMPLETE Collection of his Works on BRITISH

Birds. 10 vols. in 5, with 244 coloured plates

QUADRUPEDS. 3 vols. in 2, with 72 coloured plates

1820 Fishes. 5 vols. in 3, with 120 coloured plates

1802-8 INSECTS. 16 vols. in 8, with 576 coloured plates

1804-13 Shells. 5 vols. in 3, with 180 coloured plates

1804 together, 39 vols. in 21, royal 8vo., with nearly 1200 very fine plates, beautifully coloured (pub. £73. 10s unbound); uniform in half green morocco, gilt edges, bound in Wright's best style

1794-1820 22 10 0 The colouring of these plates has been done by the best plate colourists of England,

-a class of artists now nearly extinct.
74 Dublin Society. ScientifiC TRANSACTIONS of the ROYAL

DUBLIN Society. New Series. Vols. I—III, and IV, parts 1-6. In
47 parts, roy: 4to., with plates ; bd. and sd.

Dublin, 1877-90 Each part is complete in itself, and some of the "parts" form quite thick volumes. The series includes the under-mentioned important works ; those to which prices are affixed are sold separately. Palæo-Geological and Geographical Maps Fossil Fishes of the Chalk of Mount

of the British Islands. E. HULL. With Lebanon. J. W. Davis. With 25 14 coloured maps, 5s 1882 plates, 78 6d

1887 Fossil Fishes of the Carboniferous Lime

Fossil Fish-Remains from the Tertiary stone Series of Gt. Britain. J. W.

and Cretaceo-Tertiary Formations of Davis. With 24 plates, 9s 1883

New Zealand. J. W. DAVIS. Vith Aquatic Carnivorous Coleoptera or Dyti

7 plates, 2s 6d

1888 scidæ. R. D. SHARP. 824 pp. and 12 plates ; bds.

Marine and Fresh-water Ostracoda of Coleoptera of the Hawaiian Islands.

the N. Atlantic and of N.W. Europe. T. BLACKBURN. With 2 plates 1885

PoDoCOPA. G. S. BRADY. With 16 New Zealand Coleoptera. D. SHARP.


1889 With 2 plates, 2s 6d

1885 Fossil Fish of the Cretaceous FormBritish Actiniæ. Part I. A. C. HADDON. ations of Scandinavia. J. W. Davis. With 7 plates 1889 With 9 plates, 2s 6d



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