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A FACSIMILE of three leaves of a Manuscript, in the Bibliothèque de

Bourgogne, containing the names of the Birds and Beasts mentioned in Scripture, in Latin and Anglo-Saxon. Quarto. (9386.]

Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq.

Memoir of George Stepney, Esq., British Minister in Germany, etc.,

from 1692 to 1706; with some account of his Correspondence, (presented to the Museum in 1829,) by Jonathan Scott, Esq. Quarto. [9387.)

Presented by G. R. Stokes, Esq.

Five LETTERS to William Marsden, Esq., from Isaac Titsingh, between

June, 1806, and June, 1811 ;-A Detail, or memoir, on the powder Dosia, and on Koboe Daysi, who discovered it, by Isaac Titsingh.

Folio. [9390.] CHRONOLOGY of the Japonese and Chinese, adapted to the European era,

by Isaac Titsingh. Folio. [9391.] Remarks on the Chronology of the Chinese, according to the opinion of

the Japonese, accompanied with some inquiries respecting the origin of the Japonese, and their fabulous chronology, forming the basis of the government of their first Dayri, Zin-moe-ben-0, followed by a regular Epact of the succession of the Chinese and Japonese mo

narchs; by Isaac Titsingh. Folio. (9392.) CHRONOLOGY of the Japonese and Chinese, by Isaac Titsingh. Folio.

[9993.] BEDENKINGEN over de Teidreekening der Chineezen na het gevoelen der

Japanners; beneevens eenige Aanmerkingen nopens de Oorspronk der Japanners, en eene gereegelde Jaartelling van de Opvolging der Chineesche en Japansche Vorsten tot het Jaar 1784; door Isaac Tit

singh. Folio. [9994.) Niros-O-DAY-ITZE-RAN, or a short detail of the Dayris of Japan; by

Isaac Titsingh. Folio. (9995.) Annotations on the Dayris, or Sovereigns of Japon, composed in 1782

by Isaac Titsingh. Folio. (9396.] DESCRIPTION of the wedding ceremonies among farmers, mechanics,

and merchants, in Japon ;-Description of the funerals, and of the festivals in honour of the gods ;-Two descriptions of the island Jeso. By Isaac Titsingh. Folio. (9397.]

Presented by William Marsden, Esq.

GENERAL PRESS CATALOGUE of the Public Records in His Majesty's

General Register House at Edinburgh. By Thomas Thomson, Esq., Deputy Clerk Register. Folio. (9779.]

Index to twelve books of Exchequer Decrees and Orders, 1-8 James I.,

in the King's Remembrancer's Office. Folio. [9780.] CALENDARIUM Tractatuum Pacis et Treugarum inter Reges Angliæ et

Scotiæ, conventionum, literarum, placitorum, aliorumque instrumentorum regnum Scotiæ tangentium, in ea parte Scaccarii, quæ vocata est Domus Capitularis, infra Abbathiam Westmonasteriensem repositorum

et in ordinem redactorum, a Gul. Illingworth, anno 1806. Folio. [9778.] CALENDAR of the Inrolments of Orders and Decrees of the Court of Aug

mentations, from the Feast of St. George the Martyr, 28 Hen. VIII.,

to Hilary Term, 7 Edw. VI. Folio, two volumes. [9781, 9782.] CALENDARIUM Rotulorum Patentium de tempore Regis Johannis, in Turri Londinensi existentium. Folio. [9789.]

Presented by the Commissioners on the Public Records.

FACSIMILE of a Mexican Manuscript, known as the Codex Tgervaryanus, preserved at Pesth in Hungary. Enclosed in a Quarto case. [9789.]

Presented by l'iscount Kingsborough.

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A COLLECTION of State Papers and Letters, chiefly original, relative to

the Public Affairs in which Sir William Temple was engaged from 1665 to 1680. They include many of the instructions given to him, as envoy abroad, and some of his own letters. Chronologically ar

ranged in 5 Vols. Folio. (9796-9800.] COPIES OF LETTERS from Sir William Teinple and Sir Leoline Jenkins,

the English Ambassadors at Nimegnen, 1676, 1677. Folio. [9801.] Copies of LETTERS to the same, 1676, 1677. Folio. (9802.] CREDENTIALS of Sir William Temple, as Envoy to Christopher Bernard,

Bishop of Munster, and the Princes of the Circle of Westphalia ; Dat. 9 April, 1666 ;-Credentials of the same, as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Congress at Aix-la-Chapelle;

Dat. 16 Mar. 1667. Enclosed in an Octavo case. [9809.) MEMOIRS of Sir William Temple, by himself; Part 1. In his own hand-writing. Folio. [9804.)

Bequeathed by the Rec. John Longe, Vicar of Coddenham.

A COLLECTION of Poems in the Welsh Language. Quarto. [9817.]

Presented by Mrs. Forster.

ESTIMATES of Repairs, etc., to be made at Durham Castle and Bishop's

Auckland, for Bp. Butler, 1751 ;-Prayers and various short Papers, in the hand-writing of Bp. Butler ;-The Original Will and Codicil of Bp. Butler, with papers and letters to Dr. Nathaniel Forster, his executor. Folio. (9815.)

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Letters of various persons to Dr. Nathaniel Forster, between 1752 and 1757. Quarto. [9816.]

Presented by the Rev. Thomas Crompton.

Biblia Sacra Veteris Testamenti, cum Masora magna et parva; omissis

tamen Pentateucho et libris Canticorum, Ruth, Ecclesiastis, et Lamentationum. Hebraice. Codex membranaceus, sec. fortassis xiv., in

folio wajori. [9398.] PROPHETÆ præter Jeremiam omnes; quinque Megilloth, et Hagiographa, cum utraque Masora.

Hebraice. Codex membranaceus, sec. fortassis xiv., in folio majori. [9399.) PENTATEUCHLUS, cum Targum R. Onkelos ; quinque Megilloth et Hapl

taroth. Hebraice. Codex membranaceus, sec. fortasse xiv., in folio

majori. [9400.] Biblia Sacra Veteris Testamenti, libris nonnullis omissis. IIebraice.

Codex membranaceus, sec. Xlll., in duos tomos distinctus, in folio

majori. [9401, 9402.] PENTATEUCHUS, Haphtaroth cum Targum, quinque Megilloth, Psalmi,

Proverbia, et Liber Job. llebraice. Codex membranaceus, sec.

fortassis xir. Folio. (9403.] PENTATEUCHUS, cum Targum R. Onkclos, quinque Megilloth et Haph

taroth. IIebraice. Codex membranaceus, sec. fortassis xIII. Folio.

(9-104.] Canticum CantICORUM, Ruth, Ecclesiastes et Lamentationes. Hebraice.

Codex membranaceus, sec. xiv. ineuntis. Quarto. (9405.)
Liber Joe, Jeremias usque ad caput xxiii. 7, et ex Isaia capita xxxiv. 1
-xxxv. 10.

Hebraice. Codex membranaceus, sec. xiv. ineuntis.
Quarto. (9406.]
PENTATEUCHUS, cum Notis Raschii, et Haphtaroth. Hebraice. Codex

membranaceus, sec. fortassis x. Quarto. (9407.)
LETTERS written to Sir Robert Southwell, Bart., Secretary of State,

when in attendance upon K. William III., during the campaign in

Ireland, Junc-Dec. 1690. Folio. 2 Vols. (9708, 9709.)
LETTERS of Nicholas Price, written chiefly to Lady Elizabeth Cromwell,

and to the Rt. Hon. Edw. Southwell, her husband, 1689–1728. Folio.

[9710.) LETTERS of James Clarke to Sir Robert Southwell, June-Sept. 1690;

Letters of D. W. Clarke to the Rt. Hon. Edward Southwell, 1723

1730. Folio. (9711.] COLLECTION of Miscellaneous Letters and Papers relating to Sir Robert

Southwell, and his son, the Rt. Hon. Edw. Southwell, from 1664 to 1711, with a few of a later date to Edw. Southwell, Esq., etc. 2 Vols. Folio. (9712, 9713.]

COLLECTION of Papers and Letters relative to the town of Kinsale, and

to the connexion of the Southwell family with that place, as well as to the office of deputy vice-admiral of Munster, held by Sir Robert Southwell, and his son, the Rt. Hon. Edw. Southwell; 1637–1778.

Folio. [9714.] COLLECTION of Papers and Letters relative to the proceedings of the

Irish Parliament, 1692–1719. Folio. [9715.] DESPATCHES to and from the Lords Justices of Ireland, during the various

absences of the Duke of Ormond, Lord-Lieutenant, 1692–1712. Folio.

2 Vols. [9716, 9717.] LETTERS and Papers of Henri de Ruvigny, Earl of Galway, and papers

relative to the troops under his command, 1692–1701. Folio. [9718.] CORRESPONDENCE of William Blathwait, Esq., Secretary at War, and of

George Stepney, Esq., minister at Berlin and Vienna ; with various

State Papers, 1693–1703. Folio. 3 Vols. [9719-9721.] DRAFTs of Despatches, written by Mr. Secretary Blathwait, chiefly in

his own hand, 1692–1703. Folio. [9722.] CORRESPONDENCE and Papers of Mr. Secretary Blathwait, relative to the

Army in the Netherlands, 1690-1704. Folio. 4 Vols. [9723-9726.) CORRESPONDENCE and Papers of Mr. Secretary Blathwait, relative to the

Army and Navy, 1688–1703. Folio. 2 Vols. [9727, 9728.] LETTERS to Mr. Secretary Blathwait, from the Commissioners of Trans

ports, 1693–1699. Folio. [9729.) CORRESPONDENCE of Mr. Secretary Blathwait and Mr. Hill, 1692–1696 ;

-Letters to Mr. Blathwait from Charles Henri de Lorraine, Prince de Vaudemont, and Ferdinand Guillaume, Duc de Wirtemberg, 1696.

Quarto. (9730.) LETTERS to Mr. Secretary Blathwait from Sir Henry Belasyse, M. Norff,

and M. D'Auverquerque, 1692–1699. Quarto. (9731.] LETTERS to Mr. Secretary Blathwait from Mr. Geo. Clarke, of the War

Office, 1692-1701. Quarto. (9732.] LETTERS to Mr. Secretary Blathwait from W. Hamel Brüynincx and

H. de Bilderbecq, 1693–1698. Folio. (9735.] MISCELLANEOUS Letters to Mr. Secretary Blathwait, 1691 - 1701.

Quarto. (9734.] LETTERS to Mr. Secretary Blathwait from William Bentinck, afterwards

Earl of Portland, and Sir John Reresby ;-Correspondence with Lord Godolphin, Lord Ranelagh, and others; -and two Despatches

from the Lords Justices to William III. Folio. (9735.] LETTERS to Mr. Secretary Blathwait from the Hon. Robert Sutton, after

wards Lord Lexington, minister at Vienna, 1699, 1700. Quarto. (9736.] COLLECTION of Treaties of Peace and Conventions with foreign Powers,

1689–1702. Folio. 3 Vols. [9787-9739.]

LETTERS from Thomas Coxe, Envoy in Switzerland, 1670-1692. Folio.

(9740.] LETTERS from M. D'Hervart, Envoy in Switzerland, to Mr. Secretary

Blathwait, 1692–1701 ;-Letters from M. D'Arzeliers, at Geneva,

1696–1700. Quarto. 2 Vols. [9741, 9742.] POLITICAL Papers and Correspondence of Mr. Secretary Blathwait, re

lative to Italy and Switzerland, 1690–1701. Folio. [9743.] Political Papers and Correspondence relative to Spain and Portugal,

1690–1706. Folio. [9744.] COLLECTION of Political Papers relative to Holstein, Denmark, Saxony,

etc. 1696–1709. Folio. [9745.] COLLEction of Political Papers relative to different Courts, 1690, 1700,

with various lists of troops. Folio. [9746.)
Collection of Papers and Letters relative to the English dominions in

America, 1698-1705. Folio. [9747.]
Copies of, and Extracts from Political Letters, written chiefly from

Brussels and Paris, some to Mr. Secretary Blathwait, some to Sir R.

Southwell, 1673-1688. Folio, 2 Vols. [9748, 9749.)
MISCELLANEOUS Papers and Letters, chiefly political, relative to England

and Ireland, 1668–1771. Folio. [9750.]
WEEKLY RETURNS of the Exchequer Receipts and Payments, Apr.-

Oct. 1693. Folio. [9751.]
OpficiaL LETTERS from the Lords of the Treasury to William Blath-

wait, Secretary at War, 1690-1703. Folio, 3 Vols. [9752-9754.] OFFICIAL Papers and Correspondence of Mr. Secretary Blathwait, rela

tive to the Army Accounts, 1692-1702. Folio. [9755.]
ARMY DEBENTURES, signed by the Earl of Ranelagh, Paymaster of the

Forces, 1689–1703. Folio, 2 Vols. (9756, 9757.]
INTERCEPTED LETTERS from France to the French Officers in the service

of James II. ; seized in Dublin, 7th July, 1690. Quarto. (9758.] ARMy Lists, and various Official Papers of Mr. Secretary Blathwait,

1609-1710. Folio, S Vols. (9759-9761.) ARMy Lists, and other Official Papers of Mr. Secretary Blathwait, rela

tive to the Army in Ireland, 1686–1705. Folio. (9762.) A List of King James's Army in Ireland, Horse, Foot, and Dragoons ;

with the names of the officers, and the number of men in each re

giment, 1689. Folio. (9763.] VARIOUS Official Papers of Sir Robert Southwell, Mr. Secretary

Blathwait, etc., relative to Shipping and Trade, 1664-1702. Folio.

(9764.] ORDINARIUS Ecclesiæ Divæ Virginis Mariæ Trajectensis. Codex

membranaceus, sec. Xiv. Folio. (9769.)

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