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the wish and desire of the nation has irre.

vocably resolved, and from which nothing The Supreme Governing Power of the that can be written or discussed on the kingdom, considering it to be its primary subject'of' Reform, can alter. Those prinobligation to free the country from the ciples are reduced to the following: eviis which have until now afficted it; all The Catholic, Apostolic, Roman Reliwhich have been occasioned by the arbi- gion, is the only Religion of the State. trary laws to which it has been subject; | The constitution of Spain is to be a monarpursuing the just and mild intentions of chy, hereditary in Ferdinand the 7th, his our very beloved king Ferdinand the 7th, | descen:lants, and those called by the Law to who was desirous to re constitute the Mo- succeed them.--The nation is to be governed narchy, re-establishing in it the National henceforward by the Laws freely delibeRepresentation of its ancient Cortes, desir- rated, and administered there shall be a ous that the nation should take before the National Cortes, in the manner and form eyes of Europe and of the Universe, the which may be established, taking into connoble and strong acts of a people worthily sideration the difierence and alterations and legally constituted, desirous that this which have taken place since the time great work should be performed, wbich when they were lawfully held.–Our Amethe circunstances command, and the he- ricas und other colonies shall be the same as roie sacrifices of the peop e require, anx the Meiropoiis in all Rights and Constiious that it should approach to that deyree tutionul Prerog.itives — The reform which of perfection which men are allowed to our legal codes, administration, and reobtain, when they proceed with good faith, covery of public rents, and every thing and with a desire of doing right, has de- belonging to the direction of commerce, creed as follows :

agriculture, arts, education, as well na1st. All wise Spaniards who have medi- tional, marine, and warlike, are to undergo, tated on projects of Reform with respect shall be only and exclusively directed to to the constitution of the kingdom in ge-obtain the greatest ease, and the better neral, as well as on the particular branches illustration of the Spanish people, so horof public administration, are invited by ridiy teazed until now. the Junta to communicate their idea; with 7. The nation which shall be legally full liberty, and as they may juilge may and solemnly constituted from answer best for the good of their country On that day, the General Cortes of the

2nd. Those Writings shall be sent to the Spanish monarchy, after being so long Junia through the Secretary's Ofiice, neglected, shall meet together for the first within the term of two months from the time. date of his decree, and the authors will sabscribe their names, or a mark by which

COBBETT'S they may be known in proper time. 3rd. These Writings afier being exa

COMPLETE COLLECTION OF mined in a summary way, the writers of State Trials: those which are found to be really usefal by the observations, or by the knowledge to be completed in Thirty-Six Nonthly they contain, shall be called upon, in Parts, forming Twelve large Volumes in order to take a part in the Commissions of Royal Octavo. Reform, which shall be immediately cre

The Sixth Part of the above Work ated.

was published on Thursday the 1st instant. 4th. These Commissions shall be pre- One Part will appear, with the greatest sided each by a member of the Junta, and regularity, on the first of each succeeding in them will be examined and prepared Month. Those Subscribers who have exthe works which are to be presented for pressed their intention of taking the Work approbation.

in Quarterly Volumes, are respectfully 5th. The Projects approved of by the informed that the Second Volume is now Jonta shall be presented to the National ready for delivery. In order to remove all Sanction, and from it will receive the cha- professional doubts, as to how far this new racter, the authority, and the force of law. and enlarged Edition of the State Trials

oth. The Junta does not anticipate its may, with safety, be cited as authority in jndgment, to prepossess the public opinion the Courts, and relied on as of equal auwith respect to ihese projects, it only be thenticity with the former, I think it right lieves that it ought to announce from this to state, that it is intended to be a literal moment certain principles, upon which transcript of the last edition, as far as that

edition extends; that where I have inserted tion of the State Trials : printed in the fuller and better reports of any cases,

Year 1781. or of any parts of Cases, the text of the old Edition will nevertheless be retained ; STATE TRIALS IN THE REIGN OF and that the new matter will be distinguished in a manner not to be mistaken,

HENRY THE SECOND. and be distinctly pointed out in the Table 1. Proceedings against Thomas Becket, Archof Contents to each volume. - In the last bishop of Canterbury, for High TreaVolume will also be given what I call a Pa son, 1163. [N.] RALLEL Index, consisting of two Columns;

HENRY THE THIRD. in the first of which will be inserted, in 2. Articles of Accusation against Hubert De their order, the numbers of all the Pages Burgh, with the Answers of Master Lavin the last Edition ; and in the other, cor

rence, Clerk of St. Alhan's, on behalf of respondent figures shewing in what Vo

Hubert de Burgh, earl of Kent, 1289. (N.) lume and Page of the present Work the

EDWARD THE FIRST. contents of each page of the last Edition 3. Proceedings agaiust Piers Gareston, 1307, will be found; by means of which Pa

[N.] rallel Index, the place in this Work of any

EDWARD THE SECOND. passage occurring in the last Edition, may 4. Proceedings against Hugh and Hugh le Desbe ascertained with nearly as much ease penser, 1320. (N.) and expedition as if the paging of that 5. Proceedings against Adam de Orleton, Edition were preserved; which, it is ob

bishop of Hereford, for Treason), 1323. [N.] vious, would be perfectly impracticable, 6. Proceedings against Thomas Earl of Laa

caster, for Treason, 1327. {N.] considering the valuable mass of new mat

7. Proceedings against King Edward the Sao ter to be introduced.

cond, 1327. (N.) To such Gentlemen as may happen to

EDWARD TIIE THIRD. be in possession of curious Trials, or of documents relating to Trials of the de. 8. Impeachment of Roger Mortimer

, Earl of

March, for Treason, 1330. [N.] scription of those to be contained in this 9. Proceedings against Thomas de Berkele

, for Work, I shall be much obliged for a com the Murder of King Edward the Second, munication of them. If the document, or 1331. [N.] paper, whether in print or manuscript, be 10. Proceedings against John Stratford, Archrequested to be preserved, great care shall bishop of Canterbury, for Treason, 1841. be taken of it.

[N.] The following is a List of the Articles 11. Proceedings against John Wickliffe, for contained in the First and Second Vo

Heresy, 1977. (N.) lumes; from which it will be seen, that

RICHARD THE SECOND. of the 126 Trials or Proceedings, of which 12. Proceedings in Parliament against Alerthey consist, Fifty-nine never before came

ander Nevil, Arclibishop of Yorks, Robert into any collection.

Vere, Duke of Ireland, Michael de la

Pole, Earl of Suffolk, Robert Tresilian, *** The new Matter is marked (N.)

Lord Chief Justice of England, and NichoCONTENTS OF VOL. I.

las Brambre, some time Mayor of Los

don, and Oxbers, for High Treason, 1388. Prefaces to former Editions of the State Trials. 13. Impeachment of Thomas Fitz-Alan, ArchMr. Salmon's Preface to the first Edition of

bishop of Canterbury, of High Treason, the State Trials, in four volumes folio :

1397. (N.] printed in the year 1719.

14. Impeachment of Thomas Duke of GloucesMr. Salmon's Preface to the case of Ship

ter, Richard Earl of Arundel, Thomas Money, which was printerl in a separate

Earl of Warwick, Thomas Mortimer, and volume, by way of Supplement to the first

Sir John Cobham, kniglit, of High TreaEdition.

son, 1397. (N.] Mr. Emlyn's Preface to the second Edition of

HENRY THE FOURTH. the State Trials, in six volames folio: 15. Articles of Accusation again-t Richard ult printed in the year 1730.

Second, King of England, 1899, [N.] Preface to the seventh and eighth voluines of 16. Proceedings ayainst John Hall, for the

the State Trials: printed in the year 1735. Murder of Thomas Duke of Gloucester, Preface to the Ninth and Tenth Volumes of the 1399. (N.]

State Trials : printed in the year 1766. 17. Proceedings agninst William Saurre, for Mr. Hargrave's Preface to the Fourth Edition ileresy, 1400. (N.!

of the State T tals, in 'Ten volumes folio :) 18. Trial and Examination of Master Wilian printed in the rear 1775.

Thorpe, Preste, for Heresye, before ThioMr. Hargrave's Preface to the Eleventh (or mas elrundel, Archbishop of Canterbuir

Supplemental) Volume of the Fourth Edi Written by himself, 1407.

19. Proceedings against John Badby, for He his Father, Thomas Duke of Norfolk, for
resy, 1409. (N)

the same Crime, 1546.

39. Proceedings against Various Persons in the

Reign of Henry 8, for I reason, in denying
20. Trial and Examination of sir Johu Old-

the King's Suprernacy; and other capital
castle, Lord Cobham, for Heresy, before Crimes, principally relating to Religion.
the Archbishop of Canterbury: 1409.


40. I'roceedings in Parliament against Sir Tho-
21. Proceedings, upon an ex post facto Act, mas Seymour, knt. Lord Seymour of Sud-

against sir John Mortimer, for making his ley, for Fligh Treason, 1549.
Escape from Prison, 1421. [N.]

41. Proceedings in Parliament against Edward
22. Proceedings against Henry Beaufort, bishop Duke of Somerset, Lord Protector, for

of Winchester, for IIigli Treason, 1426, Misdemeanors and High Treason, 1550.

42. Proceedings in Parliament agaiost Edward
23. Proceedings against William de la Pole, Duke of Somerset, for High Treason and

Duke of Suffolk, for High Treason, 1451. Felony, at Westminster, 1551.

43. Proceedings concerning the Non-Confor-

mity in Religion of the Lady Mary, Sister
94. Proceedings against George Duke of Cla of King Edward the Sixth, afterwards
rence, brother to king Edward the Fourth, 44. Proceedings against Stephen Gardiner,

Queen of England, 1551. (N.)
for Treason, 1478. [N]

Bishop of Winchester, for opposing the

Retorination of Religion, and disobeying
25. Trial of Sir William Stanley, knight, for the King's Orders and Injunctions respect-
High Treason, 1494.

ing the same, 1551. [N.

45. Proceedings against Edmund Bonner, Bi
26. Trial of Sir Thomas Empson, knight, and

shop of London, for opposing the Refor-

mation of Religion, 1550. [N.]
Edmund Dudley, esq. for High Treason,

27. Trial of Edward Duke of Buckingham, | 46. Proceedings against sir James Hales, Jus-
for High Treason, 1522.

tice of the Court of Common Pleas, for
28. Proceedings relating to the Dissolution of

his C'onduct at the Assizes in Kent, 1553.
the Marriage between Henry the Eighth IN.

and Catherine of Arragon, 1528. [N.] 47. Proceedings against Lady Jane Grey, and
29. Proceedings against Thomas Wolsey, Car Others, for Treason, 1553. [N.]

dinal and Archbishop of York, upon a 48. Arraignment and Execution of flenry Grey
præmunire, and for other offences, 1529. Duke of Suffolk, 1553. (N.]

49. Trials of John Dudley Duke of Northum-
80. The Trial of sir Thomas More, knt. Lord

berland, William Parr Marquis of North-
Chancellor of England, for High Treason, ampton, and John Dudley Earl of War.

in denying the King's Supremacy, 1535. wick, for High Treason, in the Court of
31. The 'Trial of John Fisher, bishop of Ro. the Lord High Stoward, at Westminster :

chester, before Commissioners of Oyer and and also of Sir John Gates, Sir Henry
Terminer, at Westmioster, for High Trea Gates, Sir Andrew Dudley, and Sir Tho-
son, 1535.

mas Palmer, at Westivinster, for the same
32. The Trial of William Lord Dacres of the

Crime, 1553.
North, for High Treason, in the Court of 50. Proceedings against Thomas Cranmer Arch-
the Lord High Stewart, 1535.

bishop of Canterbury, for 'Treason and
33. The Trials of Queen Anna Boleyn, and Heresy, 1556. (N.)

her Brother Lord Viscount Rochford, for 51. The Arraiynment of Sir Thomas Wyat,
High Treason, in the Court of the Lord knt. at Westininster, for High Treason,
High Steward; and also of Henry Norris, 1554.
Mark Smeton, William Brereton, and sir 52. The Trial of Sir Nicholas Throck norton,
Francis Weston, before Commissioners of knt. in the Guildhall of London, for High
Oyer and Terminer, for the same Offence, Treason : Together with the Proceedings

against sir Nicholas Throckmorton's Jury,
34. Proceedings against Thomas Cromwell

, 1554.
Earl of Essex, for High Treason, 1541. (N.)
35. The Trial of Lord Leonard Grey, at West-

minster, for. High Treason, 1541.

53. The Trial of James Earl Bothwell, for the
36. The Trial of sir Edmond Knevet, at Green Murder of Henry Lora Darniey, Kirsband

wich, for striking a person within the of Mary Queen of Scots, at the Senate
King's Palace there, 1541.

House of Edinburgh, 1567.
37. Proceedings against Queen Catherine Ilow- 54. The Trial and sentence of William Powrie,
ard, for Incontinency, 1542. (N.)

George Dalyleish, John Hay younger of
33. The Trial of Henry Earl of Surrey, for Talo, and John Ilepburn of Bowton, con-

High Treason, with the Proceedings against cerning the Murder of Henry Earl Dara-

ley, Husband of Mary Queen of Scots : tain Thomas Lee, at the Sessions bonse
with their Examinations, Depositions, and near Newgate, for High Treaso, 1600.
Confessions: as als, the Declaration of 73. The Trial of Sir Christopher Blunt, Sir
Nicholas Hubert, a Frenchiman, commonly Charles Daiers, Sir Job Dav.s, Sir Guy
called Paris, in relation to that Murder, Merrick, and Henry Coffe, at Westcin-
and other matters, 1567.

ster, for High, Treason, 1600.
55. Trial of the Earl of Dortoun, for be Mur-
der of lienry Lord Daruley, Husband of

Mary Queen of Scots, 1581. [N.]
56. The Trial of Thomas Howard Duke of

Norfolk, before the Lords at Westmins:er, 74. The Trial of Sir Walter Raleigh, knt. at
for Iligh Treason, 1571.

Winchester, for lligh Treason. 1603.
57. The Trial of Mr. Robert Mickford, (Servant | 75. The irial of Sir Grittin Manhham, ant ir

of the Duke of Nortolk), at the Queen's Edward Parham, knt. George Bruke,
Bench, for High Treason. 1571.

esq. Ba tholomew Brookesbr, esq. Anti-
58. The Arraignment of Edmund Campion, ny Copley, Wilian Watson, Priest, and

Sherwin, Bosgrave, Coitam, Johnson, Willisin Clarke, Prie-t, for I gh I reason,
Bristow, Kirbie, and Orton, for lligh Trea at Winchester, 1603.
son, 1581. (N.)

76. Proceedines in a Cont rence at Hampton
59. Arraignment, Judgment and Execution of Court, respecting Reformation of the
John Story, or I reason, 1571. [N.]

Church, 1604 [N]
60. The Trial of Dr. William Parry, at West- 77. The Case beween Sir Francis Goodwin
min-ter, for High Treason1, 1524.

and Sir John Portescue, relative to a Re
61. Inquisition of a Jury of ide City of London turn tir the County of Buckingham, 1604.

before the Coroner, bad upon occasion of | 78. The Case of Mixed Money in Irland, 1605.
the Death of the Earl of Northumberland : 79. Arriculi ('leri: Articles (soint ted by

with a Report of his Treasona, 1585. [N.] Lord Cohe) of Complaint against the
62. Proceedings against anth ny Babington, Judges of the Realm; exhibited by R-

Chidiock Sitchburne, Thomas Salisbury, chard Bancroft, Archbishop of Canter
Robert Barpewell, John Savage, Henry bury, in the name of the whole Clerxv.
Don!), and Jolin Ballard, at Wesiminster, 1665. Together with the answers there
for High Treason, 1586

unto by all the Jusiges and Barons (N.)
63. The Trial of Edward Abington, Charles 80. The Trials of Robert Winter, Thomas li in-

Tilney, Edward Jones, John Travers, John ter, Guy Fawkes, John Grant, Ambrose
Chrnock, Jerome Bellamy, and Robert Rookwool, Robert Keyes, Thomas Butes,
Gage, at Westminster, for iliyl Treason, and Sir Everard D ghy, at Westminster,

for High Treason, being Conspirators in
64. Proceedings against Mary Queen of Scots ; the Gunpowder-Piot, 1606.

for being conceived in a Conspiracy 31. The Trial of Henry Garnet, Superior of
against Qu en Elizabeth ; with thing, pre the Jesutis in England, at the Guildhall of
vious thereto, and necessary to jairovince London, for High Treason, being a Cor-
and explain those Proceedings, 1586.

spirator in the Gunpowder Plot, 1606.
65. The Arraigninent of William Davis (S-82. A true Report of the Arraigna ent, Tryall,

cretary of Siate to Queen I lizabeth) in Conviction and Condemnation, of a Po-
the Star-C'hamber, for Misprision and Con pish Priest, named Robert Drewrie, at the
tempt, 1587.

Sessions-house in the Old Baylie, ou Fri-
66. The Trial of Philip Howard, Earl of Arun day and Wednesday, tlie gou and 24th of

del, before the Lords, for Iligh Treason, February, 1607 (N.)

83. The Case of Impositions, on an Informa-
67. The Arraignment of Sir Richard Knightly, tion in the Exchequer by the Attorney-

and Others, in the Star-Chamber, tor General against Mr. Jolin Bates, Mer-
maintaining seditious Person", Books, and chant, 1006–1610.
Libels, 1588.

84. The Conviction and Attainder of Robert
68. The Trial of Mr. John Wall, a Puritan Lalor, Priest, being indicted on the Stz-

Minister, at Croydon Assizes, for Felony, tute of the 16th Richard II. cap. 5: Coff-

monly called, The Case of Præmunire in
69. The Trial of Sir John Perrot, Lord Deputy Ireland.

of Ireland, at Westminster, for High Trea- 85. The Case of the Postnati, or of the low
son, 1592.

of the Realm of Scotland with England,
Dit het tal No Southampton, before the 36. The trial of George Sprat, in Scotland

, se
Atminster, for High Treason, Ilig! Treason, in conspiring with Jets

Earl of Gowrie, to inurder King James I. !
Parliament against John 1608.
a) Alexander Ruthven his 87. The Process and Trial of Robert Logar,

Henry Ruthven, Hugh Moncrief, of Restalrig, for High Treason, in C1D-

Det kvot, for High Treason, 1600. spiring with John Earl of Gowrie, to wu*
Beter Arraignment and Judgment of Cap der King James I. 1609.

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88. The Trial of Lord Balmerinuth, at St. An of Somerset, for the Murder of Sir Thomas drews, for High Treason, 1609.

Overvury, 1616. 89. The Case of Proclamations, 1010 [N.) 109. The Trial of Robert Carr, Earl of Somer. 90. The Cases of Bartholomew Legat and Ed set, for the Murder of Sir Thomas Over

ward Wightman, for Heresy, 1612 [N] bury, 1616. 91. The Earl of Shrewsbury's Case; or the 110. The Proceedings against Sir Jihn Hollis, Case of Dignities, 1612 | N.]

Sir John Wentworth, and Mr. Luunsden, 92. The Arraignment and Confession of the in the Star-Chamber, for traducing the

Lord Sanqure, (whe, being a Baron of Public Justice, 1015.Scotland, was arraigned by the name of 111. The Case of Duels: or Proceedinis in Robert Creighton, esq.) at the King's the Star-Chamber, against lír. William bench Bar, in Westminster-hall, the 27th Priest, for writing and sending a Challenge, of June, for procuring the Murder of Jobin and Mr. R. Wright for ciirryang it, 1615. Turner, a Master of Defence, whom he | 112. The Case of Mary Smith, for Witclicrati, 'caused to be shot with a Pistal by one 1610 (N.] Carliel, a Scottish-man, for thrusting out 113. Proceedings against Mr. Wraynham, in one of his Eyes in playing at Rapier and the Star Chunber, for andering the Dagger, 1612.

Lord-Chancellor Bacon of Injustice, 1618. 93. Proceedings against Mr. James White 114. The Case of Williams, of Essex, for

locke, in the Star-Chamber, for a Con Treason, 1619 [N].

tempt of the King's Prerogative, 1613. 115. Proceertings in Parliament against Francis 94. Proceedings against Mary Countess of Bacon Lord Veruiam, Viscount St. Al

Shrewsbury, before a Select Council, for a baus, Lord Chance lor of Enyland, upon Contempt in refusing to answer fully be an Impeachment for Bribery and Corfore the Privy Council, or to subscribe ruption in the Execution of his Office : her Examination, 1612.

And also against Dr. Theophuius Field, 95. Case of Mr. William Talbot, on an infor Bishop of Llandafl, 1620.

mation ore lenus, for maintaining a Power 116. Proceedings in Parliament against Sir in the Pope to depose and kill Kings, Giles Mompesson, a Monopolist and Pa1613,

tentee, 1020 [N] 96. Proceedings between the Lady Frances 117. Proceedings in Parliainent agaiost Sir

Ilonard, Countess of Essex, and Robert Francis Michell, a Monopolist and Pa-
Earl of Essex, her Husband, before the tentee, and Co-partner with Sir Giles
King's Delegates, in a Cause of Divorce, Mompesson, 1621 [N.

118. Proceedings agaitist Sir Henry Yelverton, 97. The Earl of Northampton's Case, 1613 [N.] the King's Attorney-General, for Misde98. Proceedings against Dr. Richard Neile, meanors, 1621 (N.)

Bishop of Lincoln, for Words spoken in 119. Proceedings in Parliament against Sir the House of Lords, 1614 [N.]

John Bennett, knt. for Bribery and Cor99. The Case of Edmund Peacham, for Trea ruption, 1621 [N.] son, 1615 (N.)

120. Proceedings in Parliament against Ed100. The Case of John Owen, otherwise Col ward Floyde, for scandalizing the Princess livs, for Treason, 1615 (N.1

Palatine, 1021 (N.) 101. Proceedings against John Ogilvie, for 121. Proceedings against George Abbot, Arch

High Treason, at Glasgow, in Scotland, bishop of Canterbury, for the killing of 1615.

Edward Hawkins, one of the Lord Zouch's 102. The Case of Mr. Oliver St. Jolin, on an Keepers, 1621 [N.)

Information ore tenus, in the Star-Cham 122. Proceedings on the Impeachment of the ber, for writing and publishing a Paper Lord Treasurer Middlesex, for High Crimes against a Benevolence collected under and Misdemeanors, 1624 (N.]

Letters of the Privy-Council, 1615. 123. Proceedings in Parliament against Sa103. The Trial of Richard Weston, at the muel Harsnet, Bishop of Norwich, tir Ex

Guildhall of London, for the Murder of tortion and other Alisdemeanors, 1024 [N.}

Sir Thomas Overbury, 1615. 104. The Trial of Anne Turner, Widow, at

CHARLES THE FIRST. the King's-bench, for the Murder of Sir 124. Proceedings in Parliament against Ri. Thomas ( erbury, 1615.

chard Mountague, Clerk, for 'publi-hing 105. The Trial of Sir Jervis Elwes, knt. Lieu a factious and editious Book, 1025 (N.]

tenant of the Tower, at the Guldhall of 125. Proceedings in Parliament ayamsi tne London, for the Murder of Sir Thomas Duke of Buckingham, the Earl of Bristol, Overbury, 1615.

and the Lord Conwav, for High Crimes 106. The Trial of James Franklin, at the and Misdemeanors, 1626 [N.]

King's-bench, for the Murder of Sir Tho 126. Case of George Abbot, Archbishop of mas Overbury, 1615.

Canierbury, for refusing to licence a Ser107. The Arraignment of Sir Thomas Mon mon preached by Jur. Silthorpe, in order

knt, at the Guildhall of London, for to promote the Loan and to justity the the Murder of Sir Thomas Overbury, 1615. King's imposing Public Taxes without con108. The Trial of the Lady Frances Countess sent of Parliament, 1027 (N.]


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