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tente, by the Procurement of his more familiar with his Subjects than 1483. Brother Richard Duke of Gloucester, he. In the Beginning of his Reign was accused of Treason, and com- he used to fit in Person certain Days mitted to the Tower. His Accusa- together in the Court of King's-Bench tion was, That he had caused di- to see Juttice and Equity done. His vers of his Servants to inform the Wisc was Elizabeth, the Daughter People that Mr. Burdet was wrong- of Rich. Woodville Earl of Rivers, fully put to Death: That on pur. by his Wife Jaquelana Dutchess of pose to exalt himself and Heirs to Bedford, the Daughter of Peter Earl the Regal Dignity, he had mod of St. Paul. His Issue were two fally published that the King his Sons, Edward Prince of Wales, born Brother was a Bistard, and therefore in the Sanctuary of Wesiminfer, Nonot capable to wear the Crown; for vember 4, 1471, and Richard Duke which, and the like Crimes charged of York; and seven Daughters, Eliupon him, he was in Parliament at zabeth born at Wepwinsler, Februatainted of Treason, and found Guil. ry 4, 1466, married with Henry VII. ty, and on the Eleventh of March Cirely, married unto John Viscount 1478, after he had offered his Moss- Wells, and buried at Quarcna in the penny in the Tower, was drowned Isle of Wight. Arne was married in a Butt of Malmley, whose Body unto Thomas Howard Duke of Nora was buried at Teuksbury. But the folk, Earl Marthal, and High-TreaKing was afterwards much grieved furer of England, and was buried at that he had consented to his Death ; Framingham in Norfolk. Bridget and would say when any made Suit was veiled a Nun in the Nunnery of for the Life of a condemned Person, Dartford in Kent. Mary died in the

unfortunate Brother, for whoje Tower of Greenzvich 1482, and was Life na Man would make Suit. buried at Windsor. Margaret died

4. D. 1483, King Edward fell an Infant. Catharine was married into a dangerous and deadly Sick 10 William Courtney, Earl of Devonness, when calling for his Lords in- shire and Lord of Oakhampton. His to his fick Presence, and raising his Concubines were Elizabeth Lucy and faint Body on the Pillows, hc ex Three others, which were of Three horted and required them all, for several Humours, as himself would the Love that they had ever born fay: One the merriest, which was unto him, for the Love that our Lord Shore's Wife ; another the wittieft ; beareth unto us all, that from that and the Third the holieft, for the Time forward all Griefs forgotten, had wholly devoted herself to his Bed each of them would love the other. and her Binds. His bale Issue were Which, said he, I verily trust you Arthur surnamed Plantagenet, and skall

, if you any thing regard either Elizabeth. God or your King, Affinity or Kin He ordained Penal Statutes against dred, your own Country, or your excessive Pride in Apparel, especialowa Safety. Shortly afer which ly against long picked Shoes then Words he departed this Life, April worn, which had grown to fuch the gth, and was buried at Windfor an Extreme, that the Pikes in their in the New Chapel, whose Foun. Toes were turned upwards, and dation himself had laid, 'Tis said with Silver Chains or Silk-laces tied of him, that he was just and mer. to the knce. He gave some Coorciful in Peace, sharp and fierce in wold-Sheep to Henry of Castile, and War, and that never any King was John of Aragon, 1165, which hath

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1483. heen accounted one of the greatest King Edward IV. was constrained

Prejudices that ever happened to to live in Exile, in miserable Want
England. One Walker, a substantial and Penury. For, faith Philip Co
Citizen of London, was beheaded in mines, I once saw the Duke of Ex.
Smithfield, for only faying to his cefter run on foot bare-leg'd, after
Child, that he would make him the Duke of Burgundy's Coach and
Heir of the Crown, meaning his Train, begging an Alms for God's
House which had that Sign. fake ; but being known what he

In the fallen Estate of King Hon was, Burgundy gave him a small ry, many of the Nobles that had ta Pension for his Maintenance. The ken part with Henry were put to fly Art of Printing was first found out for their Lives into Foreign Coun- in Germany by a Knight, called tries; and amongst the rest Henry John Guttenberghe, and brought inHalland, Duke of Excester and Earl to England by William Caxton, a of Huntingdon, Son to the Lady Eli- Mercer of London, who firit practizabeth second Daughter of John of sed the fame in the Abby of WelfGaunt, and Husband to the Sister of minster, Anno Dom. 1471.

E D W A R D V.


A. D. Dward, the eldest Son Company all his Mother's Friends, 1483 of King Edward the under the Name of the ancient No

Fourth, being a Child bles Enemies. Then the Hypocrite but of about Twelve Years of Age Gloucester understanding that the when his Father died, was commit- Lords attending the King purposed ted to the Government of his Uncle

to bring the King to London to his Sir Anthony Woodville, a Right Ho. Coronation strongly guardet, he nourable Person, with whom were therefore procured the Queen to be joined other of the Queen's Friends. brought in Mind, That it was not But Richard Duke of Gloucester was needful, but would be jeopardous much discontented that they should for the King to be brought up Itrong; have the keeping of 'him secure, for that if the Lords of her Kindred whom he designed to deitroy, that should afíemble in the King's Name thereby the Crown might become much People, they would give the his. This bloody Man therelore, Lords of the contrary Faction cause the better to effcct his wicked Pur- to suspect, that this was not done poses, did every where represent for the King's Safety, whom no the Queen's Kindred to be Enemies Man impugned, buc for the Deltructo the ancient Nobility, and that tion of the ancient Nobility ; by they would abuse the King's Name which means the Nation thould be to their undoing. With which and brought into uproar. The Queen the liķe Suggestions, he wrought thus over-reached, fent such word upon the Duke of Buckingham and unto the King and his friends about the Lord Hastings (that had former- him ; so that they mistrutting no ly born no great Good-will to the Guile, brought the King forwards Queen's Friends) to join with him, with a small Company, in great urterly to remove fiom the King's halle, but with no good speed; for


the Dukes of York and Buckingham Queen, or fear of themselves, afem- 1483. at Stony-Stratford, as the King was bled in sundry Companies harnessed. on his way to London, took him by But these Commotions and Fears Violence from his friends, arrested were moderated by the Lord Hafiings the Lord Richard Grry, Sir Thomas then Lord Chamberlain, who perVaughan, and Sir Richard Hawt, in fuaded that the Duke of Gloucester was the King's Presence, and imprisoned a sure Friend to the King, and that Sir Anthony Woodville, Lord Rivers, the Lord Rivers with the others were in Northampton ; whom in a short for Matters attempted against the Time after, with the Lord Richard Dukes of Gloucester and Buckingham, and Sir Thomas Vaughan, they sent put under Arielt; and that the King Prisoners into the North. Which was bringing up to his Coronation. done, with much Honour and hum

May 4, the King entred the Cible Reverence they convey the King ty, and was lodged in the Bishop's towards London. But the Queen hear. Palace, where was held a great ing of these Proceedings, in great Council, and the Dukes of Gloucester, Fright and Heaviness ħhe be wailed Buckingham, and all the Lords, were ker Child's Reign, her Friends and sworn to the King, and the Duke her own Mishap, cursing the Time of Gloucester was chosen to be Prothat ever the diffuaded the gather- tector of the King and his Realm. ing of Power about the King ; got And now the Protector, to the End herself in all halte possible, with her he might finish his Designs

at once, young Son Richard, and Daughters, projected to get the young Duke of into theSan&uary, lodging herselfand York out of San-tuary ; in order to Company in the Abbot's Palace at which he pretends, that the said Weftminster ; whither the Archbishop Duke only was a fit Associate for of York went to comfort her, telling his Brother the King, and that is her, he hoped that the Matter was was dishonourable both for the King nothing so bad as the doubted it; and and those about his Grace, that the that he was put in good Hope, and King's Brother Tould be fain to out of Doubt, by a Message sent him keep Sanctuary. But because the from the Lord Hastings, (whose Duke might not be taken out of SanFaithfulness to the King, he said, Cuary by Violence, the Archbishop none did nor had Cause to suspect) of York was therefore employed to Ab we werth him, quoth the Queen, persuade with the Queen to yield be is one that laboureth to destroy me him up. This the Archbishop unand my Blood. When the Archbishop dertook (tho' perhaps not very wilwas returned Home, in the Dawn- lingly) alledging to the Queen the ing of the Day, he might, out of his Comfort that his Society would be Chamber window see all the Thames to the King his Brother, and that full of Boats, with the Duke of it would take of the Obloquy of Gloucester's Servants in them, watch. one Brother's being afraid of the ing that none should go to San&uary, other, which would seem to be by nor none pass unsearched. Great the Duke's being kept in Sanctuary. then was the Commotion and Mur- The Queen, delirous to keep him mur, as well in other places about, where he was, pleaded his Infancy, as especially in the City, the People his being vexed with Sickness, indiverly divining upon this Dealing; much that the durit put no earthly and some Lords, Knights, and Gen. Perlon in Truft with his keeping but blemen, either for Favour of the herself only: For tho' others (raid



1433. The) haply might do their best to him, that am so near of Bload to the Ring.

yet there was none that knew better and that am Proleter of his Rosa!
than herself how to order him, she Person and Realm ? The Lord Hafto
having so long kept him ; nor was ings answered. That they deserved
there any more like to cherish him to be punished as heinous Traytors,
than his own Mother that bare him. Whosoever they were ; and so faid
And to this her Reply sne added ma- the other Lords. This is, quoih :he
ny biting Words againit the Protec- Protector, zonder Sorcere/s 17; Bro.
tor. Howbeit, in the Conclusion ther's Wife, it.eaning the Queen, and
finding by the Archbishop's Words, that other Witch of her Council,
that the Protector would ferch her Shore's Wife, with their Affinity,
Son out by Force, if o herwise he who by their Sorcery and Wircheraft
might not be had, the deemed it best have wafled my Body; and therewith
to deliver him ; which she did to the he plucked up his Doublet Sleeve
Bishop and other Lords with him ; to the Elbow, on his lefi Arm,
saying to them, I deliver him and thewing a wearish withered Arm,
his Brother into your Hands to keep, and small, as it never was otherwile.
of whom I shall ask them before Whereupon the Lords Minds much
God and the World. And to the gave them, that this was but for a
Child she said, Farewel, mine own Quariel.
Sweet Son, God send you good Keep. Howbeit the Lord Chamberlain
ing ; let me kiss you once e'er you (who from the Death of King Ed-
go, for God knows when we lihall ward had kept Fane Shore) faid,
kiss together again ; and therewithal Certainly, my Lord, if they have ja
the killed him, blessed him, turned done, they are worthy of great Px.
her back and wepe, and so went a- rishment. What, quoth the Protec.
way, leaving the Child weeping as tor, thou servesi me vith Ifs and scribe
fast. Then the Lords broughe liim Ands I ween; I tell thee they have
to the Protector, who took him in so done, and that I will make good
his ms, and gave him a Judas on thy Body, Trayfor. And there.

with he rapt on the Board with his
June the 13th, many Lords af- Filt: At which Sign given, one
sembled in the Torver, and there fat without the Chamber cried oui,
in Council, communing concerning Trenfon; whereupon many Men in
the King's Coronation, for the which Harness came rushing into the Coun.
Pageants were provided ; and whilst cil Chamber, where they seized on
they were in Consultation, in came the Lord Haflings, whoin the Lord
the Protector about Nine of the Protector bad speed, and thrieve him
Clock, faluting shem courteously; 2pace, For by St. Paul, faith he, I curi!
and excusing himself that he came 1:94 go to Dinner till I see thy Head
so late, faving merrily, I have been off; which accordingly was done
& Sleeper To-day; then after a while for he was presently brcught forth
departed, and about Eleven of the to the Tower-Green, where upon a
Clock returned thither, but with a long Log of Timber his Head was
wonderful sour and angiy Counte- ftruck off. Thus ended this ho.
nance, knitting his Brows, frown- nourable Man, easy to be begured.
ing and tretting and biting his Lips; Now the Protector, to fet seme
and after some jure Time faid, Colour npon the Matter, after be
What are they worthy to have, who had dined, fent in all haite for inary
imagine and compass my Defrullion, fubitancia! Men out of the City ::

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the Teruer, against whose coming to speak or declare their Innocency. 1483. thither, bim.clf and Buckinghain his And now, the Way thus prepared, Creature had harnessed themselves Gloucefter haftens for his own Coin old rusty Briganders, as though ronation, instead of setting the fome sudden Neceffity had constrain Crown on his Nephew's Head. ed them to put on such Armour. Edmund Shaw the Mayor of Londen, And being come, the Protector told he wins to his Side. And the Maythem, that the Lord Chamberlain or's Brother Dr. Shaw (by the DirecHastings, and o: hers of his Conspi- tion of the Protector and his Counracy, had contrived suddenly to cil) upon Sunday June 19, at Paul's have destroyed him and the Duke Cross, declared to the People, that of Buckingham there the same Day King Edrward IV. was never lawin Council

, of the which Treason he fully married to the Queen, and never had knowledge before ten of therefore his Children were Bastards. the Clock the same Forencon. And Moreover, that neither King Edfor farther appealing of the Peo. ward himself, nor the Duke of Cla. ples Minds concerning this Lord's rence, were reckoned (oy those that Death, he caused also the same Day were of Secrecy in the Houshold) an Herald of Arms to proclaim it for the Duke of York's Children ; thro' the City of London, that the but, faith he, as for the very noble Lord Hastings, with divers others, Prince, the Lord Protector, he is had conspired to inurther the Lord the Father's own Picture, his own Protector and Duke of Buckingham Countenance. At the Time of the fitting in Council, and after to have uttering of these Words (according taken upon them to rule the King to the Plot laid before-hand) the and Realm at their own Pleasures. Protector should have come in, to By and by after this he caused the the End that those Words just meetSheriff of London to repair unto J ane ing with his Presence, the People Shore's House, and to spoil her of might have been the more affected all that she had ; then procured the with th: m; but whether by the Bishop of London to put her to open Slowness of the Protector in comPenance for her former Dalliance ing, or the Doctoi's too much Speed, with his Brother King Edward, and the Protector came not till these ’tis faid, he prohibited any from re.


over : Nevertheless lieving her extreme Wants. Cer- when the Doctor (pied his Lordship tain it is, that she lived very mean coming at laft, he abruptly broke and beggarly in her old Age. She off from the Matter he was upon, died not till the 20th Year of King to repeat the former Words, This Henry VIII. The Protector had al- is the very noble Prince, &c. But so so contrived it with his Cabal, the People were so far from crying, that the fame Day, and about the King Richard (as it was hopen they fame Hour in which the Lord Cham- would) that they stocd as if they berlain was beheaded at the Tower, had been without Scne, they were those Lords taken from the King so amazed at this shamelul Haat Steny-Stratford and Northampton rangue. And the poor Parfor, when fhould be beheaded at Pontefract. he hud done, got him heme, and Which accordingly was done in the there consumed and pined to Death Presence and by the Order of Sir in few Days after. The Theme of Richard Ratcliffe, who at their his Preachment was, Baftard-flips Exccution would not permit them all never take deep Roos. On the




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