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224-237. racalla, was incredibly luxurious. torian Band dragged him and his

His Garments, tho' exceeding coft. Mother with Acclamations through Cadau, ly, he would not put on twice. His Rome, saying, That the Bitch and 4. B. of Shoes were set with Pearls, his Seats her Whelps must go together ; then London. strewed with Musk and Amber, his new them, and threw them into

Bed covered with Gold and Pur. Tyber. And the Senate approving
ple, and adorned with most costly what was done, decreed that his
Jewels, his Vessels (even of the ba- Name should be blotted out of all Mo-
sest Use) all Gold, his Lamps burnt numents in Rome, and never any An-
with the Balms of Arabia and India, tonianus should again rule the Empire.
his Way strewed with the Powder of
Gold and Silver; his Diet so profuse A. D. Urelius Alexander Seve-
that at every Supper in his Court was

224 rus was a great Lover usually spent 1000 Pounds Sterling of the Liberal Arts, and a great FaAt a Feast of the chief Roman Ciri vourer of the Chriftians, from whom zens in bis Court, he caused all the he took to himself Examples of Lite, Rooms to be strewed with Saffron, and commended their Precepts to saying, That such Cattle deserved others. This his Kindness to the such Litter. Near the Sea he would Christians is thought to have been eat no Fish, and in the Inland no procured by his Mother Mammea, Fleh : He had whole Meals made whom Origen infiructed, and whom of the Tongues of singing Birds and St. Hierom styles a moft Holy WoPeacocks, or of the Brains of most

He was a great Observer of costly Creatures. At one Supper he Justice, and therefore caused Turiwas served with 600 Ostriches. He nus, a Courtier, who had taken built a Stew in his Court, wherein Money of divers Persons, with Prohimself, in the Attire of an Harlot, mise to procure the Emperor's Fawould make Orations to his Whores, vour in their Suits, to be put to terming them his Fellow-Soldiers, Death by Smoke, one in the mean and giving them Instructions how while proclaiming, That he had fold they should practise with the greatest Smoke, therefore wiih Smoke fhould Variety their filthy Lufts. In Romedie. His Roman Soldiers grown far he built a Charter-House for Wo. out of Order by the ill Government men to meet in, where they might of his Predecessors, he fought by sedetermine of their Attires. He veie Courses to reduce; but they bebrought his Mother Semiamira in- ing backed by Maximinus, whom to the Senate, giving her a Voice he had railed, murthered him. with the Senators: But Conscience accusing him, and fearing the Rage A. D. Alius Julius Perus Maxof the People for his Crimes, he 237 prepared filken Halters, golden Birth, spent his Youth in keeping · Knives, and built a Itately Tower of Cattle, and was of a gigantick exceeding high, adorned with Gold Stature, being eight Foot and a bali and Gems, thinking, when Occasion high by Geometrical Meature. On should be, by some of these Means his Thumb he wore as a Ring the 10 deítroy himself, having these Bracelet which his Wife used to wear Words oft in his Mouth, That how on her Arm. And according to his foever be died, yet his Death should Limbs, so was his Diet, for he daily te precious in the sight of all Men. devoured Forty Pounds Weight of But lie was mistaken; for the Pre. Flesh, and thercunto did drink fiy,


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Gallons of Wine. For his admirable torian Band elected Emperor when 239-253 Height he was admitted by Severus he was not yet full fixteen Years of into the Rank of a common Soldier, Age. He caused the Temple of Jaand shortly after to be one of his nus at Rome, which had long stood Guard, and at last the Soldiers elect. fhut, to be opened ; a sure Token ed him Emperor. But a Tyrant he that Wars were at Hand; which proved, as well to the Roman State with good Success he prosecuted ain general, as the Christians in parti- gainst the Perhans, Goths, Sarmates, cular, against whom he raised the and Germans. He was most noble fixth Persecution. His Conditions and lovely conditioned, exceeding were so hateful, that the Senate ad- ftudious, and addicted unto Learnvanced one Gordianus to sway the ing, having in his Library no less Empire; but he proving unfortunate than 62,000 Books. But by his Prein his Attempts against

him, frang- fect Philip he was depos'd, Philip led himself. 'And Maximinus, as he also ufurping the Imperial Governwas drawing his Forces towards ment, under whom for a Time this Rome, to revenge himself on the Se- deposed Youth held an ordinary nate, at the Siege against Aquileia, Captain's Place ; but the Usurper was sain in his Pavilion by his dif- judging himself not secure while contented Soldiers. The Citizens Gordianus lived, commanded him Wives in the Time of the Siege cut to be sain. off the Hair of their Heads to make Bow-strings therewith.

A, D.

Ulius Philippus Arabs hath

the Honour, according to A. D. Upienus Maximus, and

some, of being the first 239. Clodius Balbinus, were Emperor baptized into the Christian by the peers and Princes constituted Faith, together with his Wife SoveEmperors; the People extolling the ra, and his Son Philip. Himself Senare for their prudent Choice of and his Son were Nain by the Solso wise Men, contrary to the rash diers. Of his Son it was reported, Practice of such who choose their that he was of so admirable a ComGovernors to fit their own Fancies.. posedness, that in all his Life he But the Pretorian Soldiers taking was never seen to laugh. this as a Reflection upon them, and chiefly because German Strangers A.D. T Rajanus Decius swayed were brought in to be of the Guard, 253. the Empire like a woras if themselves were not to be thy Prince, saving his persecuting tufted; turned their Spleens against the Saints of God; for he it was these Emperors, they assaulted them that raised the seventh Persecution in their Chambers, despoiled them against the Christians. Under him of their Imperial Robes, haled them suffered Fabianus and Cornelius, Bi.. through the City like two Thieves, shops of Rome ; St. Lawrence, and and lafly flew them, leaving their many other good Christians he put Bodies to despightful Ignominy, to great Tortures; amongst the reft, A. D. 241. In which Year was so Origen he caused to be scourged at great an Eclipse of the Sun, that the an Iron Stake, and then locked his Noon day thereby became as dark Feet in the Stocks four Paces asunas the Midnight.

der. But after that he had seen his

two Sons, Decias and Hofiilianus, A.D. Nionius Gordianus was slain before his Face, himself was 241.


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Aby the Senate and Pre


Aomy, to the Ruin of his Sovereign A. Lleinins Galienus

, in whose

AD: Beginning of his Reign,

254-271. swallowed up in a Whirl-pool, ne cut him off by Sapor, the Savage ver having other Honour of Burial. King of Perfia, who in Battle took

him Prisoner, and made his aged A.D. RebonianusGallus (whom Back his Footstool whilft he mount. 254. Decius had appointed ed his Horse, for the Space of seven Governor of Mysia, and to keep the Years, and then caused him to be Passages from the invading Goths) fead alive, and falced. through the Defire of Rule, plotted

Roman A.D. Icinius Galienús, in whore

Time the Sun was cloud. Obianas, Lord ; but thereby he attained the ed as under Sack-cloth, not being A. B. of Empire he had lufted after. The seen for many Days together ; also London, Christians he banished. At which great and fearful Earthquakes hap

Time so violent a Pestilence com- pened, which overthrew Cities and menced, that no Province in the other Edifices, shaking the Ground World was exempt from it. He fo terribly, that vast Čaves and himade a dishonourable Peace with deous gaping Bowels of the Earth the Goths, who notwithstanding con- were thereby laid open, and great tinued their Furies against the Ro- Streams of Salt Water Aowed out mans, which his General Æmilianus from them ; the Earth roared, and Maurus revenged with a wonderful seemed to thunder, when there was Slaughter; whereby Æmilian grew no Voice heard in the Air above. fo famous, and Gallus so contempri- The Sea over-swelled her Banks, ble, that the Soldiers proclaimed Æ- and brake into many Continents, milian Emperor, who flew Gallus drowning Countries, Cities,and Peoand his son both in Fight. ple; and so violent a Pestilence ra.

ged, that in Rome, no less than Five A.D. Ulius Æmilianus, an African thousand Persons died thereof in a 255. by Birth, of base Paren- Day. Which fad Calamities some

tage, was elected Emperor what moving the Emperor to Reonly by the Mysian Army, which Ele- morse, he stayed the Persecutions of ction the Italian Bands opposed in the Christians, sending out his Efavour of their own Leader Valeria diets in favour of them. The Ronus, whom they fought to promote man Soldiers now in divers Places to the Empire, the Senate also incli- of the Empire set up no fewer than ning thereto. Therefore the Myfian thirty titular Emperors at once. Soldiers, when they understood this, Buc Galienus, after that he had suf. tumultuously murthered Æmilianus, fered the Empire to be rent in Pieces, when he had reigned about4 Months. and usurped by many barbarous Na

tions, was murthered at Milan by Icinius Valerianus, in the three of his principal Captains. was very gracious and mild towards A. D. Urelius Flavius Claudius the Christians; but afterwards (itir. 271. was elected by the Solred up by an Egyptian Sorcerer) he diers before the Walls of Milan, and began the eighth Persecution with with much Joy was confirmed Emgreat Cruelty. Many were the peror by the Senate in Rome. He Martyrs which with horrible Tor- slew and cock Prisoners of the Goths tures he caused to be put to Death; (who had invaded Italy) in one Batbut the just revenging Hand of God de, Three hundred thousand fight

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ing Men; Two thousand of their A. D. Nnius Florianus, Brother 272-280. Ships also, laden with warlike Am

to Tacitus, took munition, he took; but died of a him the Name and Authority ImFever before he had reigned full perial ; but hearing the News of two Years. His Statue of Gold- Probus's Election, he bled him. the Senate caused to be set up in self to Death, after he had for a the Capitol, and his Target of the very few Days pleased himself with same Metal, to be hung up in the only the Shadow of Sovereignty. Senate-house.

A. D. Urelius Quintilius, Bro 280. ed by the Eastern Ar272. ploclaimed Emperor by the Soldiers by the Senate, wich these Additions of his Army, and was confirmed by to his Title of Augustus, namely, the Senate; but the Soldiers that The Father of his Country and highhad followed Claudius, thinking eff Bishop. His first Service, after themselves worthy of the firit Voice he was Emperor, was in Gallia in the Election, proclaimed Aureli- against the Germans, who had made erus for Emperor; and Quintilius, themselves Lords thereof, where knowing that he could not ftand in one Battle, continuing two Days, against him, chose rather, by cut- he New 40,000 of them, and reting his Veins, to bleed himself to covered out of their Hands seven Death, after he had reigned only Cities. He quieted the Provinces seventy Days, than to hazard the of Muscovia, Rusia, and Polonia, Chance of War, or to return to his and likewise Greece, Syria, Arabia, private State.

Palestina, and Judea. Whence par

sing into Persia, he had honourable A.D.

dued the Swevians and King: Whereupon issued fo uniSarmates, and with great Valour versál a Peace, that no Wars were forced the Germans out of Italy, heard of in all the Provinces of The warlike Queen Zenobia he van. the Empire. But this Calm lafted quished, and brought her in Tri- but a short Time ; for the Egypumph to Rome. But what blemishes tians, and likewise Bonosus and Prothe Lustre of this Prince is, That clus rebel against him; all whom he raised the Ninth Persecution a. he subdued. Other Defections and gainst the Chriftians. He was sain Rebellions there were in the Eaby his Servants.

stern Part, which he prepared vi

gorously to correct; resolving, as A. D. 1Laudius Tacitus, after he said, to bring Matters to that

279 eight Months Interreg. Pass, that the State should want no tan, with much Importunity took more Soldiers ; which Saying of upon him the Government of the his, with allo his curbing the difEmpire ; for all seemed now to solute Manners of the Soldiers, did Palladias decline this Greatness, they saw so disgust them, that some of his A. B. of

so hazardous. But this Prince Army conspired against him, and London. reigning about fix Months yielded treacherously murthered him. After Death's imparcial Stroke : Whe, which they yet erected him an hother that was natural, or violent, nourable Sepulchre, whereon was is left uncertain.

engraven this Epitaph ;


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286-308. Here lies the Emperor Probus, the Churches of the Christians were

justly for his Goodness called Probus : demolished, and their Bibles burnOf all the barbarous Nations and ed, and their Bodies afflicted. St. Tyrants a Conqueror.

Alban, of the City Verolamiun, was

beheaded at Holmhurst, now called 4.6.2: A

sen by the Soldiers, and bolus was brought to the fame Place confirmed by the Senate. The and whipped at a Stake, whereat Murderers of his Predecessor Probus his Entrails were tied, so winding he severely punished. Carinus, his his Entrails out of his Body, was at eldest Son, he made Governour of laft ftoned to Death. Sundry others Britain, and the Western Parts, were put to Death in other Places ; and himself, with his younger Son and in Litchfield so many, that the Numerianus, prepared for the Eaft Place became another Golgotha; for against the Persians ; but in his which Cause that City doth bear, for Journey thither-ward, as he lay their Seal of Arms, a Field charged fick in his Bed, a Thunderbolt with many Martyrs. But the chief New him, with many others then Cause of these Miseries befalling the with him in his Tent. The Ter. Christians, was from the Chriltians ror whereof so disanimated the themselves : * For (faith Eufebius) whole Army, that they desisted after that our Conversation, thro' from the intended Design against too much Liberty and LicentiPerfia ; and Numerianus took his ' ousness, was degenerated, and Father's Death so heavily, that with holy Discipline corrupted; whilft continual Weeping his Eyes were every one of us did envy, bite, so weakned, that he could not bear and back-bite each other, waging the Light. From which Disasters, • intestine Wars, and piercing one Arrius Aper, in hopes of procuring another with opprobrious Words: the Empire to himself, took occasion whilft nothing but Hypocrisy to work the Death of Numerianus. was in the Face, Deceit in the

• Heart, and Guile on the Tongue, A, D. Toclefianus, who at the "whereby Mischief was at the full

288. firit was a common • Height, then began the heavy Soldier, flew Arrius Aper ; which • Hand of God to visit us, &č. done, he was elected Emperor, and Howbeit, when God had done uconfirmed by the Senate. Valerius sing these his Rods of Correction, Maximianus, for his good Service he cast them into the Fire. There in vanquishing the Gauls, who trou- two Tyrants having renounced the bled the Peace of the Empire, he Empire, and being again become made his Consort in the Govern- private Alen, Dioclefian poisoned ment. These Emperors raised the himself, and Maximian hanged Tenth Persecution, which contin himself. nued for the Term of Ten Years, so fierce, chat within the Space of A. D. Onftantius Chlorus, and one Month, Seventeen Thousand 308.

Galerius Maximinus (to Christians were put to Death, besides whom the cwo former Emperors had infinite Numbers of others crueily voluntarily refign'd up their Sovehandled, though suffered to escape reignties) divided the Empire into z with their Lives. And as in other Parts, East and Weft; Galerius had Parts of the Empire, so in Britain, the Government of the Eastern Divis



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