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Rupa, Oct 5, 2021 - 746 pages
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Since then, many lies have been passed off as truths; half-truths have been mixed with true incidents

and passed off as whole truths. 'Gandhi was responsible for Partition'; 'Gandhi favoured Muslims and

abandoned Hindus'; 'Killing Gandhi was the only way to save Hindu India'; 'Murdering Gandhi was

an act of patriotism'; 'Gandhi gifted ₹55 crores to Pakistan'-these were, and even today are, some of

the statements propagated by Hindu extremist organizations and worshippers of Nathuram Godse,

the murderer.

This book is written to put the facts straight. Written by Gandhi's great-grandson Tushar Gandhi,

Let's Kill Gandhi! deals with facts gleaned from a lot of verbal history, from books, archival material,

from the records of the murder trial and investigations, from books written by the defence lawyers and

judges, from newspaper reports, the report of the J.L. Kapur Commission of Inquiry and from what

Tushar grew up hearing in the family.

Never in the history of political murders has such a nexus of human errors, procedural foul-ups,

and sheer apathy colluded to allow a bunch of bungling amateurs to succeed so easily. This book is a

chronicle of the conspiracy that goes beyond Nathuram Godse, Gandhi's murderer.

Written by none other than Mahatma Gandhi's great-grandson.

The book puts the facts regarding Gandhi's death straight.

A well-researched account of the murder, trial and investigations around one of the most

debated events in the Indian history.

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