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Grey-Friers Church. The Stone Chest had inclosed for his Game, and 1485. wherein his Corps lay, was at length made some good Laws; and when made a Drinking-trough for Horses divers Shires of Eng'and offered him at a common Inn. His Body, if you Benevolence, he refused, saying, I will credit Tradition herein, was had rather have your Hearts than born out of the City, and contemp- your Money. This fcoffing Rhime tuously bestowed under Bow-Bridge. was divulged in Contempt of the

His Wife was Anne the Daughter Usurper Richard, and his Three of Richard Nevile Earl of Warwick principal Creatures : and Salisbury (furnamed the Make- The Car, the Rat, and Lovel the Dog, King) who was first married to Ed. Rule all England under the Hog. ward Prince of Wales, 1483, Son to The Cat and Rat were meant of King Henry VI. and after his Death Catesby and Ratcliffe, the Dog of to this Usurper, 1472. His Iffue Lovell

, that Creature belonging to was Eduard Earl of Salisbury created the Lord Lovell's Arms, and the Hog Prince of Wales, 1483, the Crown of King Richard, whose Cognisance being also intailed to him by Parlia- it was. But William Collingbourn, ment, but died before his father. Esq; who had been Sheriff of Wilt

He founded a College at Med. fire and Devonshire, was upon Tower dlebam beyond York, and a Colle- Hill executed with all Extremity as giate Chantry in London, called our Author thereof. Lady of Barking He endowed The Usurper borrow'd great Sums Queen's College in Cambridge with of Money of the City of London, but 500 Marks of yearly Revenue. He was cut off before the Pay-day came. disforefted the great Field of Which. It may be more of his Quality have wood, that King Edward his Brother died in the City's Debt.

Families of Lancaster and York United.

A.D. JENRY Earl of Rich- choice Archers, with Allotment of

mond was Son to Mars Fees and Maintenance under a pe

garet Countess of Riche culiar Captain, by the Name of mord and Derby, Daughter to John Yeoman of the Guard, for him and Duke of Somerset, Son of John his Successors. November the 7th Earl of Somerset, Son to John of was a Parliament assembled at WeftGaunt Duke of Lancaster, fourth minster, at the fitting whereof KiSon of Edward III.

chard the late Usurper was attainted, October the 30th, A. D. 1485, and with him many of the Nobility was Henry crowned at Wesiminfier, and Gentry. Free Pardon was also Then the better to secure his Estate given to all such (saving the Persons be shut up the Earl of Warwick, the excepted by Name) as should preonly Son and Heir of George Duke fently submit themselves to the King's of Clarence, in the Tower of London. Mercy. Reversed also were all forThen instituted a Guard for his mer Acts hurtful either to the King Person, consisting of a Number of or his Friends, and the Crown


1486. was established upon the King and flain, the Earl of Lincoln, the Lord

his Heirs for ever. Next the King Lovell, Sir Thomas Broughton, CoJohn assumed into his Council those two lonel Swart, and Maurice Firz-TheMorton, renowned Agents in advancing his mas, with Four Thousand Soldiers

. A. B. of Fortunes, John Morton and Richard On the King's side fell not any Man Cant. Fox.

of Honour, but almost half his Van4. D. 1486, and January the guard was flain, fo that the Gareighteenth, he married the Lady land was dip'd in Blood. Amorgft Elizabeth, eldest Daughter of King the Prisoners that were taken, was Edward IV. to the utter Abolish- the counterfeit Kirg, who had been ment of all Hoftilities between the a Scholar in Oxford, and his Tutor, two Houses of York and Lancaster. Richard Simon, a Prielt. Lambert But there wanted not some Male. confessed his Parents to be mean contents, who eslay'd to disturb these Persons, and of a mean Calling. serene Days ; for the Lord Lovell, Him the King condemned to his one of the late Usurper's Creatures, Kitchin or Scullery, at length prowith Sir Humphry Stafford and his moted him to be one of his Falco. Brother, alièmbled Forces against ners ; in which Eftare he continued the King; which,, upon but the till his Death. Simon Subele, or News of an Army coming against Richard Simon, was condemned to them, dispered themselves. Sir a Dungeon and perpetual Shackies. Humphry was taken out of Sanctuary, Sraken-Field Battle was fought and executed at Tyburn.

4. D. 1487, June 10, being Satar. When this Storm was over, the day, a Day of the Week observed While-Rose or York Faction raised to have been lucky to this Prince another, procuring one Lambert Henry ; who sent his Royal StanSymnel to personate one of King dard to our Lady's Church of Wab. Edward's Sons. Which Puppet fingham in Norfolk, there to remain Lambert they conveyed into Tre- as a Monement of this his Victory, land, where the Irish adhered to and Gratitude for it. And now the him, and in Chrif-Church in Dub. King dispatcheth his Agent into lin crowned him King of England. Scotland, there to settle Amity with And into Ireland the Dutchess Dow. James the Third, and to prevent ager of Burgundy, Sister to Edward the Retreat and Protection that his the Fourth, send this Impostor Two Enemies had found therein. Shortly Thousand Soldiers under the Con- after which, some discontented Per. duct of Colonel Swart. These, with sons in Yorkshire rose in Arms, under Irish and fome English joined to Pretence that they were oppressed them, landed in Lancashire at the in their Tax or Subsidy ; but some Pile of Fowdraz; thence they took of these Rebels were routed by the their March through Yorkshire, so Earl of Surríi, who took their Leatowards Newark, every where as der John a-Chamber, Prisoner, and they came proclaiming their new upon the hearing of the King's Ap. King. Not far from Newark, and proach, the rest of them under the near to a little Village called Stoke, Leading of Sir John Egremor.d, dirthe King with his Army encountred persed themselves. Sobna-Cbar. them, where the Fight continued ber, with some others of the chief doubtful for about Three Hours, Rebels, were executed at York. The but at last lhe Victory fell to King King's Affairs being settled in a preHenry On Lambert's Part were fent peaceable Estate at Home, he


was next engaged in a War with England were so deluded, that they 1492. France ; for the carrying on of believed him to be the crue Richard, which, his Subje&s did largely con- and thereupon fought to advance tribute, chiefly the City of London, him to the Crown ; which cost out of which he received for his some of them the Price of their Furniture in that Voyage almost Heads, as the Lord Fitz-Walter, Sir Ten Thousand Pounds from the Simon Montford, Sir William Stanley, Commoners, and Two Hundred Lord Chamberlain, that gained the Pounds besides from every Alder. Victory for King Henry at Bosworthman. And this wise King, knowing field. These, with more, were put how great a Strength that rich Ci. to Death for favouring of Perkin. ty was to him, humoured the Citi. The King also, for the farther Prezens exceedingly. Himself did not vention of Dangers, caused the only become one amongst them, cau

Coafts of England to be strongly fing himself to be entred a Brother guarded ; sent a new Lord Chanof the Mierchant-Taylors Company, cellor into Ireland, Henry Denny, a but also wore the Habit at a pub- Monk of Langton Abby, and Sir lick Feast, and fat as Master of the Eduard Poynings with some Forces, Company,

whose greatest Care and Diligence 4. D. 1492, Osloher the Sixth, was to punish such as before-cime King Henry with his Hoft landed at had given any Afiftance to the MockCaluis, from whence with his whole King, and to restrain such as were Forces he marched toward Boloigne, likely to do so in Time to come. which when he had besieged, Ar- The Earl of Kildare falling under ticles of Peace were concluded be- Suspicion, Poynings sent Prisoner intwixt him and the King of France. to England, where the King did graFor King Henry, before his going ciously hear and admit his Defences, out of England, had been dealt with and returned him with Honour and on the French King's Behalf to ac Continuation of Authority. The cept of Conditions, but would not Irin had formerly exhibited many enter into any Treaty with him till Articles against this Earl ; the last he was in the field, and that with of which was, Finally, all Ireland such a Puissance as was likely e cannot rule this Earl : Then, quoth nough to force his own Conditi- the King, Shall this Earl rule all

When Henry had to his Ad- Ireland, conftituting him Lord Devantage settled his Transmarine puty thereof. But Perkin having Affairs, he returned for England, gained private Aslistance from the where he was not to remain long French King, and Maximilian, to in Quiet ; for the Dutchess of Bur- ftrengthen yet his Enterprize, he gundy had provided another coun: repairs into Scotland, unto James terfeit King, a Youth of Princely the Fourth (having special RecomPersonage, called Peter Warbeck. mendations from the King of France, the Son of a converted Jew. This and Dutchess of Burgundy) who her Creature Peter, or as some cal- gave bim most courteous Entertain. led him Perkin and Peterkin, under ment. The rare impudence of the the Name and Title of Richard Youth, and that Connexion which Plantagenet, second Son of King Ed. his Darings had with other Princes, sward the Fourth, had great Honour drew this King into an Error congiven him by the King of France. cerning him. When he was first and divers Persons of Eminency in brought to the Presence of the King



1492. of Scots, with a right Princely Grace- Kingdoms were regained, he would

fulness he declared to the said King, gratefully do him all the Pleasure
That Edward the IVth leaving two that should lie in his utmoft Power.
Sons, Edward and Richard, both The King of Scots was so influ-
very young, their unnatural Uncle enced with this Impostor's Words,
Richard, to obtain the Crown, pur- amiable Person, princely Deport-
posed the murther of them both; ment, Recommendations of Princes,
but the Instruments of his Cruelty his Aids from the Irish, and assured
having murthered his eldest Brother Hope of Aid in England, that he
the young King, were moved with honourably received him, as if he
pity to spare his Life, and that thus had been the very Richard Duke of
saved by the Mercy of God, he was York, and gave his Consent that
privately conveyed beyond the Seas this pretended Duke should marry
(the World supposing that himself the Lady Catharine Gordon, Daugh-
also had been murthered) and that ter to the Earl of Huntley, which
Henry Tudor Earl of Richmond, after accordingly he did, and also prepa-
he had by subtile and foul Means ob. red to invade England in his Quar-
tained the Crown, he then wrought rel, altho' there wanted nor them
all means and ways to obtain the who with many Arguments advised
final Destruction of him the rightful this King to repute him for no other
Heir to the English Diadem. That than a Cheat.
his said mortal Enemy Henry hath King Henry, that he might be
not only falfly surmised him to be prepared for the Scors, called a Par-
a feigned Person, giving him Nick. liament, which granted a Tax to
names, so abusing the World; but be gathered of Sixscore Thousand
that also, to deprive him of his Right, Pounds, the Levy of which Money
he had offered large Sums of Money kindled a dangerous Fire in Eng-
to corrupt the Princes with whom land; for when the King's Collectors
he had been retained, and had em came amongst the Cornish Men to
ployed his Servants to murther him. receive their proportion of the Tax,
That every Man of Reason might they tumultuously assembled under
well understand that the said Henry the leading of one Thomas Flammek,
needed not to have taken these Cour- a Lawyer, and Michael Joseph, a
ses against him, had he been a feign- Blacksmith of Bodmin ; which Cap-
ed Person. That the Truth, his ma tains led' their Rout towards Keal;
nifest Cause, had moved the King of and at Wells, James Tuchert, Lord
France, and Dutchess of Burgundy, Audley, joined with them. From
his most dear Aunt, to yield him Wells they proceeded to Blackbeatb,
their Assistance. That now, because where the King's Forces defeated
the Kings of Scotland were wont them without much Labour ; Fif-
to support them who were spoiled teen Hundred of the Rebels were
and bereft of the said Kingdom of taken, and the Takers had the Pri-
England, and for that he the said soners Goods granted them.
King James had given clear Signs James Lord Audley was led from
that he was of the like noble Qua- Nerugate to Tower hill, in a Coat
lity and Temper with his Ancestors, of his own Armories, painted on a
he so distressed a Prince came to Paper revers'd and torn, where he
put himself into his Hands, deliring was executed. Flammock and the
ĥis Aid to recover his Realms, pro- Smith were quartered. Memora-
miling faithfully, that when his bly itrange was the Comfort that


the Smith cheared himself withal, them as Spies. This occafioned 1492. as he was drawing to his Execution, hard Words, and Words rofe to. to wit, That yet he hoped that by these Blows, wherein some of the Scorch Means his Name and Memory should Men were slain. The Stors that be everlasting

escaped made Complaint to their The King's Care was now to or- King, who resented it much, and der the War against Scotland, whi- sent an angry Message to King Henther he sent the Earl of Surrey with ry. But Bishop Fox found Means an Army, to invade the Scotch Bor- to pacify him ; first by a soft Mefders, as they had lately done che fage, and afterwards, at the Scottish Englijb. The Earl pursued the Re- Kirg's Requett, by a Vifit which verge with great Vehemency; but he made him on the Frontiers. in ihort time, by the King of Spain's There he used such soft Words and Mediation, a Truce was concluded discreet Behaviour, that he gained berwixt the two Nations. Politick the Scottish King's Heart, and he King Henry, unealy in these Scottish entred into Intimacies with him : Wars, meditated the Means of put- Wherein, as his secret Defire, he deting a determinate End to them. manded the King's Daughter MarHe wisely foresaw that the Marri. garet in Marriage, to be a Pledge age of his elder Daughter with that of firm Peace.

The Bishop proKing would produce a perpetual ‘mised to serve him in it ; and the

Peace; but the bringing that about Alliance was accordingly made in i fo as that it might be the Scots due time to the King's Content. Requeft, was the Difficulty. It hap.

But to return; one Article of the pen'd, that an Ambafiador. ( Peter Truce with Scotland was, That PerHya'as by Name) came lately from kin fhould be no longer foltered in Ferdinand and Isabella, King and Scotland: Whereupon he withdraws Queen of Spain, to treat of the into Ireland, whither the Cornish Marriage between Catharine their Men sent to him, inviting him afecond Daughter, and Prince Ar-mongst them ; promising, that at his thur the King's Son. The Friend- Arrival they would venture their fhip which Ferninand express’d, in- Lives and Fortunes for him, as hoduced Henry to make Use of his Am. ping that under his Government ballador, who was a very able Man, they mould be eased of their Taxes, to serve his purpose with Scotland; Perkin accepting their Invitation, and having open'd his Mind to him, landed at Whitand-Bay in Cornhe willingly undertook the Media- wall ; after whose Arrival, some tion of a Peace, and immediately Thousands of People resorted to made a Journey to Scotland, where him. he brought King James to such a When King Henry heard of his Temper, that Fox, Bishop of Dur- Landing, and making Head against bam, a Man of Wisdom also, be. him, he smiled ; saying, Loe we ing sent by Henry to back it, made are again provoked by this Prince the Truce, as we have said. It of Rake Hills; but left my People happen'd not long after, that some would, through Ignorance, be drawn Scottiso Gentlemen being at Nor. into Deflruction, let us leek to take bam, in the Bishoprick of Durham, this Perkin by the cafett Way we camne divers cimes out of the Town

He therefore affembled his to take a View of the Castle, which Forces, and sent out his Spies to ob. the Guards observing, challenged serve the Track and Hopes of Prince




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