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GREENWOOD (JOHN). A Commencement Sermon.

8° Lond. 1834. *

GRÉGOIRE (HENRI), ancien Évêque de Blois. Histoire des Sectes Reli8° Par. 1828, 9. gieuses. Corrigée et augmentée; Tom. 1-v. GREGORIUS, Nazianzenus. Binæ Orationes. Gr. Lat. Varias lectiones, commentarium duplicem et scholia nunquam antea edita ex Codd. MSS. Bibliothecarum SS. Synodi Mosquensis adjecit Christianus Fridericus Matthæi. 4° Mosquæ, 1780.

GREGORY XIII., Pope. Epistola ad Belgas rebelles. fol. Bruxellæ, 1574. Heylige Bulle voor alle de ghene die volcommen

Afflaet begheeren. 4° Middelburgh, 1588.

GREGORY XIV., Pope. Constitutio qua Societatis [Jesu] Institutum, et Ratio gubernandi confirmantur. 8° Roma, 1591.

Facultas Novitios admittendi, et cum illegitimis

dispensandi, Societati restituitur. 8° Roma, 1591.

Diversarum Gratiarum et Facultatum Societati in utraque India ad tempus hactenus concessarum Prorogatio ad xx. annos. 8o Roma, 1591.

GREGORY (JAMES). Conspectus Medicinæ Theoreticæ. With an interlinear translation, by J. W. Underwood; 2 Vol. 12° Lond. 1833. * GREIDERER (VIGILIUS). Germania Franciscana; 2 Tom. fol. Enipont, 1777-81.

GRELLIER (J. J.). The Terms of all the Loans for the last Fifty Years; with an account of the principal loans prior to that period, and observations on the rate of interest. 8° Lond. 1799.


GRENAN (BENIGNE). Vinum Burgundum. Ode. 8°.

8° Lond.

Ad Guidonem Crescentium Fagon, Archiatrorum Comitem, ut suam Burgundo Vino præstantiam adversus Campanuin Vinum asserat. Hendecasyllabi. 8°.

Éloges des Vins de Bourgogne et de Champagne. Par Bénigne Grenan et Charles Coffin. Lat. Avec la traduction en vers François. 4° Par. 1712.


4o 1717.

Paraphrasis Lamentationum Jeremiæ, carminibus 4o Lut. Par. 1715.

Epistola consolatoria in Obitum Patris Mabillonis.

Epistola ad Amicum. 8° Par. 1717.

8° 1717.

GRENVILLE (Right Hon. GEORGE). A Letter to him. [By John Almon].

4" Lond. 1763.

GRENVILLE (Right Hon. GEORGE). A Reply to a Letter addressed to him. 4° Lond. 1763.

A Letter to him upon the Conduct

of the late Opposition. 8° Lond. 1764.

GRESWELL (EDWARD). Supplementary Dissertations upon the Principles and Arrangement of a Harmony of the Gospels. 8° Oxf. 1834. * An Exposition of the Parables and other Parts

of the Gospels; 5 Vol. 8° Lond. 1884, 5.

GRESWELL (WILLIAM). A popular View of the Correspondency between the Mosaic Ritual and the Facts and Doctrines of the Christian Religion. In nine discourses. 8° Oxford, 1834.

GREW (NEHEMIAH). New Experiments concerning Sea-water made fresh. 12° Lond. 1685.

GREY (Lady JANE). Fragmens littéraires de Lady Jeanne Grey, Reine d'Angleterre ; traduits en Français, et précédés d'une notice sur la vie et les écrits de cette femme célèbre, par Edouard Frère. 8o Rouen, 1832.

GRIBBLE (CHARLES B.). A Statement shewing the Claims of the maritime Officers of the East India Company for Compensation. 8° Lond.


GRIFFET (H.). Histoire du Règne de Louis XIII.; 3 Tom. 4° Par.


GRIFFIN (-). The Scripture Account of a future State consider'd. 8° 1754.

GRIFFIN-STONESTREET (G. s.). Letters to a Man of Rank upon the impolitic Tendency of a Motion by Col. Williams, M.P., to repeal the royal Marriage Act. 8° Lond. 1834. Presented by the Author. GRIFFITH (JOHN). Some Prison-Meditations and Experiences. 8° 1663. GRIGG (J.). A Sermon preached with a view to the apprehended Invasion. 8° Lond. 1756.

GRIGNON (-). Indicateur de l'Étranger dans Bruxelles et ses Environs.

16° Brux. 1834.

GRIGOR (ALEX.). A Treatise on the Game Laws of Scotland; with an appendix. 8° Edinb. 1834.

GRIMAUD (B.). Le dret Cami del Ce'l dins le pays moundi; o la bido del gran patriarcho Sant Benoist. 8° Toulouso, 1659.

GRIMM (c. L. w.). De Libri Sapientiæ Alexandrina Indole perperam asserta. 8° Jena, 1833.

GRIMSTONE (LEMAN), Mrs. Cleone, a tale of married life; 2 Vol. 12° Lond. 1834.

GRINGORE (PIERRE). La Chasse du Cerf des Cerfs. 8o Réimpr. Par.

GRINGORE (PIERRE). Le blazon des Heretiques. 4° Par. Phelippe Le Noir, 1524. Réimpr. Chartres, 1832.

GRISONS. Grisonsche Historie des Jaers 1620. 4o 1620.

GRISWOLD (ALEX. v.). Discourses on the most important Doctrines and Duties of the Christian Religion. 8° Philadelphia, 1830.

GROTIUS (HUGO). Van de Oudheydt der Batavische nu Hollandsche Republique. 4° Haerlem, 1641.

GRUNDTVIG (NIK. FRED. SEV.). Nordens Mytologie eller Udsigt over Eddalæren. 8° Kiöbenhavn, 1808.

Nordens Mythologi eller SindbilledSprog historisk-poetisk udviklet og oplyst. 8° Kiöbenhavn, 1832. GRUPPE (o. F.). Ariadne. Die tragische Kunst der Griechen in ihrer Entwickelung und in ihrem Zusammenhange mit der Wolkspoesie. 8° Berlin, 1834.

GRYLLS (W.). A Visitation Sermon; with a postscript. 8° Lond.


GUADALUPE (JOACHIN DE). Sermon alegorico, anagogico, panegyrico, à la festividad de S. Lorenzo. 4o Madr. 1744.


The Importance of the Guardian considered. 8° Lond.

The Poor Man's Guardian for 1833, 4. 4° Lond.

GUARNIERI (PAOLO EMILIO). Breve Biblioteca dell' Architettura Militare. 8° Milano, 1803.

GUASCO (ANNIBALE). La Ghismonda di Boccaccio, composta in ottava rima; con alcuni altri componimenti. 8° Pavia, 1583.

GUATTANI (GIUSEPPE ANTONIO). Lettera sopra un antico Mosaico inedito. 4o Roma, 1806.

GUÉRIN (F. E.). Iconographie du Règne Animal de M. le B" Cuvier ; Livrais. XXXIIII-XXXVI. 8° Par.

GUERRA (JOSE). Historia de la Revolucion de Nueva España; 2 Tom. 8° Londr. 181S.

GUESCLIN (BERTRAND DE). Chronique de Du Guesclin, collationnée sur l'édition originale du xve siècle, et sur tous les manuscrits, avec une notice bibliographique et des notes, par M. Fr. Michel. 12° Par.


GUEVARA (FELIPE DE). Comentarios de la Pintura. Con un discurso preliminar y algunas notas de Don Antonio Ponz. 8° Madr. 1788. GUIANA. Beschrijvinge van Guiana. 4° Amsterdam, 1676.

4° Hoorn, 1676.

GUINEA. Considerations upon the Trade to Guinea. 8° Lond. 1708. GUIPUZCOA. Cartas de la Provincia de Guipuzcoa, sobre los bullicios acaecidos en ella por algunos de la plebe. 4° [1766].

GUNILDE. Notice historique et critique au sujet d'une inscription gravée sur une plaque de plomb trouvée dans le tombeau de Gunilde, Princesse Anglo-Saxonne. 8° Gand. 1833. Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq.

GUNNING (HENRY). The King v. the Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge. A Report of the Cause in the Court of King's Bench; on the claim of the heads of colleges to nominate to the professorship of Mineralogy. 8° Cambr. 1824.

GUNNING (PETER), Bp. of Ely. An Extract out of his "Paschal or Lent-Fast apostolical and perpetual." 12° Lond. 1683.

GURLITTUS (JOANNES). Animadversionum in Auctores veteres Specimen primum. 4° Magdeb. 1800.

Specimen secundum. 4° Magdeb. 1801. GURNEY (JOSEPH JOHN). Essay on the habitual Exercise of Love to God, considered as a preparation for heaven. 12° Lond. 1834.

GURNEZ (JOANN. ANT. A). Vita et Martyrium S. Liberti. 4° Mechlin,


Brief aen Camerarius.

GUSTAVUS ADOLPHUS, King of Sweden. 's Gravenhage, 1631. GUTHRIE (G. J.). On the Certainty and Safety with which the Operation for the Extraction of a Cataract from the Human Eye may be performed. With Remarks by Captain Kater on certain spots discoverable in the human eye. 8° Lond. 1834.

GUTZLAFF (CHARLES). The Journal of two Voyages along the Coast of China, in 1831 and 1832: with notices of Siam, Corea, and the LooChoo Islands.

in 1831, 2, 3. Lond. 1834.

8° New York, 1833.

Journal of three Voyages along the Coast of China With an introductory Essay by the Rev. W. Ellis. 12°

A Sketch of Chinese History, ancient and modern;

2 Vol. 8° Lond. 1834.

GUUAT (-). Les Preuves de l'immortalité de l'âme. 8° Sainct Leger. GUYSE (JOHN). A Funeral Sermon on Mordecai Andrews. 8° Lond.


GUZMAN (MARIA TELLO DE). Por Doña Maria Tello de Guzman, y Felix Hernandez de Guzman su Hijo, y Alonso de Carrion. Con el Señor Fiscal. Sobre el oficio de Escrivano publico y del Cabildo de la Ciudad de los Reyes. [Pleyto.] fol.

GYLLENBORGH (VAN) Graaf. Brieven van het gepasseerde tusschen den Grave van Gyllenborgh, de Barons Gorts, Sparre en andere, betreffende het dessein tot onderneminge van een Rebellie. 4o 's Gravenhaghe, 1717.

GYLLENHAL (LEONARD). Insecta Suecica descripta; 4 Partes. 8° Scaris et Hafnia-Lipsia, 1820-27.

HABERSHON (M.). A Dissertation on the Prophetic Scriptures, chiefly those of a chronological character. 8° Lond. 1834.


L'Institution de Vertu. 16° Par. 1556.

HADFIELD (T. J.). A Dissertation on the Construction of Fire-Places. 8° Lond. 1833.

HEBERLIN (F. D.). Commentatio historico-theologica de Antonio Albizio; cum Præfatione Jacobi Guilielmi Feverlini. 4o Götting. 1740.

Præs. Dissertatio historica sistens vitam, itinera et scripta Fr. Felicis Fabri. Resp. Erhard. Riedlin. 4o Goetting.


HAENSEL (J. G.). Letters on the Nicobar Islands, to the Rev. C. J. Latrobe. 8° Lond. 1812.

HAFEZ. His Works: with an account of his life and writings. Pers. fol. Calcutta, 1791.

HAGEDORN (C. L.). Reflexions sur la Peinture. Traduites par M. Huber ; 2 Tom. 8° Leipz. 1775.

HAGEDORN (FRIDERICH VON). Werke; 5 Theil. 12° Wien, 1790, 1.

HAGEN (FRIEDRICH HEINRICH VON DER). Briefe in die Heimat aus Deutschland, der Schweiz und Italien; 4 Band. 12o Breslau, 1818-21. Presented by the Commissioners of his Majesty's Records.

HAGEN (JOHANNES DE). Tractatus de regimine religiosorum. 4° Editus A.D. 1465.

HAGGY. The Story of the St. Alb-ns Ghost, or the apparition of Mother Haggy. 8° Lond. 1712.

HAHNEMANN (s.). The Homoeopathic Medical Doctrine, or "Organon of the healing Art;" a new system of Physic. Translated by Charles H. Devrient, Esq. With notes by Samuel Stratten, M.D. 8° Dubl.


HAKE (EDWARD). Of Gold's Kingdome and this unhelping Age. Described in sundry poems. 4° Lond. John Windet, 1604.

HAKE (HENRY). The Sacrament of Baptism examined and explained, particularly with reference to the opinions of the Anabaptists. 12° Lond. 1834.

HALE (Sir MATTHEW). Considerations, taken out of his "Account of the Good Steward;" by J. P. 8° Lond.


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