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a God, yet when the true God sent Domitia, his Son in-law Rufinus, 43-71. his Thunder, he would cover his and his famous Tutor Seneca, with Eyes with his Hat, and hide himself many of the Roman Nobility, and under the Table. He was so ex. raised the first Persecution against ceeding hairy of Body, that during the Chriftians. He set the City of his Regality, it was next to High- Rome on fire, charging the innocent Treason, but to name a Goat. He Christians with the fact, and toroften lamented, chat fome rare and menting them for it. He caused unusual Disafter happened not in his St. Peter and St. Paul to be put to Time, whereby bis Reign might be Death, the first by crucifying, the made memorable to Polterity. He other by beheading. But this Tywished that all the People had but rant was grown so hated, that the one Neck, that so he might have Senate adjudg’d him shamefully to the Glory of giving the bravest be whipped to Death; which he Blow that ever was struck; but hearing of, run himself upon his himself was murdered, receiving own Sword. In the first five Years thirty Wounds of the Conspirators. of his Reign he was very compasli

onate; infomuch as being requested 4. D. Laudius Drufus, the to sign a Writ for Execution of a 43.

Grandson of Livia, Malefactor, he said, Would to God Auguftus's Wife, was by the Preto I had never learnt to Write. In the rian Band chosen Emperor, contra- Year of our Redemption, 67, Jory to the Mind of the Senate, who seph of Arimathea was sent by Phihad determined to reduce the City lip the Apostle, to plant the Gospel to her ancient Liberty, without in Britain, who laid the Foundation Admission of any Cæfar. He came of the Christian Faith at a Place into Britain, where for his Clemen- then called Avalon, afterward Inifcy the Britains erected a Temple witren, now Glastonbury, where he and Altar in his Name, giving him died, and was buried. In Nero the Divine Honour. His firit Wife Mef. Progeny of the Cafars ended. Jalina, besides all her private Le

A. D. Ergius Sulpitius Galha was ;

70. elected Emperor by the for her Impudence being put to Soldiers and Senate, who when he Death, Claudius married Julia A had reigned only seven Months, grippina, who, to make way for was, by the Procurement of Otho, her Son Nero to the Empire, pro- lain by a Troop of Horfemen. cured the difinheriting of Britanni. cus, the Emperor's Son, and by A. D. Alvius Otho being chosen Poison tempered in a Mushrome me 71. Empe. or, Vitellius a Roended Claudius's Days.

man General marched against him,

and at Brixellium won the Day ; A.D. Omitius Nero was elect- and to save the shedding of Roman

ed Emperor by the Sol. Blood, Otho refuted to engage any diers. His own Father he poisoned, farther with him, though much upon his Mother he first committed importuned by his Soldiers to rein. Inceit, then Murder; he deflower- force the Battle; but he thus aned the Vestals, flew his Brother swered them, “To hazard your Germanicus, and Sister Antonia, his • Virtues and Valours for onellan's Wives Poppea and O&avie, his .Aunt ! Estate, I hold it dangerous; and


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71 83. • needless it is, that my Life should Tirus smell to the Gold brought for Vi be prized at so dear a Rate. These Tribute-Money, asking him what

! Civil Wars Vitellius begun, which ill Savour he found in it? adding, ! for my part I purpose not to con- That the Smell of Gain is sweet out • tinue. And hereby let Poiterity of any thing. He died of a Flux.

esteem of Otho, that others have • kept the Empire longer, but that A. D. TItus Vefpafian won the ? never any left it more valiantly. 81. City of Jerusalem. For You for your Parts would have his Humanity and native Goodness, ? died for my Sake; but I to save he was styled, The Darling and De

your Lives, do die voluntarily light of Mankind. So tender he was • and unvanquished ; Į blame not of satisfying his People, that his u• the Gods, nor envy I Vitellius's fual Saying was, No Man ought to

rising Glory ; sufficient to me it go fad from his presence. So inclined ' is, that my House has touched to gratify the Poor, that one Day • the highest Strain of Honour, and being passed from him without any

myself to be left upon Record notable Good done for them, in ? the Sovereign Monarch of the Sorrow he said, Perdidimus Diem, • World.' And thereupon, with a we have quite loft a Day: He was Solemn Farewell to the whole Army, a great Enemy to Promoters and he went into his Tent, and with Extorters of Penal Laws, whom he his Dagger gave himself his Death's caused to be whiped and banished Wound.

Rome. He would not receive any

Accufation againit those that spoke 4, D. Aulus Onelius was

Ulus Vitellius was fo Evil of him, saying, so long as I

gluttonous and prodi- do nothing that deserves Reproach, I gal, that Two thousand Dishes of value noč Lyes. But his Brother Fish, and Seven thousand of Fowls, Domitian, aspiring after the Emxvere served to his Table at one pire, procured this good Emperor Šapper. In those few Months he to be poisoned. reigned, he wasted Seven millions thirty one thousand wo hundred A. D. Lavius Domitiaa, instead and fifty Pounds Sterling; but was


of applying himself to ignominiously flain after the Man- manly Exercises, busied himself in ner of a common Malefact r, when a private Gallery, with catching of he had reigned only eight Months Flies, and pricking them through and five Days.

with a Bodkin. He caused his Sia

tue to be made of Gold, and comA. D. Lavius Vespasian was manded that himself Mould be cal

71. chosen Emperor by the led God. Upon small Sarmises he Dichian Legions: He was a great murdered the Senators and Nobles. Enemy and a Scourge to the Jews, Many new Tortures he invented. þut a great favourer of Learning; Confiscations and Banishments were valiant, just, and wise, yet it may Favours from him. He raised the be too covetous; for he imposed a Second Persecution agaicit the ChriTax upon every Family, according stians, banish'd St. John into the Ille to the Quandiy of Urine that was of Patmos ; but himself was mur. made in it, which his Son Titus dered, and his dead Carcass disgraceblaming him for, as dishonourable fully abused, his Scutcheons and Ito fo great an Emperor, he bad magesdefaced by order of theSenate.


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1,5. Cohe band her christians Hoceius Narva recalled 4. D. ANtoninus Pius published 98-162.

140. permitting them to enjoy the free the Christians, ordaining, That if Profeffion of their most holy Faith. any after that Time should be found Now St. John returned from Pat- guilty of moletting them without gass to Ephesus. This Emperor di- just Occafion, that then the Chried in a cholerick Passion conceived ftian accused should be acquitted, against a Senator.

and his Accuser should suffer that

Punishment he endeavoured to pro4. D. Lpius Trajan, when he cure upon the Christian. He often 100. giving him the Sword, he would Subject's Life, than kill a Thoucommand him to use it against his fand Enemies. So bountiful he was, own Person, if he violated the Law, that thereby he consumed his own He raised the Third Persecution. Private Ettate; which his Empress The Jews rebelling he put to Death repining at, he said, That when he in such infinite Numbers, that it was undertook to be Emperor, he then accounted the greatest Slaughter that laid aside the Interest and Proprieever was made, He died of a Flux. ties of a private Person. In farther

Praise of him, it is said, That in 4. D. Lius Hadrianus is faid his Youth he did nothing rathly,

to have been of so ex nor in his Age negligently. He cellent a Memory, that he never for- died of a Fever, aged Seventy. got any thing which he either heard or read. The Britains rebelling, he A. D. Arcus Aurelius Antonicame over and reduced them into 162.

nus Philofophus chose Obedience, whereupon there was to himself for his Allociate in the this Addition upon his Coin, The Re- Empire Lucius Verus, who raised fterer of Britainy. And to defend the the Fourth Persecution, when those Romans from the Incursions of the two famous Chriftians, Polycarpus wild Northern Britains, he caused a Bishop of Smyrna, and Juflin MarWall of Stakes, Turf, and Earth to tyr, suffered Martyrdom, the like to be made from the River Eden near which did many other Christians. Carlisle, unto the River Tine near But after nine years bloody PerleNewcasile, 80 Miles in Length. Some cution, the Tyrant Lucius was cut write, that he only repair’d thisWall, off by an Apoplexy. Marcus Aurclius, and that Agricola, Nero's General, in his Wars against the Quadi, Ger. first made it. He rased Jerusalem mans, what with the Peltilence raeven to the Ground, built another ging in his Army, and what by want City near where chat stood, calling of Water, was forely distressed; but i Ælia ; banished the Jews from by the Prayers of his Chriltian Solthence; and upon the Gate of the diers, such a plentiful Shower of new City, looking towards Jerufa- Rain fell, that therewith, after five lim, he caused the Picture of a Swine Days extreamett Drought and to be set, because that Breast is an Thirst, the whole Army was refreihAbomination to the Jews. He pro- ed, and his Enemies, on the contrahibited the Persecution of the Chris ry, by Thunder and Lightning were fians, and was minded to have built uiterly dispersed and overthrown; a Temple to Christ, but was diffua- whereupon this Emperor both mis ded from it. He died of a Dropsy. rigated the Perfecution, and named



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181-195. that Legion of the Christians, K - A D. Idius Julianus, a Law

paurácor, the Lightning Legion. 194 yer by Profeffion, when His Son Commodus procured the the Empire was now exposed to Sale Physicians to destroy him. by the Pretorian Soldiers (being the

Emperor's Life Guard, the NumAD: A 181. sometimes shew himself Diadem with larger Promises than like Hercules in a Lion's Skin, some ever he performed. But Severus times was wartonly clad in the Ha- warring against him, and the Solbit of an Amazon. He kept Three diers remaining unsatisfied of the hundred Concubines, and amongst covenanted Premium, and withal the rest his beloved Martia, whose hoping to purchase Favour with painted Picture he wore on the Out- Severus, they New their Chapman fide of his Garment; but through Didius in his Palace, within a few fome Displeasu e, having designed Days after that he had affumed the to put her and some other Persons to Government. Death, they conspired against him, and with Poison, Stabs, and Strang- A.D. of whose Death was most grateful peror; and he, as soon as he came both to the Senate and People, who near to Rome, gave strict Command fty led him, Hoffis humani generis, that the Pretorian Cohorts should the Enemy of Mankind. About the attend him disarmed; which being Beginning of this Emperor's Reign done, he vehemently checked them was the Christian Faith in Britain for their Treason against Pertinax, firft professed by publick Authority, depriving them both of the Name, under King Lucius the first Christian Honour, and Arms of Soldiers, and King in the World; at which Time banished them an hundred Miles Eleutherius, then Bishop of Rome, from Rome; which Act of his was fent Paganus and Damianus to him, highly grateful to the Roman Citiupon whose Preaching the Heathen- zens. This Emperor came over inith Flamens and Arch-Flamens to Britain, where he fought many (twenty-eight in Number) were Battles, but ever with more Difti. converted to so many Bishops Sees, culties to the Romans than Britains. whereof London, York, and Caerleon Clodius Albinus, the Roman Lieuteupon Uske in Wales, were made the nant in Britain, made Opposition

Metropolitans of the Province. The against him, but he subdued him. Theanus, first Archbishop of London was The- Hadrian's Wall he repaired. The A. B. of anus.

Caledonians rebelling, he command. London.

ed to be destroyed without ExceptiA. D.

Ublius Helvius Pertinax, on. But Severus remaining in 1 ork 194. a perty Tradesman's (which Place afterward grew to be i Son, was, in his old Age, called one of the chiefest for Account ato the Government of the Empire mong the Brigantes, as commonly by the Senate ; but the Pretorian the Stations of the Roman Colonies ci horts (whose licentious Lives he were the Seed-plots of all our Çjrestrained) shed his innocent Blood,ties and chief Towns) growing aged when he had reigned little more and sick, he died, April 4, A. D. than a Month,

212. This Emperor having lain long fick of the Gout, and one of

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his Nobles telling him, that he won- great Princes in their Coaches; and 212-220. der'd how he could rule so vaft an then his Successor first set Fire on Empire, being so lame and unweil- the Frame, and after him all the Elvanus, dy; he answered, That he ruld the People did the like on all Sides, till A. B. of Empire with his Brain, and not the Whole began to be in a Flame; London. with his Feet. He raised the Fifth which done, an Eagle (secretly inPersecution against the Christians. closed within) was let fly out of the

Top, the People following its Flight A.D.

his Brother Septimius that therewith Severus was mounted Geta, were declared Emperors by into Heaven. But in short time afold Severus their Father, and both ter this, Caracalla, to gain the fole furcamed Antoninus ; a Name then Sovereignty, New his Brother Geta very gracious in the Etteem of the in his Mother Julia's Arms, preRomans. These Emperors, together tending that the innocent Youth had with the Empress Mother Julia, fought his Death. And because Patransported the Funeral Afhes of the pinianus, the famous Civilian, would old Emperor in a Golden Urn to not excuse the Murther in his Pleas Rome, where they folemnly conse.. at the Bar, he caused him to be crated him a God; the Ceremony slain, with many of the Nobility was after this sort performed : His who favoured Geta. Julia his Brom Image being lively pourtray'd, in ther Geta's own Mother,and his Momanner of a fick Man, was laid up- ther-in-law, he took to Wife, 'tis on an Ivory Bedfted, richly furnish- reported, on this Occasion: Julia ed, in the Porch of his Palace. The in his Presence, either casually or Priaces and Senators fat all on the purposely let fall her Veil, thereby lest Side thereof in black Array, discovering her naked Breasts and the Ladies on the Right, cloathed Beauty, which he beholding, inin white, the Physicians diligently stantly said, Were it not unlawful, visiting him. When seven Days I should not be unwilling; to which were ended, as if then just dead, the the reply'd, That all Things were prime Noblescarried him in his Ivo- lawful to him who made Laws for ry Bed to the Forum, where all the others, but was himself subject to Patrician Youth, and noble Virgins, none ; whereupon he married her ; encompassed him with most doleful but a violent Death prevented him Hymns and Ditties. From thence from enjoying her long; and the his Image was removed to Mars's hearing of his being murthered, Field, where a four square Frame poisoned herself. of Timber was erected of a very great Height ard Compass, the Stó- A.D. ries Itill mounting to the Top with 219. fundry Ascents, 'richly beautified lection of the Soldiers, obtained the with Gold, purple Ornaments, and Imperial Crown, but enjoy'd it but Images of great Art and Price. a short Time, for young Heliogaba. On the second of which Ascents lus warring against him, overcame was placed the Emperor's Bed and him, and put him to Death, witl, Satue, with infinite Store of most Diadumanus his Son. sweet Odours ; the young Nobles riding about him in a kind of A.D. Dance ; others who represented 220. the natural Son of Ca.


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