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MUSCOID Phosphate of Lead, orange and green, from Leadhills, Scotland.

ASPARAGUS Stone, (Phosphate of Lime,) in green Talc, from the Greiner,

PULVERULENT Phosphate of Iron, in Marl, from Schwarzach, near Rosenheim, Bavaria.

MASSIVE Phosphate of Manganese, from Bodenmais, Bavaria.
A LARGE specimen of Werner's Blauspath, from Krieglach, Stiria.
URANITE, in large greenish-yellow primitive crystals, on Quartz, from
Johanngeorgenstadt, Saxony:

A SPECIMEN of Anhydrous Sulphate of Soda, and two varieties of the
Guano, from Peru. Presented by Copeland Hutchison, Esq.
FLESH-COLOURED crystallized Sulphate of Baryta, with Carbonate of Lime,
and very minute crystals of Copper Pyrites, from Gersdorf, Saxony.
THE same, rose-coloured and yellow, from la Gardette, Dauphiné.
THE same, opaque, snow-white, crystallized (var. cretée), with Native
Sulphur, from Girgenti, Sicily.

THE same (var. binae modifiée), sprinkled with Cinnabar, from Mo-
schellandsberg, Palatinate.

THE same (var. l'additive), from Clausthal, Hartz.

A SINGLE crystal of the same (var. la triplante), from Puy de Chaté,

A SPECIMEN of stalactitic Sulphate of Baryta, polished, from Derbyshire.
Presented by Miss Lousada.

CRYSTALLIZED Sulphate of Strontia, on Carbonate of Lime, from Her-
rengrund, Hungary.

PSEUDOMORPHOUS Sulphate of Strontia, from Amberg, Bavaria.
THE same, from Monte Viale, Vicentino.

SULPHATE of Lime, a single crystal (var. équivalente), from La Ca

tolica, Sicily.

THE same (var. prominule), from Schemnitz, Hungary.

CRYSTALLIZED Sulphate of Lead, from Badenweiler, Suabia.

THE same, in undescribed crystals, in Galena, from Grenada, Spain.

THE same, crystallized, on green Fluor Spar, sprinkled with minute crystals of Quartz, &c., from Badenweiler, Suabia.

VARIETY of the same, from Grenada, Spain.

THE same, with crystallized Native Sulphur, from Alon, Haute Vienne,

PITTICITE, from Stadt Hollen, Freiberg, Saxony.

BOTRYOGENE, from Fahlun, Sweden.

A SPECIMEN of Brochantite, from Siberia.

COPPER Ore, related to the preceding, on grey Copper, with botryoidal
Malachite, from Soukadoiska mine, Werchoturia, Siberia.

MASSIVE Cryolite, with Carbonate of Iron, from Ivikaet, South Green


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YTTROCERITE, with Albite and Quartz, from Brodbo, Sweden. CRYSTALLIZED (enneahedral) Fluor Spar, from Waldshut, between Bâle

and Schafhausen.

FETID Fluate of Lime, from Ivikaet, South Greenland.

A LARGE mass of Subsulphate of Alumina (Websterite), from near Brighton. Presented by Gideon Mantell, Esq.

VARIOUS Secondary Fossils, chiefly from Purbeck. Presented by Walter Calverley Trevelyan, Esq.

ELEVEN Casts of Bones, and a Cast of a Palate, the former from specimens found at Muswell Hill, near Highgate. Presented by N. T. Wetherell, Esq.

CASTS of Some Bones of Felis Spelæa, and Gulo Spelæus, from the Cave of Gailenreuth; of Rhinoceros Teeth, from Kühloch; and of Deinotherium, and Tapirus Priscus, from Eppelsheim. Presented by Viscoun Cole, and Sir Philip Grey Egerton, Bart.

A SPECIMEN of Fossil Wood, from Van Diemen's Land.

PROOF Impressions of part of the Plates of the Fossil Flora. Presented by Dr. Lindley.

SPECIMENS of Simia chenensis, Megaderma spasma, Mus giganteus, and a Bat, from Madras. Presented by Dr. B. G. Babington.

A SKELETON of an Elephant, from India. Presented by Sir Jasper Nicolls and General Hardwicke.

SPECIMENS of Mus Alexandrinus, Lepus Ægyptiacus, the horns of Ovis Tragelaphus, and some other Mammalia, from Egypt. Presented by John Wilkinson, Esq.

A SPECIMEN of the Canada Rat. Presented by John Richardson, M.D. Two Squirrels, from North America. Presented by H. R. H. the Duke of Sussex, K.G.

SPECIMEN of Brown Pelican, Pelecanus fuscus; Great White Heron, Ardea occidentalis, (Audubon); Frigate Bird, Tachypetes aquila ; Louisiana Heron, Ardca Ludoviciana; Purple Heron, (young,) Ardea rufescens; Peal's Egret, Ardea Pealii; White Heron, Ardea lucia; Yellow-crowned Heron, Ardea violacea; White-headed Pigeon, Columba leucocephala; Fish Crow, Corvus ossifragus (Wils.); Boattailed Grakle, Quiscalus major ; Red Tanager, Tanagra rubra; Purple Finch, Fringilla purpurea; Ground Dove, Columba passerina; Pine Creeper, Sylvia pinus; White-crowned Bunting, Fringilla leucocephala; Indigo Bird, Fringilla cyanea; Baltimore Oriole, Oriolus Baltimore; Cedar Bird, Bombycilla Carolinensis; Black Tern, Sterna stolida, from North America. Presented by His Royal Highness the Duke of Sussex, K.G.

FOUR Species of Humming Birds, from South America. Presented by J. Inskipp, Esq.

A COLLECTION, consisting of thirty-two Birds, from Madras. Presented by J. B. Babington, M.D.

SPECIMEN of Channel-bill, Scythrops Nore Hollandia. Presented by Allan Cunningham, Esq.

SPECIMEN of Broad-billed Tody, Todus nasutus. Presented by General Hardwicke.

FINE Specimen of the Common Peacock, Pavo cristatus. Mounted and presented by T. Dowler, M.D.

SPECIMEN of the Bearded Vulture, Vultur barbatus, Falco hilospilus, &c.

Presented by John Russel Reeves, Jun., Esq.

A GROUP of Edible Bird Nests from Ceylon. Collected by S. Horton, Esq. Presented by the Right Hon. Edward Lord Stanley.

A GENERAL Collection of Birds from Egypt. Presented by John Wilkinson, Esq.

SPECIMENS of American Turkey, Meleagris Gallopavo; Spotted Grous, Tetrao Canadensis; Willow Grous, Tetrao saliceti; Migratory Pigeon, Columba migratoria; Turkey Buzzard, Cathartes aura; Carrion Crow, Cathartes atrata; Lanius septentrionalis; Yellow-bellied Woodpecker, Picus varius; Pileated Woodpecker, Picus pileatus; White Ibis, Ibis alba; Pigeon Hawk, Falco columbarius; Falco velox; Noddy Tern, Sterna stolida; Black Tern, Sterna nigra; Blue Heron, Ardea cœrulea; Ardea minor; Charadrius semipalmatus; Wilson's Plover, Charadrius Wilsoni, Charadrius melodius; Velvet Duck, Anas fusca; Teal, Anas Crecca; Black Duck, Anas perspicillata; Spirit Duck, Anas albeola; American Wigeon, Anas Americana; Fulica Americana ; Rallus elegans; Clapper Rail, Rallus crepitans; Virginian Rail, Rallus Virginianus; Limosa palustris; Esquimaux Curlew, Numenius borealis ; Numenius longirostris; Snowy Heron, Ardea candidissima; Green Heron, Ardea virescens; Great Heron, Ardea Herodias; Hooping Crane, Grus Americana; Rusty Grakle, Icterus ferrugineus; Turdus Wilsoni; Turdus Ludovicianus; Song Finch, Fringilla melodia; Grass Finch, Fringilla graminea; Sea-side Finch, Fringilla maritima; Savannah Finch, Fringilla Savannarum; Yellow-throated Fly-catcher, Vireo flavifrons; White-poll Warbler, Sylvia varia; Kentucky Warbler, Sylvia formosa; Black-poll Warbler, Sylvia striata; Cerulean Warbler, Sylvia cærulea; Bay-breasted Warbler, Sylvia castanea; Palm Warbler, Sylvia palmarum; Pine-creeping Warbler, Sylvia pinus; White-eyed Fly-catcher, Vireo Noveboracensis; Mexican Finch, Fringilla pinus; Least Nuthatch, Sitta pusilla; Great Carolina Warbler, Troglodytes Americanus; Nuttall's Warbler, Troglodytes Nuttallii; Icterus agripennis.

SPECIMENS of Jackal Falcon, Falco jackal; Short-tailed Eagle, Falco ecaudatus; Martial Eagle, Falco bellicosus; Occipital Eagle, Falco occipitalis, &c.

SPECIMEN of the Barr-winged Dove of Edwards. Presented by George Leach, Esq.

SIXTY-SIX Specimens of Reptiles, preserved in Spirits, received in exchange from the Museum of the Army Medical Board at Chatham. SEVERAL Specimens of Snakes; and a Specimen of Pseudopus Durvillii, (Cuvier,) from Dalmatia: all in Spirits. Presented by John Richard

son, M.D.

A SPECIMEN of Lophius Vespertilio. Presented by Mr. Walker. SOME Specimens of New Holland Shells, and a Specimen of Retepora, from Swan River. Presented by Mr. John Turner.

A SPECIMEN of Aphrodita Aculeata. Presented by John W. Lubbock, Esq.

A SPECIMEN of Cypraea Friendii, Gray (C. Scottii Brod.,) from Swan River. Presented by Capt. Mangles, R.N.

A SPECIMEN of a Cyathiform Sponge, from Cork Harbour. Presented by Miss Elliot.

SPECIMENS of FOUR HUNDRED species of Plants of Egypt. EIGHTY-FOUR of which are new to the Herbarium, and of these, EIGHTEEN species are unpublished. Collected and presented by John Gardnor Wilkinson, Esq.

Two Specimens of Exotic Insects, and twenty-nine specimens of British Insects. Presented by Francis Walker, Esq.

Two Specimens of Mononychus Pseudæori. Presented by J. C. Dale, Esq. THREE hundred and forty-three Specimens of Minute Insects, of the Family Cynipsida, described by him in the Entomological Magazine, and presented by Francis Walker, Esq.

Six Specimens of Insects from Odessa. Presented by T. Dowler, M.D. SPECIMEN of Lamia Crucifera of Fabricius, from Ceylon. Presented by Dr. Bland.

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STONE with Sketches of the gods Ammon-re, and Thoth.
PORTION of a granite monument, with the figure of Khem.
THREE figures of Osiris, in bronze.

FIGURE of Osiris, in wood.

FIGURE of Osiris, in barley and wax.

Isis, and Horus the younger, in stone.

HORUS Harpocrates, of the Ptolemaic era, in marble.
THREE emblems of the souls of divinities, in wood.
LION, emblem of Horus, in glazed terracotta.
HARPER, and Phallus, in glazed terracotta.
PART of a jackall standard, in wood.

FRAGMENT of a sacred monument, in marble.
SMALL statue, in serpentine.

Two heads of statues, in limestone.

BEARDED head, of the Roman epoch, in marble.

ARM of a statue, in bronze.

SACRED vase, of black granite.

SACRED vase, of alabaster.

VASE, of bronze gilt, and probably belonging to a censer.

ALTAR of libations, in limestone.

PAIR of sandals, of palm leaves.

SMALL bottle, with traces of an unguent, in alabaster.

SMALL vase, perhaps used for the same purpose, of glazed terracotta.

VASE for holding antimony, of alabaster.

VASE used for the same purpose, of serpentine.

SIMILAR vase, of glazed terracotta.

CYLINDRICAL case, for the same use, of wood.

NEST of three vases, for preparing liquid perfumes.

LEG of a table, of wood.

IRON key, of a Christian epoch prior to A.D. 630.

SIXTEEN Oval and globular vases, a jug, and two bottles, of terracotta,

used for domestic purposes.

VASE, of bronze.

SMALL china bottle, with a Chinese inscription.

Six cups, and two fragments of cups, in terracotta.

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