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BISHOPS. The Report vindicated from Misreports; being a defence of the bishops, as well as of the lower house of convocation. 8° Lond. 1717.

The Translation of Bishops. 8° Lond. 1834.

BISSELIUS (JOANNES). Ætatis nostræ gestorum eminentium Medulla Historica, per aliquot septennia digesta. [4 Tom.] 8° Ambergæ, 1675, 6.

BIVARIUS (FRANCISCUS). De veteri Monachatu, et Regulis Monasticis.
Libri VI.
Continuatore Thoma Gomez. fol. Lugd. 1662.
BLACKALL (OFFSPRING), Bp. of Exeter. A Sermon on her Majesty's
Accession. 8° Lond. 1709.

A Letter to a Friend; occasion'd by the contest between the Bishop of Exeter, and Mr. Hoadly. 8° Lond. 1709.

BLACKBURN (E. L.). An Account of Crosby Place, London. 8° Lond.


BLACKER (WILLIAM). An Essay on the Improvement to be made in the Cultivation of small Farms by the Introduction of green Crops and housefeeding the Stock thereon. 12° Dubl. [1834.]

BLACK HAWK. Life of Ma-ka-tai-me-she-kia-kiak, or Black Hawk.
Dictated by himself.-J. B. Patterson, Editor. 12° Boston, U.S., 1834.
BLACK WATCH. The Black Watch; 3 Vol. 12° Lond. 1834.
BLAGDEN (CHARLES). Experiments and Observations in an heated
Room. 4° Lond. 1775.

Some Observations on ancient Inks, with the Proposal of a new Method of recovering the legibility of decayed Writings. 4° [1787].

BLAIR (ADAM). History of the Waldenses; 2 Vol. 8° Edinb. 1833. BLAKEY (ROBERT). An Essay towards an easy System of Logic. 12o

Lond. 1834.

BLAUFUS (J. G.). Dissertatio philosophica de Jure et Officiis Hominis erga bruta. 4o Jenæ, 1740.

BLEIN, (-) Baron. Théorie des Vibrations et son application à divers Phénomènes de Physique. 8° Par. 1831.

BLIGH (RICHARD). Bellum Agrarium. A foreview of the winter of 1835; suggested by the poor law project. 8° Lond. 1834.

New Reports of Cases heard in the House of Lords, on Appeals and Writs of Error; and decided during the Session 1830; Vol. v. 8° Lond. 1834.

BLOMEFIELD (FRANCIS). The History of Thetford in the Counties of Norfolk and Suffolk. 4° Fersfield, 1739. [With MS. notes.]

BLOMFIELD (C. J.), Bp. of London. A Charge. 8° Lond. 1834.

The Uses of a standing Ministry, and an Established Church. Two sermons. 8° Lond. 1834. BLOMFIELD (GEORGE BECHER). An Ordination Sermon. 8o Chester,


Plan of the Parishes or Division of St. Giles in the
Fields, and St. George, Bloomsbury. Lond. 1815. s. sh. Presented
by Sir Henry Ellis.

BLOXAM (WILLIAM). Illustrations of the surgical Anatomy of Inguinal and Femoral Hernia. fol. Lond. 1833.


Paradise Regained; an unfinished poem. Minor poems. The Bard; a poem. 12° Lond. 1834. BLUME (FRIEDRICH). Iter Italicum; 3 Band. 8° Berlin und StettinHalle, 1824-30.

BLUMENTHAL (—), Madame de. The Life of General de Zieten. Translated from the German, by the Rev. P. Beresford; 2 Vol. 8° Berl. 1803.

BLUNDELL (JAMES). The Principles and Practice of Obstetricy, as taught by him. With notes by Thomas Castle, M.D. 8° Lond. 1834.

BLUNT (HENRY). Two Discourses upon the Trial of the Spirits. 12° Lond. 1833.

An Ordination Sermon. 12° Lond. 1834.


Lectures upon the History of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; Pt. 1. 12° Lond. 1834. BLUNT (LEONARD). Asse upon Asse: being a collection of several phlets written for and against the author of the Asses Complaint against Balaam. 8° Lond. BOARDMAN (THOMAS). A Dictionary of the Veterinary Art. 4° Lond.


A Treatise on Primary Geology. 8° Lond.

BOASE (HENRY s.). 1834.

BOCCACCIO (GIOVANNI). Opere Volgari; Vol. 1-XIV. 8" Fir. 1827-33. La Caccia di Diana, Poemetto ora per la prima volta pubblicato per cura di I. Moutier. 8° Firenze, 1832. BOCCALINI (TRAJANO). Discursos politicos, y Avisos del Parnaso. Traduxolos Fernando Peres de Sousa ; 2 Tom. 4o Madr. 1754. BOCCHI (FRANCISCO GIROLAMO). Dissertazione sopra un antico Sigillo di Adria esistente nella città di Veletri nel Museo Borgiano. 4o Adrià, 1799.

19° Metz,

BOCK (DE), Baron. Essai sur l'Histoire du Sabéisme.

BÖCKH (AUGUST.). Über die Versmasse des Pindaros. 8 Berlin, 1809, BOJANUS (LUD. HEN.). Anatome Testudinis Europeæ. fol. Vilna,


BOILEAU (D.). A few Remarks on Mr. Hayward's English Prose Translation of Goëthe's Faust. 8° Lond. 1834.

BOISROBERT (FRANÇOIS METEL DE). Epîtres en Vers et autres Œuvres poétiques. 8° Par. 1659.

BOISSAT (PIERRE). Histoire des Chevaliers de l'Ordre de S. Jean de Hierusalem. Augmentée par J. Baudoin. fol. Par. 1659.

BOIVIN (JOAN.). Claudii Peleterii Regni Administri Vita, Petri Pithoei ejus Proavi Vitæ adjuncta. 4° Par. 1716.

BOIVIN (-), Madame, Veuve, and DUGĖS (A.). A practical Treatise on the Diseases of the Uterus and its Appendages. Translated,

with notes, by G. O. Heming. 8° Lond. 1834.


A newe Boke. Conteyninge an exhortation to the sycke. The sycke man's prayer. A prayer with thankes at the purification of women. A consolation at buriall. 8° Ippyswiche, John Oswen, 1548. BOLEYN (ANNE). Lettre d'un Gentilhomine Portugais sur l'Éxécution d'Anne Boleyn, Lord Rochford, Brereton, Norris, Smeton et Weston, publiée avec une Traduction Française, par Francisque Michel, accompagnée d'une Traduction Anglaise, par le Vicomte Strangford. 4°

Par. 1832.

BOLINGBROKE (HENRY). A Voyage to the Demerary, containing a statistical account of the settlements there, and of those on the Esse10 quebo, the Berbice, and other contiguous rivers of Guyana. Norwich [1807].

BOMBINUS (PAULUS). Vita et Martyrium Edmundi Campiani. 89
Mantua. [Deest titulus.]
BONAPARTE (CHARLES LUCIEN). American Ornithology. fol. Philad.



Regimen Conscientie, [Epistola Sancti Methodii de regnis gentium. ratione ad missam Bonaventure.] 4" [Colon. [Lit. Goth.]

vel parvum bonum. Tractatus de prepaTypis Udalrici Zell].

Forma Noviciorum. Hispan. fol. Sevill. Meynardo ungut aleman, y Stanislao polono, 1497. BOND (C. R.). Truth's Triumph. A poem on the reformation. 8"

Lond. 1834.

BOND (THOMAS w.). Brief Memoirs of the Rev. John Sarjant, late Missionary to the Mauritius, with Extracts from his Journal. 12o Lond. 1834.

BONICELLI (VINCENZO). Discorso intorno il Calendario. 8° Bergamo,


BONIFACIUS VIII., Papa. Liber sextus Decretalium dñi Bonifacii Pape VIII. fol. Nuremberge, impensis Antonii Koberger, 1486.

BONNIVARD (FRANÇOIS DE). Les Croniques de Genève; 2 Tom. 8° Genève, 1831. Presented by M. Dunant.

BOOK. The Book of the Unveiling: an exposition. With notes. 12o Lond. 1833.

BOOTH (ABRAHAM). Works. With some account of his life and writings; 3 Vol. 8° Lond. 1813.

BOOTH (DAVID). The Art of Wine-making. With an appendix. 8o Lond. 1834.

Analytical Dictionary of the English Language; Pt. v.

4° Lond. 1834. BOOTH (ROBERT), Archdeacon of Durham. Articles of Enquiry; in his Visitation A.D. 171 [sic]. 4o Newcastle upon Tine.

BOOTHBY (CHARLES). Address on Confirmation. 16° Lond. 1834. BOOTT (FRANCIS). Memoir of the Life and medical Opinions of John Armstrong, M.D. With an enquiry into the facts connected with those forms of fever attributed to malaria ; Vol. II. 8° Lond. 1834.

BOPP (FR.). Glossarium Sanscritum. 4° Berol. 1830.

Chambrière à louer, à tout faire. 80

Rouen, Abr. Cousturier. Réimpr. Par. 1831.

Varlet à louer à tout faire. 8° Rouen,

Abr. Cousturier. Réimpr. Par. 1830. BORDWINE (JOSEPH). Memoir of a proposed new System of permanent Fortification. 4° Lond. 1834.

BORGHINI (RAFFAELLO). Il Riposo; 3 Tom. 8° Siena, 1787.

BORGNIS (J. A.). Traité Élémentaire de Construction appliquée à l'Ar

chitecture civile. 4° Par. 1823.

Planches. 4o.

Bos (LAMBERT). Grecian Antiquities translated; with an appendix. By George Barber, B.A. 12° Cambr. 1833.

BOSANQUET (EDWIN). The Warnings and Examples of the past briefly considered in a Sermon. 8° Orf. 1834.

BOSARTE (ISIDORO). Disertacion sobre los Monumentos antiguos pertenecientes a las nobles Artes de la Pintura, Escultura, y Arquitectura, que se hallan en la ciudad de Barcelona. 8° Madr. 1786.

BOSSUT (JOHN). A general History of Mathematics. Translated by John Bonnycastle. 8° Lond. 1803.

BOSTON. Additional Observations to a short Narrative of the horrid Massacre in Boston, March 5th, 1770. 8° Boston, U. S. 1770.


BOSWORTH (NEWTON). The Accidents of human Life; with hints for their prevention. 12° Lond. 1834.

BOTANY. Clavis Botanica. 16° Lond. 1834.


BOTIJA (ANTONIO). El Defensor de los Reyes con la Plurna, y la Razon. Discurso politico. 4° Madr. 1790.

BÖTTCHER (JULIUS FRIEDRICH). Proben alttestamentlicher Schrifterklärung nach wissenschaftlicher Sprachforschung, mit kritischen Versuchen über bisherige Exegese und Beiträgen zu Grammatik und Lexicon. 8° Leipz. 1833.

BOTURINI BENADUCI (LORENZO). Oratio ad Divinam Sapientiam, Academiæ Valentinæ Patronam. 4° Val. [1750.]

BOVERIUS (ZACHAR.). Annales seu sacræ Historiæ Ordinis Minorum S. Francisci qui Capucini nuncupantur; 2 Tom. fol. Lugd. 1632-9. BOUILLET (J. B.). Description historique et scientifique de la HauteAuvergne (Département du Cantal). 8° Par. 1834.

Atlas. 8° Par. 1834.

BOURKE (THOMAS). A concise History of the Moors in Spain. 4° Lond.


BOURN (SAMUEL). An Answer to a Sermon preached by him. 8° Lond.


A Letter to the Rev. Samuel Chandler, D.D., concerning the Christian Doctrine of future Punishment. 8° Lond. 1759. BOUSMARD (— DE). Essai général de Fortification, et d'Attaque et Défense des Places; 4 Tom. 4° Par. an. xII. [1804.]. Boussu (G. J. DE). Histoire de la Ville d'Ath. 8° Mons, 1750. Bow. The Bow in the Cloud; or, the negro's memorial.

8° Lond.


BOWDLER (THOMAS). Sixteen Discourses on the liturgical Services of the Church of England. 12° Lond. 1834.

"Redeeming the Time;" a Sermon. 8° Lond.



A faithful Account of Mr. A-ch-b-ld B-w-r's Motives of leaving his Office of Secretary to the Court of Inquisition. 8°.

BOWLES (CHARLES), and HOARE (SIR RICHARD COLT). The History of modern Wiltshire. Hundred of Chalk. fol. Lond. 1833. by Sir Richard Colt Hoare, Bart.


BOWLES (WALTFR). A general History of Maidstone, in Kent. 8° Lond.


BOWLES (W. L.). A last and summary Answer to the Question, “Of what use have been, and are, the English Cathedral Establishments?" with a vindication of anthems and cathedral services; in a letter to Lord Henley. 8° Lond. 1833.

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