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saying that Verse in the Psalms, Therefore to make it up, the King 1417. Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but pawned bis Crown to his Uncle unto thy Name give the Glory. And Cardinal Beauford, for a great Sum demanding what was the Name of of Money, and certain Jewels to the Place, when it was answered the Lord-Mayor of London for Ten him, Agincourt : Then to all Pofte- Thousand Marks. Then with an tities following, saith he, shall this Aimy of 25,527 Soldiers, every Battle be called the Battle of Agin- Fourth being an Horseman, be

fides a Thousand Carpenters and The Spoil here taken in Ar- Labourers, upon July 28, 1417, he mour, Jewels, and Apparel, was very took to the Seas, and Augujt the great. Of the English were fiain, first, arrived in Normandy, to their the Duke of York, the Earl of Suf- great Terror, many of the Inhabifolk, two Knights, David Gam, Elg; tants for Fear flying into Bretaign. and twenty-eight private Soldiers. And as soon as on Shore, to encouof the French were fain, one thou- rage his Followers, he dubbed thirfand Princes, Nobles, Knights, and ty eight Knights, then laid Siege Esquires, and Ten againit Conquest, the strongest City mon Soldiers.

Prisoners of Acc in Normandy, which he took Aucount taken in the field were, gust the 16th. He took likewise Charles Duke of Orleans, John the Castles of Aumbelliers and LoDuke of Bourbon, the Earl of Rich- vers; the first of which he gave to mond, Louis de Bourbon, Count de his Brother Clarence, the second to Vandosme, the Earl of Eu, Edward the Earl of Salisbury, and the third de Rouen, with divers others. Just to the Earl Marshal. Caen in Nora before this Battle of Agincourt, when mandy, the King took by Force, giit was reported, that the French ving the Pillage thereof amongst Forces were very numerous, Cap- his soldiers. Now when King tain Gam resolutely faid, That if Henry was bufied in France, the Scots there were so many, there were enough wrought what Mischief they could ! to be killed, enough to be taken Pric againit him at Home, entred Engforers, and enough to

run. away. land in an hostile Manner, bringing The next Day after this Battle, one with them whom they pretendGreat Henry marched towards Ca- ed to be King Richard II. and laid lais; and in the next Month fol. ftrait Siege against Roxborough and lowing spread Sails for England; Berwick; but upon the Report of and, on November 23, in Triumph- an Army of English coming against wise, he entred London, where he them, they broke up their Sieges, received the Gratulations, of his and well was he that could first set People. The City presented him Foot in his own Country. In Jaa Thousand Pounds in Gold, and nuary, the strong Town and Catwo Golden Basons. After some sle of Fallors was delivered to the Time of refreshing, the King call. King ; after which he divided his ed a Parliament to London, which Army into several Parts, under the granted him a Subsidy, and a Conduct of the Dukes of Clarence Tenth, for carrying on of his and Gloucester, and Earl of Warwick, Wars in France ; which he graci- who took fundry Garrisons. The qully accepted, though it was too King the while beheged Roan ; short for the defraying fo vast a which, after about a Twelve-month

Siege, was delivered to him up


1418. on Terms, i.e. That the Burgesses the Englis Successes, the Dauphin

should pay unto him Three hun- and his Mother the Queen feil at dred fifty fix thousand Crowns of great Variance, when the Queen, by Gold, should swear Faith and Loy. the Procurement of Burgundy (the alty to him and his Successors, King being very infirm) was made &c.

Regent of France, whose Female A. D. 1418, immediately after Authority, and the Hatred to her the Surrender of this, sundry other own Son the Dauphin, did not a litPlaces of Note yielded themselves, tle prejudice the Crown of France. wherein King Henry placed Gar- And to the great Advantage of the risons. And now France, trembling English, the Dauphin caused Jobs at the English Successes and their Duke of Burgundy to be treacheroufown Losses, sought a Peace from ly slain (for that the said Duke had King Henry, who yielded to a per- procured Lewis Duke of Orleans to sonal Conference to be held at Me- be barbarously murthered, thinking lun, whither Charles the French that then he might easily compass King, his Queen Isabel, the Prin- to rule all under a weak King.) cess Catharine, Duke of Burgundy, Whereupon the Queen and young Count of St. Paul, with a thousand Duke of Burgundy persuaded King Horse, came first; King Henry, his Charles 10 disinherit the Dauphix Brothers of Clarence and Gloucester, his Son, and to give the Lady Ca. attended likewise with a thousand tharine in Marriage unto the King Horse, met them; wherein much of England; which accordingly was Conference pafled, but nothing was done, and a Peace was concluded be. concluded; which did not well please twixt the two Kings of England and the King of England. Wherefore France. The prime Articles of the ready to depart, he thus spoke to Peace were there, That Charles and Burgundy, Cousin, I may not well di- Isabel should retain the Name of get this Refusal, but be ve assur’d, that King and Queen, and should hold either I will have your King's Daugh- all their Dignities, Rents, and Polter, and all my Demands, or else I sessions during their natural Lives. will banish both you and them out of That after the Death of Charles the France. You may speak your Plea- present King of France, the Crown fure, answered the Duke; but be- and Realm of France should, with all fore you foall thruft us out of France, Rights and Appurtenances, remain you shall be weary of the Enterprize. unto the King of England, and his The Treaty thus broke, Burgundy Heirs for ever. That because of reconciled himself with the Dau- King Charles his Infirmness and Inphin, and Henry displeased herewith, capacity to dispose the Affairs of the prosecuted the War more sharply, Realm of France, therefore during set upon Ponthois the last of July, his Life the Government thereof and in few Hours gain'd the Town, fhould be and abide to K. Herry; to wherein great Spoils fell to the Sol- that thenceforth he should govern the diers Shares. The News of this made Realm, and admit to his Council King Charles to remove his Court and Allistance, with the Council of from Paris to Troys in Champaigne, France, such of the Englift Nobility whilft Henry went forward with his as he should think fit, &c. intended Enterprizes, he and his Ge The Number of Articles were nerals winning many strong Holds. Thirty-three, which were sworn And to make the more Way for unto ái Trojs, May 30, 1420, che


fame being proclaimed in London titioned the King to commiserate 1422. the 20th of J une following. These the Poverty of the Commons, which Articles were concluded betwixt the as they pleaded, were beggared two Kings in the Presence of divers by the Wars; wherefore, without of the chief Nobility both of Eng- farther presling for any Aid, the land and France, Homage being King again pawned the Crown to sworn unto King Henry, and he his rich Uncle Cardinal Beauford, proclaimed Regent of France. And for Twenty thousand Pounds, and on the third of June the Marriage then returned into France with four of Henry and Catharine was, with Thousand Horse, and twenty-four all pompous Solemnity, celebrated Thousand Foot. And Time it was, at Troys, the Bishop of that See per- for the Dauphin's Party was grown forming the Ceremonies. From considerably strong by Aids sent Troys the King of England and his from Scotland under the Conduct of Queen rode to Paris, where great the Earl Bucquhanan, and ArchiEntertainment was given; and the bald Douglas, who had given a Demore to weaken the Dauphin's In- feat to a Party of the English, thereterest, a Parliament of three Estates in killing the valiant Duke of Clawas assembled in Paris, where the rence, and taking Prisoners the Earls Disinherison of the Dauphin was of Huntingdon and Somerset, and Theconfirmed. In this Parliament was mas Beaufort. After which the Daualso the final Accord betwixt the phinois had laid Siege to Alenzo, and two Kings acknowledged by the straitned the City of Paris, by withFrench King, as made by his free holding Provisions from it; but when Consent and Liking, and with Ad- victorious Henry appeared, the Enevice of the Council of France, where- my betook them to their strong upon it was likewise there ratified Holds, many of which he gained in by the General States of that Realm, short Time. and sworn unto particularly upon A.D. 1421, and December the 6th, the Holy Evangelists by the French whilst King Henry lay be ore Meaux, Nobles and Rulers Spiritual and Se- News was brought him, that his cular, who also set their Seals to Queen, at the Castle of Windsor, was the Instruments thereof. Which delivered of a Son; at which he exInftruments were fent into England ceedingly rejoyced, yet faid, he li. to be kept in the King's Exchequer ked not the Place of her Delivery, at Westminsler. Things now settled having before commanded that the in France as well as that upsettled should not be delivered there ; and Time would permit, King Henry withal predicted, that what Henrp, leaves the Duke of Clarence to be of Monmouth should gain, Henry of his Lieutenant there, and hattens Windsor should lose, for England with his Queen, whom 4. D. 1422, Queen Cathariné he caused to be crowned at Wifi passed beyond the Seas to the King minster in little Time after their Ár. in France, and there in the Louvre, rival in England. Then he called a King Henry and his Queen CathaParliament in order to the raising rine, at the Festival of Pentecoff, fat of Monies for the continuing of the in their Royal Robes, with their Conquest in France ; but some Men Imperial Crowns on their Heads, minding more their private Interest and kept their Court with great than the Publick, instead of being Confluence of People. But shortly free thereto to contribute, they pé after this renowned Prince fell fick

I 3

1422. of a burning Fever and Flux, where he entred into a League with the

of he died August 31, 1422. His English himself. Sir Roger Afton,
Bowels were buried at St. Mauro Beverley; Murley, and fome others,
de Fosses, his Body at Westminster, were strangled and burned for an
next beneath the Tomb of Edward unlawful Meeting in St. Giles's
the Confefior. Upon his Tomb Fields. ,
Queen Catharine caused a Royal Pic A.D. 1417, Sir John Oldeafle,
ture to be laid, cover'd all over with Lord Cobham, was adjudged as a
Silver Plate Gilt, the Head where- Traytor to the King and Realm, to
of was wholly of massy Silver. All be drawn through the Streets to St.
which, at the Abby's Suppression, Giles's Fields by London, and there
was facrilegiously broken off, and to be hang'd and burnt.
taken away. His Issue was only Three Popes were now at once
Henry of Windsor. 'Tis said of him, mounted into St. Peter's Chair, name-
that he was a Prince godly in Heart, ly Benedict, Gregory, and John ;
fober in Speech, sparing of Words, therefore for Prevention of Mil-
refolute in Deeds, provident in chiefs to the Church by this Schism,
Counsel, prudent in Judgment, mo a Council was held at Constance in
deft in Countenance, magnanimous Germany, whither King Henry sent
in Action, constant in Undertaking, nine English Prelates, one of which,
a great Alms-giver, devout to God. to wit, Richard Clifford, Bishop of
ward, a renowned Soldier, fortu. London, was the first nominated by
nate in Field, from whence he ne. the Council to be Pope, and he
ver returned without Victory. He first nominated him that succeed-
erected the Monasteries of Bethlem ed, which was Otho Colonna, by the
and Bridget, near unto Richmond, Name of Martin the Fifth. In the
gave princely Gifts to the Church third Year of this King's Reign, and
of Westminster, and Brotherhood of on Candlemas Day, seven Dolphins
St. Giles's without Cripplegate, Lon came up the River Thames, four of
don. He first instituted Garter Prin. which were taken.
cipal King at Arms, besides other An Act was made in the Parlia.
Augmentations to the Order of St. ment holden at Leicester, That such

who maintained Wickliff's Doctrine Å. D. 1414, Sigismund the Em were Hereticks and i raytors, and peror came to England, defiring to to be hanged and burnt. By which make Peace betwixt the cwo Na. Law, Sir Roger Afton, with divers tions of Fiance and England; but others, as allo Loid Cobbam, were when that could not be effected, put to Death.

[blocks in formation]

ENRY of Windsor was ture and Education to his Mother 1422.

crowned about the the Queen Dowager ; the Govern

Eighth Month of his ment of England to Humphrey Duke Age. The Guard and Custody of of Gloucefier; and the Regency of this Royal Infant was committed to France to John Duke of Bedford Thomas Duke of Exeter ; the Nur. The first Disudyantage that befel



the English Cause after the late were willing to articulate, and to King's Decease, was the Death of yield themselves to the Duke of Charles the French King, who sur- Burgundy, then being in his Comvived Henry but fifty-three Days; pany; but the Earl highly disdainfor the Imbecilities of this Prince ing thereat, said in the English Prowere a Strength to the English; verb, I will not beat the Bush, and on the other side, the Infancy of another shall have the Bird. Which young Henry was an Advantage to Proverbial Speech, 'tis said, so of. young Charles, by them of his Par fended the Duke, that it wholly iy now called King of France, tho' alienated his Mind from the Engby the English he was called only lish; to their great Loss in all the King of Berry, because little else FrenchWars following. And now apwas left unto him. Howbeit, now peared that famous French Sheperdhe seeks to enlarge his Dominions, els Joan of Lorrain, about 18 Years having received Aids from Italy of Age, Daughter to James of Arc. and Scotland. And not far from This Maid, to comfort Charles of the Town of Vernoil, his and the France, presented herself to him at Regent's Forces join'd Battle, when Chinon, bidding him be of good the English, inured to the French Courage, and constantly affirming, Wars, having born the first Heat of that God had sent her to deliver the Enemy's Encounter, by Perse- the Realm of France from the Engverance utterly broke them, and lish Yoke, and to restore him to put them to: Flight. The Regent the Fulness of his Fortunes. Then himself fought moft fiercely, win- je armed herself like a Man, and ning un:o himself a lasting Honour. required to have that Sword which Oi the Enemy's Part was sain the at that'Time did hang in St. Catha. Constable and Lieutenant of France, rine's Church of Firebois in Tourain ; the Earls of Wigton and Vantadour, and being warlikely array'd, she gets with above Five thousand others. into Orleans, which did greatly aniPrisoners taken, were the Duke of mate the fainting French. From Alenzon himself, with about Two Orleans this Maid of God (for so hundred others of special Account. the French called her) sent a Letter Afier this Victory, the Regent be to de la Pole, Earl of Suffolk, in fieged Monts in Main, and with Words to this Effect: King of Eng. Ordnance beat down Part of the land, do Reason to the King of HeaWalls, whereupon it was yielded; ven for his Blood Royal; yield up to this being one of the Articles at the the Virgin the Keys of all the good CiSurrender, (which perhaps might be ties which you have forced, &c. Iam upon every like Occasion) that if any the Chief of this War ; wherefoever I Person was found within the City, encounter your Men in France, I will which had been consenting to the chaje them, will obey, nill they, &c. Murder of John Duke of Burgundy, The Virgin comes from Heaven to drive Father to Philip Duke of Burgoigne, you out of France, be not abstinate, for that they should simply be at the you frail not bold France of the King Regent's Mercy.

of Heaven, tho' Son of St. Mary, but Some Time after this, and not Charles snall enjoy it, the King and much, Thomas Moztacute, Earl of lawful Heir to whom God hath giSalisbury, with a dreadful Puissance, ven' it. He sail enter Faris with besieged the City of Orleans, and a good Train, &c. Under and these fo entorsed it, that the Inhabitants News of God and the Virgin ; Spare



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