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Fragment of a bronze door-hinge.
Sixteen various objects in bronze.
Two bronze hooks.
BRONZE ferule.
PEDESTAL for a small figure, in bronze and wood; on the upper part a

jackal seated.
Six human mummies, with cases.
Two cat mummies.
THREE ibis mummies.
SNAKE mummy.
WHITE marble sarcophagus, with an inscription in hieroglyphics.
RECTANGULAR sarcophagus, with painted and linear hieroglyphic in-

scription, of wood. RECTANGULAR sarcophagus, with painted hieroglyphic and hieratic in

scription, of wood. Small rectangular sarcophagus, with an exterior inscription, of wood. Cover of a rectangular sarcophagus. Female face, finely carved, with enamelled eyes. Two red ears of wood. Four frontlets of linen, coloured or gilded, with hieroglyphics. FRAGMENTS of the exterior envelope of mummies, consisting of linen

covered with plaster, painted and gilded, containing inscriptions,

figures of divinities, and their emblems. Cover of the feet, from the exterior envelope of mummies, of linen co

vered with plaster, and painted. Painting in fresco, upon thin pieces of cedar, representing the greater

portion of the face of a female, of the Roman era. EYELID of bronze, and eye of enamel with bronze eyelid. Five gilded ornaments, in wood. SEPULCHRAL scarabæi, in basalt, porphyry, and limestone, with inscrip

tions. TWENTY-SIX similar scarabæi, without inscriptions. Four sepulchral amulets, representing stands or pillows for the head, in

hematite. SIMILAR amulet; plough in glass. Six sepulchral amulets; masonic levels in hematite. Four sepulchral amulets; feathers or plumes in basalt or porphyry. Ten sepulchral amulets; two fingers, in basalt, supposed to be used as

polishers. FUNERAL amulet; vase in basalt; eye, and pupils of eyes, in enamel

and glass.
Two sepulchral figures, in alabaster.
Eight sepulchral figures, of calcareous stone.
SEPULCHRAL figure, in basalt.
THREE sepulchral figures in wood ; large size.

TWENTY sepulchral figures, in wood; smaller size.
SEVENTY-FIVE sepulchral figures, in glazed terracotta and porcelain,

generally with inscriptions. SIXTrex similar figures, without inscriptions, and of smaller size. SHALL coffers, of wood, painted blue, with figures or inscriptions,

which have contained sepulchral figures, when deposited in the

tombs. Twittees sepulchral vases, in alabaster, calcareous stone, or terracotta,

with covers of the head of a man, cynocephalus, jackal, and hawk,

representing the four genii of Amenti. Two covers of sepulchral vases; human heads, in alabaster. Turteen similar covers, in terracotta. Turer similar covers, in wood. Cover of a sepulchral vase; human head, in stone. SIMILAR cover; head of a cynocephalus, in alabaster. Two covers of sepulchral vascs; heads of jackals, in stone. Fifty-FOU'R sepulchral tablets, of white calcareous stone, containing

figures of cities, offerings, and deceased individuals, in bas-relief and

coloured, some with hieroglyphical inscriptions only. Five sepulchral tablets, of wood, with painted figures of divinities and

deceased individuals, with inscriptions. VERY small sepulchral tablet, of wood. Tex sepulchral cones, of baked clay, with hieroglyphies on the base,

commemorative of deceased individuals.

Egyptias mirror, in bronze.
Nike Persepolitan cylinders, with engraved figures and inscriptions,
SEVES Persepolitan rings; Apollo, Minerva, and Persian figures.
THREE antique rings, cornelian set in silver; Persian heads.
SEVES rings, cornelian set in silver ; hynnas, gazelles, griffins.
Five antique rinys, amethyst and cornelian set in silver; ornamental

devices. FwE signets, of white and red cornelian and agate; Persian figures, and

inscriptions. Two signets, of cornelian ; Persian heads. Five signets, of cornelian; hyanas. Five signets, of cornelian; cows, gazelles, scorpion, and griffin. Turer pyramidical amulets; Persian heads and figures. Tex conical amulets, of cornelian and marble; cows, birds, flowers, and

ornamental devices. Rixo, amethyst set in silver ; cross and glory. Five rings, cornelian set in silver ; cufic inscriptions, of two lines


RING, cornelian, set in silver; single line of cufic, and star.
Two signets, of cornelian ; double lines of cufic.
Signet, with silver setting ; single line of cufic.
Amulet of black stone, square, with cufic inscription, and three lines

of cufic on the reverse. Large cylindrical Roman vase, of bronze; found in Fenchurch

Street. Several fragments of red Roman pottery; found in Fenchurch

Street. Sixteen bronze hatchets. SEVENTY basalt, five porphyry, one flint, five granite, and twelve slate

hatchets. Sevex bronze spear-heads. Ose hundred and twenty-two rough flint spear-heads. EIGHTY-SIXE roughly formed flint arrow-heads. NINETY-SIX barbed flint arrow-heads. Five bronze styles. Britisil stone hammer. I'wo gold amulets; found in the boys in Ireland. SuLver coin of Barce; head of Jupiter Ammon, rev. Silphium. Silver coin of Amastris. SUVER coin of Alasa. Brass coin of Thyatira, Elagabalus; a medallion. Brass coin of Byblus; Commodus, rev. Isis Pharia. Eigt brass coins of Byblus; Nero, Trajan, Elagabalus. Five brass coins of Sidon ; Julia Paula, Julia Masa, Alexander Se


Sevas brass coins of Tripolis ; Nero, Trajan, Julia Domna, Cara

Disaril's of Trajan.
Sucoso brass coin of Vespasian.
Firties cutic coins.
Brass British coin. [Cunobelin ?)
Three pennies of Ofta; moneyers, ALRED, EDILVALD, EALMVND.
Prxsy of Beornwulf, king of Mercia.
THIRTEES pennies of Harold I.
Party of Ilarthacnut.
Ose hundred and sixteen pennies of Edward the Confessor.
Perry of Edward the Confessor, 10CITEL ON EOFR.
Nise half-groats, cleven pennies, and nine hardis of Edward the

Black Prince.
UNIQUE penny of Henry VIII. RED, CVIQ. Q. SV. EST.
FIVE-GUINEA piece of Charles II.
Crown of William and Mary, 1692.
Sixpence of William III., Y. 1697.

TWO-GUINEA piece of George II.
SHILLING of George II.
Two patterns for sovereigns of George III. 1816-17.
Pattern for a crown of George III. 1817.
Crowns of George III. 1819, anno lx.-1820, anno LX.
Small gold medal of the Prince Regent; rev. royal arms, supporters,

SHILLING of George IV. rev. shield in a garter.
Coins, George IV. and William IV.
ANTIQUE jetton. A vessel on the obverse and reverse.


Thomas Sutton, Esq., after Van Hove, by J. Rowney.
Sir Isaac Newton, after J. Vanderbank, by Romney.
Three ImpressioNS FROM STONES FOUND AT ALEPPO. Madeley, lithog.

The above presented by Dr. John Lee.

The Rev. Josiah Pratt, after E. U. Eddis.
James Ward, Esq., R.A., after James Ward.
JOHN, EARL OF ELDON, after James Sayer.
John Rickman, Esq., after S. Lane.
Mr. Joseph Wright, painter.
L. W. Dıllwyn, Esq., M.P., after E. U. Eddis.
R. K. GREVILLE, LL.D., after D. M Nee.
Joun, First Lord Wodehouse, after Hornsby.
PETER, LORD King, after E. U. Eddis.
JOSEPH Sabine, Esq., after E. Rigby.
RICHARD, ARCHBISHOP OF DUBLIN, from a Phrenological Bust, by R.
The above drawn on Stone by Miss H. Turner, and presented

by Danson Turner, Esq.

Fac-SIMILE OF THE HAND-WRITING OP DR. Johnson, drawn on Stone by I. M. Johnson.

Presented by Dawson Turner, Esq.


BANKS. F. Chantry, sculptor ; H. Corbould, del.; S. Cousins, eng

Presented by the Committee.

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