Biofilms II: Process Analysis and Applications

Front Cover
James D. Bryers
Wiley, May 5, 2000 - Science - 440 pages
Wiley Series in Ecological and Applied Microbiology, RalphMitchell, Series Editor

Biofilm processes profoundly impact industrial productivity andcompetitiveness. Their pervasive effects on water quality, powergeneration, energy efficiency, human and animal health, and productquality have compelled industries to observe the detrimentaleffects of biofilms. Although biofilms can be extremely costly toindustry and harmful to health, they can also be highly beneficialin other applications. As a result, opportunities presented bybiofilm systems for process innovation, analytical diagnosis,instrumentation development, biotechnological advances, andenvironmental benefits are tremendous.

Biofilms II: Process Analysis and Applications combines thefundamental principles of mathematics and physical sciences withthe basics of biochemistry and molecular microbiology to explainthe rapid advances in biofilm science and technology. The need forthis updated edition is the result of combined interdisciplinaryresearch efforts in biofilm science and engineering. In particular,the past decade has seen major advances in biofilm diagnostics,ecology dynamics, genetics, and transport phenomena. Included inthis comprehensive volume is extensive coverage of:
* Recent discoveries in biofilm processes, such as plasmid generetention and transfer, cell signaling control of adhesion and genetransfer, and biofilm structural heterogeneity
* Biofilm ecology, highlighting significant advances in geneticsand molecular biology as applied to biofilm ecosystems
* Real systems in which biofilms are utilized for beneficialapplications or where undesired biofilms cause severe damage

Biofilms II will enhance the understanding of these complexmicrobial systems for `scientists and engineers in academics andindustry.

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James D. Bryers is the author of Biofilms II: Process Analysis and Applications, published by Wiley.

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