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HIS Excellent Treatise was at first sent to the Press in the Year 1678, by an unknown Hand, with Intimation only, that it was

written by a Clergyman in the Country, being the Minutes he took in bis Course of his studying the English History.

The Judgment and Fidelity with which it was compiled, supplied the Want of its Author's Name ; and the Publick were so well pleased with Thousand Copies were foon fold off without the Knocía ledge of the Author.

The Bookseller to the Reader. At length Mr. Anthony Wood, in bis Athena Oxonienses, Speaking of Dr. Howell, Author of the General History, so well known for its Excellency, declares this Treatise to be bis.

And. Dr. Nicholson, in bis English Historical Library, says of it, That, although it be only a very

concise Epitome of our History, it is done with that great Judgment, that it deserves a Place among the Best of our Writers on this Subje£t.

The Continuation will, we hope, be allow'd to be answerable to the rest ; at least, the fame Care is taken with respe&t to Fidelity. Nothing material to the Knowledge of Publick Affairs is omitted; and the Work is thereby render'd compleat,

The Sculptures added in this Edition, very much adorn and illuftrate the Hiftory. And the Genealogica Table of the Royal Family Mews, in the plainest Manner, the Succeffion of the Crown from Williant I.-to this Time.

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HE most memorable KINGS of the Britains in the Time of the

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Emperors of ROME comutanding in BRITAIN, viz.

Cajus Julius Cæsar Page 6 Antonius Gordianus

ibid, Octavianus Auguftus Cæsar ibid. Julius Philippus Arabs ibid. Claudius Tiberius Nero ibid. Trajanus Decius

ibid. Caius Caligula

ibid. Trebonius Gallus . Claudius Drusus

7 Julius Æmilianus

ibid. Domitius Nero ibid. Licinius Valerianus

ibido Sergiu: Sulpitius Galba ibid. Licinius Galienus

ibid. Salvius Ocho

ibid. Aurelius Flavius Claudius ibid. Aulus Vitellius 8 Aurelius Quintilius

15 Flavius Vespasian ibid. Valerius Aurelianus

ibid. Titus Vefpafian ibid. Claudius Tacitus

ibid. Flavios Domitian ibid. Annius Florianus

ibid. Cocccius Nerva 9 Valerius Probus

ibid. Ulpius Trajan ibid. Aurelius Carus

16 Ælius Hadrianus ibid. Dioclefianus

ibid. Antoninus Pius

ibid. Conftantius Chlorus, and Galerius Marcus Aurelius Antoninus ibid. Maximinus

ibid. Aurelius Commodus 10 Constantine the Great

17 Publius Helvius Pertinax ibid. Constantinus, Conftans, and ConDidias Julianus ibid. ftantius.

18 Septimius Severus ibid. Julian the Apostate

ibid. Ballianus Caracalla, and Septimius Flavius Jovinianus

19 Geta

Flavius Valentinianus

ibid. Opilius Macrinus

ibid. Flavius Gratianus Ballianus Ant. Heliogabalus ibid. Flavius Theodofius Magnus ibid, Aurelius Alexander Severus 12 Honorius

21 Caius Julius Verus Maximinus ibid. Theodofius and Valentinian

22 Pupienus Maximus, and Clodius

13 The Saxon Heptarcby


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BRITISH Princes who contended with Edgar
Edward the Martyr

4 Vortigern 24 Ethelred

4 Vortimer

ibid. Edmond Ironside Aurelius Ambrosius


Uter Pendragon


4 Arthur

ibid. Harold Conftantine ibid. Hardicanute

ibia Aurelius Conanus


SAXONS. Vortiperus ibid. Edward the Confeffor

42 Malgo Conanus

ibid. Harold Careticus


NORMAN S. Cadwin 26 William the Conqueror

50 Cadwallo

ibid. William Rufus Cadwallador ibid. Henry L.

57 The most powerful Kings of the Stephen

SAXON Heptalcby. Henry II. Hengift

26 Richard I. Ella

27 John Cherdick ibid. Henry III. .

7 Kenrick ibid. Edward I.

85 Chelwin or Cheulin ibid. Edward II.

90 Ethelbert ibid. Edward III.

94 Redwald

29 Richard II. Edwin

ibid. Line of LANCASTER, Orwald ibid. Henry IV.

107 Ofway

30. Henry v. Vulfhere ibid. Henry VI.

118 Ethelred


Line of YORX Kenred ibid. Edward IV.

126 Chelred ibid. Edward V.

132 Echelbald. 31 Richard III.

136 Offa'

ibid. Families of LANCASTER and Egfryd


YORK United. Kenwolph ibid. Henry VII.

141 SAXON Monarcbs. Henry VIII. Egbert. 32 Edward VI.

160 Ethelwolph

166 Ethelbald, or Ethelwald ibid. Elizabeth

171 Ethelbert ibid. James I.

181 Ethelred

ibid. Charles I. Ælfred, or Alfred

34 Charles II. Edward the Elder 37 James II.

299 Ethelftan 38 William and Mary

352 Edmond Edred ibid. George I.

539 Edwy 40 George II,




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33 Mary



39. Anne



Medúlle. Historie Anglicana.


DE HIS most flourishing pleasant and delightful. In Wintes

Island Britain is boun- The Absence of the Sun is relieved T ded on the South with with the Warmth of its invironing

Normandy and France, Seas; and in the Summer the Heat on the East with Ger. is moderated by frequent Showers

inany and France, up- and Sea Winds. on the West with Ireland and the O happy Britain ! (said the old Atlantick Ocean, and on the North Panegyrist) and more blissful than with the Deucalidonian Seas : The all other Regions ! Nature hach enLength thereof, from the Lizard. riched thee with all Commodities Point Southward in Cornwall, to of Heaven and Earth, wherein the Straith-bead in Scotland, con-' there is neither extream Cold in tainerh 624 Miles; the Breadth, Winter, nor scorching Heat in Sunia from Lands-End in Cornwall in the mer ; wherein there is such abun. West, unto the Island Thanet in the dant Plenty of Corn, as may suffice East, containeth 340 Miles. It is both for Bread and Winè; wherein feated under the gth and 13th Cli- are Woods without Wild Beasts, mates of the Northern Temperate and Fields without noisome SerZone; insomuch, that in the Sum- penes : But infinite Numbers of mer Solstice in the Northern Part of Milch-cattle, and Sheep weigh'd Ecotland, there is no Night at all, down with Fleeces; and i hat which but only an obscure Twilight. A is most comfortable, long Days and Country it is for Air mild, for Soil lightlome Nights. And, as our fruitful, and for Length of Days English Lucan fings,

The faireff Land that from her thrusts the reji,
As if the car'd not for the World befide ;
A World within herfelf with Wonders bleft.


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