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LANCI (MICHELANGELO). La Sacra Scrittura illustrata con Monumenti Fenico-Assirj ed Egiziani. 4" Roma, 1827. Presented by Viscount Sandon.

LAND. Reasons against a Registry for Lands, &c. 4° Lond. 1678.

The Landed Interest consider'd. By a Yeoman of Kent. 4° Lond. 1733.

Speculations on the Establishment of an uniform Tenure of Land, and an Equalization of the territorial Taxes; with hints towards a plan for the reduction of the national debt. 8° Lond. 1795.

A Proposal for liquidating 66,666,6663 of the three per cents., by converting the land tax into a permanent annuity. 8° Lond.


Redemption and Sale of the Land Tax. Thoughts on that subject. 8° Lond. 1799.

LANDER (S. J.). A Chronology of the Bible. 12° Bristol, 1834.

LANDER (WILLIAM). David and Goliath; or, an attempt to prove that the Newtonian system of astronomy is opposed to the Scriptures, and contrary to reason and fact. 8° Mere, 1833.

LANDON (WHITTINGTON H.). Ten Sermons. 8° Lond. 1835.

LANDSEER (JOHN). A descriptive, explanatory, and critical Catalogue of fifty of the earliest Pictures contained in the National Gallery of Great Britain. 8° Lond. 1834.

LANG (JOHN DUNMORE). View of the Origin and Migrations of the Polynesian Nation. 12° Lond. 1834.

An historical and statistical Account of New South Wales; 2 Vol. 12° Lond. 1834. LANGE (JACOB). Deutschlettisches und Lettischdeutsches Lexicon nach den Hauptdialecten in Lief- und Curland. 4° Mitau, 1777. LANGIUS (JOH. MICH.). Philologiæ Barbaro-Græcæ Pars prior. 4° Noriberga et Altdorf. 1708.

Pars altera. 4° Altdorf. 1707. LANGLOIS (E. H.). Mémoire sur des Tombeaux Gallo-Romains découverts à Rouen. 8° Rouen, 1829.

Essai historique et descriptif sur la Peinture sur Verre ancienne et moderne. 8° Rouen, 1832.

Essai historique et descriptif de l'Abbaye de Fontenelle ou de Saint-Wandrille. 8° Rouen, 1834. LANGUET (JEAN JOSEPH). Tratado de la Confianza en la Misericordia de Dios. Traducido por el P. Andrés de Honrubia. 8o Madrid, 1778. LAPLAND and its Rein-deer; with some account of its inhabitants. 12, Lond. 1835.

LAPPENBERG (J. M.). An die Alterthumforscher Deutschlands und des nordlichen Europas. 8° Hamb. 1833. Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq.

Geschichte von England; Band 1. 8o Hamb. 1834. Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq.

LARA (DAVID COHEN DE). sive Lexicon ThalmudicoRabbinicum; -1. fol. typis Georg. Rebenlini, 1668. [Imperfect.] LARDNER'S Cabinet Cyclopædia; Vol. XLVI-LXI. [Biography. Crowe's eminent foreign Statesmen, Vol. 1. Southey's Lives of British Admirals, Vol. II. History. Arts, &c., of Greeks and Romans, Vol. 1. History of Rome, Vol. 1. Europe during the Middle Ages, Vol. II-IV. Stebbing's History of the Christian Church, Vol. II. Sismondi's Fall of the Roman Empire, 2 Vol. Southey's Naval History of England, Vol. 11. Dunham's Germanic Empire, Vol. 1. Useful Arts. Manufactures in Metal, Vol. III. Natural Philosophy. Powell's History of Natural Philosophy, 1 Vol. Lardner's Treatise on Arithmetic, 1 Vol. Natural History. Swainson's Discourse on the Study of Natural History, 1 Vol.] 12° Lond. 1834. LATASSA Y ORTIN (FELIX DE). Bibliotheca antigua de los Escritores Aragoneses que florecieron desde la venida de Christo, hasta el año 1500; 2 Tom. 4° Zaragoza, 1796.

Biblioteca nueva de los Escritores Aragoneses que florecieron desde el año de 1500 hasta 1680; 3 Tom. 4° Pamplona, 1798, 9.

LATHAM (CHARLES). A perpetual Almanack. 12° Lond. [A card.] * LATTRE (PH. ALBERT). Campagnes des Français à Saint Domingue, et réfutations des reproches faits au Capitaine-Général Rochambeau. 8° Par. an x-1805.

LAVARDE (— de). In Bibliothecam Gallicam Claudii Petri Goujet. Phalacium. 4o.

LAVINGTON (GEORGE), Bp. of Exeter. A Fast Sermon. 8° Eron, 1756. LAUSNITZ. Tijdinghe van den Hertoch van Saxen, hoe dat hy de Lausnitz gebrocht heeft onder de Keyserlijcke Majesteyt. 4° Antwerpen,


LAUTH (THOMAS). Vita Joannis Hermann. 8° Argentor. x. (1801.) LAW. A plain Argument to shew, from the theory and practice of the laws of England, that there is really no law at all subsisting among Britons, for the security of their properties. By a clergyman of the Church of England. 8° Lond. 1761.

An Address to the People of England: being the protest of a private person against every suspension of law that is liable to endanger personal security. 8° Lond. 1778.

LAW. Clarke's new Law List. 8° Lond. 1834.

LAW (WILLIAM). A second Letter to the Bishop of Bangor. 8° Lond. 1717.

LAWRENCE (Sir JAMES). On the Nobility of the British Gentry, or the political ranks and dignities of the British Empire, compared with those on the continent. 12" Par. 1828. Presented by the Author. LAWRENCE (JOHN). The Clergy-Man's Recreation: shewing the pleasure and profit of the art of gardening. 8° Lond. 1726.

LAWSON (CHARLES). A Sermon preached at the Foundling Hospital. With notes. 8° Lond. 1833.

LAWSON (GEORGE). Discourses on the History of David; and on the introduction of Christianity into Britain. With a memoir of the author, by Henry Belfrage, D.D. 8° Berwick, 1833.

LAYNG (HENRY). A Sermon preached for the Infirmary at Northampton. With an appendix. 8° Northampton, 1746.

LEA (ISAAC). Contributions to Geology. 8° Philadelphia, 1833.

LEACH (W. B.). The young Christian's Remembrancer, in a series of pastoral letters. 12° Lond.

LEASES. Reasons for Law, to oblige spiritual persons and bodies politick, to renew their Leases for customary and reasonable fines. In three papers. 8° Lond.

Sermons on various occasions; Vol. III. 8" Lond.

LE BAS (c. W.).


LEBRIXA (ANTONIUS DE). Tratado de gramınatica sobre la lengua castellana. 4o Salamanca, 1492. [Counterfeit edition.]

LECHNERUS (JO. JAC.). Catalogus Dissertationum cum veterum, tum recentiorum, varii argumenti, secundum literarum ordinem conscriptus; Tom. 1. 4" Norimb. 1826.

LE CLAY (A.). Catalogue descriptif et raisonné des Manuscrits de la Bibliothèque de Cambrai. 8o Cambrai, 1831. Presented by the Commissioners of the Public Records.

LECOQ (H.), et BOUILLET (J. B.). Vues et Coupes des principales Formations géologiques du Département du Puy-de-Dome. 8° Par.


Atlas. 4° Par. 1830.

Itineraire du Département du Puy-de

Dome. 8° Par. 1831. LECTIONES. Parvulæ Lectiones Latinæ; with an interlinear translation and parsing exercises; Vol. 1. Pt. 1. 19o Gloucester.

LECTURES. The Spruce Street Lectures. With a lecture on the inportance of creeds, by Samuel Miller, D.D. 4o Philad. 1833.


Chemical Diagrams. 12° Lond. 1833.

LEE (11.) The Life of the Emperor Napoleon: with an appendix; Vol. I. 8° Lond. Par. 1834.

LEE (HENRY). A Sermon on Amos iv. 12.

8° Lond. 1756.

LEE (SAMUEL). The Duty of observing the Christian Sabbath, enforced in a Sermon. With additional notes. 8° Lond. 1834.

LEECHMAN (WM.). The Temper, Character, and Duty of a Minister of the Gospel. A Sermon. 8° Glasgow, 1744.

The Nature, Reasonableness, and Advantages of Prayer. A Sermon. 8" Glasgon, 1745.

LEEM KNUD. Lappisk Grammatica. 80 Kiöbenhavn, 1748.

LEES (EDWIN). The Affinities of Plants with Man and Animals. A lecture. 8° Lond. 1834.

LEFEBVRE-DURUFLÉ (N.). Ports de Côtes de France de Dunkerque au Havre. 4° Par. 1833.


Letter to Sir Thomas Baring, Bart., on Allotments of Land to the Poor, containing his experience of that system for four years, at West Ham, near Basingstoke. 8° Lond.


LEGANES (GABRILL DE). [Memorial.] fol.

LEGNAME (ANTONIO). Astolfo Innamorato, nel qual tratta d'Arme, e d'Amore. 8" Fen. 1616.

LE HARIVEL (F.). Classifications of all the French Verbs, into four Conjugations, without any irregularity. fol. Lond. s. sh. Presented by the Author.

LEIBNITZ (GODEFRIDUS GUILIELMUS). Codex Juris Gentium diplomaticus. fol. Guelferbyti, 1747. Presented by the Commissioners of the Public Records.

LEICESTERSHIRE. A true State of the Proceedings at the Leicestershire Election, begun Feb. 1, 1714. 4o.

LEIGH's new Picture of London. 12° Lond. 1834.

LEIGHTON (JOHN M.). Select Views of the Lakes of Scotland; with descriptive and historical illustrations. fol. Glasg. 1830.

LEIGHTON (R.), Abp. of Glasgow. Works. With a preface by Philip Doddridge, D.D. And corrections, additional letters, and the life of the author by the Rev. Erasmus Middleton; 4 Vol. 8° Lond. 1819. LEITAM (L. L.). Nova Relaçam de hum Moleyro por nome Crespim da Lapa. 4"

Relaçam da Disputa que tiveram trez Cavalleiros sobre a regra de Tourear na Praça do terreiro do Paço. 4o.

LEITAM (L. L.). Nova Relaçam do primeiro dia de Touros. 4° Lish. 1752.

Relaçam da Disputa, ou pendencia, que teve hum palanqueiro, chamado Braz Godinho, com hum taberneiro por nome Jorge Mendes Salgado. 4° Lisb. 1752.

Relaçam verdadeira, que fez hum curioso noticiando toda a festividade que houve na devirtida tarde do segundo dia de Touros a 4 de Settembro de 1752. 4° Lisboa, 1752.

Relaçam terceira, que fez hum curioso noticiando toda a festividade que houve na devirtida tarde do terceiro dia de Touros a 11 de Settembro de 1752. 4° Lisboa, 1752.

Quarta Relação de todo o sucedido na tarde de 18 de Settembro. 4° Lisb. 1752.

Quinta Relaçao de todo o sucedido na tarde de 26 de Settembro. 4o Lisb. 1752.

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Nova Relaçam do segundo dia de Touros, em 26 de Settembro 1752. 4o Lisb. 1752.

Nova Relaçam do terceiro dia de Touros, e segunda festividade, em que o Supremo Senado renova o festejo, e dâ principio em 2 de Outubro 1752. 4° Lisb. 1752.

LEITH (Sir JAMES). Memoirs of Lieut.-General Leith, with a préçis of some of the most remarkable events of the Peninsular War. By a British Officer. 8° Lond. 1818.

LELAND (JOHN). Reflections on the late Lord Bolingbroke's Letters on the Study and Use of History. 8° Lond. 1753.

Serious Reflections on the present State of Things in these Nations; being the continuation of Dr. Leland's View of the Deistical Writers. 8° Dubl. 1758.

8° Lond. 1758.

Reasons of the Christian's Hope; abridged from his "View of the principal Deistical Writers of England;" by the Rev. Francis Wrangham. 8° 1820.

LEMAIRE (N. E.). Bibliothèque Classique Latine: Livrais. LXIX-LXXII. 8° Par. 1832.

LENARDS (CAREL). Sententien uytgesproken ter Puye deser Stede Amstelredam over Dr. Carel Lenards: mitsgaders over de andere Gevangens binnens Cammers. 4° Leyden, 1629.

LENGERKE (CESAR A.). Commentatio critica de duplice Psalmi duodevigesimi exemplo. 4° Regiomontii Prussorum, 1833.

LENGLET (PIERRE). Psalmi Davidici cxiv. Paraphrasis. 8°.

Psalmi Davidici cxxxvi. Paraphrasis. 8°

Ludovico Magno Natales Musa supplicant. 8°

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