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LEON (MANUEL DE), Y CALLEJA (DIEGO). Comedia famosa.
Estrellas de Francia. 4° Salamanca.

Las dos

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LEOPOLD I., Emperor of Austria. The Emperor's Answer to the French King's Manifesto. Translated from the Latin. 4° Lond. 1688.

Manifesto: plainly setting forth the right of the House of Austria to the Crown of Spain. Done from the original. 4° Lond. 1701.

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LESSIUS (LEONARDUS). De Providentia Numinis et Animi Immortalitate Libri duo adversus Atheos et Politicos. 8° Antverp. 1613. Presented by the Commissioners of the Public Records.

Disputatio de Statu Vitæ deligendo et Religionis Ingressu. 8° Antverp. 1613. Presented by the Commissioners of the Public Records.

Hygiasticon seu vera ratio valetudinis bonæ et vitæ ad extremam senectutem conservandæ. 8° Antverp. 1613. Presented by the Commissioners of the Public Records.

LESSON (R. P.). Histoire naturelle des Oiseaux de Paradis, des Séricules et des Épimaques; Livrais. I-IV. 8° Par.

Illustrations de Zoologie; Livrais. XII-XV. 8° Par.
Les Trochilidées; Livrais. xiv. 8° Par.

LESTOCK (RICHARD). An Account of the late Expedition to Bretagne, conducted by Richard Lestock, Esq., Admiral of the Blue, and Lt.Gen. St. Clair. 8° Lond. 1747.

LETTERS. Remarks upon a popular Letter. 8° [Title wanting.]

The secret Letters of Amour between the Dutchess and Mynheer. 12° 1692.

Letters to Parliament-Men, in reference to some Proceedings in the House of Commons, during the last Session. 4° Lond. 1701.

A Letter from a Commoner of England to a Member of the Honourable H— of C. 4° Lond. 1705.

The Copy of a Letter to Sir Rowland G- -n, which miscarried. 4o 1705.

A Letter to Mr. B, a North-Wiltshire Clergyman, relating to an Address from that Archdeaconry to the Queen. 8° Lond. 1710.

A Letter to Sir J.
8° Lond. 1711.



concerning the late Minehead

Letter from a Layman, in Communion with the Church of England, though dissenting in some points, to the Bishop of 4° Lond. 1714.

A true Copy of a Letter to a Gentleman at Stourbridge, occasioned by "the Birmingham Dialogue." 8° 1739.

An expostulatory Letter to a certain right honourable Person [the Earl of Chesterfield] upon his late Promotion. 8° Lond. 1747.

A Collection of genuine Letters, from various Persons, occasioned by the Queries in the Daily Advertiser; relating to the most important doctrines of Christianity. 8° Lond. 1749.

A Letter from a Clergyman at London to the Inhabitants of Lisbon. Occasioned by the late dreadful earthquake. 8° Lond. 1755. A Letter to the Rt. Hon. Hy F-x [Henry Fox], Esq.

8° Lond. 1757.

A Letter to the Rev. Mr. B- -n, an eminent Dissenting Minister in Norwich; occasioned by two volumes of his discourses. 8° Lond. 1760.

A Letter from the anonymous Author of "the Letters Versified" to the anonymous Writer of "the Monitor." 4° Lond. 1761.

Letter to the P―s D-w-g-r of W. on the approaching Peace. 8° Lond. 1762.

A Letter from the Cocoa-Tree to the Country-Gentlemen. 4° Lond. 1763.

LETTERS. Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania, to the Inhabitants of the British Colonies. 8° Lond. 1768.

Letters and Essays, in Prose and Verse. [By Richard Sharp.] 8° Lond. 1834.


Letters to a Member of Parliament on the present State of Things; in reference to Scripture truth. 8° Lond. 1834.

A Letter to an Invalid about to visit Madeira. 8° Lond.

A Letter to a Tory Peer, on one point of the present State of Affairs. 8° Lond. 1834.

LETTRE de Corniflerie. Imprime nouvellement. 16° Par. [Lit. Goth.] Réimpr. Par.

LEVER (CHRISTOPHER). A Crucifixe; or, a meditation upon repentance and the holie passion. 4° Lond. Printed by V. S. 1607.

LEVESQUE (PIERRE CHARLES). Histoire critique de la République Romaine; 3 Tom. 8° Par. 1807.

LEVY (MAURITIUS MARCUS). De Balneis Russicis, dissertatio historicophysiologica. 8° Hauniæ, 1833.


LEWIN (Sir GREGORY A.). A Report of Cases determined on the Crown Side on the Northern Circuit, from the Summer Circuit of 1822 to that of 1833. 12° Lond. 1834.

LEWIS (JAMES). The Christian Duty of the Electors of Magistrates, and of the Elected. 8° Edinb. 18S3.

LEWIS (M. G.). Journal of a West India Proprietor, during a Residence in the Island of Jamaica. 8° Lond. 1834.

LEWIS (THOMAS). The Nature of Hell, the Reality of Hell-fire, and the Eternity of Hell-torments. 8° Lond. 1720.

LEXICON Rhetoricum Cantabrigiense, e Margine MS. Harpocrationis, Bibl. Publ. Cantab., DD 4. 63. Exscripsit P. P. Dobree, A.M. 8° Cantabr. 1834.

LEX VERA. I. Shewing the power of kings. II. Discussing the authority of parliaments. III. Proving the right of dominion to be in the people. 4° Lond. 1702.

LEYDEN. Justificatie des Magistraets tot Leyden. 4o 1579.

Vermaninge ende waerschouwinge van die vande Gerechte der Stadt Leyden aende Burgeren ende Innewoonderen der zelver Stede. 4° Leyden, 1587.

LEYSERUS (POLYCARPUS). Dissertatio de primis Theologiæ Doctoribus e Saxonum gente, Hugone [a S. Victore], Comite Blankenburgensi, Hermanno de Schildis, Thoma, Duce Brunsvicensi. 4° Helmst.


LIBELS. A Letter concerning Libels, Warrants, and the Seizure of Papers; with a view to some late proceedings, and the defence of them by the majority. 8° Lond. 1764.

Postscript. 8° Lond. 1765.

[2d Edit.] 8° Lond. 1765.
Additions to the 2d Edit.
to the 3d Edit. 8°.


LIBRARIES. Plans for Libraries, by a friend of education. 4o Andover, U.S., 1833.

LIBRARY. The Compleat Library, March, 1694. 4° Lond. 1694.

Library of Ecclesiastical Knowledge. [Critical series; Vol. 1.] 12° Lond. 1834.

[Historical Series; Vol.

1.] 12° Lond. 1831.


Essays on Church Polity; Vol. IV.] 12° Lond. 1834.


Library of Entertaining Knowledge for 1833, 4. [The Hindoos; Vol. 1. The domestic habits of Birds; 1 Vol. History of British Costume; 1 Vol.] 12° Lond.

Family Classical Library; No. XLIX-LII. [Livy, by Baker, Vol. IV-VII.] 12° Lond. 1834.

The Family Library; Vol. XLI-XLVII. [Lord Woodhouselee's Universal History, 6 Vol. Fairy Legends and Traditions of the South of Ireland; 1 Vol.] 12° Lond. 1834.

The Friends' Library; Vol. v, VI. [Sewel's History of the Society of Friends.] 12° Lond. 1833, 4.

The Instructive Library. By a friend of the author of "a Tale of a Tub." 8° 1710.

The Naturalist's Library; Vol. 1-IV. [Jardine's Mammalia, Vol. 1, 11. Ornithology, Vol. III, IV.] 8° Edinb. 1833, 4.

The Polymicrian Library. Vol. 1. [Biographical Dictionary. By F. C. Meadows, M.A.] 16° Lond. 1834.

The Reformer's Library; No. IV. [The Rights of Nations.] 8° Lond. 1832.

Library of Romance. Edited by Leitch Ritchie; Vol. IX-XIII. [The Dark Lady of Doona. The Baronet. The Sea-Wolf. The Jesuit. The Siege of Vienna.] 8° Lond. 1834.

The Sunday Library for Young Persons, edited by the Rev. Henry Ware, Jun. [Vol. 1. The Life of the Saviour; Vol. 11. Life of Howard.] 12° Lond. 1833, 4.

LIBRARY. The Theological Library; Vol. VI-X. [Le Bas' Lives of British Divines; Vol. 1. Smedley's History of the Reformed Religion in France; Vol. 11, 111. Russell's History of the Church in Scotland; Vol. 1, 11.] 8° Lond. 1834.

of Useful Knowledge. [The Art of Brewing. By David Booth; 4 Pts. Cattle; 1 Vol. British Husbandry; Vol. 1. Natural Philosophy; Vol. III.] 8° Lond. 1832-34.

LIEBER (FRANCIS). A Constitution and Plan of Education for Girard College for Orphans, with an introductory report, laid before the board of trustees. 8° Philadelphia, 1834.


Prognosticatio. 8" Colon., Petrus Quentel,


Prognosticque. 4o 1620.

LIGNIANO (JOHANNES DE). Tractatus de Pluralitate Beneficiorum Ecclesiasticorum. [Item responsio ac decisio questionis quodlibetice: Utrum emere redditus vitales aut perpetuos sit contractus illicitus et usurarius; autore Guilhelmo Bont.] fol. [Impressum Lovanii a Joh. de Westphalia.] [Lit. Goth.]

LIGUORI (ALFONSO). The Glories of Mary, Mother of God. Translated. 16° Dubl. 1833.

A short Treatise on Prayer. Translated. 12° Dubl.


LIJNDRAEYER (JAN PIETERSZ.). Sententien by Schepenen der Stadt. Leyden ghearresteert jeghens Jan Pietersz. Lindraeyer over de conspiratie jegens den Prince van Orangien. 4° Leyden, 1623. LILLINGSTON (CHARLES). An Extract from his Speech at Coleshill, in Warwickshire. [And part of his speech at Warwick.] 8" Birmingh. [1834].

The Causes of the present Agricultural Distress

clearly proved. 8° Warwick, 1834. LIMBURG BROUWER (P. VAN). Histoire de la Civilisation morale et religieuse des Grecs; Partie 1ere. contenant les siècles héroïques; Tom. 1. 8° Groningue, 1833.

LIMERICK. A Diary of the Siege and Surrender of Limerick; with the articles, civil and military. 4" Lond. 1692.

LINCOLN. Rules for the Government of the County-Gaol and Castle of Lincoln. 4° Lond. 1827.

LINDLEY (JOHN). Ladies' Botany. 8° Lond. 1834.

and HUTTON (WM.). The Fossil Flora of Great Britain; Vol. 1, 11, Pt. 1. 8° Lond. 1831.

LINK (H. F.). Die Urwelt und das Alterthum, erläutert durch die Naturkunde; 2 Theil. 8" Berl. 1821, 2.

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