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FEUSTKINGIUS (J. H.), Præs. Disputatio theologico-exegetica de Custodia Mentis et Voluntatis, in Praxi assidue conjungenda, ex Philipp. iv. 7. Resp. Frid. Gottl. Hertzog. 4° Wittemberga, 1711. FIDLER (ISAAC). Observations on Professions, Literature, Manners, and Emigration in the United States and Canada, during a residence in 1832. 12° Lond. 1833.

FIERABRAS. Der Roman von Fierabras, Provenzalisch. Herausgegeben von Immanuel Bekker. 4° Berl. 1829.

FIGARO IN LONDON; Vol. III., for 1834. 4° Lond.


mudarse à un tiempo. 4°.

Famosa Comedia. Mentir, y

FILANGIERI (GAETANO). La Science de la Législation. Ouvrage traduit [par J. Ant. Gallois]; 7 Tom. 8° Par. 1786-91.


FILIPINAS. Real Cédula para reducir el excesivo numero de subscripsiones hechas en la Real Compañia de Filipinas, a las 32 mil acciones señaladas en su ereccion. fol. Madr. 1785.


Istoria di Corsica; 5 Tom. 4o Pisa,


FINANCE. Concept van Finantie omme 's Lants inkomsten, sonder
meerder belasting der Gemete, te vergrooten. 4o 1672.
FINLAY (JOHN). The Office and Duty of Church-Warden and Parish
Officer in Ireland. With a supplement. 8° Dubl. 1827.

A Treatise on the Law of Game and Inland Fisheries in Ireland. 8° Dubl. 1827.

A Treatise on the Law of Tithes in Ireland. 8° Dubl.

A Treatise on the Law of Renewals in respect to Leases for Lives renewable for ever in Ireland, with the cases and decisions thereon. 8o Dubl. 1829.

A Digest and Index of all the Irish Reported Cases in Law and Equity, and of the Reported Cases in Ecclesiastical and Criminal Law, with a variety of original Cases. So Dubl. 1830. FINNSSON (HANNES). Ovöld vökurnar 1794; 2 Part. 8° Leirá, 1796, 7. FINSBURY. Copy of the Register of the Electors of the Borough of Finsbury, for the Year 1833-4. 8° Lond. Presented by Sir Henry Elis.

FIORAVANTE. Libro che tratta di bataglia: chiamata Fioravante. 4o Venet. Marchio Sessa, 1506.

FIORILLO (J. D.). Geschichte der zeichnenden Künste von ihrer Wiederauflebung bis auf die neuesten zeiten; 5 Band. 8° Götting. 1798-1808. FIRDAUSI. Chrestomathia Schahnamiana. Edidit, annotationibus et glossario locupleti instruxit Joannes Augustus Vullers. 8° Bonnæ,


FIRENZE. Collezione dei Progetti d'Architettura premiati nei grandi Concorsi Triennali dall' Accademia di Bell' Arti in Firenze; Fasc. 14. fol. Fir.

FISCHER (JOH. BERN.). Entwürff einer historischen Architectur. obl. fol. Leipzig, 1725.

FISCHERUS (JO. CHRISTIAN.), Præs. Dissertatio de Hubertino Clerico Crescentinate elegantiorum litterarum instauratore. Resp. Jo. Carol. Fingerus. 4° Jenæ, 1739.

FISHER (JOH. BERN.) Synopsis Mammalium. 8° Stuttg. 1829.

FISHER (JASPER). Fuimus Troes Æneid. 2. The true Troianes. Represented by the students of Magdalen Colledge in Oxford. 4° Lond. Printed by J. L. for Robert Allot, 1633.

FISHER (JOHN), Bp. of Rochester. De Causa Matrimonii Serenissimi Regis Angliæ liber. 4°. Compluti.

A godly Treatise declaring the benefites, fruites, and great commodities of prayer, and also the true use thereof. Written in Latin fourtie yeares past. And lately translated into Englishe. 8° Lond. Imprinted by H. B. for Gabriell Cawood, 1577. [Lit. Goth.]

FISHER'S Drawing Scrap Book, 1834. 4° Lond. 1833.

FISHES. The Book of Fishes. 12° Lond. 1834.

FISHING. Scenes and Recollections of Fly-Fishing, in Northumberland, Cumberland and Westmoreland. By Stephen Oliver, the Younger. 8° Lond. 1834.

FIT JOHN (JOHN). A Diamonde most precious, worthy to be marked: instructing all Maysters and Servauntes, how they ought to leade their lyves. 4° Lond. Hugh Jackson, 1577. [Lit. Goth.]

FITZGERALD (R). Farther Additions to a Treatise called Salt-water sweetned." 12° Lond. 1685.


FITZ SIMON (HENRICUS). Britannomachia Ministrorum in plerisque et fidei fundamentis, et fidei articulis dissidentium. 4° Duaci, 1614. FLANDERS. Openinghe ghedaen den Staten van den landen van den Hertoghe Philips, byden drie leden slants van Vlaenderen int jaer

1487. 4° 1576.

FLANDRICISMES, Wallonismes et Expressions impropres dans la Langue Française. Par un ancien Professeur. 12o Brux. 1830.

FLEET. Verhael van 't gepasseerde in de Zee-Slagh, tusschen de Vlooten van Engelandt ende van de Vereenighde Nederlanden, opgestelt by de Witt, Vrybergen enz. 4o 's Gravenhage, 1666.

Verhael van de Zee-Slach tusschen de Vlooten van Engelandt ende die van Hollandt, den 11 Junii, 1666.


FLEET. A Narrative of the Proceedings of his Majesty's Fleet in the Mediterranean, and the combined Fleets of France and Spain, from 1741 to March 1744. By a Sea-Officer. 8° Lond. 1744. FLEMING (CALEB). A Survey of the Search after Souls, by Dr. Coward, Dr. S. Clarke, Mr. Baxter, Dr. Sykes, Dr. Law, Mr. Peckard, and others. 8° Lond. 1758.

FLETCHER (J.). A rational Vindication of the Catholic Faith: being the first part of a Vindication of Christ's Divinity. Left imperfect, and finished by Joseph Benson. 12° Hull.

FLINT (-).

Socinianism Unscriptural; being a second part of a Vindication of Christ's Divinity. With a demonstration of the want of common sense in the New Testament writers, on the supposition of their believing the doctrine of Christ's mere humanity, by Joseph Benson. 12 Birmingham, 1791.

Six Letters. 12° Bath, 1788.

FLETCHER (J.). The Prudent Christian.
FLINSPACHIUS (CUNMANNUS). Genealogiæ Christi et omnium populorum
Tabulæ. fol. Basil. 1567.

Francis Berrian; or, the Mexican Patriot; 3 Vol. 12°

Lond. 1834.


Rouen, 1833.

12° Lond. 1834.

FLINT (TIMOTHY). Indian Wars of the West. 12" Cincinnati, 1833. FLINTER (GEORGE D.). An Account of the present State of the Island of Puerto Rico. 8° Lond. 1834.

Histoire du Privilege de Saint Romain; 2 Tom. 8°

FLORA. The Irish Flora; comprising the phænogamous plants and ferns. 12° Dubl. 1833.

FLOREZ (HENRIQUE). Respuesta a la Carta publicada bajo el nombre de Dn Juachin de Azur. 4o Madr. 1752. FLORIMOND DE REMOND (J. C.). Error popularis, seu Fabula Joannæ quæ Pontificis Romani sedem occupasse falso credita est. 8° Colon. 1614.

FLORISELLO. La Historia de gli valorosi Cavallieri, Don Florisello di Nichea, et Anassarte, Figliuoli del gran Principe Amadis di Grecia ; 3 Libri. 8° Venet. 1593-82.

FLOWERS. The Language of Flowers; or, alphabet of floral emblems. 12° Edinb.

12° Lond. 1834.

The Moral of Flowers. 8° Lond. 1833.

FLOYER (Sir JOHN). Medicina Gerocomica; or, the Galenic art of preserving old men's healths, explained. 8° Lond. 1724.

FOE (DANIEL DE). An Enquiry into the Case of Mr. Asgill's General Translation. 8° Lond. 1704.

FONTENELLE (BERNARD LE BOVIER DE). Histoire des Oracles. 8° Par.


Reponse à l'Histoire des Oracles, par M. de Fontenelle. [Par le P. Baltus.] 8° Strasb. 1707. FOOT (wм.). An Essay on Education. 8° Bristol.

FORBES (ANDREW). Unrefuted Charges against the managing Directors of the London Missionary Society. 8° Lond. 1834.

FORBES (JAMES). Hortus Woburnensis. A descriptive catalogue of upwards of 6000 ornamental Plants cultivated at Woburn Abbey. 4° Lond. 1833.

12' Glasg.

FORBES (ROBERT). Jacobite Memoirs of the Rebellion of 1745. Edited by Robert Chambers. 8° Edinb. 1834.

FORBES (JOHN). Three Sermons on the Lord's Day.


FORCELLINI (EGID.). Totius Latinitatis Lexicon consilio et cura Jacobi Facciolati opera et studio Egidii Forcellini lucubratum; auctum et emendatum a Josepho Furlanetto; 4 Tom. 4o Patav. 1827–30.

FORDYCE (JAMES). The Folly, Infamy, and Misery of unlawful Pleasure. A Sermon. 8° Edinb. 1760.

FORSTER (JOSIAH). Some Reflections on the Importance of a Religious Life. 12° Lond. 1834.

FORTESCUE (Sir Joux). De politica Administratione, et Legibus civilibus florentissimi regni Anglie, commentarius. 12° Lond. Edwardus Whitechurche.

FOSTER (JOHN). Enarratio et Comparatio Doctrinarum moralium Epicuri et Stoicorum. Dissertatio. 4° Lond. 1758.

FOTHERGILL (GEORGE). A Fast Sermon. 8° Orf. 1756.

FOTHERGILL (THOMAS). A Thanksgiving Sermon. 8° Orf. 1749.
A Sermon, on January 30. S" Orf. 1753.
A Fast Sermon. 8° Orf. 1757.

Fox (Rt. Hon. c. J.). Substance of the Charge of Mismanagement in his Majesty's Naval Affairs in 1781, compared with Papers laid before the House, on Mr. Fox's Motion, Feb. 1, 1782. 8° Lond. 1782.

Speech at the opening of Parliament, Dec. 13,

1792. 8° Lond. 1792.

8° Lond.

Speech in the House of Commons, Dec. 14, 1792.

Speech on the Alien Bill, Jan. 4, 1793. 8° Lond.

Fox (Rt. Hon. c. J.). Speech on the Motion for an Enquiry into the State of the Nation, March 25, 1801. 8° Lond. 1801.

Fox (DOUGLAS). The Signs, Disorders, and Management of Pregnancy; and the management and disorders of children. 8° Derby, 1834. * Fox (FRANCIS). Convivium Juvenile: or a colloquy between Martin and Erasmus, anent ecclesiastical establishments and voluntary church associations. With a preface and notes. 8° Edinb. 1833.

Fox (JOHN). Historia von Thoma Cranmero dem Ertzbischoff zu Cantuaria inn Engelland aus dem Latein verdeutscht. 4° Weissenfels, 1561.

The Benefit and Invention of Printing. Extracted out of his "Acts and Monuments." 4° Lond. 1704.

Fox (SAMUEL). The Catechumen's Instructor. 12° Lond. 1833.

Fox (w. J.). The Church Establishment inconsistent with the Spirit of Christianity and the well-being of the Community; a discourse. 8° Lond. 1834.

FRAGMENT, A. 8° Lond. [With MS. notes.]

FRAGMENTS. Poetic Fragments for translation into Greek Verse. Dramatic. 12° Cambr. 1833.

Latin Verse. Heroic

and Elegiac. 12o Cambr. 1834.

FRANÇAISES. Les Françaises, ou xXXIV Exemples choisis dans les mœurs actuels. [Par N. E. Rétif de la Bretonne.] 4 Vol. 12" Neufchâtel,


FRANCE. Vues des belles Maisons de France. obl. fol.

Openinge der Geheymenissen inhoudende verscheyde voorvallen en politique streken van de Duytse Vorsten en sommige Grooten omtrent Vrankrijk. 4o 1676.

The Spirit of France, and the politick Maxims of Lewis XIV. laid open to the world. 4° Lond. 1689.

A new Discovery of the private Methods of France, to frustrate the glorious designes of the confederate princes. 4° Lond.


De Pretexten der Fransche Invasie geëxamineerd. 4° Amsterdam, 1692.

Brief wegens de Fransche Invasie. 4o Amsterdam, 1692.

A faithful Account of the renewed Persecution of the Churches of Lower Aquitaine in France, in the year 1692. 4° Lond.


A political Account of the Diminutions of the Revenues and Trade of France; deduc'd from the year 1660, to 1699. 4° Lond.

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