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Spotswood, A. Official letters, 1710-22; with

introd., etc., by R. A. Brock. 1882. 96T+8v8 Steel, F. A., and Temple, R: C. Wide-awake sto

ries; coll, of tales told by little children in the Panjab and Kashmir.

v5L9ST “A charming volume of stories admirably fitted for the entertainment of children, and at the same time con. taining much valuable information for students. Its contents naturally resemble those of the collections pre. viously made by Miss Frere, Miss Stokes, the Rev. Lal Behari Day, and Mr. Damant; but its authors justly claim for it the merit of special genuineness, inasmuch as 'it has been mostly procured at tirst-hand from the lips of purely village children, who have never been inside a school,' and 'whose complete freedom from any European influence is beyond all question.'” - Academy,

Feb. 14. Stenhouse, Mrs. F.. “Tell it all;" the story of a

life's experience in Mormonism ; an autobiography; with introd. pref. by Mrs. H. B.

Stowe. 1874. Stephen, J.K. International law and international

relations. "Is there true international law?' Professor Law. rence asks in his first essay, and he argues that there is; half of Mr. Stephen's little work is devoted to showing that there is no such thing, and the other half to an il. lustrative explanation of what the rules really are which look like international law.” – G. P. Mucdonell in the

Academy, Feb. 7. Stepniak, pseud. Russia under the tzars; ren

dered into English by W: Westall. AB.ST4 " A book about Russia, by a Russian who has been in the thick of the Revolutionary movement, who has edited a clandestine journal, and while objecting to the name frankly avows himself a Nihilist. It may be detined as being at once a history, a description, and an apology,

- a history of the rise of the Russian despot. ism, a description of the Russian revolutionary move. ment, and a Nihilist's apologia pro vitâ sua.' For all who would form an adequate idea of the present condition of Russia, gauge its capacity for war, or at. tempt to forecast its future, 'Stepniak's' book is indis.

pensable." – Spectator, Apr. 25. Stevenson, J. H. “ Boots and saddles;" a history

of the first volunteer cavalry of the war, known as the 1st N. Y. (Lincoln) Cavalry,

and also as the Sabre Regt. 1879. 954x4•st4 Taintor, C: M. Genealogy of the Taintor family. 1847.

65.9y1132 Taylor, H: Autobiography, 1800-75. 2 v. 5E-T213

** Chatty, amusing, and variously instructive memoirs."

- Spectator, Apr, 4. Teatro scelto italiano; commedie di C: Goldoni,

Albergati Capacelli, Giov. Giraud, ed Alberto
Nota. 1855.

VID. 9T22 Tegnér, E. Die Frithiof-Sage, aus dem schwed.

übertr. von A. Nieudorf. 1854. Telfer, Capt. J. B. The strange career of the Chevalier D'Eon de Beaumont.

5F-E09 “If the thing that is well done were always worth do. ing, it would be difficult to praise this book too higlıly; but the genius of a Carlyle would have spent itself in vain over the tiresome and endless squabbles which form the staple of D'Eon's chequered career. Captain Telfer is a good biographer. He is lucid and conscien. tious; he never proses, and his book is provided with

an excellent index." St. James's budget, Mar. 28. Thatcher, Capt. M. P. A hundred battles in the

West; St. Louis to Atlanta, 1861-65; the 2d Michigan Cavalry with the armies of the Mississippi, Ohio, etc. under Gens. Halleck, etc.


Thieme, F: W: Thieme-Preusser; a new and

complete critical dictionary of the English and German languages. 16th ed. 1883.

YEDC 134 " Of this revised Thieme, the publishers tell us no fewer than 120,000 copies were sold between 1860 and 1884, and surprising as this success of the work is, examination shows it to be deserved. The fullness, clear. ness, and excellent mechanical execution of the diction.

ary are striking." Nation, Feb. 12. Thomas, Rev. A. C. Autobiography. 2d thous. 1852.

65.7361 Tice, J. H. Over the plains and on the mountains;

or, Kansas and Colorado agriculturally, mineralogically, etc., described. (1871.)

B95-143 Timayenis, T. T. Greece in the times of Homer;

an account of the life, customs, and habits of the Greeks during the Homeric period.

7BP.148 Does not furnish new light, but it does what is quite as good for the great number of readers who have nei. ther the inclination nor the opportunity for original re. search. It gathers to a focus on many topics some of the light which already exists." - Literary world, Mar.

2. Tolstoï, L. La guerre et la paix; roman histo

rique; tr. etc. par une Russe. 3 v. VBF•T58G

Alphonse Daudet, Ludovic Halévy, et pleusieurs autres déclaraient à qui les voulait entendre que · La guerre et la paix ' était une des grandes euvres du siè

cle." - Bibl. univ., nov. Uhlemann, F: G: Elementarlehre der syrischen

Sprache mit syrischen Lesestücken und
Wörterbuche. 1829.

:Y8WG-UH6 University of California. Secretary. Annual

report to the Board of Regents for the year ending June 30, 1884.

DV5UNC-ACAN Varin, C:, and Beauplan, V. A. R. de. La montagne qui accouche; vaudeville. 1849.

VFD+V43 Varner, F. A., and Duvert, F. A. La sæur de Jocrisse, comédie. 1841.

VFD+V43 Verly, H. Contes flamands; illustré par Just.

VFF+V58 "A very handsome volume written with wit, and not without power of description, and abundantly illus. trated with a very remarkable power both of grotesque

and graceful fancy by 'Just.'" - Sat. rev., Dec. 27. Wead, Prof. C: K. Aims and methods of the

teaching of physics. 1884. (Bureau of Ed.

ucation. Circ. of information.) DA-UN3c Wettergrund, J. Queer people, a selection of sto.

ries from the Swedish of Leah (pseud.); by A. Alberg. 1882. 2 v.

vcsG: w53 Wildes, Rev. G: D. The citizen soldier ; a discourse

before the Anc. and Hon. Artillery Co., Boston, June 4, 1855, their 217th anniv.

1855. Winter, W: Henry Irving.

5E IR85 w Young, J: The province of reason; a criticism of

the Bampton lecture on the limits of reli. gious thought, by (H: L. Mansel). 1860.

Published by the Boston Athenæum, Beacon St., Boston, Mass., tri-weekly. Price by the year 25 cts.; by mail, 50 cts. Entered at the Post Office, Boston, Mass.,

as second class matter.

Aldrich, M. A. History of the U.S. Marine Corps ;

from official reports, etc., compiled by Capt.

R. S. Collum. 1875. Alexander, F. Roadside songs of Tuscany; ed. by J: Ruskin. Pt. 7.

TUIN/AL Contents. The colonel's leave. Story of Faustina.

The song of roses. - The song of the shepherds. Auerswald, F. von. Die Ringer-Kunst; erneuert

von G. A. Schmidt, mit einer Einleitung von K. Wassmansdorff. 1869.

85/Au3 Beers, H: A. Nathaniel Parker Willis. (Amer. men of letters.)

65. w 67743 “Mr. Beers has handled bis subject well, and given us as ample and careful a statement of it as it will justify."

Literary world, Apr. 18. Bent, J. T. The Cyclades; or, Life among the insular Greeks.

AQC99.84 “A better book in its way we have not read for long.

Mr. Bent has had the luck and skill to discover a mine of various interests in the Isles of Greece, and he has worked the vein with admirable thoroughness. Every page is rich in living popular antiquities, he discourses in notes of the cold remains of the past — Blatues, coins, vases, buildings, inscriptions, the great Nax. ian unfinished statue, still lying half created, half im. bedded in marble, in the quarry. This work is thirtyfour feet long, and was to represent a bearded Apollo. In Lesbos fire is still carried from place to place in the narthex of Prometheus. The simple mythical invention holds its own in the age of Bryant and May. The ar. chaic lion of Keos, nine yards long, is not less interest. ing than the unfinished Naxian Apollo; so ancient is the lion that it seems to have given rise to a myth. These are but specimen bricks from the house, examples of the great and lively interest of "The Cyclades,' a work equally desirable for the archæologist, the historian, the geographer, the student of folklore, and the curious

traveller." – Saturday rev., Apr. 25. Berlin. Königliches Museum. Ethnol. Abtheilung.

Amerikas nordwest Küste, neueste Ergebnisse

ethnologischer Reisen. Neue Folge. Bonaparte, L., Prince of Canino. Choix de gra

vures à l'eau forte d'après les peintures origi

nales et les marbres de (sa) galerie. 1812. Boniface, J. X. D. F. A:, and Lauzanne de Vaux

Roussel, A: T. Riche d'amour, comédievaudeville. 1845.

VFD+V43 Bottavelli, F. Dizionario portatile italiano, in

glese e francese. 1803. 3 v. :YID.165 Bouvier, A. La petite duchesse. 1883. VFF: 3664P Bovee, C. N. Intuitions and summaries of thought. 1862. 2 v.

w57.866 Brinton, D. G. The Lenâ pé and their legends ;

with the complete text and symbols of the Walam Olum ; a new trans, and an inquiry into its authenticity. (Lib. of aboriginal

Amer. literature.) “The editor has illuminated this Indian narrative with a great wealth of illustration, historical, ethnological, and linguistic, set forth in a clear and attractive style. Altogether, the volume may be fairly said to form one of most important and interesting contributions to Ameri. can archaeology and ethnology that have appeared for

many years." – Critic, Apr. 18. Brooks, C: History of Medford, Mass., 16301855.

964M46-B Brunellus, J: Tractatus de dignitate et potestate

legati, necnon de primaria cardinalium ori

gine atq; institutione. 1519. Brunner, D. B. Indians of Berks county, Pa.; a

summary of all the records. 1881.

Cabrera y Quintero, C. Escudo de armas de Mex

ico; su proteccion en la pestalencia Maria.

1746. Caine, H. The shadow of a crime; a novel.

(Franklin Sq. lib.) "Mr. Hall Caine has chosen a very original time for bis tale - namely, the beginning of the English Restora. tion, which he studies from the point of view of the Commonwealth. The scene is in the dales of Cumberland, where a number of original people are got together and some very horrible events occur. The story bas an attraction which it is not easy to describe. The occasional views of society in that roystering emancipated time among the northern towns, and the whole air of cold, wild, mountain weather in the Cumbrian vales are in. dicated with very unusual skill and success. The novel is full of human nature." - Pull Mall budget,

May 1. Chadwick, Lieut. Com. F. E. Report on the train

ing systems for the navy and mercantile marine of England, and on the naval training

system of France, 1879. 1880. Chassant, A. Paléographie des chartes et des

manuscrits du lle au 17e siècle ; 7e éd. augm. d'une instruction sur les sceaux et leurs légendes et de règles de critique propres à déterminer l'âge des chartes et des manuscrits non datés. 1876.

Y3•c38 Clark, E: H. G. Man's birthright; or, The higher law of property.

CY•C54 “The conclusions arrived at by the author are ably presented, and should prove a good counter-irritant to the 'barren and pernicious theories of Henry George,' and point out a method for settling the vexed questions of land owuership and taxation." - Literary world,

Apr. 18. Coad, J: Memorandum of the wonderful provi

dences of God to a poor unworthy creature during the Duke of Monmouth's rebellion

and to the revolution in 1688. 1849. 5E.c631 Coddington, D: S. Speeches and addresses; with

a biographical sketch. 1866. w56-064 Colton, G: H. Tecumseh ; or, The West thirty

years since; a poem. 1842. w5P.c827 Concise and accurate description of the University,

town, and county of Cambridge. New and impr. ed. [1799?]

:VE•C74 Cox, Sir G: W. Lives of Greek statesmen; Solon. - Themistocles.

52.9E08 “Themistocles is the best of the series, and great pains are taken to sift the evidence on which the charges of treachery and corruption are brought against the

victor of Salamis." - Westminster review, Apr. Custer, Mrs. E.. B. • Boots and saddles ;" or,

Life in Dakota with General Custer, B91•c96 “Although herself and General Custer are necessa. rily in the foreground of the sketches, their presence is not obtrusive. The manner of the narrator is always

unpretending." Dial, May. Davenport, A. Camps and field life of the 5th N. Y. Vol. Infantry (Duryee Zouaves). 1879.

954N4:D27 De Foe, D. An essay upon projects. 1697. Delavigne, J: F: C. Euvres complètes. 1836.

VF+D374 Dennery, A. P., and Clairville, L: F. N. Les sept

chateaux du diable, féerie. 1844. VFD+V43 Deux missions, Les, du colonel Flatters en Afrique; par un membre de la première mission.



Dickens, C: Dictionary of the University of Ox Hazard, R. G. Man a creative first cause; two ford. 1884.


discourses at Concord, Mass., July, 1882. Disraeli, B., Earl of Beaconsfield. “ What is he?" Hogg, J., the Ettrick shepherd. Songs. 1st Amer. and A vindication of the English constitu

ed. 1832.

VDSP.H678 tion."

SEX 063 Holborn, A. The Bible the Sunday school text“A reprint of the fanious and long lost pamphlet

book. (Normal studies for Sunday school • What is he?' of which it is believed that only one copy is in existence, and of the almost equally scarce · Vindi.

teachers.) cation of the Conetitution,' which Disraeli the Younger Hunter, W: W. The Indian Musulmans. 3d ed. addressed to Lord Lyndhurst in 1835.”


EA5C-H91 Dobson, A. At the sign of the lyre. VEP.p655A Hutton, L. Literary landmarks of London. " No triolets ever contained a lighter or more concen.

XVE:H97 trated tale than those in which Mr. Dobson jots down

“ Mr. Hutton's book amarres a large amount of scat. the Notes of a honey-moon;' and the villanelle', 'On a tered information touching the London haunts of liter. Nankin plate,' is worthy of the little blue mandarin

ary men.

Literary world, May 2. bimself. • The windings of some old-world dance' have entered into these metres, and made themskim along Hyde, J. W. The royal mail; its curiosities and like speckled lady.birds. Mr. Dobson possesses a

CIEP-199 happiness of touch that is like the touch and flash of a fire-ily." Critic, May 2.

“Mr. Hyde's work certainly shows that even at the

present time the business conducted by the Post Ofice Du Boisgobey, F. Les cachettes de Marie-Rose. is not unfrequently enlivened by romantic incidents, 1880. 2 v.


while in antiqiiariau interest it is rich beyond the aver.

age." — Sut. 10., Apr. 25. Le demi-monde sous la terreur. 1878. 2 v.


Hyndman, H: M. Historical basis of socialism in L'épingle rose. 2e éd. 1879. 3 v. VFF"1855 E

England. 1883.

c0s-199 La jambe noire. 2e éd. 1877. 2 v. VFF:1855J

Investigator, pseud. The rebellion; its conseLes mystères du nouveau Paris. 3e éd. 1884.

quences and the Congressional committee,

denominated the Reconstruction committee. 3 v.

VFF. 1855MY

1866. La peau d'un autre, trente ans d'aventures.

EB55-INS 1882. 2 v.


Jung, T.

Dubois-Crancé, mousquetaire, consti. Le pignon maudit. 1882. 2 v. VFF:))85521

tuant, conventionnel, général de division, La vieillesse de M. Lecoq. 5e éd. 1884. 2 v.

ministre de la guerre 1747-1814. 2 v. VFFD855V

54:18552 Duncan, Rev. G: J: C. Memoir of Rev. 11: Dun Jacoby, Dr. I. Cunita ; ein Gedicht aus Indien. can, D. D. 1848. 5Ds:191

VGP+3153 Edwards, Rev. J: E. The confederate soldier; a

Jefferies, R: After London; or, Wild England. memorial sketch of G: N. and Bushrod W.

Vj35A Harris, 1868.

“It takes higher ground in many respects than any. 65.124E

thing else he has yet written. ... A wild, weird, strange Fairbairn, P. The typology of Scripture viewed romance, it overflows with curious touches of naturalis. in connection with the entire scheme of the

tic description, and luminous glimpses of what may yet

be when civilisation has sunk forever into a wide sea of divine dispensations. From the 3d Edin. ed.

renewed barbarism. For the book is a novel of the re. 1859. 2 v.

mote future – a future not of increased arts, and im. Farjeon, B. L. Great Porter Square; a mystery.

proved science, but of final relapse into retrogressive (Franklin Sq. lib.)

savagery.” - Grunt Allen in the Academy, Apr. 18. “Who has not been absorbed and delighted by such Jefferson, T: Notes on the state of Virginia. 9th stories as Gaboriau's · Le crime d'Orcival,' or Wilkie

Amer, ed. 1802.

B6T135 Collins's Moonstone?' "The mystery of Great Porter Square' is well worthy of comparison with either of

Jesus; his opinions and character; the New Testthese masterpieces. It contains, too, some curious

ament studies of a layman. 1883. studies of character." Westminster review, Apr.

Johnson, Maj. E.C. On the track of the crescent; Farrer, J. A. Military manners and customs.

erratic notes from the Piræus to Pesth. " He has collected a great deal of interesting matter

AM-J63 about the military manners of all times. The facts are worth knowing, and no one is bound to take Mr. Far.

“Major Johnson writes in a fresh and lively style; rer's interpretation of them.” – Saturday rev., May 2.

though he cannot pretend to have broken new ground in

any wide and commanding sense, he has penetrated Feldzug der vereinigten Franzosen und Nordame into several out-of-the-way corners. The book rikaner in Virginien im Jahre 1781; nebst

throughout is fresh, attractive, and highly instructive." Karte und Beylagen. [17—.]

Westminster rerieuc, April.

$9529•F Fisher, G: P. Discussions in history and theology. Killebrew, J. B. Oil region of Tennessee; with 1880.

some account of its other resources and ca. Greenaway, K. Language of flowers. [188-?]

pabilities. 1877.

B7E-K5501 Greer, T. A modern Dædalus.

V6862 Kingston, W: H. G. Digby Heathcote; or, The A very entertaining little book, dealing with the ex.

early days of a gentleman's son and traordinary disturbauces which would be introduced

heir. 1860.

VK61701 into human society by the discovery of an efficient flying apparatus." -- Spectator, Mar. 21.

Lang, A. Rhymes à la mode.


* Here are wit and fancy in new dresses, here is schol. Guérin, L. Histoire maritime de France. 1863.

arship arr:yed in silk attire, learning disguised in mot

ley, and golden-haired harmony to lead the revels. Mr. Hase, C: A. Life of Jesus; tr. from the German,

Lang hils discovered a new mode of giving permanence

to the perishable fancies of the poet's mind." - West. by J. F. Clarke. 2d ed. 1881.

minster review, April.

2 v.

Lapham, 0. Recollections of service in the 12th Regt. R. I. Vols.

965-8804 Letters from Hell; given in English by L. W.J.S.;

with pref. by G: MacDonald. "A glance at the first page, or the last, brings the reader within the grasp of intense, realistic earnestness. The book is pervaded not only by a gbastly picturesque. ness, but also by a burning conviction that what is writ. ten down is essentially true, and the impressiveness of this combination is not lost by sifting through two lan. guages. From a literary standpoint there is occa. sionally too much of the preacher, but no artistic defect greatly weakens the impression of originality and

searching power." – Critic, May 9. Lightfoot, J. B. Primary charge; two addresses

delivered to the clergy of the diocese of Dur

ham, Dec. 1882. Liguori, A. M. de. Theologia moralis; adjuncta

J: D. Mansi epitome doctrinae moralis et canonicae ex operibus Benedicti xiv. Ed.

12a. 1822. 3 v. Mailand, G. Catalogue de tableaux anciens de[s]

écoles italienne, flamande, hollandaise, et française composant la collection de feu M.

Mailand. 1881. Maybew, H: and A. The image of his father; or,

One boy is more trouble than a dozen girls ; being a tale of a “young monkey.” 1851.

VM4561 Montégut, E. Nos morts contemporains. 2e sér.

XVFV-M76 Tel M. Montégut s'était montré à nous dans le premier volume, tel nous retrouvons du reste dans celui-ci: ingénieux, chercheur, très curieux d'aperçus nouveaux et de particularités inédites, ne haïssant rien tant qu'un article banaleinent complet avec ses renseignements biog. raphiques toujours les mêmes et toujours répétés, tenant avant tout à n'exposer que des idées scrupuleusement personnelles." - Bulletin critique, 1 déc. Tableaux de la France; en Bourbonnais et en Forez. 1876.

AF:M76 Nash, G. Historical sketch of Weymouth, Mass., 1622-1884.

964w54-8w New-York book of poetry, The. (1836.] w5p-99P New-York weekly magazine; or, Miscellaneous re

pository. Vol. 2. July 27, 1796 - June 21,

1797. Newcomb, J: B. Genealogical memoir of the Newcomb family in England. 1874.

65-9Yx43 Nisard, J: M. N. D. Souvenirs de voyages; France, Belgique, Prusse rhénane, Angleterre. 1855.

AA:F63 Nodier, J: C: E. Souvenirs de la Révolution et de

l'empire. Nouv. éd. 1872. 2 v. 8FG 1n67 O'Donovan, J. Brief account of [his] interview

with his countrymen and of the parts of the Emerald Isle whence they emigrated; with a direct reference to their present location in the land of their adoption during his travels, 1854-55. 1864.

95Zir•OD Paris. Musée Royal. Explication des ouvrages

des artistes vivans, 1836. Peignot, E. G. Tableau de mæurs au 10e siècle,

ou la cour et les lois de Howel-le-Bon, roi d'Aberfraw, 907 à 948; suivi de cinq pièces de la langue française, et terminé par une notice sur la langue anglaise. 1832.

Phila. Hose Co. Historical sketches of its) form

ation and founders ; together with proceedings at the 50th anniv. celebration, Dec. 15,

1853. Picot, E. Catalogue des livres de feu M. le baron

James de Rothschild. T. 1. :XHF-R74 Protestant Episcopal Church. Liturgies, etc. The

Book (of common prayer) annexed to the report of the joint committee as modified by

the General convention of 1883. Rabelais, F. Works; faithfully trans. from the

French, with variorum notes and numerous

illust. by G. Doré. (184) )vfa'rll•E3 Rambossom, J: Les pierres précieuses et les prin

cipaux ornements. 2e éd. Rémusat, C: F. M., comte de. Bacon, sa vie, son

temps, sa philosophie, et son influence jusqu'à nos jours. 3e éd. 1877.

5E•B134R Critiques et études littéraires, ou passé et présent. Nouv. éd. 1859. 2 v.

Essais de philosophie. 1842. 2 v.
St. Anselme de Cantorbery. 2e éd. 1868.

5E AN848 Ritch, W: G. Illustrated New Mexico. 4th ed. 1883.

BAE-OP Robinson, Mrs. M.. D. Angelina. 1796. 3 v.

VR5633 Rodenbough, T. F. Afghanistan and the Anglo

Russian dispute; an account of Russia's advance toward India, etc.

819•661 “ The author labors under all the difficulties which are natural to one who has no well-grounded knowledge concerning the subject he is discussing. He has col. lected a certain amount of data, some of it useful, and some of it irrelevant and without value; and has strung it together in a fragmentary and disjointed manner en tirely devoid of clearness of diction or brilliancy of

style.” -- Nution, May 14. Rogers, W: B.

Reprint of annual reports and other papers on the geology of the Virginias. Roland. Das altfranzösische Rolanslied, genauer

Abdruck der Oxforder Hs. Digby 23; mit e photographische[n] Facsimile von E. Stengel. 1878.

VFO'R640 Photographische Wiedergabe der Hs. Digby

23 der Bodley'scher Bibliothek zu Oxford, von E. Stengel. 1878.

$vFOʻK640 Rush, B: Account of the manners of the German

inhabitants of Pennsylvania, written 1789;

notes by Prof. I. D. Rupp. 1875. B690G.R St. James's magazine; conducted by Mrs. S. C.

Hall. Vol. 1-13, Apr. (1861) - July (1865).

13 v.

Saltikov, A. (Gubernskie o cherki N. Tschedrina. 3d ed. 1864.) 2 v.

:VBF-SA3 Sanderson, A. Historical sketch of the Union

Fire Co., No. 1, of Lancaster, Pa., 1760

1879. Sartorius, E. Three months in the Soudan.

AWSU 2-sa 7 "Colonel Colborne's volume gave us the first act of the Soudan tragedy, when he related the history of Hicks Pa-ha's expedition. Mrs. Sartorius now tells the second act; also as an eye witness, when she records with the minuteness of a diary the attempts of the officers at Suakim to infuse a little order and discipline into the rabble with which they were ordered to oppose the dashing Arabs of Osman Dagna. The story is inex.

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pressibly gloomy, Mrs. Sartorius does not tell her

story well.

Nevertheless, as the records of a disas.

trous campaign, her book will command some interest."

- British quarterly rev., April.
Schelhorn, J. G: Ergötzlichkeiten aus der Kir-

chenhistorie und Literatur. 1762. 3 v.
Scherr, J: Germania; zwei Jahrtausende deut-

schen Lebens, kulturgeschichtlich geschil.
dert. [1877.)


Schmidt, C. Zur Geschichte der altesten Biblio-

theken und der ersten Buchdrucker zu Strass-

burg. 1882.


Schweigger, S. Ein newe Reyssbeschreibung auss

Teutschland nach Constantinopel und Jeru.

salem. 1619.


Sime, W: Boulderstone; or, New men and old

populations; a novel. (Franklin Sq. lib.)

“An interesting story of capital and labor in which

the social problem is not made aggressively prominent,

though the moral is evident that the remedy for the so-

cial difficulty lies in creating right feeling on the part of

the capitalisi, not exciting wronged feeling on the part of

the laborer. The book has many picturesque side is.

sues." – Critic', May 2.

Simon, J. F. S. S., dit J. La liberté de conscience.

2e éd. 1857.

La politique radicale. 3e éd. 1869. EAFL-S16
La réforme de l'enseignement secondaire, 1874.


Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge.

Official year-book of the Church of England.

1883-85. 3 y.

Soley, Prof. J. R. Report on foreign systems of

naval education. 1880.

Sorel, C: La science universelle. 1668. 4 v.

Spon, E. and F. N. Encyclopædia of the indus-

trial arts, manufactures, and commercial

products. Div. 1-5. 1879–82. 4 v.

Spruyt, C: Lithographies d'après les principaux

tableaux de la collection du prince d'Aren-

berg; avec le catalogue descriptif. 1829.

Stael Holstein, A. L. G. N., la baronne de. Co-

rinne; or, Italy; tr., the poetical passages

by L. E. L. Amer, ed corr. 1847. 2 v. in



Straub, J. Consolations of science; or Contribu-

tions of science to the hope of immortality;

with introd. by H. W. Thomas.

Tales from many sources. 2 v.

Contents. Vol. 1. Hardy, T: The three strangers.

Anstey, F. A.

The black poodle. Sturgis, J.

Lord Richard and I. - Stevenson, R. L: The pavilion
on the links. — Norris, W. E. The hermit of Saint Eu.
gène. – Mattie. 2. My Paris masters. - Ouida.
Mouflou. Martin, Mrs. H. Beauchamp & Co. -
Reade, C: The Knightsbridge mystery. Archdea-
con Holden's tribulations. – Štretton, A. Michel Lo.

rio's cross. — Argles, yrs. M. In durance vile.
Taylor, W: M. John Knox.

“ He has done the work well. He has condensed his
matter in a judicious manner, and has been very careful
to keep close to his authorities. If any fault could be
be found with his volume it is that he hardly comes close
enough to the man bimself. The book is well ar.
ranged, well written, and thoroughly readable from first

to last." - British quarterly rev., April.
Thomson, R. The book of life; a bibliographical
melody. 1820.

Thuemmel, J. Vorträge über Shakespeare-Char-
aktere. 1881.


Towle, G: M. Eng. and Russia in Asia. (Timely

819• 165
“A very readable and instructive little book." - Lit.

world, May 2.

Trafford, F.G. The moors and the fens. New ed.,

rev. 1763.


Tunnard, W: H. A southern record ; history of

the 3d Regt. Louisana Inf. 1866. 954L•T83

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Sforza, Duke of Milan ; with prelim. sketch

of the history of Italy. 1852. 2 v. 51-5F5U

Valle, P: della. Viaggi; diviso in tre parti, cioè

la Turchia, la Persia, e l'India, colla vita dell'

autore. 1843. 2 v.


Verrall, A. W. Studies literary and historical on
the odes of Horace.

"A delightfnl book. Charming contribution to

Horatian literature." - Nation, May 14.

Vinet, A: Discours sur quelques sujets religieux.

5e éd. 1853.

Esprit d’A: Vinet; Pensées et réflextions ex-

traites de tous ses ouvrages et quelques mss.

inédits, rangées, etc., par J. F. Astié. 1861?

2 v.


Etudes évangéliques. 1847.
Etudes sur Blaise Pascal. 2e éd. 1856.
Hist. de la prédication parmi les réformés de

France au 17e siècle. 1860.

La liberté des cultes. 2e éd. 1852.

Liberté religieuse et questions écclesiastiques.


Mélanges. 1869.


Moralistes des 16e et 17e siècles. 1859.

Poétes du siècle de Louis xiv. 1861. XVFPT-V

Wells, H, P.

Fly-rods and fly-tackle; sugges-

tions as to their manufacture and use.


“Not only an able but an individual essay. A

learned and exhaustive exposition, filling a place not be.

fore occupied by the publications of American anglers."

- Dial, May.

Wendell, B. The Duchess Emilia ; a romance.


“ An original, ingenious, and in some respecte power.

ful story:

An elevated and elevating tale. Imagin.

ative in its central feature, it is intensely realistic in its

accessories. This book with its uplified dreamy

style, is a sort of vision; like a painting before

which one stands with a sense of fascination amounting

to awe." Lit. world, Apr. 18.

Weygant, C: H. History of the 124th Regt. N.Y.

State Vol. 1877.


Whitaker, J. A reference catalogue of current



White, R. E: The Cross of Monterey; and other


Whitelocke, B. Meteubxwolç : sive tentamen de

transmigratione in Pythagorae defensionem ;

nunc primum ab Oswaldo Dyke editus.


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Mass., tri-weekly. Price by the year 25 cts ; by mail,
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