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was one, and Mrs. Ann Askue, a Per- Lives. Shortly after which, by the 1547son of rare Wit and elegant Beau- Mediation of the Emperor, and oty; who when the had been twice ther Christian Potentates, Peace was tormented upon the Rack to the concluded betwixt France and Engdisjointing of her Bones, then gave land. her Body to the Flames for Christ's A. D. 1546, and January the Sake. And the Life of Queen Ce- Twenty Eighth, fanguine King tbarine Parre was hard laid for by Henry yielded to Death's impartial Stepben Gardiner ; but through her Stroke, whose Body, with great Wisdom and prudent Carriage to- Solemnity, was buried at Windfor. wards the King, it was preserved. In his Will he ordained (howsoever

About A. D. 1545, was a Match Titles had been made 'invalid in concluded to be made between Parliaments) Tnat his three ChilPrince Edward, King Henry's Son, dren Thould succeed each other, for and the young Princess of Scotland, want of other Issue. 1000 Marks he the Scots Nobility approving there commanded should be given to the of; and in the Parliament of three Poor ; and to twelve poor Knights Estates, the Match was confirmed at Windsor, each of them twelve in England, the like also in Scot. Pence a Day for ever ; every Year land; But Cardinal Beton, Arch- a long Gown of white Cloch, the bishop of St. Andrews, fearing left Garter to be embroidered upon the hereby Scorland should also change Breast, and therein the Cross of St. the Church Orders ; and the French George, and a Mantle of red Cloth likewise not liking the Union, to be worn thereupon. His Wives Aleans were therefore wrought to were Catharine his Brother's Relict, break the said intended Marriage Anne Bullen, Jane Seymour, Anne of the two young Heirs ; whence of Cleve, Catharine Howard, Niece Wars ensued, and the English inva- to the Duke of Norfolk, and Catbaded Scotland, spoiled Leitb, burnt rine Parre, the Daughter of Thomas Edinburgh, and wasted the Coun- Parre of Kendal. His Inue Henry, try for Seven Miles about, set fire which lived not full two Months, upon Haddington and Dunbar, then another Son not named, and Mary, returned : And because the French these by Catharine of Spain ; Elizarefused the Performance of certain berb, and a Son fill-born by Anne Covenants, King Henry made War Bullen ; Edward by Jane Seymour. also upon that Nation, and in Thort His natural Issue Henry Fitz Roy, time won the strong Town of Bul- Earl of Nottingham, Duke of Rick loign. Then the French King, with mond and Somerset. Intent to balance the Loss of Bub After the Diffolution of the Reloign, invaded the Isle of Wight, and ligious Houses, he erected the Bithe Sea Coasts of Sussex, though it thopricks of Weftminster, Chefier, proved to the Loss of many of his Oxford, Peterborough, Bristol, and Captains, and Thousands of his Sol- Gloucester, and allo erected the Cadiers,

thedral Churches of Canterbury, 4. D. 1546, the Rhinograve Wincheffer, Worcester, Chester, Peter came with a great Force to victualborough, Ely, Gloucester, Bristol, Caro a Fort built near to Bulloign, which lifle, Durbam, Rochefter, and Northe Earl of Surrey fought to pre- wich. In all which he founded a vent him in, but was discomfited Dean, with a certain Number of with the Loss of many brave Mens Prebendaries. The College of


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1546. Chrift-Church in Oxford, begun by I remember I have read this Ob:

Cardinal Woolsey, he ordained to fervation of the Letter H, respect. be the Cathedral of that Bishop's ing England, which may be here See.


Not superfitiously I speak, but H, this Letter fill,
Hasb been observed ominous to England's Good or Ill..

Humber the Hun, with Foreign Arms did first the Brutes invadi.
Helen to Rome's Imperial Throne the Britifh Crown convey'd.
Hengift and Horsus forft did plant the Saxons in this Ise.
Hungar and Hubba first brought Danes that fway'd bere a long while.
At Harold bad the Saxon End, at Hardy Knute the Dane.
Henries the First and Second did restore the English Reign.
Fourth Henry fors for Lancafter did England's Crown obtain.
Seventh Henry jarring Lancaster and York unites in Peace.
Henry the Eighth did happily Rome's Irreligion cease.

Bolton, Prior of St. Bartholomew's A. D. 1546, William Foxley conin London, for Fear of an Inundation tinued sleeping in the Tower Fourafter a great Conjunction of Planets teen Days and Fifteen Nights, and in the watry Triplicity, built him could not by any Means be awake. an House upon the Top of Harrow ned during that time ; yet when he Hill, storing it wtih Provisions ne did awake, he was in very good cessary to keep himself from drown- Temper, as though he had slept but ing, in A. D: 1524.

one Night, and lived Forty Years
Many died of the Sweating Sick- after.
ness in England, especially about King Henry, by Act of Parlia-
London. In the Twenty third Year ment assumed the Stile and Title
of his Reign, Richard Rice, a Cook, of King of Ireland, former Kings of
was boiled to Death in Smithfield England bearing only the Stile of
for poisoning divers Persons. In Lords thereof. 'Tis said, that nový
the Thirty Seventh of his Reign, Turkey, Carps, Hops, Pickarel, and
the Stews on the Bankside in South Beer, came into England all in a
wark were put down by the King's


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A. D. DWARD VI. was born, England, France, and Ireland, he

but not without the said, There was yet another Sword

Death of his Mother, to be delivered him; namely, the A. D. 1537, October 12.

sacred Bible, which is, said he, tbe A.D. 1547, and February 20, he Sword of the Spirit, without which was crowned at Westminfier. At we are nothing, reither can do any which time, when three Swords thing. His Mo:her's Brother, Ed. were delivered to him, as King of ward Lord. Seymour, Earl of Hert



ford, and Duke of Somerset, was, was so favoured by the Cornish and 1547. by the Consent of the Nobles, made Devonshire Rrlicks, that Ten thouProtector over his Minority, and sand rose in Arms, heading themthe Realms. In short time after the felves under Mr. Humphrey Arundel; King's Coronation, the Lord Pró- 6 other Gentlemen, and 8 Priests. tector and Council fought to effect Thefe Rebels besieged the City of the Marriage betwixt the young Excefter, and forely

distressed it, yet King and the young Queen of did the Citizens loyally hold out aScotland, as it had been formerly gainst them ; for which the King agreed on by both Nations ; but did enlarge their Liberties, and gave this the Scots refused to yield un unto their City the Manor of Exito ; wherefore the Protector led an lond. At last the Rebels agreed upon Army into Scotland, and at Articles to be sent to the King, Place called Edmontone-edge, near therein requiring to have Mass celeto Muscleborough, fought the Scots, brated as in time paft it had been. and vanquished them, following the To have Holy Bread and Holy WaChase of them almost five Miles ; ter in Remembrance of Christ's Bowherein the Lord Fleming, with dy and Blood. To have the Six Arsundry Men of Note were Nain, cicles again in Force, bo. To these and 10,000 of the Soldiers ; and and the rest of their Demands, the about 1,000 were taken Prison- King sent an Answer; therein pityers, the Chief whereof were the Earl ing their Ignorance, reproving their of Huntly, the Lords Yefter, Hobe Sauciness, and withal a general Par. bi, and Hamilton, the Lord Weems, don to as many as would defift in and a Brother of tħe Earl of Cal- time, concluding thus : We for our fils ; Leith the English sacked, and Part leek no longer to live than to be set on Fire, took the INand St. Colo a father to our People ; and as God mes, Brougbticrag, Roxbrough, Humes hath made us your King, fo he bath Caftle, and others; insomuch, that commanded your Obedience ; by whose many Gentlemen in Tividale and great Majesly we fwear, you shall feel the Meres came to the Protector, she same Power in our Sword, which and entred into Terms and Condi- how mighty it is no Subjeét knoweth, tions of Peace with him. After how puisant it is no private Man can the Protector's Return, a Parliament judge, and how mortal no English was assembled at London, wherein Hedre can think. Therefore embrace the Six Articles were repealed, our Mercy whilf it is offered, left the those Colleges and Chapels that Blood Spilt by your Means cry for King Henry had left were given Vengeance from the Earth, and be the King, and the Churches or- beard in the Ears of the Lord of Headered to be purged of all Images, ven. Notwithstanding all this, the And accordingly Commissioners Rebels ftill perfifted in their Traiwere appointed, who first began at terous Attempts; the King thereSt. Paul's in London, and thence fore sent an Army againit them, proceeded throughout England and which put them to flight at Honiton, Wales.

But this Reformation oc- then worsted them at Excefter, casioned great Commotions, which where the Rebels laid Siege, and began in the Weft. A Prieft ftabb'd lastly upon Clift Heath destroyed one Mr. Bods, à Commissioner, to the greatest Part of them ; their the Heart, for plucking down cer- consecrated Host, Crucifix, Crosses, tain Images ; and this Fact of his consecrated Banners, Holy Bread



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and holy Water (which the Rebels times Sermons were delivered, and
had brought into the Field, think once by the Reverend Dr. Parker,
ing by virtue of them to have made for which his Lise was endanger-
all sure on their Side) were all tram- ed, his Sermon was so displeasing
pled into the Dirt. Arundel, Wink to the Rabble. To pacify thele
land, Holmes, and Bury, four Re- Rebels, the King caused his gene-
bel Capsains, were taken and exe. ral Pardon to be proclaimed by an
cuted at London. Others also of Herald at Arms. Notwithstanding
their Partakers were executed by which they still proceeded in their
Martial Law, amongit whom was Rebellion, and made themselves
Bover the Mayor of Bodmyn in Corn- Masters of the City of Norwich. The
wall. Nigh to which Town dwelt King therefore fent William Parre
a Miller that had been a busy Fel- Marquiss of Narthamplon against
low in the Rebellion, but he know. them, but him they over powered.
ing his own Danger, willed his Then the Lord Dudley Earl of Har.
Man to take the Name of Mafter, wick was employed against them,
if any enquired after him. To this who with small Aflitance gained the
Miller's House Sir Anthony King- Market-place of Norwich, where
Stone, Marshal of the Field, came, he caused fixty Rebels, whom he had
where calling for the Mafter, the taken, immediately to be executed
ofiicious Man in his Name very bold- by Martial Law. The main Body
ly presented himself, whom Sir of the Rebels entrenched themselves
Anthony straight commanded to the at the Foot of the Hill called Duf.
Gallows; and when the poor Fel- findale, partly upon vain Prophecies
low, seeing the Danger he was in, given for h amongit them by Wi-
changed his Note, confefling him- zards, That Heb, Dii, and Hie,
self to be but che llan, Sir Anthony (meaning the Clowns) fhould with
Said, Well, thou canst never do thy their Clubs fill up the Valley of
Master better Service than to hang Dipindale with dead Bodies. On
for him, causing him to be trufied August 27, the Earl prepared for
up on the next Tree. Other Com- Fight, the Rebels likewise let them.
motions arose in other Parts of the felves in order, placing in their Fore
Realm ; but the most dangerous Rank all the Gentlemen whom they
was that in Norfolk, headed by had taken Prisoners, coupled in
· Robert Ket a Tanner of Wimonham, Irons. Upon the Rebels Captain

who took upon him to be the King's Drury with his own Band and the · Deputy, giving out Warrants in the Almains charged couragicully, and

King's Name for what he pleased. opened their Battle, to the setting at His Tribunal Seat was in an old Liberty of the captive Gentlemen, Tree, where sat the joliy Tanner, and the Earl's Light Horse came lo accompanied with his Counieilors valiantly on, that the Rebels gave and Aliitants, being Two chosen back and fied, and with the fore. Men out of every Hundred of the most their Captain Ket. The Chale Rout. Hither came the Complaints, held Three Mies and more, with of the Camp, and from hence Com- the Slaughter of 3500 Rebels. Tre missions were issued out to plunder rest of the Rebels that kept about Ships and Gentlemens Houses of the Ordnance, by the Generals Armour and Artillery ; so that this persuasions and Promise of Parden, Tree was termed the Oak of Refor. call away their Weapons, and with Wher.ce likewise fume-one Voice cried, God save King


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Edward. The next Day following liament, and by his Brother's the Pro- 1549. Ket was apprehended in a Barn, tector's Warrant, was beheaded on where he had hid himself, and short. Tower Hill, March 20, I 1548.9.

But ly after was hanged in Chains upon the Brothers being now disjoined, the Cattle of Norwich; William Ket who might have fupported each his Brother was hanged upon the other, had they lived together in high Steeple of Wimonham, and Nine brotherly Love, the Protector himothers of them were hanged upon self is marked out for Deftruction. the Oak of Reformation. This Divers Lords article against the Rebellion was at the firit broached Duke, accusing him that he had ani. under the Pretence of throwing open mated the Rebels in the Rebellion: the Inclosures, which the King hy That he was a Sower of Sedition Proclamation had commanded to be amongst the Nobles : That he had done, tho' it was neglected. These again. Law erected a Court of ReDiturbances being fettled, others quells in his own House, in forcing were made in the North hy Thomas divers of the King's Subjects thither Dale

, a Parish Clerk, William Om- to answer for their Freeholds, &c. bler a Yeoman, and one Stephenson And so close and cunningly they prothe Port of Seymour. Their Preten- secured the Matter against him, that ces were to restore to the Church her they got him into the Tower, October Rights

, and to disburthen the Land 12, 1549, but the King procured of Grievances ; giving out that the his Liberty immediately, tho' not Pope was the Man, that King Ed his former Authority. In the mean ward was an Intruder, if not a mere Space that the Proiector was under Heretick, that the Church had Pow. these Troubles, the Scots recovered er of both the Swords. When these the Places that the English had gainFellows were increased to the Num- ed from them. The French also atber of about 3000, the King's Par- tempied to gain the Fort of Bulloindun being sent to them, they most of berg by Surprize, unto which Enterthem departed to their own Homes; prize 7000 Men were chosen, who but Ombler and Dale, with Four secretly marched in the Night with others, were executed at York, Sep. Ladders and Furniture mect for the

Defign, and approached within a And as the Commons disquieted quarter of a Mile of the Fort ; but the Country, so did some Lords and ole Carter an English Man, a SolLadies disquiet the Court. The Pro. dier amongst them, understanding tector's Brother, Thomas Seymour, what was intended, haftily and Baron of Sudley, High Admiral of privately made from his Company, England, had married Queen Ca. and gave the Alarm to his Countrytharine Parre; which Lady conten men in the Fort; whereupon Sir ding for Place with the Protector's Nicholas Arnault the Governour Dutchess

, occasioned the haughty made such Preparations against the Dutchess ('tis faid) to procure the French Mens coming, that at their Lord Sudley's Ruin. Which Lord Approach he repulsed them with so was accused to have designed the great a Slaughter, that Fifteen Waggetting of the King's Person into gons went away laden with dead his Custody, and Government of the Bodies of the French. After this the Realm; for the which ( with some French assaulted the Isles of Guernsmaller Matters charged upon him) ley, and Jersey, but were beaten cff he was condemned by Ad of Pars with the Loss of a Thousand Men.


tember 21, 1549

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