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The Books with a affixed have been reccived by virluc of the Copyright Act; the Articles, lo which no nolc is appended, hare becn purchased.

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A GRAMMAR and Vocabulary of the Tupi Language, partly collected,

and partly translated from the Works of Anchietta and Figuera, noted Brazilian Missionaries, by John Luccock, 1818. Quarto.

[9375.) A DICTIONARY of the Tupi Language, as spoken in Brazil by the

Aborigines, which pass under the general name of Tupinambas; collected by John Luccock, 1818. Quarto. [9376.]

Presented by J. D. Luccock, Esq., at the desire of his late father.

A FACSIMILE SPECIMEN of an ancient Anglo-Saxon Psalter in the Royal Library at Paris.

The specimen contains the thirty-first Psalm. Folio. Several copies. (9982.)

Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq.

A CATALOGUE of the Charters relative to England, contained in the

" Archives du Royaume de France : Section Historique, Cartons K.

1-90." Fr. Folio. [9985.) A FACSIMILE of part of a Manuscript, in the Bibliothèque de Bourgogne,

at Brussels, containing a Pænitentiale, in Anglo-Saxon, composed chiefly of Excerpts from the Laws of Eadgar and from the Pani

tentiale of Ecgbert, Archbishop of York. Quarto. (9384.) A FACSIMILE of two leaves of a Manuscript of Aldhelm de Virginitate,

having partial glosses in Anglo-Saxon, preserved in the Bibliothèque de Bourgogne. Quarto. (9385.]

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